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January 2019

Ginger Sweet Potato Soup with Crispy Farro

Post sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. See below for more details. I feel like not much needs said beyond winter and soup. It’s almost a testament to how creative one can be during the cooler months: just how many different… Continue Reading →

Protection with thymoquinone against formaldehyde-induced neurotoxicity in the rats.

PMID: Bratisl Lek Listy. 2018 ;119(11):726-730. PMID: 30686007 Abstract Title: Protection with thymoquinone against formaldehyde-induced neurotoxicity in the rats. Abstract: INTRODUCTION: This study aimed to investigate the neurotoxic damage of formaldehyde (FA), which is commonly used in medicine and industrial fields,… Continue Reading →

Empowering Others and Embracing Play

Staying authentic in the face of cultural norms can be a challenge. But if you’re like Miki Agrawal, and hear any “No” as an opportunity to create a “Yes,” authenticity comes naturally. This week on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I sit… Continue Reading →

Moms Of 3 Are More Stressed Than Those With Any Other Number Of Children

It doesn’t make a lot of sense at first thought that three kids cause more stress than four and above. However, research seems to indicate that three may be the most problematic. Having kids always means there will be some… Continue Reading →

VEGAN Spinach Artichoke Dip with Chef Charity Morgan

Welcome, Priti!

The Non-GMO Project is excited to welcome Priti Narasimhan as the Director of Client Experience! What interests you about working with the Non-GMO Project- what about this opportunity caught your attention? Priti brings her passion for contributing to the creation… Continue Reading →

Project Lifelog Given New Life?

Project Lifelog Given New Life? Facebook seems like a dream come true for the intelligence agencies in America. No longer does Big Brother need to tap a phone or rummage through someone’s garbage can to collect the data that they… Continue Reading →

A Record 250,000 People Participated in Veganuary

As you might already know, Earth really needs us to eat less meat. That’s why it’s so encouraging to hear a record-number of people tried going vegan this January. Organizers behind Veganuary, the UK-based charity that started the month-long pledge,… Continue Reading →

Help stop a bad vaccine bill in the Washington Legislature

A new bill, H.B. 1638, would eliminate personal belief/philosophical exemption to the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella.) If passed, no child would be allowed to attend daycare or school without MMR vaccination (or proof of immunity), unless they have a… Continue Reading →

EWG Comments to California OEHHA’s on Human Right to Water Framework

How to Hack the Voice in Your Head: Dave Asprey and Byron Katie

Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Executive, who has used The Work, takes a deep dive with Byron Katie into the process of clearing the mind. “You experienced a 10-year spiral into depression,” Dave says. “What got you to this state?”… Continue Reading →

Bethenny Frankel’s Scary Allergic Reaction to Miso Soup That Almost Killed Her

Warm Up with 8 Vegan Soup and Stew Recipes

Warm Up with 8 Vegan Soup and Stew Recipes Jeff Surak Thu, 01/31/2019 – 13:41 Featured Image vegan-soups.jpg Summary Stay warm on a cold winter day with a hot bowl of vegan soup! As parts of the United States experience… Continue Reading →

TV news anchor announces 93 out of 124 cases of measles in NY “epidemic” are vaccinated

“Health Alert: 124 cases of measles now confirmed in Rockland County… 31 of those had not been vaccinated against measles. Do the math – 93 of 124 were vaccinated – that’s a 75% failure rate.” Egad. https://t.co/HkxJDyNcle — Sharyl Attkisson?️‍♂️… Continue Reading →

15 Easy One-Pot Keto Recipes

Thanks to Paleohacks for today’s awesome keto recipe roundup! Following the keto diet is a snap with these easy, one-pot recipes! Skip the complicated recipes and keep dirty dishes to a minimum with these nourishing and delicious keto meals that… Continue Reading →

Is 100 Percent Renewable Energy for the U.S. Possible? Yes.

U.S. Continues to Allow Harmful Food Additives Banned in Europe

Cornucopia’s Take: Food processors add “value” to baked goods, cereals, packaged snack foods, and other foods often in part by adding preservatives, flavorings, added vitamins and minerals, and food coloring. Some products containing additives allowed by the FDA in the… Continue Reading →

How Climate Change Could Impact Gender Ratios + More Trending Stories

Stay up-to-date with this week’s health news. The post How Climate Change Could Impact Gender Ratios + More Trending Stories appeared first on Dr. Will Cole.

Dairy Free Roasted Garlic Spinach & Artichoke Dip

I’ve been craving chips and dip like crazy and this Dairy Free Roasted Garlic Spinach & Artichoke Dip from my friend Brittany Angell is EXACTLY what the world needs right now.  Friends! It’s been a hot minute since I had… Continue Reading →

Feds to Sell Even More Public Land for Fracking Near Sacred Park

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is pushing ahead with the sale of oil and gas leases on land outside of Chaco Culture National Historical Park and other sites revered by Native American tribes, The Associated Press reported. The… Continue Reading →

Magic Sauce

I call this my magic sauce recipe. In part, because it makes everything it touches shimmer with deliciousness. It’s magic like that. Technically, it’s a riff on a chimichurri sauce – one that veered off the rails in a big… Continue Reading →

Jalapeno Pesto

This is my favorite pesto so far. I could probably eat it everyday! I get a lot of compliments on this whenever I make it. One of the easiest and most versatile dishes to make. It is made with a… Continue Reading →

Turkey, Broccoli and Carrot Noodle Bake | Inspiralized

Kellogg’s UK Launches Healthier Plant-Based Cereal With Fruits and Veggies

Kellogg’s launched a plant-based, healthy line of cereal made with fruits and vegetables called “No Sugar Added.” The post Kellogg’s UK Launches Healthier Plant-Based Cereal With Fruits and Veggies appeared first on One Green Planet.

Mooala Launches a Sugar-Free Organic Coconut Oatmilk!

Mooala, non-dairy brand famous for their banana milk released an organic, sugar-free oat milk! The post Mooala Launches a Sugar-Free Organic Coconut Oatmilk! appeared first on One Green Planet.

Rapper Will.i.am Credits Plant-Based Diet For Major Health Transformation

Singer, Voice Coach, Rapper, and Entrepreneur Will.i.am credits his new health to a plant-based diet. The post Rapper Will.i.am Credits Plant-Based Diet For Major Health Transformation appeared first on One Green Planet.

What Are Capers? Top 5 Capers Benefits & How to Use Them

If you’re familiar with Mediterranean cuisine, then you’re probably also pretty familiar with capers. These edible flower buds may be small, but they pack a good dose of flavor, nutrients and health benefits into each serving. They’re also a highly… Continue Reading →

How Safe Is Your Over-the-Counter Medicine?

Over-the-counter medicines are a lucrative business for the pharmaceutical industry. Americans make 2.9 billion trips to pharmacies to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) drugs every year, spending a whopping $34.3 billion dollars! (1, 2) While most OTC drugs have long been considered… Continue Reading →

How to Meditate

How do you learn to meditate? In mindfulness meditation, we’re learning how to pay attention to the breath as it goes in and out, and notice when the mind wanders from this task. This practice of returning to the breath… Continue Reading →

Celery Juice: Fad or Fabulous?

Celery juice is the latest trending health craze, being called a “savior when it comes to chronic illness”. It’s claimed that in just one week of drinking 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach every morning, you will… Continue Reading →

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