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February 21, 2019

Chai Spiced Turmeric Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Vegan Chai Spiced Smoothie Bowl recipe with Turmeric and Chia! Packed with healthy fats, anti-inflammatory properties, and full of flavor! This golden smoothie bowl that will leave you feeling nourished and healthy. Gluten free and dairy free goodness!    Howdy Friends! Happy… Continue Reading →

Calendula officinalis reduced oxidative stress and bone loss and preserved collagen fibers in a periodontitis model.

PMID: Front Physiol. 2017 ;8:440. Epub 2017 Jun 28. PMID: 28701962 Abstract Title: The Effect ofon Oxidative Stress and Bone Loss in Experimental Periodontitis. Abstract: Periodontitis is associated with reduced antioxidant capacity and increased oxidative damage. Oxidative stress induces inflammation… Continue Reading →

C. officinalis can be a potential therapeutical adjuvant in the treatment of periodontitis.

PMID: Clin Oral Investig. 2018 Jul ;22(6):2175-2185. Epub 2017 Dec 29. PMID: 29288400 Abstract Title: Anti-inflammatory and antiresorptive effects of Calendula officinalis on inflammatory bone loss in rats. Abstract: OBJECTIVE: The aim of this work was to evaluate the anti-inflammatory… Continue Reading →

One thing you should do every day

Meditating, or “napitating” as I like to call it, has changed my life. I have a million responsibilities every day, like multiple jobs and companies to run, a wife, kids, friends, travel, and plenty of patients I want to show… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Conquer the Winter Blahs

By now many of you—particularly those of you who live in the Midwest and Northeast—may be suffering the effects of a snowy, frigid, protracted winter. It’s been unremittingly cold and grey here in New York City. The wan February light…read… Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! This week’s digest includes a look into our sweet little Valentine’s Day celebration, my Birthday getaway with Ryan in Vegas, the nutritional facts for Eat What You Love, and the recipe for my Seasoned Fries from Eat What… Continue Reading →

Dropping Flies: Over 30% of Insects Now Endangered

Cornucopia’s Take: Insect mass is declining by 2.5% annually. They pollinate plants, recycle waste, and provide food for many species, and humans cannot live without their various ecosystem services. More insects can be observed on organic farms than conventional or… Continue Reading →

Food Addiction: Why We Can’t Stop Eating

21 Delicious Keto Air Fryer Recipes

Cook Eat Paleo – Paleo, keto, and gluten-free recipes for quick and easy meals. Wondering how to use your new air fryer? These delicious keto air fryer recipes are simple to cook and so satisfying. The air fryer makes keto… Continue Reading →

Martha Stewart Shows How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

IKEA Is Launching Air-Purifying Curtains

Air pollution within the home causes 3.8 million deaths a year, according to the World Health Organization. A recent University of Colorado in Boulder study reported by The Guardian found that cooking a full Thanksgiving meal could raise levels of… Continue Reading →

Arm Workout Without Weights

Jessica Gouthro from Paleohacks is joining us today to offer tips for bodyweight-focused arm workouts. Enjoy, everyone. Do you ever have those days when you want a good arm workout, but you don’t have any workout equipment? Curls, presses, tricep kickbacks,… Continue Reading →

Curry Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

This post was originally published on this siteThis recipe has evolved over the years and has become a primary comfort food in my household. I used to make this dish in my cast iron skillet. When I first started preparing… Continue Reading →

FDA’s Proposed Sunscreen Regulations Would Be Major Win for Public Health

What are Tree Resins and Do They Have Health Benefits?

This post was originally published on this site Tree resin from coniferous trees has deep roots in traditional medicine for healing burns and wounds. Tree resins have made appearances in cultures all over the world, from Ayurvedic medicine and ancient… Continue Reading →

Wheat Belly, Bagel Face, and Pretzel Brain

There’s a lot more to the destructive health effects of wheat and grains than gluten. And there is no organ system in the body that is not adversely affected by wheat/grain consumption from brain all the way down to the… Continue Reading →

Plant-Based ‘Tuna’ by Good Catch Now Available at Whole Foods and Thrive Market!

Good Catch plant-based tuna alternatives can now be found at Whole Foods or online at Thrive Market! The post Plant-Based ‘Tuna’ by Good Catch Now Available at Whole Foods and Thrive Market! appeared first on One Green Planet.

Califia Farms Launches Übermilk, a Plant-Based Milk With 8g of Protein Per Serving

This post was originally published on this site Califia Farms announced their new product: Übermilk, a high-protein plant-based milk made with an oatmilk base! The post Califia Farms Launches Übermilk, a Plant-Based Milk With 8g of Protein Per Serving appeared… Continue Reading →

New Campaign Aims at Ending Asian Dog Meat Trade

This post was originally published on this site Lady Freethinker created bus ads to display in China and South Korea that encourage citizens to leave dogs off their plates. The post New Campaign Aims at Ending Asian Dog Meat Trade… Continue Reading →

New Law in Australia Discourages Testing Cosmetics on Animals

This post was originally published on this site Australia ditched cosmetic animal testing last week, and it matters more than you think… The post New Law in Australia Discourages Testing Cosmetics on Animals appeared first on One Green Planet.

Sprains and Strains Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Twisting your ankle can be tough, but you’re not alone. More than 1 million people go to the emergency room every year due to an ankle injury. These type of injuries can happen to anybody, which is why it’s a… Continue Reading →

Mom Hacks to Stay More Effective Every Day with Dr. Darria Gillespie

In the fourth and final installment of a series on motherhood with Dr. Darria Gillespie, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen discuss helpful mom hacks taken straight from Gillespie’s new book. Learn how you, too, can implement these hacks into… Continue Reading →

15 Delicious, Dairy-Free and Meatless Mexican Entrées!

This post was originally published on this site It’s difficult to limit our favorite Mexican recipes, but here are 15 delicious, plant-based Mexican entrée recipes from our Food Monster App you are sure to love! The post 15 Delicious, Dairy-Free… Continue Reading →

From Tots to Doughnuts: 10 Recipes That Are Better Baked Than Fried!

This post was originally published on this site Satisfy your cravings for all the fried foods you could ask for with these recipes from our Food Monster App that swap out the fry basket for a baking sheet! The post… Continue Reading →

10 Dairy-Free Cheese Sauces That Will Change Your Life!

This post was originally published on this site Whether you’re pouring a creamy vegan cheese sauce over pasta, nachos, or veggies- we have the recipes for you!  These plant-based cheese sauces are completely dairy-free and delicious! The post 10 Dairy-Free… Continue Reading →

Follow These 5 Tips and Live Waste-Free Nearly Every Day

This post was originally published on this site Trying to leave less impact on the environment with each choice we make is always a good once, but going without any waste at all… is it possible? Here’s one of our… Continue Reading →

Against SeaWorld? Here Are 7 More Things You Shouldn’t Support

This post was originally published on this site Pushing aside the media frenzy generated by SeaWorld for a minute, take a look at this list and see where you can direct a renewed effort and help make some positive change… Continue Reading →

Facts About Chayote You Never Knew

233: Decoding Childhood Allergies and Letting Kids Get Dirty With Dr. Amy Shah

Today I’m sitting down with Dr. Amy Shah, M.D., who is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. I’ve cited her work in at least a dozen articles on the blog and she’s quite simply a wealth of… Continue Reading →

How To Get Started With Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been used traditionally for thousands of years as powerful healers — to boost the immune system and promote wellbeing and longevity. Still, many people tend to lump mushrooms into the “vegetable” category or the “psychedelics” category. Medicinal mushrooms,… Continue Reading →

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