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February 27, 2019

This 4-Minute Daily Workout can Improve Your Mood and Your Health

Four-minute workouts done several times a day — as many times a day as you want (within reason) for maximum benefit — are a new concept for fitness that’s designed to use nitric oxide for muscle growth. Dr. Zach Bush,… Continue Reading →

Theaflavins prevent cartilage degeneration via AKT/FOXO3 signaling in vitro.

PMID: Mol Med Rep. 2019 Feb ;19(2):821-830. Epub 2018 Dec 12. PMID: 30569095 Abstract Title: Theaflavins prevent cartilage degeneration via AKT/FOXO3 signaling in vitro. Abstract: Theaflavins (TFs) are the main bioactive polyphenols in tea and contribute to protection against oxidative stress…. Continue Reading →

Good advice or bad behavior?

SPECT Made Ridiculously Simple with Dr. Daniel Amen (Part 2)

Queen Latifah on Going to Therapy and Mental Health

This post was originally published on this site

Low FODMAP Fruit & Veggie Smoothie

This post was originally published on this siteIf you have a sensitive stomach due to IBS or other gastrointestinal issues than eating according to the FODMAP diet…Read More This is a summary only, click on the title above to continue… Continue Reading →

Senate Confirms Wheeler, Ex-Fossil Fuel Lobbyist, To Head EPA

Keto: Avoiding The Fight or Flight Response

Host Brad Kearns give a sneak preview of the new book Mark Sisson and he is working on called Keto Longevity. It’s critical to implement the correct approach to keto because an ill-prepared approach will simply activate the fight or… Continue Reading →

CBS: Giant “nightmare bee” that was once thought to be extinct is discovered alive

Wallace’s Giant Bee (Megachile pluto) named after its discoverer Alfred Russell Wallace, is the world’s largest bee and until recently was thought to be extinct. Last seen in 1981, last month a group of scientists retraced Wallace’s steps and trekked into Indonesia… Continue Reading →

Glyphosate Contamination in Food Goes Far Beyond Oat Products

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Fight Could Go to the Supreme Court

The fight over the controversial Atlantic Coast Pipeline may be headed to the Supreme Court. Dominion Energy, the lead developer of the project that would carry fracked natural gas for 605 miles through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina, said… Continue Reading →

Can Keto and Cardio Mix?

We get lots of questions about how a ketogenic diet works in the context of exercise: Is it possible to maintain one’s fitness (strength, endurance, performance) and also drop one’s carb intake to ketogenic levels? Is it advisable? Will it… Continue Reading →

Costa Rica Launches ‘Unprecedented’ Plan to Fully Decarbonize by 2050

Costa Rica launched a plan this week to fully decarbonize the country by 2050, setting a goal of powering its electrical grid entirely with renewables by 2030 and aiming to aggressively increase the use of electric vehicles and buses. President… Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup and Ginger Ale | Dr. Josh Axe

How Does Autoimmune Wellness Make Money, and What Are Our Policies?

We want to address a side of blogging that a lot of bloggers don’t want to talk about, and that a lot of readers aren’t aware of… how do we make money, and what are our policies about it? We… Continue Reading →

Healthy Thai Meatballs

Self-Care for Dark Times

Let’s be honest. The past few years have spiked the “hopeless meter” in many of us socially conscious and concerned Americans. On a personal level, I can tell you that there have been more than a few moments when I’ve… Continue Reading →

Q&A with Leyla, Part 1: Cardiovascular Fitness

Elmhurst is Launching Hemp Creamer and Unsweetened Oat Milk

Elmhurst is launching a dairy-free hemp creamer and unsweetened oat milk! The post Elmhurst is Launching Hemp Creamer and Unsweetened Oat Milk appeared first on One Green Planet.

WATCH & LISTEN: How the food industry is lying to us (and what to do about it!)

This post was originally published on this siteThe last few weeks have been a whirlwind! My daughter turned 2, and then we flew across the country to California to promote my new book Feeding You Lies, had a huge launch… Continue Reading →

Phytotherapy Benefits: A Science-Based Natural Medicine

Did you know that adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.? According to research published by Harvard University, prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they are approved…. Continue Reading →

Is Your Teenager’s Behavior Normal?

A teenager’s biggest job is to realize their independence as individual human beings. However, there tends to be a number of missteps along the way. So how do you know if your teenager’s problems are just an occupational hazard or… Continue Reading →

The BEST Slow Cooker Recipes with Ground Beef

Ground beef is an easy to use source of protein that stretches a long way when it’s used in a slow cooker dish, and here are The BEST Slow Cooker Recipes with Ground Beef. Click here to PIN The BEST Slow… Continue Reading →

Processed Foods Lead to Early Death

How to Make the Best Rice Ever (Stove Top and Instant Pot)

Skip To RecipeIf you’ve ever thought rice was a plain-nothing-special side dish, this recipe on How to Make the Best … The post How to Make the Best Rice Ever (Stove Top and Instant Pot) appeared first on Lexi’s Clean… Continue Reading →

10 & 2 Qs: Is There A Thing As ‘Too Much Sodium’?

If you’ve been following me lately, you’ll know that I’m PREACHING the power of sodium supplementation for a low-carb way of eating…That means keto or even paleo—especially if you’re a hard-charging athlete. But all these years, we’ve been told the… Continue Reading →

Worried About Heart Health? 4 Ways To Prevent A Heart Attack

To help reduce the risk of a recurrence, heart attack survivors need to take charge of their lifestyle. Diet and exercise are key components of a successful recovery, and the following tips will benefit anyone at risk for a second… Continue Reading →

Diet soda WARNING for women after menopause

(NaturalHealth365) On any given day, about 20% of the United States population consumes diet soda.  And, to be perfectly blunt, this is a serious problem – especially for postmenopausal women, as you’re soon see. While these soft drinks are heavily… Continue Reading →

Processed Foods Lead to Cancer and Early Death

The struggle with weight gain and obesity is a common and costly health issue, leading to an increase in risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer, just to name a few. According to the latest available data,1 18.5… Continue Reading →

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