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February 28, 2019

Ginsenoside Rg1 improves the anti-aging ability of hematopoietic microenvironment.

PMID: BMC Complement Altern Med. 2015 Apr 15 ;15:119. Epub 2015 Apr 15. PMID: 25881060 Abstract Title: The positive effects of Ginsenoside Rg1 upon the hematopoietic microenvironment in a D-Galactose-induced aged rat model. Abstract: BACKGROUND: Ginsenoside Rg1 (Rg1) is one… Continue Reading →

Protective effects of processed ginseng and its active ginsenosides on cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity.

PMID: J Agric Food Chem. 2015 Jul 1 ;63(25):5964-9. Epub 2015 Jun 19. PMID: 26050847 Abstract Title: Protective Effects of Processed Ginseng and Its Active Ginsenosides on Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity: In Vitro and in Vivo Studies. Abstract: Although cisplatin can dramatically… Continue Reading →

Carolina’s Testimonial

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Winston Howes’ Remarkable Love Story

Most families have a secret of some kind. From a secret tomato sauce recipe to the more nefarious skeletons in the closet, there are countless stories that never end up being revealed to the next generation. One hot air balloon… Continue Reading →

Lentil Rotini with Garlicky Kale and Goat Cheese Sauce

Post sponsored by Barilla. See below for more details. Before spring starts to show, I wanted to share one last cozy pasta meal. This lentil rotini pasta features easy garlicky kale, a no-cook goat cheese sauce, and Barilla Red Lentil… Continue Reading →

Why the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease is increasing

Last month, the investment world was rocked by the disclosure that Gerald Cotten, CEO of one of the world’s largest crypto-currency exchanges, had died suddenly at the age of 30. Lost with him were passwords and recovery keys that made…read… Continue Reading →

Model who exposed elite pedophile ring found dead after tweet predicting she’d be killed

Last year, Natacha Jaitt, a model, socialite, TV presenter, and former contestant on the show Big Brother came forward claiming she had evidence of a high-level pedophile ring involving VIPs, politicians, movie stars, and other celebrities. The allegations led to… Continue Reading →

Dr. Oz Thanks You for All of the Kind Words About His Dad

Holistic doctor banned from event for distasteful comments

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Ancient Feces Suggest North America’s First and Largest Pre-European City Fell to Climate Change

Climate change may have contributed to the fall of North America’s first and largest pre-European city — and the proof may be in the poop, researchers said this week. A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the Natural… Continue Reading →

‘Exciting and Perilous’: Hope For the Future of Science Journalism

By Cristina Sanza, Brittney Borowiec, David Secko, Farah Qaiser, Fernanda de Araujo Ferreira, Heather MacGregor , Michael Bramadat-Willcock and Pouria Nazemi Eat blueberries for the antioxidants. Exercise daily at a moderate intensity for optimal heart health. Get the vaccine to… Continue Reading →

Glute and Hamstring Workout

Jessica Gouthro from Paleohacks is joining us today to offer tips for strengthening glutes and hamstrings without traditional gym equipment. Enjoy, everyone. Strong glutes and hamstrings are more than just nice-looking legs and a booty. The glutes and hamstrings are… Continue Reading →

The Amazing Health Properties of Algae

Once dismissed by mainstream medicine as just “pond scum,” blue-green algae, a single-cell organism also known as cyanobacteria, ranks as one of the oldest life-forms on the planet and one that has achieved new respectability as a source of healing… Continue Reading →

Food in America compared to the U.K. (Why is it so different?)

This post was originally published on this siteWant to know what really opened up my eyes to how food companies exploit us? I spent years investigating the differences between European and American food products, and what I found disgusted me…. Continue Reading →

YUM! Daiya to Launch Soy-Free and Gluten-Free Vegan Breakfast Burritos!

Daiya is launching vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free breakfast burritos soon! The post YUM! Daiya to Launch Soy-Free and Gluten-Free Vegan Breakfast Burritos! appeared first on One Green Planet.

Four Cash Crops Take Up Half of Global Farmland

Cornucopia’s Take: Although more kinds of crops are now grown than in the 1970s, almost half of all farmland in the world  currently produces wheat, corn, soy, or rice. Monocultures are notoriously vulnerable to pests, disease, and increasingly wild swings… Continue Reading →

Difficult Teens: How do You Manage Them?

In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen wrap up their discussion on teens and parenting by answering some listener questions. Topics include things such as how to get help for a resistant… Continue Reading →

235: Signs of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & How to Stop Pelvic Pain Naturally With Isa Herrera

This post was originally published on this site As moms we really give it all — heart, mind, and definitely body! This episode is all about that last part, and how we can recognize and rehabilitate pelvic floor problems. I’m… Continue Reading →

Protein Waffles

Finally protein waffles that are fluffy and delicious! Get a whopping 12g of protein from these healthy Protein Waffles made with 100% whole grains and no added sugar. Breakfast is served! Want to know the best part about this protein… Continue Reading →

#389: Keto & Functional Medicine Approaches for Anxiety & Stress with Ali Miller

Topics News and updates from Diane [1:44] Keto Quick Start tour dates Balanced Bites Meals Something that I’m digging lately with our guest, Ali Miller [2:33] Ali’s rebuttal to Jillian Michaels [8:18] Anxiety and the HPA axis [19:28] Advice on… Continue Reading →

Dispelling Myths About Meat, Part 1

3 Reasons You Should Start The Day With Grapefruit

This tip is courtesy of Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging: Your Online Guide to the Anti-Inflammatory Diet. For more nutrition and health guidance, start your 14-day free trial now! Pink or white, with seeds or seedless, grapefruit is delicious, tart and… Continue Reading →

Eating To Avoid Colon Cancer

This news comes from a Chinese study that investigated the effect of diet on the risk of colon cancer. Researchers matched 833 colon cancer patients to 833 healthy men and women of the same age and same residential area and… Continue Reading →

Pu-erh tea regulates fatty acid metabolism in mice under high-fat diet.

PMID: Front Pharmacol. 2019 ;10:63. Epub 2019 Feb 5. PMID: 30804786 Abstract Title: Pu-erh Tea Regulates Fatty Acid Metabolism in Mice Under High-Fat Diet. Abstract: Pu-erh tea has been extensively reported to possess lipid lowering effects but the underlying mechanisms… Continue Reading →

Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest censorship: Crackdown on people opposing Big Pharma accelerates

(NaturalHealth365) Networks like Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook are no longer just places where people can share their favorite things or catch up with old friends.  In fact, these platforms have become a major source of news, on topics ranging from… Continue Reading →

How Proper Sleep Lowers Infection

Previous research1 has shown that sleep deprivation has the same effect on your immune system as physical stress. When volunteers stayed awake for 29 hours straight, their white blood cell counts were found to increase during the sleep deprivation phase…. Continue Reading →

The Gut’s Role in Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder in which neurons and dopamine-producing cells in your brain begin to die. Symptoms progress over time and include tremors, slow movements, rigid limbs, shuffling gait, stooped posture and an inability to move. Patients may… Continue Reading →

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