Gardening For The Body & Soul

This post was originally published on this siteNew to gardening? Don’t let it overwhelm you! The best way to get into gardening, if you have never done it before, is to associate with somebody who knows how to garden in your zone and spend time with them in their gardens. You could start by growing […]

Episode #6 – Are You Breathing in Toxic Chemicals with Kyle Knappenberger

In This Episode: How materials and substances we use to build our homes “emit gases and particles” The different components of air quality – and why some are harder to… Read More
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Immune Nutrients to Calm COVID-19 and Cytokine Storm

Immune Nutrients to Calm COVID-19 and Cytokine Storm Immune nutrients could not be more important to consider than they are right now.  Everyone is talking about COVID-19 also known as… Read More
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7 Root Causes of IBS

This post was originally published on this siteDid you know that 60 million Americans suffer from IBS? Today I want to share 7 root causes of IBS. IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. And it’s a collection of symptoms with an origin that cannot be identified. It’s also a condition where, if you have it, […]

Microbes from Yellowstone’s Hot Springs Make New Meat Substitute

This post was originally published on this siteWe’ve written about companies using stem cells, yeast, and algae in the race to develop a meat-like substance to replace animal protein. Now, inspiration for a meat alternative is coming from somewhere completely different – Yellowstone National Park.  Food scientists are using fermented microbes from the geothermal pools […]

Why Good Health and Well-Being is Vital to Ending Extreme Poverty

Why Global Citizens Should Care
The United Nations’ Global Goal 3 calls for good health and well-being for all, and highlights the ways in which it is vital to ending extreme poverty. From the provision of universal health care to the goal of ending all preventable deaths for children under 5, there are plenty of targets within Global Goal 3 that we need to achieve in order to end poverty. Find out more about this goal and how you can take action here.
Being healthy — and having access to affordable health care when you’re sick — is a foundation that many of us rely on as a means to living our lives, whether it’s working, socializing, or generally being a contributing member of society. Good health and well-being underpins everything we do.
But millions of people across the world are being held back by long-term conditions and preventable diseases because they do not have this basic need fulfilled. In fact, the United Nations estimates that at least half the world’s population of 7.3 billion people (as of 2019, when its report was published) do not have access to essential health services. 

For people already living in poverty, or who are on the poverty line, ill health can mean not being able to work, plan for the future, or take care of children. It can mean falling into debt in order to pay for health care or due to loss of income. Altogether, these problems contribute to a cycle of poverty affecting generations of families around the world.
The UN’s Global Goal 3 calls for action to promote good health and well-being to help end extreme poverty by 2030. Incredible progress has been made — for example, between 2000 and 2015, the number of global childhood deaths was cut by half — proving that concerted global action can make a difference. But there is still so much more to do. 
The focus of the goal is on specific issues, including: reducing maternal mortality; ending preventable deaths for child under 5; fighting communicable disease; and improving health systems worldwide, among other aims that interlink with these – such as improving nutrition and tackling substance abuse. 
Here’s everything you need to know about the state of health and health care in the world today and why improving health is so inextricably linked to ending extreme poverty.  
How is poor health linked to poverty and inequality? 
The World Health Organization’s (WHO) annual statistics report found that in 2010, almost 100 million people were pushed into extreme poverty because they had to pay for health services out of pocket — showing the most direct way that lack of accessible health care causes and entrenches poverty.
But there are lots of other ways that lack of health care – including lack of access to important vaccines – creates massive inequalities in society, and variations in health outcomes depending on where you live.  
There is a 36-year life expectancy gap between different countries, for example, according to the WHO’s research. A person born in Malawi can expect to live to 47, while a person born in Japan can expect to live until 83. 
According to the WHO, every single day, 21,000 children die before reaching their fifth birthday, of causes like pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea, and other diseases. Many of these illnesses are easily treatable with available medicine, so these deaths should be avoidable.

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April 7, 2020

All Time Low’s Frontman Plays Old Hits and New Album for ‘Together At Home’ Series

Why Global Citizens Should Care
The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is testing the resilience of health care systems worldwide. The “Together At Home” virtual series and campaign encourages people to practice social distancing and support the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. You can join our “Together At Home” campaign to help beat coronavirus by taking action here.
All Time Low’s frontman Alex Gaskarth played an intimate acoustic livestreamed set as part of the “Together At Home” virtual series on Tuesday. 
Gaskarth performed “Some Kind of Disaster,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” “Monsters,” “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” and “Sleeping In.” The rock star talked about the band’s new album, told some quarantine stories, and shared some advice for staying healthy amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. 
“This is a stream with a cause, a stream with a purpose,” he said. “We gotta stop this thing, make sure you’re staying home, social distancing, washing your hands. The biggest thing I’ve learned, in my research, talking to some doctors, is wash your hands and do not touch your face and stay away from people, it’s not what we need right now.”

Gaskarth encouraged his fans to visit to learn more about how they can get involved to help their communities and stop the spread of the virus. 
“Please screenshot this, share it around to your friends and family, let ’em know,” he said holding a sign with Global Citzen’s website.
The singer-songwriter talked about his goats, his horse, and other animals in his house. 
He said that the band would be touring for their new album as soon as the pandemic cleared up globally. In the meantime, he urged everyone to do their part to flatten the curve.




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“Make sure you’re doing everything you can to self-isolate,” he said. “Stay at home, distance yourself from others. Unless it’s absolutely essential, we need to lay low, we need to help get rid of this thing, and the only way we can do that is by stop spreading it to each other.”
The “Together At Home” campaign was launched on March 16 by Global Citizen and the WHO. Artists, actors, and influencers have joined the campaign to bring people comfort, encourage them to practice social distancing, and show support for the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

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April 6, 2020

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COVID-19: Identifying the Symptoms

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Shortcut Jamaican Jerk Chicken Marinade

Get vibrant, tropical flavors from pantry staples with this shortcut Jamaican jerk chicken marinade! Simple to prepare, and no food processor or hot peppers needed. Chicken marinades are an absolute staple in my recipe routine and in my freezer! From honey garlic to cilantro lime to this shortcut Jamaican jerk chicken marinade, there are so…Read More

Having Weird Dreams Since The Pandemic Began? You’re Not Alone

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Zookeepers Self-Isolate In A UK Wildlife Park For 3 Months To Take Care Of Animals

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He said goodbye to his mother over walkie-talkie as she died of coronavirus

This post was originally published on this site Since the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading rapidly throughout the globe, tragic stories have been coming out of every country that has been touched by the virus. Nurses and doctors on the front lines have died after being exposed to the virus while trying to save lives, families […]

Dozens of Previously Unknown Viruses Discovered in 15,000-year-old Glaciers

This post was originally published on this site With the current pandemic, it’s hard not to be a little on edge when someone mentions viruses. So we apologize if this adds to the anxiety, but in January researchers discovered an ice cap filled with over 30 previously unknown viruses. An ice cap is a type […]

6 Hard Truths About Love

This post was originally published on this site While you may have your bed of roses, don’t expect it to be completely thorn-free. We all grew up having this surreal image of love that just seems laughable in adulthood. While it’s important not to encourage the concept of love as a bitter-sweet ride at all […]

The Woman Who Lives 200,000 Years in the Past

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How New Zealand “Flattened The Curve” And Beat Coronavirus Into Submission

This post was originally published on this site On December 1, 2019, the first official case of SARS-CoV-2, was reported in China’s Hubei province. Since then, the virus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and has killed more than 81,000 people worldwide. [1][2] Some nations, like Italy, Spain, and the United […]

The Natural World has been Turned Upside Down by the Pandemic

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TPV Podcast Episode 398: How We’re Coping with Quarantine

This post was originally published on this siteOn this week’s episode, Stacy and Sarah share tips on how to cope with quarantine and the new challenges that we are all facing during this pandemic. The hosts cover strategies for working from home, overseeing distance learning, prioritizing self-care, shopping and much more. Tune in below! If […]

Carrot Walnut Oatmeal Cookies

These healthy, hearty, carrot walnut oatmeal cookies are gluten-free, oil-free, naturally-sweetened and full of superfood ingredients like oats, flax, turmeric, coconut, carrot and walnuts.
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Chronic Dieter Finally Transforms Physique On High-Carb Plant-Based Diet

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Vegan Cheese Entrepreneur Joins Film Festival Judging Panel

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Two Mindful Ways to Stop Touching Your Face

This post was originally published on this siteAll the public health experts tell us emphatically to not touch our face, most especially if we’ve been out in the world and our hands have not been recently washed or disinfected. Good advice. Essential, in fact. It’s going to help us stay healthy and stop the viral […]

Sweet Potato, Spinach, and Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Vegetarian Sweet Potato, Spinach, and Ricotta Stuffed Shells that don’t require ANY pre-cooking of the noodles and that are packed full of flavor. This is a great vegetarian freezer meal idea that’s easy to prepare and easy to bake in the oven from frozen. The Perfect Weeknight Meal Say hello …
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Heartburn ALERT: FDA calls for ALL Zantac products to be pulled from shelves immediately

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World Leaders Urged to Create Sustainable Stimulus Packages

The head of the International Energy Agency, Faith Birol, brought to light that political and financial leaders have “a historic opportunity” during this time of crisis to come together and usher in a new era for global climate action. Leaders around the world are currently designing economic stimulus packages, in…
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