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Nikki Anderson

Growing up, I was skinny and active, which equated to healthy per comments from family and friends.  I was taught that when I went to the doctor, I would receive medicine and return to my "healthy" status.  At 34, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and my belief system was shattered. I was confused, frustrated and vulnerable when my doctor made my life worse.  (Click below to read an article on this experience.)

A coworker told me about her holistic chiropractor. From the first day we met, the chiropractor's words and actions made sense to me. His office became my "happy place." I felt safe. I trusted him and his staff. But, he spoke about detox diets and supplements and other information I had never heard of. So, I learned quickly that I needed (and still need today) resources, community and information to empower myself to create the healthy lifestyle I want, deserve and believe in (Click below to read a series of 5 blog posts on this experience.)

A Patient Exchange was created as much for myself as for you. Here's to finding what we all deserve: optimal health!

Maharishi University of Management

           BA Media & Communications



Jim Carrey



    May 24, 2014

St. Catherine University

MA Holistic Health Studies 



A Patient Exchange

A Patient Exchange is an idea that formed from my frustrations as a patient. I don’t believe anyone should have to survive a health crisis like mine. Unfortunately, I don’t think my experience is uncommon nowadays. I've learned from experience how time-consuming and inconvenient it is to search the internet for health resources, information, and community. I want to make health and wellness information convenient to access for everyone.




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