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2019/05/21An Integrative Approach to Sexual Health, Part 1Podcasts2019-05-21 10:22:01
2019/05/21Famous chef José Andrés wants to hire lunchroom worker fired for giving free food to studentArticles2019-05-21 10:19:09
2019/05/21An Integrative Approach to Sexual Health, Part 2Podcasts2019-05-21 10:18:22
2019/05/21Bill to Ban Circus Animal Suffering to Be Introduced in CongressRelated Articles2019-05-21 10:05:08
2019/05/21How to Make & Use Dried Flowers for Decor, Tinctures, and MoreArticles2019-05-21 10:01:55
2019/05/21Fisetin and 5-fluorouracil: Effective combination for PIK3CA-mutant colorectal cancer.Research2019-05-21 09:39:07
2019/05/21If your dentist recommends this, consider finding a new dentistArticles2019-05-21 09:34:25
2019/05/21From Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge to Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes: Our Top 12 Vegan Recipes of the Day!Recipes2019-05-21 09:08:46
2019/05/21Sensory Evaluation, Essential Oils, and You (With Dr. Eric Zielinski)Informational videos2019-05-21 08:00:16
2019/05/21Significance of the A Gutsy Girl LogoArticles2019-05-21 07:45:06
2019/05/21Petition: Stop the SHARE Act Which Would Endanger Wildlife!Related Articles2019-05-21 07:30:06
2019/05/2118 Tornadoes Reported in 5 States MondayRelated Articles2019-05-21 07:25:04
2019/05/21Worst Case Sea Level Rise by Century’s End Could Be Doubled, New Study FindsRelated Articles2019-05-21 07:18:11
2019/05/21Little Caesar’s is Testing Meatless Sausage in Select LocationsNews2019-05-21 07:00:54
2019/05/21The Science Behind Why You’re Not Sleeping with Dr. Shane CreadoPodcasts2019-05-21 07:00:00
2019/05/2115 Smoky and Spicy Vegan Barbecue Recipes for Memorial Day!Recipes2019-05-21 06:43:56
2019/05/2115 Plant-Based Recipes to Boost CollagenRecipes2019-05-21 06:37:59
2019/05/2115 Perfect Eggless Dairy-Free Picnic Salads to Pack in Your Basket!Recipes2019-05-21 06:29:24
2019/05/2120 Meatless Mains For an Epic Memorial Day CookoutRecipes2019-05-21 06:17:50
2019/05/21Teachers’ union passes resolution urging mandatory vaccinations for all school staffNews2019-05-21 06:14:45
2019/05/215 Surprising Food Habits That Raise Your Blood SugarArticles2019-05-21 06:10:29
2019/05/217 Useful Things That Aren’t Plants But Are Great to Include in Your GardenArticles2019-05-21 06:10:04
2019/05/21Beet and Carrot Greens: How to Use Them Instead of Tossing ThemArticles2019-05-21 06:07:55
2019/05/21Sustainable Dish Episode 92: Veganism and Mental Health with Dr. Georgia EdePodcasts2019-05-21 06:00:15
2019/05/21Kind People Helped Abandoned Puppy!Related Articles2019-05-21 05:55:54
2019/05/21Father’s Day Gift IdeasArticles2019-05-21 04:30:35
2019/05/21#223: Long-Term and Intermittent Fasting for Women (Renewed)Podcasts2019-05-21 03:00:58
2019/05/21Easy Bibimbap with Gochujang Sauce | Minimalist Baker RecipesFood videos2019-05-21 03:00:05
2019/05/21Facebook shuts down, then reinstates, popular low-carb support groupNews2019-05-21 02:21:13
2019/05/2110 Natural Benefits of Dates and The Tastiest Ways to Enjoy ThemArticles2019-05-21 02:06:37
2019/05/219 Calcium-Rich Foods To Add To Your DietArticles2019-05-21 02:01:26
2019/05/21The ‘use it or lose it’ theory has changed: A surprising way your muscles respond to exerciseArticles2019-05-21 00:11:07
2019/05/21How Coca-Cola Controls and Manipulates ResearchArticles2019-05-21 00:00:00
2019/05/21Harmful Effects of Fluoride Continue to MountArticles2019-05-21 00:00:00
2019/05/21Bayer Ordered to Pay $2 Billion in Third Roundup LawsuitNews2019-05-21 00:00:00
2019/05/20Fisetin can be used in the future, as a target for the treatment of metastasis of human osteosarcoma cells.Research2019-05-20 23:12:41
2019/05/20These findings reveal a novel molecular mechanism underlying fisetin effect on human osteosarcoma cells.Research2019-05-20 23:09:10
2019/05/20Induction of sestrin 2 is associated with fisetin-mediated apoptosis in human head and neck cancer cell lines.Research2019-05-20 23:05:42
2019/05/20Fisetin loaded binary ethosomes for management of skin cancer by dermal application on UV exposed mice.Research2019-05-20 21:36:11
2019/05/20LA Times: 4 in 10 students would have their vaccine exemptions rejected, California estimatesArticles2019-05-20 21:26:06
2019/05/2015 Healing Foods That Are Good for Your ThyroidArticles2019-05-20 21:07:36
2019/05/20Fluffy Golden Turmeric Cakes (Sfouf)Recipes2019-05-20 20:55:03
2019/05/20Fisetin ameliorates oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis in diabetic cardiomyopathy.Research2019-05-20 20:14:48
2019/05/20Fisetin attenuates isoproterenol-induced cardiac ischemic injury.Research2019-05-20 20:10:38
2019/05/20Protective effect of Fisetin against angiotensin II-induced apoptosis.Research2019-05-20 20:04:09
2019/05/20The combination of fisetin and an effective autophagy inhibitor could be a potentially adjuvant and useful treatment for oral cancer.Research2019-05-20 19:56:21
2019/05/20Fisetin protects against rotenone-induced neurotoxicity through signaling pathway.Research2019-05-20 19:46:20
2019/05/20Fisetin inhibits pristine-induced systemic lupus erythematosus in a murine model through CXCLs regulation.Research2019-05-20 19:32:47
2019/05/20The navel orange peel hydroethanolic extract, naringin, and naringenin induced potential hepatopreventive effects.Research2019-05-20 19:17:42
2019/05/20Naringenin improves mitochondrial function and reduces cardiac damage following ischemia-reperfusion injury.Research2019-05-20 18:45:08
2019/05/20Naringenin ameliorates insulin resistance by modulating endoplasmic reticulum stress in hepatitis C virus-infected liver.Research2019-05-20 18:37:43
2019/05/20The present study is focused on the antidepressant and neuroprotective effects of naringenin.Research2019-05-20 18:23:23
2019/05/20Vitamin C and vitamin E mitigate the risk of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma from meat-derived mutagen exposure.Research2019-05-20 17:49:12
2019/05/20Vegan Golden Milk Cake with Coconut FrostingRecipes2019-05-20 17:41:06
2019/05/20Exposure to acetaminophen impairs vasodilation, increases oxidative stress and changes arterial morphology of rats.Research2019-05-20 17:38:09
2019/05/20Rockland County NY exec asks president to intervene in measles outbreakArticles2019-05-20 17:28:34
2019/05/20Fears About Celery JuicePodcasts2019-05-20 17:24:45
2019/05/20Trump EPA’s Fake Math: Clean Air Doesn’t Save Lives, So Burn More CoalRelated Articles2019-05-20 15:41:26
2019/05/20Swarm of bees follows car for 2 days to rescue queen trapped in backRelated Articles2019-05-20 15:22:10
2019/05/20Pineapple juice may possibly be used as anti-obesity candidate.Research2019-05-20 15:21:34
2019/05/2011 natural ingredients for healthier skinArticles2019-05-20 15:06:48
2019/05/20What Happened when Doug Looked at His BrainInformational videos2019-05-20 14:58:42
2019/05/20Mangiferin inhibits MV4-11 cell proliferation, arrests cell cycle progression and promotes apoptosis.Research2019-05-20 14:54:21
2019/05/20CNN: He’s accused of war crimes and torture. Uber and Lyft approved him to drive.Related Articles2019-05-20 14:39:05
2019/05/20Interview with Dr. Jan Hranicky, Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program (CCWP)Informational videos2019-05-20 14:32:58
2019/05/20The overall results suggest that combination of mangiferin with both metformin and gliclazide alleviates diabetic conditions.Research2019-05-20 14:08:34
2019/05/20Is It ‘Climate Crisis’ or ‘Climate Change’? The Guardian Updates Its Style GuideRelated Articles2019-05-20 14:03:40
2019/05/20Dr. Oz Learns How to Cook Turkish Cuisine in IstanbulInformational videos2019-05-20 14:00:02
2019/05/20Exosomes derived from mangiferin‑stimulated perivascular adipose tissue ameliorate endothelial dysfunction.Research2019-05-20 13:46:44
2019/05/20Fox: U.S. birth rate continues to fallNews2019-05-20 13:46:01
2019/05/20Company turns the ashes of your beloved pet into glass art you can cherish foreverRelated Articles2019-05-20 13:42:31
2019/05/20Three Days, Real Food, No More InsulinPodcasts2019-05-20 13:41:25
2019/05/20CNN: It’s not just soda: Drinking too much fruit juice (or any sugary drink) linked to premature death riskNews2019-05-20 13:00:38
2019/05/20Causes and Solutions for Facial Hair in WomenInformational videos2019-05-20 12:30:01
2019/05/20Justin PerryPodcasts2019-05-20 12:22:46
2019/05/20NBC: Colorado bill would allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana instead of prescription painkillersNews2019-05-20 12:21:05
2019/05/20Reveals your overall fitness in 30 seconds, can you do this?Articles2019-05-20 12:10:15
2019/05/204 Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms to Watch Out ForArticles2019-05-20 12:00:51
2019/05/20Baked Onion Rings (Paleo, Vegan, AIP)Recipes2019-05-20 11:43:53
2019/05/20A ginkgo biloba extract promotes proliferation of endogenous neural stem cells in vascular dementia rats.Research2019-05-20 11:38:53
2019/05/20Primal Cooking Series: Cheese CrispsRecipes2019-05-20 11:21:19
2019/05/20Chicken Cutlets and Sautéed KaleRecipes2019-05-20 11:00:22
2019/05/20Effects of Ginkgo biloba extract EGb761 on neural differentiation of stem cells offer new hope for neurological disease treatment.Research2019-05-20 10:50:48
2019/05/20Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for May 18, Part 1Podcasts2019-05-20 10:49:20
2019/05/2033 Healthy Office Snacks to Keep You Energized and ProductiveRecipes2019-05-20 10:48:41
2019/05/20Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for May 18, Part 2Podcasts2019-05-20 10:45:54
2019/05/20Gut Bacteria 201Informational videos2019-05-20 10:34:55
2019/05/20RN talks about forced vaccinations and what a wake up call! Brilliant!Articles2019-05-20 10:29:25
2019/05/20Ferulic acid exerts concentration-dependent anti-apoptotic and neuronal differentiation-inducing effects in PC12 and mouse neural stem cells.Research2019-05-20 10:17:23
2019/05/20Can Congress Find the Political Will to Solve Our Flood Problems?Related Articles2019-05-20 10:11:47
2019/05/20Could Flint Become the Most Mindful City in America?Articles2019-05-20 10:11:11
2019/05/20Hot Arctic and a Chill in the Northeast: What’s Behind the Gloomy Spring Weather?Related Articles2019-05-20 10:06:51
2019/05/20Cholesterol on keto – Dave FeldmanArticles2019-05-20 10:04:35
2019/05/20"Cured" of Crohn’s Disease? How diet makes a difference | Ep40Informational videos2019-05-20 10:00:07
2019/05/20[Preview] Cholesterol on keto: what to do about it – Dave FeldmanInformational videos2019-05-20 09:58:17
2019/05/202019 Australia Happy Faces VideoInformational videos2019-05-20 09:49:49
2019/05/20How Cover Crops Can Help Farmers, Protect Drinking Water and Fight Climate ChangeRelated Articles2019-05-20 09:44:11
2019/05/20Hydropower Dams Can Harm Coastal Areas Far DownstreamRelated Articles2019-05-20 09:42:20
2019/05/20Chewy Chocolate Cookies RecipeRecipes2019-05-20 09:30:20
2019/05/20Avoiding Glyphosate? Don’t Buy Organic Hydroponics!Articles2019-05-20 09:17:57
2019/05/20From Chocolate Banana Pancakes to Potato Leek Quiche: Our Top 12 Vegan Recipes of the Day!Recipes2019-05-20 09:07:12
2019/05/20Peace, Love and Low Carb: New recipe collaboration with Kyndra HolleyRecipes2019-05-20 09:02:49
2019/05/20Honey Sriracha Salmon in 8 Minutes!Recipes2019-05-20 09:00:00
2019/05/20What Caused Your SIBOArticles2019-05-20 08:58:10
2019/05/20Texas Bill Would Make Protesting Pipelines a Felony on Par With Attempted MurderRelated Articles2019-05-20 08:03:49
2019/05/20"Sugar feeds cancer" is right & wrongInformational videos2019-05-20 07:57:53
2019/05/20Primal PosturePodcasts2019-05-20 07:32:15
2019/05/20Did the Earth Just Lose Australia’s Climate Election?Related Articles2019-05-20 07:05:55
2019/05/20England to Plant 130,000+ Trees to Fight Climate ChangeRelated Articles2019-05-20 07:03:43
2019/05/20259: How to Learn Languages by Ear With Idahosa NessPodcasts2019-05-20 07:00:48
2019/05/20How Ketogenic Diet Wreaks Havoc on Your GutArticles2019-05-20 07:00:25
2019/05/20How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Brain? with Dr. Shane CreadoPodcasts2019-05-20 07:00:00
2019/05/20How to Gauge Success on AIP When Progress Isn’t ObviousArticles2019-05-20 07:00:00
2019/05/20National Pick Strawberries Day: 15 Sweet Vegan Recipes!Recipes2019-05-20 06:43:59
2019/05/20How a Plant-Based Diet Manages Rheumatoid Arthritis SymptomsArticles2019-05-20 06:37:34
2019/05/20Blogger Tips: Sweet and Refreshing Dairy-Free Ice Cream!Recipes2019-05-20 06:30:59
2019/05/2010 Drought-Tolerant Edible PlantsArticles2019-05-20 06:25:22
2019/05/2015 Plant-Powered Side Dishes to Bring to Your Memorial Day CookoutRecipes2019-05-20 06:20:30
2019/05/2015 Deliciously Savory Egg-Free Quiche RecipesRecipes2019-05-20 06:15:34
2019/05/20Can processed foods explain our obesity epidemic?Articles2019-05-20 05:48:41
2019/05/20090 | Healthy After Cancer | with Samantha HarrisPodcasts2019-05-20 05:00:05
2019/05/2013 Plants That Can Actually Purify Your AirArticles2019-05-20 04:30:18
2019/05/20Grilled BBQ Chicken BreastsRecipes2019-05-20 04:00:00
2019/05/20Homemade BBQ SauceRecipes2019-05-20 03:30:00
2019/05/20How to Make Sauerkraut (4 Flavors!)Recipes2019-05-20 03:00:00
2019/05/204 Ways To Help You To Stop Biting Your NailsArticles2019-05-20 02:01:57
2019/05/20Chimichurri Chicken, Plantain & Red Slaw Meal Prep – AIP , Whole30Recipes2019-05-20 02:00:42
2019/05/20Easy way to lower your risk of hip fractures up to 44%Articles2019-05-20 00:11:36
2019/05/20How to Get Rid of NauseaArticles2019-05-20 00:00:00
2019/05/20May 20 Is World Bee DayArticles2019-05-20 00:00:00
2019/05/20Weekly Health Quiz: Glyphosate, Exercise and SleepArticles2019-05-20 00:00:00
2019/05/20New Study Shows Skullcap Herb Repairs Brain InjuryArticles2019-05-20 00:00:00
2019/05/20Cognitive Benefits of Magnesium L-ThreonateArticles2019-05-20 00:00:00
2019/05/19Healthy, Gluten-Free Travel in Maui, HawaiiArticles2019-05-19 23:34:54
2019/05/19Cancer Strategies with Dr. Thomas SeyfriedInformational videos2019-05-19 21:04:49
2019/05/19Strategies to Help Combat Cancer with Dr. SeyfriedInformational videos2019-05-19 21:04:36
2019/05/19Healing Eczema & Psoriasis With Medical MediumInformational videos2019-05-19 20:03:20
2019/05/1922 Dreamy Summer Travel DestinationsRelated Articles2019-05-19 18:48:00
2019/05/19Controversial Drug Ractopamine Is Back in the News—And Still in Your FoodArticles2019-05-19 16:25:29
2019/05/19Allison’s TestimonialInformational videos2019-05-19 15:30:00
2019/05/19Hippocrates Health Institute – Shivani Gupta Testimony – Hippocrates Weight Loss AcademyInformational videos2019-05-19 15:13:11
2019/05/19The Best Natural Solution For NauseaInformational videos2019-05-19 13:30:01
2019/05/19If spiders worked together, they could eat all humans in a yearRelated Articles2019-05-19 11:25:22
2019/05/19Clearing Up Myths About Blood Sugars After EatingInformational videos2019-05-19 10:47:42
2019/05/19Is Climate Fiction a Subset of Science Fiction—or Something Else Entirely?Related Articles2019-05-19 10:30:11
2019/05/193 At-Home Cellulite TreatmentsInformational videos2019-05-19 10:15:01
2019/05/19Weekend Reading, 5.19.19Articles2019-05-19 10:10:16
2019/05/19Salmon Teriyaki BowlsArticles2019-05-19 10:00:26
2019/05/19Favorites List (5.19.19)Articles2019-05-19 09:47:47
2019/05/197 Benefits of Purple Yam (Ube), and How It Differs from TaroArticles2019-05-19 09:00:10
2019/05/19New guide: Our comprehensive guide to saltArticles2019-05-19 08:17:15
2019/05/19Weekly Meal Plan: Anti-Inflammatory Vegan Meals!Recipes2019-05-19 06:45:58
2019/05/19College Students Force Puppy to Drink Beer!Related Articles2019-05-19 06:43:12
2019/05/19Eat the Rainbow With These 15 Colorful Drinks!Recipes2019-05-19 06:37:55
2019/05/1915 Vegan Orange-Flavored Dessert Recipes For The Summer!Recipes2019-05-19 06:30:53
2019/05/19Best Summer Beer BratsRecipes2019-05-19 04:00:00
2019/05/19Vegan Peanut Shortbread | Deliciously EllaFood videos2019-05-19 03:30:02
2019/05/19Should You Detoxify With A Magnesium Bath?Articles2019-05-19 02:01:46
2019/05/19Alan Cohen – Spirit Means BusinessPodcasts2019-05-19 02:00:00
2019/05/19What active Katy gained by going on the keto dietArticles2019-05-19 00:54:23
2019/05/19A powerful plate of vegetables: 6 health benefits of cauliflowerArticles2019-05-19 00:11:09
2019/05/19Understanding Schizophrenia and Its Common MisconceptionsArticles2019-05-19 00:00:00
2019/05/19Cooking Kale: The Best Ways to Prepare This SuperfoodRecipes2019-05-19 00:00:00
2019/05/19Why Glucose and Glutamine Restrictions Are Essential in the Treatment of CancerArticles2019-05-19 00:00:00
2019/05/18What Juuling Does to Your Body (It’s Not Pretty)Articles2019-05-18 21:59:32
2019/05/18Can You Get Lung Cancer Without Smoking? This Healthy 28-Year Old DidArticles2019-05-18 21:54:14
2019/05/18After Eating Raw Rodent’s Kidney for ‘Good Health,’ Couple Die of Bubonic Plague, Spark QuarantineRelated Articles2019-05-18 21:50:50
2019/05/18It’s a … Boy?! Photo Captures Mom’s Surprised Look After Delivery  Related Articles2019-05-18 21:47:09
2019/05/18GMO Impossible Burger Positive For Carcinogenic GlyphosateArticles2019-05-18 21:04:17
2019/05/18What Exactly Is the Link Between Your Appendix and Parkinson’s?Articles2019-05-18 20:59:22
2019/05/18DNA Kit Traces Man’s Ancestry Back 55 Generations In What Could Be The Oldest Known Lineage In AmericaRelated Articles2019-05-18 20:51:17
2019/05/18Report: Ohio State knew of late doctor’s sex abuse in 70sRelated Articles2019-05-18 20:35:10
2019/05/18Audit: New York paid $33M too much for kids’ vaccinesArticles2019-05-18 19:05:20
2019/05/18Get Magnesium Right for Maximum BenefitInformational videos2019-05-18 17:43:35
2019/05/18How to Lose Weight Without StressInformational videos2019-05-18 16:15:00
2019/05/18Healing Chronic Fatigue & Lyme DiseaseInformational videos2019-05-18 16:11:32
2019/05/18Trina’s TestimonialInformational videos2019-05-18 13:30:01
2019/05/18Dr. Jennifer Ashton Talks Suicide, Negative Online CommentsInformational videos2019-05-18 11:30:00
2019/05/18Bayer’s Shady PR Firms: FleishmanHillard and KetchumResearch2019-05-18 11:28:54
2019/05/18How to Stimulate Vagus Nerve Function to Reduce Inflammation and Support the BrainArticles2019-05-18 10:39:37
2019/05/18FOX NEWS: Kentucky proposes ban on using tattoos to cover up scarsNews2019-05-18 10:00:28
2019/05/18Breast milk seeds baby’s microbiomeArticles2019-05-18 09:20:48
2019/05/18What Is Sole Water, and Does It Have Benefits?Articles2019-05-18 09:00:10
2019/05/18From Maple Baklava Cheesecake to Potato and Chickpea Curry: 10 Vegan Recipes That Went Viral Last WeekRecipes2019-05-18 06:45:19
2019/05/1815 Creative Recipes Ideas Using Chocolate and Peanut Butter!Recipes2019-05-18 06:35:54
2019/05/18Blogger Spotlight: Kristina Humphreys of Sweet and Simple Treats!Recipes2019-05-18 06:25:04
2019/05/18Mineral Deficiencies on a Vegan Diet and How to Fix ThemArticles2019-05-18 06:15:19
2019/05/18Why You Should Grow a Patch of WildflowersRelated Articles2019-05-18 06:12:32
2019/05/18This Surrendered Dog Suffered So Much Neglect His Leg Fell Off During GroomingRelated Articles2019-05-18 06:00:51
2019/05/18Does a low-fat diet reduce breast cancer deaths?Articles2019-05-18 05:20:37
2019/05/18Insulin resistance in humans triggered by common food preservative, says Harvard StudyNews2019-05-18 05:00:28
2019/05/18Easy Grilled Peppers and OnionsRecipes2019-05-18 04:00:00
2019/05/18Chickpea Caesar Salad | Minimalist Baker RecipesFood videos2019-05-18 03:00:06
2019/05/184 Healthy Snacks That May Be Bad For Your TeethArticles2019-05-18 02:01:09
2019/05/18Sleep disorders and disease risk linked to nighttime electronic usageArticles2019-05-18 00:11:44
2019/05/18The Secret Ingredients in a Nonorganic Diet Harm YouArticles2019-05-18 00:00:00
2019/05/18An Unrecognized Sign of High Blood PressureArticles2019-05-18 00:00:00
2019/05/18Does Banana Tea Really Help With Sleep Problems?Articles2019-05-18 00:00:00
2019/05/17Antidepressant-like effects of ginsenosides.Research2019-05-17 22:22:12
2019/05/17Ginsenoside-Rb3 inhibits endothelial-mesenchymal transition of cardiac microvascular endothelial cells.Research2019-05-17 22:20:11
2019/05/17Ginsenoside Rh2 inhibits proliferation but promotes apoptosis and autophagy by down-regulating microRNA-638 in human retinoblastoma cells.Research2019-05-17 22:15:10
2019/05/17Ginsenoside Rb1 ameliorates Staphylococcus aureus induced lung injury.Research2019-05-17 22:12:26
2019/05/17Ginsenoside Rb3 protects cardiomyocytes against hypoxia/reoxygenation injury.Research2019-05-17 22:05:34
2019/05/17Bettina’s TestimonialInformational videos2019-05-17 22:00:07
2019/05/17Man with Rare Rash goes to 60 Doctors to Find an Effective TreatmentInformational videos2019-05-17 21:30:00
2019/05/17Ginsenoside Rb3 provides protective effects against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity.Research2019-05-17 21:23:31
2019/05/17Protective effect of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) against spinal cord ischemia-reperfusion injury.Research2019-05-17 21:11:17
2019/05/17Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and its related precursors for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-05-17 21:03:43
2019/05/17Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide biosynthesis promotes liver regeneration.Research2019-05-17 21:00:40
2019/05/17Ferulic acid potentiates the antibacterial activity of quinolone-based antibiotics against Acinetobacter baumannii.Research2019-05-17 20:53:29
2019/05/17Exosomes secreted by the cocultures of normal and oxygen-glucose-deprived stem cells improve post-stroke outcome.Research2019-05-17 20:47:36
2019/05/17Exosomes: An emerging factor in atherosclerosis.Research2019-05-17 20:35:31
2019/05/17Mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes promote neurogenesis and cognitive function recovery in a model of Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-05-17 20:25:44
2019/05/17Stem cell-derived exosomes prevent aging-induced cardiac dysfunction.Research2019-05-17 20:20:43
2019/05/17Electroacupuncture stimulation of PC6 and HT7 can inhibit cerebral ischemia injury induced cell apoptosis of cerebral and myocardial tissues.Research2019-05-17 20:11:24
2019/05/17Electroacupuncture intervention can relieve pain and morphine tolerance in bone cancer pain.Research2019-05-17 20:01:15
2019/05/17Early intervention with electroacupuncture prevents PTSD-like behaviors.Research2019-05-17 19:57:24
2019/05/17Manual acupuncture and electroacupuncture showed beneficial effects in addition to SSRIs alone in patients with moderate to severe depression.Research2019-05-17 19:46:26
2019/05/17Effects of intensity of electroacupuncture on chronic pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis.Research2019-05-17 19:31:12
2019/05/17Acupuncture seems to be an effective therapy for Bell’s palsy.Research2019-05-17 19:23:30
2019/05/17Probiotics seem to potentially produce a significant therapeutic effect for subjects with pre-existing depressive symptoms.Research2019-05-17 19:06:58
2019/05/17Revisiting inflammation in bipolar disorder.Research2019-05-17 18:56:36
2019/05/17Exercise influence on the microbiome-gut-brain axis.Research2019-05-17 18:47:25
2019/05/17Ferulic acid attenuates liver fibrosis and hepatic stellate cell activation.Research2019-05-17 18:37:51
2019/05/17Ferulic acid ameliorates cerebral infarction.Research2019-05-17 17:58:35
2019/05/17Combined treatment with the phenolics (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate and ferulic acid improves cognition and reduces Alzheimer-like pathology.Research2019-05-17 17:21:17
2019/05/17Laura Prepon On Doing Yoga, Cooking and Binge-WatchingInformational videos2019-05-17 17:00:03
2019/05/17Ferulic acid exerts anti-apoptotic effects against ischemic injury.Research2019-05-17 16:54:00
2019/05/17Ferulic acid improves depressive-like behaviour.Research2019-05-17 16:50:31
2019/05/17Ferulic acid ameliorates doxorubicin-induced cardiac toxicity.Research2019-05-17 16:41:57
2019/05/17This Plant-Based “Risotto” With Coconut Milk Is EverythingFood videos2019-05-17 16:27:02
2019/05/17Mythbusting Lyme Disease [Webinar Replay]Articles2019-05-17 15:52:47
2019/05/17Foods That Can Help Avoid Wrinkles, Spots, and Saggy SkinInformational videos2019-05-17 15:30:01
2019/05/17Fluffy Coconut Flour Blueberry BreadRecipes2019-05-17 14:27:21
2019/05/17The many medicinal benefits of Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD)Articles2019-05-17 14:23:29
2019/05/17Why Osteoporosis Can Happen in Your 30s (Plus: 6 Nutrients to Protect Your Bones)Articles2019-05-17 13:58:33
2019/05/17Celebrating BreakthroughsArticles2019-05-17 13:47:34
2019/05/1727 Breakfast Recipes to Boost Your Thyroid Health!Recipes2019-05-17 13:34:37
2019/05/17GLUTEN FREE BREAKFAST POWER BOWLSFood videos2019-05-17 12:47:57
2019/05/17Maine Becomes First State to Ban Native American Mascots at Public Schools and UniversitiesRelated Articles2019-05-17 12:37:19
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2019/05/16Antihypernociceptive and neuroprotective effects of Combretin A and Combretin B on streptozotocin-induced diabetic neuropathy.Research2019-05-16 16:44:25
2019/05/16Combretin A and combretin B could be considered as the promising chemotherapeutic agents in breast cancer treatment and inflammatory disease.Research2019-05-16 16:28:36
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2019/05/16C. fragrans can be used as an effective natural source of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antidiabetic compounds.Research2019-05-16 16:14:20
2019/05/16Tanshinone IIA inhibits human prostate cancer cells growth.Research2019-05-16 16:09:02
2019/05/16Protective effect of tanshinone IIA against radiation-induced ototoxicity in HEI-OC1 cells.Research2019-05-16 16:03:31
2019/05/16The anti-atherosclerotic effect of tanshinone IIA is associated with the inhibition of TNF-α-induced VCAM-1, ICAM-1 and CX3CL1 expression.Research2019-05-16 15:58:22
2019/05/16Trait anxiety, Facebook intensity, and broadcasting behavior on Facebook positively predict Facebook addiction and state anxiety.Research2019-05-16 15:44:53
2019/05/16The association between Facebook addiction and depression.Research2019-05-16 15:31:45
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2019/05/16Tanshinone IIA mitigates the severity of damage effected by ischemia and reperfusion injury.Research2019-05-16 14:26:56
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2019/05/16Tanshinone IIA can inhibit the proliferation of K562 cells.Research2019-05-16 13:01:07
2019/05/16Tanshinone IIA promotes non-amyloidogenic processing of amyloid precursor protein in platelets.Research2019-05-16 12:49:02
2019/05/16Tanshinone IIA inhibits the astrocyte proliferation induced by sub-lethal ischemic insult.Research2019-05-16 12:35:29
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2019/05/15Berberine inhibits the ischemia-reperfusion induced testicular injury through decreasing oxidative stress.Research2019-05-15 21:50:29
2019/05/15Berberine protects immortalized line of human melanocytes from H2O2-induced oxidative stress.Research2019-05-15 21:47:33
2019/05/15‘Bruise’ turned out to be deadly melanoma hiding on 21-year-old’s nailArticles2019-05-15 21:44:13
2019/05/15Berberine inhibits the interleukin-1 beta-induced inflammatory response via MAPK downregulation in rat articular chondrocytes.Research2019-05-15 21:43:28
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2019/05/15Raman spectrum spectral imaging revealing the molecular mechanism of Berberine-induced Jurkat cell apoptosis.Research2019-05-15 18:40:59
2019/05/15Berberine improves advanced glycation end products‑induced osteogenic differentiation responses in human periodontal ligament stem cells.Research2019-05-15 18:32:56
2019/05/15Berberine inhibited angiogenesis in glioblastoma xenografts.Research2019-05-15 18:23:56
2019/05/15Berberine is a potential therapeutic alleviating diabetes and diabetic neuropathic painResearch2019-05-15 18:13:47
2019/05/15Arctigenin may act as a suitable adjunct therapy for oral submucous fibrosis.Research2019-05-15 18:03:38
2019/05/15How Laura Prepon Lost Weight Naturally Without Going HungryInformational videos2019-05-15 18:00:05
2019/05/15Arctigenin induces apoptosis in human hepatoblastoma cells.Research2019-05-15 17:57:30
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2019/05/15Is Corporate Organic a Problem? It Depends on Who You AskRelated Articles2019-05-15 17:47:37
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2019/05/15Beneficial effects of tea water extracts on the body weight and gut microbiota in C57BL/6J mice fed with a high-fat diet.Research2019-05-15 15:37:20
2019/05/15Yoga instructor who went out for a hike in Maui is missingRelated Articles2019-05-15 15:35:06
2019/05/15Green tea extract catechin improves cardiac function in pediatric cardiomyopathy patients with diastolic dysfunction.Research2019-05-15 15:33:02
2019/05/15The Ingredient That Could Be Causing Your Depression and AnxietyInformational videos2019-05-15 15:15:00
2019/05/15Ripened Pu-erh tea extract protects mice from obesity by modulating gut microbiota composition.Research2019-05-15 15:01:53
2019/05/15Consumption of caffeinated drinks such as coffee and black tea may reduce the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer among Chinese.Research2019-05-15 14:41:16
2019/05/15Ohio school closed after enriched uranium discovered inside: ‘We aren’t prepared for something like this’News2019-05-15 14:38:43
2019/05/15Coffee consumption plays a role in reducing the risk of all-cause mortality.Research2019-05-15 14:36:35
2019/05/15Coffee consumption and plasma biomarkers of metabolic and inflammatory pathways in US health professionals.Research2019-05-15 14:16:17
2019/05/15Coffee drinking has a preventive effect on all-cause and on cardiovascular mortality in men and women.Research2019-05-15 14:12:16
2019/05/15This meta-analysis suggested that coffee consumption among Japanese people has a significant role in preventing liver cancer.Research2019-05-15 14:03:17
2019/05/15Coffee intake probably reduces the risk of liver cancer.Research2019-05-15 13:52:11
2019/05/15Coffee prevents fatty liver disease induced by a high-fat diet by modulating pathways of the gut-liver axis.Research2019-05-15 13:47:35
2019/05/15Impact of female daily coffee consumption on successful fertility treatment.Research2019-05-15 13:35:54
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2019/05/15A meta-analysis coffee consumption and all-cause and cause-specific mortality.Research2019-05-15 13:09:14
2019/05/15Habitual coffee intake reduces all-cause mortality by decreasing heart rate.Research2019-05-15 13:04:39
2019/05/15The present study confirmed that coffee consumption significantly reduces liver cancer risk.Research2019-05-15 12:55:09
2019/05/15Tips for Better Sleep – Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski with Dr. Shane Creado, Amen ClinicsInformational videos2019-05-15 12:52:27
2019/05/15Green coffee extract improves cardiometabolic parameters and modulates gut microbiota in high-fat-diet-fed ApoE-/- mice.Research2019-05-15 12:49:25
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2019/05/15Bayer Investigates Its Shady PR Firm After ‘Monsanto File’ Scandal in FranceRelated Articles2019-05-15 11:52:41
2019/05/15A review of the effectiveness and therapeutic value of phytochemicals in acute pancreatitis.Research2019-05-15 11:39:37
2019/05/15Multiple studies show children better off left in troubled homes than put into foster careArticles2019-05-15 11:35:48
2019/05/15Tanshinone IIA may be a potential therapeutic agent for cerebrovascular remodelling and stroke.Research2019-05-15 11:32:13
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2019/05/10Enhancement of doxorubicin cytotoxicity by tanshinone IIA in HepG2 human hepatoma cells.Research2019-05-10 20:39:45
2019/05/10Tanshinone II A inhibits tat-induced HIV-1 transactivation through redox-regulated AMPK/Nampt pathway.Research2019-05-10 20:36:37
2019/05/10Tanshinone II a protects against lipopolysaccharides-induced endothelial cell injury via Rho/Rho kinase pathway.Research2019-05-10 20:34:52
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA ameliorated hypoxia-induced doxorubicin resistance and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cell lines.Research2019-05-10 20:32:11
2019/05/10The molecular mechanisms of Tanshinone IIA on the apoptosis and arrest of human esophageal carcinoma cells.Research2019-05-10 20:20:52
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-05-10 20:14:48
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA induces cytochrome c-mediated caspase cascade apoptosis in A549 human lung cancer cells via the JNK pathway.Research2019-05-10 20:09:58
2019/05/10A potential target of tanshinone IIA for acute promyelocytic leukemia revealed by inverse docking and drug repurposing.Research2019-05-10 20:06:19
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA induces apoptosis in fibroblast-like synoviocytes in rheumatoid arthritis.Research2019-05-10 19:59:40
2019/05/10Global Health News Ep. #36 | Vaccine Propaganda | The Opioid Epidemic & CannabisInformational videos2019-05-10 19:53:40
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2019/05/10Fruit and vegetable intake was inversely associated with cancer risk in Mexican-Americans.Research2019-05-10 19:39:46
2019/05/10A diet rich in vegetables and fruit may reduce the risk for kidney disease.Research2019-05-10 19:35:47
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA inhibits the growth, attenuates the stemness and induces the apoptosis of human glioma stem cells.Research2019-05-10 19:31:25
2019/05/10Inhibitory effect of tanshinone IIA on rat hepatic stellate cells.Research2019-05-10 19:27:24
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA downregulates HMGB1 and TLR4 expression in a spinal nerve ligation model of neuropathic pain.Research2019-05-10 19:23:48
2019/05/10Potential therapeutic roles of tanshinone IIA in human bladder cancer cells.Research2019-05-10 19:15:29
2019/05/10Anti-inflammatory mechanism research of tanshinone II A by module-based network analysis.Research2019-05-10 19:01:22
2019/05/103 Daily Habits for a Better You (Part 3 of 3)Podcasts2019-05-10 19:00:10
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA inhibits human gastric carcinoma AGS cell growth.Research2019-05-10 18:54:57
2019/05/10Protective effect of tanshinone IIA on the brain and its therapeutic time window in rat models of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion.Research2019-05-10 18:44:28
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA inhibits viral oncogene expression leading to apoptosis and inhibition of cervical cancer.Research2019-05-10 18:36:50
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA attenuates neuropathic pain via inhibiting glial activation and immune response.Research2019-05-10 18:31:52
2019/05/10This paper reviewed major progresses of tanshinone IIA in antiatherosclerosis research.Research2019-05-10 18:08:54
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA inhibits gastric carcinoma AGS cells.Research2019-05-10 18:00:11
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA therapeutically reduces LPS-induced acute lung injury by inhibiting inflammation and apoptosis.Research2019-05-10 17:49:18
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA attenuates the cerebral ischemic injury-induced increase in levels of GFAP and of caspases-3 and -8.Research2019-05-10 17:31:58
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA inhibits HIF-1α and VEGF expression in breast cancer cells.Research2019-05-10 17:20:11
2019/05/10Endurance: Heart Rate Variability: Everything You Need to KnowPodcasts2019-05-10 17:09:27
2019/05/10Tanshinone IIA attenuates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis.Research2019-05-10 17:09:20
2019/05/10Vitexin alleviates ER-stress-activated apoptosis and the related inflammation in chondrocytes.Research2019-05-10 16:42:22
2019/05/10A brief review on the neuroprotective mechanisms of vitexin.Research2019-05-10 16:34:08
2019/05/10Ethanolic extract of the aerial parts of Passiflora cincinnata reduces nociceptive and inflammatory events in mice.Research2019-05-10 16:29:16
2019/05/10Hepatoprotective activity and nephroprotective activity of peel extract from three varieties of the passion fruit.Research2019-05-10 16:21:39
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2019/05/10Improvement in neurogenesis and memory function by administration of Passiflora incarnata extract.Research2019-05-10 16:07:33
2019/05/10Vitexin suppresses RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis and prevents lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced osteolysis.Research2019-05-10 15:52:13
2019/05/10Vitexin could be used as a potential therapeutic agent for the treatment of NSCLC.Research2019-05-10 15:41:15
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2019/05/10Meet Your Weight-Loss Goals With AsparagusInformational videos2019-05-10 15:15:00
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2019/05/10Anti-inflammatory diterpenes from the seeds of Vitex negundo.Research2019-05-10 13:18:00
2019/05/10V. negundo extracts hold considerable potential as antitheses of free radical toxicity.Research2019-05-10 13:13:27
2019/05/10Antinociceptive activities of the liposoluble fraction from Vitex negundo seeds.Research2019-05-10 13:05:51
2019/05/10Tyrosinase inhibitory lignans from the methanol extract of the roots of Vitex negundo Linn. and their structure-activity relationship.Research2019-05-10 12:57:55
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2019/05/10These results indicate that V. negundo exhibits antitussive effect and it was found devoid of toxicity.Research2019-05-10 11:45:18
2019/05/10The results indicated that Vitex negundo seeds exerted potential effects on immunological hepatitis.Research2019-05-10 11:41:01
2019/05/10V. negundo offered a significant protection against ethanol toxicity in rat brain.Research2019-05-10 11:36:51
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2019/05/09Lignans extracted from Vitex negundo possess cytotoxic activity by G2/M phase cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induction.Research2019-05-09 21:56:53
2019/05/09Therapeutic effects of standardized Vitex negundo seeds extract on complete Freund’s adjuvant induced arthritis.Research2019-05-09 21:41:27
2019/05/09Antioxidant lignans from the seeds of Vitex negundoResearch2019-05-09 21:34:04
2019/05/09Anti-inflammatory ursane-and oleanane-type triterpenoids from Vitex negundo.Research2019-05-09 21:25:49
2019/05/09Molecular assessment of protective effect of Vitex negundo in ISO induced myocardial infarction.Research2019-05-09 21:20:33
2019/05/09Bioactive chromone constituents from Vitex negundo alleviate pain and inflammation.Research2019-05-09 21:07:53
2019/05/09Vitex negundo induces an anticonvulsant effect by inhibiting voltage gated sodium channels in murine Neuro 2A cell line.Research2019-05-09 21:02:45
2019/05/09Neuroprotective capabilities of Vitex negundo in primary hippocampal neurons.Research2019-05-09 20:57:40
2019/05/09Therapeutic effects of the total lignans from Vitex negundo seeds on collagen-induced arthritis in rats.Research2019-05-09 20:46:11
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2019/05/09Astaxanthin inhibits homocysteine‑induced endothelial cell dysfunction.Research2019-05-09 14:22:01
2019/05/09Gestational exposure to an epidemiologically defined mixture of phthalates leads to gonadal dysfunction in mouse offspring of both sexes.Research2019-05-09 14:06:43
2019/05/09Minor structural modifications of bisphenol A strongly affect physiological responses of HepG2 cells.Research2019-05-09 13:30:56
2019/05/09Exposure to phthalates and bisphenol A is associated with higher risk of cardiometabolic impairment in normal weight children.Research2019-05-09 13:18:54
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