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2019/12/09Burdock root attenuates preneoplastic lesion development.Research2019-12-09 01:01:14
2019/12/09Arctium lappa root extract prevents lead-induced liver injury.Research2019-12-09 00:44:14
2019/12/09Gestational exposure to paracetamol in rats induces neurofunctional alterations in the progeny.Research2019-12-09 00:00:39
2019/12/08Nobiletin attenuates acetaminophen-induced hepatorenal toxicity.Research2019-12-08 23:55:20
2019/12/08Betanin exerted a potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect against hepato-renal damage induced by paracetamol and diclofenac over consumption.Research2019-12-08 23:50:20
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA reduces subsequent apoptosis and remodelling while increasing survival proteins in H9c2 cardiomyoblasts.Research2019-12-08 21:34:41
2019/12/08Antifatigue properties of tanshinone IIA in mice subjected to the forced swimming test.Research2019-12-08 21:14:03
2019/12/08Tan IIA inhibits H1299 cell viability through the MDM4‑IAP3 signaling pathway.Research2019-12-08 20:56:10
2019/12/08Effect of tanshinone IIA on oxidative stress and apoptosis in a rat model of fatty liver.Research2019-12-08 20:51:27
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA improves hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy through TLR‑4‑mediated NF‑κB signal pathway.Research2019-12-08 20:47:32
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA attenuates paraquat‑induced acute lung injury.Research2019-12-08 20:38:59
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA pretreatment protects H9c2 cells against anoxia/reoxygenation injuryResearch2019-12-08 20:09:24
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIa protects retinal endothelial cells against mitochondrial fission induced by methylglyoxal through glyoxalase 1.Research2019-12-08 20:03:46
2019/12/08The Secret to Fighting Cravings on KetoInformational videos2019-12-08 20:02:01
2019/12/08Mitigating effect of tanshinone IIA on ventricular remodeling in rats with pressure overload-induced heart failure.Research2019-12-08 19:57:42
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA reverses EGF- and TGF-β1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition in HepG2 cells.Research2019-12-08 19:48:32
2019/12/08Agastache honey has superior antifungal activity in comparison with important commercial honeys.Research2019-12-08 18:52:02
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA ameliorates the bleomycin-induced endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition.Research2019-12-08 18:40:33
2019/12/08The 18 Most Addictive Foods (and the 17 Least Addictive)Health & Wellness2019-12-08 18:01:24
2019/12/08Weekend Reading, 12.7.19Health & Wellness2019-12-08 17:38:03
2019/12/08Erase 5 Years Off Your Face – Best of Oz CollectionInformational videos2019-12-08 17:00:07
2019/12/08This Man’s Last Wish on His Deathbed Was to Have One More Beer with His SonsHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 16:44:57
2019/12/08Health Insurance Costs Are Overwhelming Middle-Class AmericansHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 16:41:23
2019/12/08Student’s Allergy To Water Means She Can Only Shower Twice A MonthHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 16:38:35
2019/12/08Senior Citizens Are Replacing Teenagers as Fast-Food WorkersHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 16:34:35
2019/12/08The tiny Wisconsin town where you’ll find the center of the worldEnvironment2019-12-08 16:31:45
2019/12/08Parking Lot gets Turned Into a Safe Haven For The Homeless At NightHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 16:28:28
2019/12/08Doctors bring dead heart ‘back to life’ for groundbreaking transplantHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 16:24:42
2019/12/08Vegan WellingtonRecipes & DIY2019-12-08 14:15:07
2019/12/0815 Unique Holiday Foods From Around the WorldHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 11:51:05
2019/12/08The Health Guru Who Eats 5,000 Calories in One Meal & Says He’s Healthy – Best of Oz CollectionInformational videos2019-12-08 11:00:07
2019/12/08Harnessing the Power of Carbon- Interview With Albert BatesInformational videos2019-12-08 11:00:01
2019/12/08Why Independent Farming in America Is Close to ExtinctionAnimals2019-12-08 10:43:13
2019/12/08Could the Pentagon Be a Climate Change Leader?Environment2019-12-08 10:15:07
2019/12/08Cranberry Orange Olive Oil CakeRecipes & DIY2019-12-08 10:00:07
2019/12/08The Game Changers Producer ‘Considering Doing More’ Plant-Based DocumentariesHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 09:41:37
2019/12/08Bye bye binge eating! How Abi lost 70 pounds on low carbHealth Testimonial Articles2019-12-08 09:07:05
2019/12/08Is Rye Bread Healthy?Health & Wellness2019-12-08 08:59:54
2019/12/08Beyond Meat Launches In Costco Across The USHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 08:44:16
2019/12/08How to Feel FulfilledInformational videos2019-12-08 08:00:01
2019/12/08Subway Accused Of Hiding Facebook Comments Highlighting Animal CrueltyAnimals2019-12-08 07:45:56
2019/12/08What Plant-Based Runners Eat to Fuel Their EnduranceHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 07:30:02
2019/12/08Study Finds Plant-Based Diet Could Reduce Heart Disease and Stroke RiskHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 07:25:48
2019/12/08Watch Rooney Mara Visit Animal Farms for Undercover InvestigationAnimals2019-12-08 07:10:15
2019/12/08Weekly Meal Plan: Portable Vegan Meals You Can Eat On the Go!Recipes & DIY2019-12-08 06:55:38
2019/12/0815 Satisfying Vegan Party Foods for Your Holiday Party!Recipes & DIY2019-12-08 06:37:32
2019/12/08BBC Christmas Advert Branded An ‘Agenda Against Livestock Farming’Animals2019-12-08 06:36:05
2019/12/0815 Vegan Brownies to Bake for Friends and Family for the Holidays!Recipes & DIY2019-12-08 06:30:35
2019/12/08Arnold Schwarzenegger Praises Joe Rogan’s ‘Open Mind’ Following The Game Changers PodcastHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 05:00:56
2019/12/0818 Homemade Edible GiftsRecipes & DIY2019-12-08 04:30:23
2019/12/08Chicken Pot Pie CasseroleRecipes & DIY2019-12-08 04:00:00
2019/12/085 Ways To Minimize Cold FeetHealth & Wellness2019-12-08 02:01:00
2019/12/08Dr. Wayne W. Dyer – The Theme of SuccessPodcasts2019-12-08 02:00:00
2019/12/08Low-carb chocolate peanut butter cupsRecipes & DIY2019-12-08 00:43:58
2019/12/07War on Cancer FailureHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 22:53:11
2019/12/07Jordan Peterson on Envy and Resentment – Best Of OzInformational videos2019-12-07 22:39:04
2019/12/07Shady Implants: Corruption in the Medical Device IndustryHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 22:11:04
2019/12/075 – Minute Butt-Firming Workout – Best of Oz CollectionInformational videos2019-12-07 21:57:35
2019/12/07Five Benefits of Cardamom for the Health ConsciousResearch2019-12-07 18:20:12
2019/12/07Vegan Maple Pecan CookiesRecipes & DIY2019-12-07 16:58:29
2019/12/07Potential Health Hazards of Eyelash ExtensionsHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 16:34:20
2019/12/07Could Probiotics Be the Potent Antidepressant You’ve Been Looking For?Research2019-12-07 15:48:57
2019/12/07Tanshinone IIA mediates SMAD7-YAP interaction to inhibit liver cancer growth.Research2019-12-07 15:25:01
2019/12/07Tanshinone IIA ameliorates cognitive deficits by inhibiting endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis.Research2019-12-07 15:21:56
2019/12/07Tanshinone IIA reverses gefitinib-resistance in human non-small-cell lung cancer.Research2019-12-07 15:18:19
2019/12/07Manuka honey microemulsion eye cream could be used as a treatment for blepharitis.Research2019-12-07 15:06:37
2019/12/07Manuka honey-based wound dressings are a promising treatment for infected chronic wounds.Research2019-12-07 14:59:08
2019/12/07Royal jelly reduces depression-like behaviour.Research2019-12-07 14:42:29
2019/12/07Protective effect of vanillin on diabetic nephropathy by decreasing advanced glycation end products.Research2019-12-07 14:40:24
2019/12/07Nigella sativa oil mouth rinse improves chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis in patients with acute myeloid leukemia.Research2019-12-07 14:36:53
2019/12/07Garlic Effective at Lowering Blood PressureResearch2019-12-07 14:25:28
2019/12/07N. sativa extract significantly decreases the severity of acute radiation dermatitis and delays the onset of moist desquamation in breast cancer patients.Research2019-12-07 14:19:04
2019/12/07‘Cannot be Trusted … Causing Harm’: Top Medical Journal takes on Big PharmaHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 14:17:52
2019/12/07Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Blossom CookiesRecipes & DIY2019-12-07 13:58:38
2019/12/07Quercetin alleviated lipopolysaccharide-stimulated injury by up-regulating miR-124.Research2019-12-07 13:26:11
2019/12/07Quercetin could be more effective in inhibiting metastasis compared to resveratrol.Research2019-12-07 13:08:00
2019/12/07How to Store GarlicHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 10:30:07
2019/12/07BBC Highlights Lewis Hamilton’s Love For Plant-Based Diet As Major Highlight Of 2019Health & Wellness2019-12-07 09:42:36
2019/12/07Soil: The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Climate ChangeEnvironment2019-12-07 09:30:07
2019/12/07Can Echinacea Help You Fight the Common Cold?Health & Wellness2019-12-07 08:14:15
2019/12/07New York Hospital Patients Guaranteed Plant-Based Option Under New LawHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 08:11:38
2019/12/07Top News: Jaden Smith Brings Water Filtration to Flint, Ben & Jerry’s “Happy Cows” Marketing Scam, and Cows Brutally Abused at Essex FarmEnvironment2019-12-07 08:00:34
2019/12/07This One Action Will Change Your Mental StateInformational videos2019-12-07 08:00:08
2019/12/07500,000 Hermit Crabs Die Every Year After Being Trapped in Plastic Mistaken for ShellsAnimals2019-12-07 07:15:40
2019/12/07These Cities are Turning Food Waste into Fuel!Environment2019-12-07 07:10:20
2019/12/07Mexico is the Latest Country to Pave Roads With PlasticEnvironment2019-12-07 07:00:48
2019/12/0710 Crispy and Crunchy Roasted Chickpea RecipesRecipes & DIY2019-12-07 06:45:22
2019/12/0715 Comforting Asian Flavored Veggie Soup Recipes!Recipes & DIY2019-12-07 06:37:22
2019/12/0710 Vegan Jerk Recipes Inspired by Jamaican Cuisine!Recipes & DIY2019-12-07 06:30:24
2019/12/07Resveratrol attenuates malathion-induced liver damage by reducing oxidative stress.Research2019-12-07 05:42:55
2019/12/07Neuroprotective effects of resveratrol in Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-12-07 05:39:30
2019/12/07Resveratrol reverts streptozotocin-induced diabetic nephropathy.Research2019-12-07 05:37:23
2019/12/07Resveratrol decreases ischemia/reperfusion-induced neuronal apoptosis.Research2019-12-07 05:34:50
2019/12/07This review of studies demonstrates the consistent neuroprotective effects of resveratrol in Alzheimer’s disease models.Research2019-12-07 05:32:15
2019/12/07Resveratrol induces immunogenic cell death of human and murine ovarian carcinoma cells.Research2019-12-07 05:28:06
2019/12/07Ex-Vegan YouTube Star Slammed For Promoting ‘Extreme’ Carnivore DietHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 05:21:16
2019/12/07Grace Starts with Gratitude: Giving without ExpectationHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 05:00:44
2019/12/07Resveratrol ameliorates high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance and fatty acid oxidation.Research2019-12-07 04:58:15
2019/12/07Effects of resveratrol on learning and memory in rats with vascular dementia.Research2019-12-07 04:56:10
2019/12/07Resveratrol induces depletion of TRAF6 and suppresses prostate cancer cell proliferation and migration.Research2019-12-07 04:54:08
2019/12/07These results suggest resveratrol has therapeutic effects in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.Research2019-12-07 04:51:28
2019/12/07Anti-breast cancer activity of resveratrol encapsulated in liposomes.Research2019-12-07 04:40:25
2019/12/07Resveratrol treatment may be a promising preventive or supplemental measure for delaying or preventing the formation of age-related cataract.Research2019-12-07 04:38:28
2019/12/07Resveratrol pretreatment alleviates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury.Research2019-12-07 04:09:25
2019/12/07Hot Cocoa Steel Cut OatsRecipes & DIY2019-12-07 04:00:00
2019/12/07Easy Appetizer RecipesRecipes & DIY2019-12-07 04:00:00
2019/12/07Xanthohumol inhibits tau protein aggregation and protects cells against tau aggregates.Research2019-12-07 03:51:20
2019/12/07Billie Eilish Says Being Vegan On Tour Is No Longer ‘Really Hard’Health & Wellness2019-12-07 03:47:58
2019/12/07Multidrug resistance of cancer cells can be reversed by resveratrol.Research2019-12-07 03:47:06
2019/12/07Resveratrol protects the myocardium in sepsis.Research2019-12-07 03:44:47
2019/12/07Selenium deficiency induces inflammation via the iNOS/NF-κB pathway in animals.Research2019-12-07 03:37:17
2019/12/07Photobiomodulation therapy decreases free fatty acid generation and release in adipocytes to ameliorate insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes.Research2019-12-07 03:33:08
2019/12/07Cardiovascular modulating effects of magnolol and honokiol.Research2019-12-07 03:18:00
2019/12/07The results provide an evidence for the promising antifibrotic effect of honokiol.Research2019-12-07 03:13:05
2019/12/07Grain-Free Cut Out Sugar Cookies (1 Bowl!) | Minimalist Baker RecipesFood videos2019-12-07 03:00:00
2019/12/07Plant-Based Diet Slashes Heart Disease Risk In African Americans, Study ShowsHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 02:54:24
2019/12/07Spontaneous remission of advanced progressive poorly differentiated non-small cell lung cancer: a case report and review of literature.Research2019-12-07 02:13:07
2019/12/074 Reasons To Add Lemon Water To Your Morning RoutineHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 02:01:56
2019/12/07A case report of a patient with renal cell carcinoma with lung metastases treated solely with high-dose intravenous and subcutaneous Viscum album extract.Research2019-12-07 01:57:02
2019/12/07The beneficial effects of olibanum on memory deficit induced by hypothyroidism.Research2019-12-07 01:47:03
2019/12/07Boswellic acids from frankincense inhibit lipopolysaccharide functionality through direct molecular interference.Research2019-12-07 01:43:48
2019/12/07Frankincense may be feasibly applied to improve inflammation based disease of gingival as an adjunct to the conventional mechanical therapy.Research2019-12-07 01:29:35
2019/12/07Sandalwood oil appears to be effective in the painless treatment of cutaneous warts caused by human papillomavirus.Research2019-12-07 01:24:39
2019/12/07Sandalwood oil and turmeric-based cream prevents ionizing radiation-induced dermatitis in breast cancer patients.Research2019-12-07 01:17:42
2019/12/07Alpha-santalol inhibited the migration of breast cancer cells.Research2019-12-07 00:56:58
2019/12/07East Indian sandalwood oil confers neuroprotection and geroprotection.Research2019-12-07 00:54:15
2019/12/07Limiting carbs likely better than drugs for fatty liverHealth & Wellness2019-12-07 00:26:37
2019/12/06FOX: Healthy Paramedic Dies from Flu Despite Getting the Flu ShotHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 23:31:00
2019/12/06Composition and potential anticancer activities of essential oils obtained from myrrh and frankincense.Research2019-12-06 23:29:16
2019/12/06Sandalwood essential oil may have the potential of mitigating cardiac rhythm and blood pressure indices changes induced with doxorubicin.Research2019-12-06 23:27:07
2019/12/06Differential effects of selective frankincense essential oil versus non-selective sandalwood essential oil on cultured bladder cancer cells.Research2019-12-06 23:21:32
2019/12/06Cardioprotective and antioxidant effects of oleogum resin.Research2019-12-06 23:15:33
2019/12/06Analgesic effects of crude extracts and fractions of Omani frankincense obtained from traditional medicinal plant Boswellia sacra.Research2019-12-06 23:10:01
2019/12/06Olibanum gum resin could be used as a safe anti-oxidant, anti-hyperglycemic and anti-hyperlipidemic agent for type 2 diabetic patients.Research2019-12-06 23:07:14
2019/12/06A Sample Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan – Best of Oz CollectionInformational videos2019-12-06 23:04:08
2019/12/06Myricetin ameliorates high glucose-induced endothelial dysfunction in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.Research2019-12-06 23:00:23
2019/12/06Myricetin inhibits migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma MHCC97H cell line by inhibiting the EMT process.Research2019-12-06 22:52:57
2019/12/06A review of anti-inflammatory terpenoids from the incense gum resins frankincense and myrrh.Research2019-12-06 22:38:00
2019/12/06Frankincense extract is able to promote sciatic nerve regeneration and improve the function of a crushed sciatic nerve.Research2019-12-06 22:33:01
2019/12/06How Faith Saved Delilah After She Lost 2 SonsInformational videos2019-12-06 22:22:40
2019/12/06Therapeutic effect of frankincense in a rat model of Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-12-06 22:14:33
2019/12/06Why Is This Teen Crying Bloody Tears?Informational videos2019-12-06 22:08:30
2019/12/06WP: BREAKING: PG&E Reaches $13.5 Billion Settlement with Victims of Devastating California WildfiresEnvironment2019-12-06 21:59:09
2019/12/06The findings suggest that ayahuasca may show potential as an intervention for suicidality.Research2019-12-06 21:55:43
2019/12/06Antimicrobial activity of chamomile essential oil.Research2019-12-06 21:45:32
2019/12/06A combined water extract of frankincense and myrrh alleviates neuropathic pain.Research2019-12-06 21:35:14
2019/12/06Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activities of a triterpene β-elemonic acid in frankincense in vivo and in vitro.Research2019-12-06 21:31:32
2019/12/06Frankincense essential oil suppresses melanoma cancer through down regulation of Bcl-2/Bax cascade signaling and ameliorates heptotoxicity.Research2019-12-06 21:19:17
2019/12/064 weeks of frankincense consumption facilitates the acquisition and retention of motor memory in older men with moderate mental status.Research2019-12-06 21:09:53
2019/12/06Frankincense and myrrh have extensive and significant pharmacological effects, and their combination has synergistic effects.Research2019-12-06 21:03:08
2019/12/06These results suggest that Olibanum possibly improves memory performance.Research2019-12-06 20:16:10
2019/12/06A frankincense nutraceutical inhibited tumor growth and induced apoptosis in vivo in breast cancer xenografts.Research2019-12-06 20:09:25
2019/12/06Frankincense essential oil can counter the effects of stress by effectively relieving sleep debt and maintaining antioxidant capacity.Research2019-12-06 19:57:09
2019/12/06Pine needle could be developed into functional drink to abolish the progression of inflammatory responses in various disease condition.Research2019-12-06 19:51:27
2019/12/06A standardised frankincense extract reduces disease activity in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.Research2019-12-06 19:41:29
2019/12/06CD8+ T cells mediate the antitumor activity of frankincense and myrrh in hepatocellular carcinoma.Research2019-12-06 19:38:21
2019/12/06A frankincense extract displayed anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and hepatoprotective effects.Research2019-12-06 19:26:08
2019/12/06Former Steelers Player Merril Hoge Suing Monsanto, Says Weedkiller Caused His CancerHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 19:14:56
2019/12/06A phlorotannin constituent of Ecklonia cava alleviates postprandial hyperglycemia in diabetic mice.Research2019-12-06 18:56:09
2019/12/06Ameliorative effect of Ecklonia cava polyphenol extract on renal inflammation.Research2019-12-06 18:48:57
2019/12/06Crude Ecklonia cava flake extracts may be a potential treatment against exogenous pathogen-mediated inflammation.Research2019-12-06 18:36:49
2019/12/06Cardioprotective effects of a phlorotannin extract against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity.Research2019-12-06 18:28:16
2019/12/06Inhibitory activity of minor phlorotannins from Ecklonia cava on α-glucosidase.Research2019-12-06 18:19:54
2019/12/06Ecklonia cava extract containing dieckol suppresses RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis.Research2019-12-06 18:10:16
2019/12/06USA TODAY: Tufts University Removes Sackler Name Over family’s Role in Opioid EpidemicHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 17:49:13
2019/12/06Therapeutic effect of Ecklonia cava extract in letrozole-induced polycystic ovary syndrome.Research2019-12-06 17:41:08
2019/12/06Weekly Link Love — Edition 58Health & Wellness2019-12-06 17:35:37
2019/12/06Anti-neuroinflammatory property of phlorotannins from Ecklonia cava on Aβ25-35-induced damage in PC12 cells.Research2019-12-06 17:04:03
2019/12/06Ecklonia cava ethanol extract has potential therapeutic effects for the alleviation of periodontal disease.Research2019-12-06 16:48:04
2019/12/06Brown seaweed extract attenuates endothelial cell dysfunction.Research2019-12-06 16:41:12
2019/12/06Understanding Biotechnology: New GMOsEnvironment2019-12-06 16:28:55
2019/12/06Neuroprotective effects of phlorotannin-rich extract from brown seaweed on neuronal PC-12 and SH-SY5Y cells.Research2019-12-06 16:12:06
2019/12/06Leading A More Peaceful, Healthy Life | Andrew Weil, M.D.Informational videos2019-12-06 15:46:28
2019/12/06Hepatomas are exquisitely sensitive to pharmacologic ascorbate.Research2019-12-06 15:43:36
2019/12/06The combination of turmeric and vitamin C has shown the most protective effects against lead acetate-induced hepatotoxicity.Research2019-12-06 14:52:48
2019/12/06Electric Buses Charge Quickly With This New Wireless SystemEnvironment2019-12-06 14:49:28
2019/12/06A View from Your Soul: Understanding the Power of Your Mystical Nature (Video)Health & Wellness2019-12-06 14:46:51
2019/12/06Vegan Queso (Cashew Free!)Recipes & DIY2019-12-06 13:54:03
2019/12/06Omega-3 fatty acids supplementation protects the retina from age-associated degeneration.Research2019-12-06 13:54:02
2019/12/06Harnessing the Power of Carbon- Interview Preview with Albert BatesInformational videos2019-12-06 13:50:57
2019/12/06EPA Watchdog: White House Blocked Part of Truck Pollution Investigation, Caused Lack of Public InformationEnvironment2019-12-06 13:10:03
2019/12/06Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids reduces liver fibrosis and promotes liver regeneration.Research2019-12-06 13:03:34
2019/12/06EWG News Roundup (12/6): Key PFAS Legislation in Jeopardy, the Trump-Wheeler ‘Red Wedding’ and MoreEnvironment2019-12-06 13:02:54
2019/12/06As U.S. Ignores Risks to Kids, E.U. Bans Brain-Damaging PesticideHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 12:55:25
2019/12/06Dietary omega-3 fatty acid dampens allergic rhinitis.Research2019-12-06 12:47:36
2019/12/06Myocardial infarction and bronchiolitis have occurred after hexavalent vaccination.Research2019-12-06 12:43:29
2019/12/06A case report of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis following TdaP-IPV booster resulting in hallucination and autonomic instability, requiring intensive care treatment.Research2019-12-06 12:35:43
2019/12/06A case report of optic neuritis following DTaP and inactivated poliovirus vaccination.Research2019-12-06 12:21:24
2019/12/06A review of the antitumor effects of quercetin in hepatocarcinoma in vitro and in vivo models.Research2019-12-06 12:20:16
2019/12/06Limited Eating Times Could Be a New Way to Fight Obesity and DiabetesHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 12:17:55
2019/12/06Pertussis toxin can induce encephalopathy.Research2019-12-06 12:17:25
2019/12/06Six case reports of infants who died within 48 hours of receiving a hexavalent vaccine. Autopsies revealed brain swelling, inflammation, and necrosisResearch2019-12-06 12:10:12
2019/12/06Joe Rogan: James Wilks ‘Knocked It Out Of The Park’ Defending ‘The Game Changers’Health & Wellness2019-12-06 11:37:26
2019/12/06Marlo Thomas on The Power Of 1Informational videos2019-12-06 11:37:11
2019/12/06Formaldehyde is a neurotoxin.Research2019-12-06 11:29:22
2019/12/06Hermit Crabs Are Making Homes in Plastic Litter and It’s Killing ThemAnimals2019-12-06 11:23:26
2019/12/06Three Ways to Spark Joy This Holiday SeasonHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 11:16:11
2019/12/06Mindful Cities Are Popping Up Around the CountryHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 11:15:58
2019/12/06Enriching high fat diet with bilberry protects against intestinal inflammation and marked microbiota encroachment.Research2019-12-06 11:10:13
2019/12/06H&M Tests Renting Clothes to Boost Environmental CredentialsEnvironment2019-12-06 10:52:54
2019/12/06ABC: Father Accused of Handing Son Shotgun After the Son Confided to Parents About Suicidal ThoughtsHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 10:52:02
2019/12/06Senior EditorHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 10:49:52
2019/12/06Clean Meat Pet Food Startup To Launch First Product In Early 2020Animals2019-12-06 10:47:17
2019/12/06Groundbreaking Reporting Helped Bring ‘Dark Waters’ to LightEnvironment2019-12-06 10:44:51
2019/12/06Routine vaccination of a 2 month old infant results in a formaldehyde body burden of 66 micrograms, which is 3 times the CDC limit of formaldehyde immediately dangerous to life or health.Research2019-12-06 10:30:27
2019/12/06Stress + Holidays: How to Deal – The Brain Warrior’s Way PodcastInformational videos2019-12-06 10:00:01
2019/12/06All About CollagenHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 09:33:00
2019/12/06Nestle’s DiGiorno and Stouffer to Debut Pizza and Lasagna with Plant Based Meats!Health & Wellness2019-12-06 09:22:20
2019/12/06Trump’s EPA Re-Approves ‘Cyanide Bombs’ Deadly to Coyotes, Foxes and Feral Dogs, other WildlifeAnimals2019-12-06 09:21:49
2019/12/06The influence of bilberry fruit on memory and the expression of parvalbumin in the rat hippocampus.Research2019-12-06 09:18:40
2019/12/06PBN’s Robbie Lockie Appears On Evanna Lynch’s Podcast ‘The Chickpeeps’Health & Wellness2019-12-06 09:10:23
2019/12/06Dr. Shealy on KWTO – December 5th, 2019Podcasts2019-12-06 09:09:34
2019/12/06Can low carb increase the risk of diabetes? | Ep. 1Informational videos2019-12-06 09:00:02
2019/12/06Parents pull children out of school to protest proposed mandatory HPV, flu vaccine legislationHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 08:52:53
2019/12/06Under 45? Lowering Your Cholesterol Now Could Prevent Heart Disease Later, Study SuggestsHealth & Wellness2019-12-06 08:09:02
2019/12/06Scented lotions, makeup, and perfume to stop gifting immediately.Health & Wellness2019-12-06 07:59:09
2019/12/06A Healthy Man was Licked by His Dog. He was Dead Within Weeks.Animals2019-12-06 07:56:37
2019/12/06Do low-carb diets harm kidney function?Health & Wellness2019-12-06 07:39:47
2019/12/06Two Horses Die in One Week at Laurel Park Race Track, Bringing Total of Maryland Race Horse Deaths to 14 This YearAnimals2019-12-06 07:20:50
2019/12/06Thousands of Animals Killed in Mass Sacrifice at The Gadhimai FestivalAnimals2019-12-06 07:17:29
2019/12/06Cauliflower Pizza Tops Grubhub’s 2019 List of Most Ordered Foods, along with Major Spike in Many Plant-Based Foods!Health & Wellness2019-12-06 07:17:02
2019/12/06Petition to End North Carolina’s Cruel New Year Eve’s Live Opossum DropAnimals2019-12-06 07:15:21
2019/12/06Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Welcomes a Sheep Named Mabel Just in Time for the Holidays!Animals2019-12-06 07:10:15
2019/12/06Petition: Ban Live Animal Exports After Nearly 15,000 Sheep Drowned on Overcrowded Cargo ShipAnimals2019-12-06 07:07:02
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2019/12/05These results suggest the potential for mixed berry preparations to improve post-prandial insulin response.Research2019-12-05 22:32:05
2019/12/05Fortified yogurts with vitamin D twice a day maintained global cognitive performance and vitamin D status in older females.Research2019-12-05 22:12:31
2019/12/05Lycopene ameliorates systemic inflammation-induced synaptic dysfunction.Research2019-12-05 22:03:43
2019/12/05These findings suggest that supplementation of lycopene could potentially reduce the incidence of pancreatic cancer.Research2019-12-05 21:46:03
2019/12/05Lycopene improves the efficiency of anti-PD-1 therapy via activating IFN signaling of lung cancer cells.Research2019-12-05 21:44:23
2019/12/05Lycopene and resveratrol ameliorate zinc oxide nanoparticles-induced oxidative stress in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus.Research2019-12-05 21:15:29
2019/12/05Lycopene protects against t-BHP-induced neuronal oxidative damage and apoptosis via activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway.Research2019-12-05 21:12:43
2019/12/05Lycopene protects myocardial ischemia injury through anti-apoptosis and anti-oxidative stress.Research2019-12-05 21:08:49
2019/12/05Lycopene ameliorated oxidative stress and inflammation in type 2 diabetes.Research2019-12-05 20:49:13
2019/12/05Lycopene restores the effect of ischemic postconditioning on myocardial ischemia‑reperfusion injury in hypercholesterolemic rats.Research2019-12-05 20:42:22
2019/12/05Lycopene supplementation attenuates western diet-induced body weight gain.Research2019-12-05 20:38:45
2019/12/05Higher intake and serum levels of most carotenoids were associated with lower odds of having NAFLD.Research2019-12-05 20:36:58
2019/12/05Lycopene protects against renal cortical damage induced by nandrolone decanoate.Research2019-12-05 20:32:00
2019/12/05The effect of lycopene supplementation on radiation-induced micronuclei in mice reticulocytes in vivo.Research2019-12-05 20:28:16
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2019/12/05Lycopene inhibits smoke-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung carcinogenesis.Research2019-12-05 18:54:05
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2019/12/05Testicular toxicity of gentamicin in adult rats: Ameliorative effect of lycopene.Research2019-12-05 18:10:24
2019/12/05Formaldehyde acts as a co-carcinogen in vitro.Research2019-12-05 18:05:45
2019/12/05The carcinogenic effects of long-term low-dose formaldehyde may be related to a disruption of genomic DNA methylation.Research2019-12-05 17:53:37
2019/12/05Fluted pumpkin seeds protect against busulfan-induced oxidative stress and testicular injuries.Research2019-12-05 17:51:54
2019/12/05Intramuscular polysorbate 80 can induce anaphylaxis.Research2019-12-05 17:45:43
2019/12/05Lycopene induces apoptosis by inhibiting nuclear translocation of β-catenin in gastric cancer cells.Research2019-12-05 17:43:22
2019/12/05Lycopene prevents the progression of lipotoxicity-induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis by decreasing oxidative stress.Research2019-12-05 17:41:25
2019/12/05Polysorbate 80 has depressive effects on the cardiovascular system.Research2019-12-05 17:41:17
2019/12/05Thimerosal injection increases calbindin expression in the brain.Research2019-12-05 17:25:04
2019/12/05Thimerosal had a higher affinity for the brain than mercuric chloride following subcutaneous injection in rats.Research2019-12-05 17:22:20
2019/12/05Mangosteen pericarp could be an adjunctive treatment option for mood and psychotic disorders.Research2019-12-05 17:11:38
2019/12/05DANIELLE’S DIGEST: WEEK OF DECEMBER 2NDHealth & Wellness2019-12-05 17:08:25
2019/12/05These findings suggest that blackberry consumption could help prevent or reduce manic episodes.Research2019-12-05 17:06:10
2019/12/05Mangosteen vinegar rind could be a dietary aid for the prevention and management of diabetic nephropathy.Research2019-12-05 17:02:40
2019/12/05Mangosteen ethanol extract alleviated the severity of collagen-induced arthritis in rats and produced synergistic effects with methotrexate.Research2019-12-05 16:55:23
2019/12/05Mangosteen flesh supplementation attenuates biochemical and morphological changes in the liver and kidney of high fat diet-induced obesity.Research2019-12-05 16:45:46
2019/12/05No Nestlé, Bottled Water Is Not an ‘Essential Public Service,’ Court SaysEnvironment2019-12-05 16:41:42
2019/12/05Attenuating effects of Mangifera indica leaves ethanolic extract against acetamiprid induced reproductive toxicity.Research2019-12-05 16:39:04
2019/12/05Mangiferin may attenuate atherogenesis by promoting cholesterol efflux from macrophages.Research2019-12-05 16:33:27
2019/12/05How to Prevent and Treat Seasonal Affective DisorderHealth & Wellness2019-12-05 16:32:11
2019/12/05Mangiferin: Possible uses in the prevention and treatment of mixed osteoarthritic pain.Research2019-12-05 16:24:11
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2019/12/05Report: EPA Broke Law by Ignoring Kids’ Health To Roll Back Rules on Dirty Engines in Big TrucksEnvironment2019-12-05 15:56:44
2019/12/05Vitamin C inhibits lipid deposition through GSK-3β/mTOR signaling in the liver of zebrafish.Research2019-12-05 15:56:36
2019/12/05Deficiency of ascorbic acid decreases the contents of tetrahydrobiopterin in the liver and the brain.Research2019-12-05 15:54:19
2019/12/05Betulinic acid decreases expression of bcl-2 and cyclin D1, inhibits proliferation, migration and induces apoptosis in cancer cells.Research2019-12-05 15:43:32
2019/12/05This Hygiene Practice Could Improve Heart Health + More Trending StoriesHealth & Wellness2019-12-05 15:43:28
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2019/12/05Betulinic acid induces apoptosis and inhibits hedgehog signalling in rhabdomyosarcoma.Research2019-12-05 15:33:24
2019/12/05Betulinic acid augments the inhibitory effects of vincristine on growth and lung metastasis of B16F10 melanoma cells.Research2019-12-05 15:08:09
2019/12/05Betulinic acid-induced apoptosis in leukemia cells.Research2019-12-05 14:34:29
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2019/12/05Betulinic acid sensitization of low pH adapted human melanoma cells to hyperthermia.Research2019-12-05 14:27:42
2019/12/05Betulinic acid selectively increases protein degradation and enhances prostate cancer-specific apoptosis.Research2019-12-05 14:23:22
2019/12/05Betulinic acid and betulin ameliorate acute ethanol-induced fatty liver via TLR4 and STAT3 in vivo and in vitro.Research2019-12-05 13:55:48
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2019/12/04Betulinic acid alleviates non-alcoholic fatty liver.Research2019-12-04 22:55:23
2019/12/04Betulinic acid has apoptotic activity against head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.Research2019-12-04 22:35:30
2019/12/04Beneficial effect of betulinic acid on hyperglycemia via suppression of hepatic glucose production.Research2019-12-04 22:28:02
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2019/12/04Betulinic acid ameliorates experimental diabetic-induced renal inflammation and fibrosis.Research2019-12-04 21:37:09
2019/12/04Protective effect of betulinic acid on early atherosclerosis.Research2019-12-04 21:20:42
2019/12/04Betulinic acid and the pharmacological effects of tumor suppression.Research2019-12-04 21:07:00
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2019/12/04Genetic and epigenetic alterations induced by bisphenol A exposure during different periods of spermatogenesis: from spermatozoa to the progeny.Research2019-12-04 19:52:48
2019/12/04Oral exposure to low dose bisphenol A aggravates allergic airway inflammation.Research2019-12-04 19:15:05
2019/12/04Studies on the phytomodulatory potential of fenugreek on bisphenol-A induced testicular damage.Research2019-12-04 19:11:45
2019/12/04Cytotoxic activity of caffeic acid and gallic acid against MCF-7 human breast cancer cells.Research2019-12-04 18:49:21
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2019/12/04An association between vaccines and autoimmune diseases cannot be ruled out.Research2019-12-04 16:50:26
2019/12/04Alpha-tocopherol treatment is able to inhibit oxidative stress and anxiety-like behaviour evoked by caffeine.Research2019-12-04 16:43:22
2019/12/04The 17D yellow fever vaccine may play a role in the loss of self-tolerance and has been linked to post-vaccine Guillain-Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, autoimmune hepatitis, and Kawasaki disease.Research2019-12-04 16:42:03
2019/12/04Inhibition of biofilm formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by caffeine.Research2019-12-04 16:40:00
2019/12/04The incidence of Guillain-Barre syndrome was increased after exposure to the HPV vaccine.Research2019-12-04 16:36:07
2019/12/04Blood dopamine level enhanced by caffeine in men after treadmill running.Research2019-12-04 16:35:45
2019/12/04Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 30, 2019, #225Environment2019-12-04 16:12:13
2019/12/04There is scarce data on the safety of vaccination in autoimmune patients, yet they are still routinely recommended.Research2019-12-04 16:03:02
2019/12/04There is not enough evidence to rule out causality in vaccine-associated neurological disorders.Research2019-12-04 15:55:56
2019/12/04Neurological disorders are among the most serious and life-threatening complications after vaccination.Research2019-12-04 15:50:04
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2019/12/04The impact of photobiomodulation of major salivary glands on caries risk.Research2019-12-04 15:38:42
2019/12/04Photobiomodulation therapy compensate the impairments of diabetic bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells.Research2019-12-04 15:36:07
2019/12/04Low level laser therapy may be an appropriate modality for reducing pain after surgery.Research2019-12-04 15:17:01
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2019/12/04Photobiomodulation treatment improved clinical and anatomical outcomes in subjects with earlier stages of dry age-related macular degeneration.Research2019-12-04 14:23:57
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