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2020/10/21Elephant Cruelty Exposed at Popular Mason Elephant Park in BaliANIMALS2020-10-21 15:09:02
2020/10/21Man Kills His Pets and Eats their Organs Because Convicted Abusers are Allowed to Adopt Pets in Most U.S. StatesANIMALS2020-10-21 15:08:40
2020/10/21Florida Wildlife Authorities Bust Trafficking Ring Smuggling Thousands of Protected Flying Squirrels into South KoreaANIMALS2020-10-21 15:08:29
2020/10/21German Shepherd’s Eyes Water After Being Forced To Eat Spicy Food By Owner During Live-StreamANIMALS2020-10-21 01:57:40
2020/10/20Two-headed mutant shark is discovered by fishermenANIMALS2020-10-20 21:58:52
2020/10/2012 Things Dogs Don’t Like That You Are Probably Doing!ANIMALS2020-10-20 19:09:13
2020/10/20Petition: Demand Smithfield Foods Stop Using Gestation CratesANIMALS2020-10-20 19:08:58
2020/10/20Victory! NYC Pet Store Hit with $4 Million in Fines After Abusing and Selling Sick PuppiesANIMALS2020-10-20 15:08:00
2020/10/20Charity Helps Dogs That Survived Horrific Massacre in Tunisia Where They Were Tortured and Force-Fed BleachANIMALS2020-10-20 11:09:19
2020/10/20Cruel Reality Behind the Pet Trade of the Betta Fish, a Fish Often Marketed as an “Easy Starter Fish”ANIMALS2020-10-20 11:08:35
2020/10/19Can you spot the panda hiding among all the snowmen?ANIMALS2020-10-19 21:58:36
2020/10/19‘It’s a happy ending’: Porcupine reunited with mate after wildfire rescueANIMALS2020-10-19 21:58:03
2020/10/19Factory Farm Chicken Horror as Animals Bred to Full Size in 35 days – ‘not worth living’ANIMALS2020-10-19 21:57:47
2020/10/19So You Want a Pet Wolf? Here’s Why You Should Probably ReconsiderANIMALS2020-10-19 19:09:00
2020/10/19Petition: Ban Fox and Coyote Penning in All 50 StatesANIMALS2020-10-19 19:08:34
2020/10/19Whales and Dolphins Might Be The Smartest AnimalsANIMALS2020-10-19 19:08:18
2020/10/19Litter Box Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Kitties HappyANIMALS2020-10-19 15:11:16
2020/10/19“It Doesn’t Matter if the House is Dirty, It Can be Cleaned” Says Man Who Kept Hundreds of Animals Safe During Hurricane Delta in MexicoANIMALS2020-10-19 11:10:05
2020/10/18Farmers Putting Poor Turkeys on Diets in Anticipation of Smaller-Sized Covid Holiday GatheringsANIMALS2020-10-18 15:08:24
2020/10/18Anthropomorphizing Animals: 10 Ways Humans Harm Animals by Making them Act Like PeopleANIMALS2020-10-18 15:08:17
2020/10/18Federal Court Upholds California’s Prop 12, A Landmark Animal Protection Law Governing Meat Production StandardsANIMALS2020-10-18 11:09:49
2020/10/18Petition: Demand Oklahoma Enforce Anti-Cockfighting LawsANIMALS2020-10-18 11:09:41
2020/10/18Investigation reveals cruelty from Samuel’s pastANIMALS2020-10-18 10:11:14
2020/10/16There Are Lots of Ways to Care for Feral Cats, But Bringing Them Home May Not be One of ThemANIMALS2020-10-16 19:09:17
2020/10/16This Man Fed the Feral Cats at Work for Years – But When He Retired, He Did Something Really AmazingANIMALS2020-10-16 19:09:09
2020/10/16Fake Puppy Scams : Stealing Your Money And Your Covid Puppy DreamsANIMALS2020-10-16 14:55:54
2020/10/16Thousands of Chicks Abandoned at Madrid Airport are DeadANIMALS2020-10-16 11:10:08
2020/10/15After Watching Sweet Shelter Dog Develop Anxiety From Being Ignored by Adopters, Rescuers Went Above and Beyond!ANIMALS2020-10-15 15:11:04
2020/10/15The Truth Behind Puppy Mills and Backyard BreedersANIMALS2020-10-15 15:10:38
2020/10/15China Continues Allowing Use of Pangolin Scales Despite Promises to Crackdown on Illegal TradeANIMALS2020-10-15 15:10:25
2020/10/14Angry White Woman Throws Puppy at Black Man Who Then Rescues the DogANIMALS2020-10-14 15:09:14
2020/10/14Demand Smithfield Foods Stop Using Gestation Crates, Tell Oklahoma to Enforce Anti-Cockfighting Laws, and Pass Preventing Future Pandemics Act: 10 Petitions to Sign this Week to Help People, Animals and the Planet!ANIMALS2020-10-14 11:09:27
2020/10/14Search for Man Who Inhumanely Spray Painted Monkey While He Cries Out in PainANIMALS2020-10-14 11:08:47
2020/10/14Cougar Follows Jogger for Nearly Six Minutes in Harrowing VideoANIMALS2020-10-14 10:57:39
2020/10/13How to Get Anxious or Motion Sick Dogs to Ride in the CarANIMALS2020-10-13 19:10:05
2020/10/13Incredible Moment Former Puppy Mill Dog Got a Bath and Realized Everything Was About to ChangeANIMALS2020-10-13 19:09:58
2020/10/13Can You Find the Cat in Under 30 Seconds? Only 5% of People Can!ANIMALS2020-10-13 17:59:03
2020/10/13Tiger King : The Story You Probably Haven’t HeardANIMALS2020-10-13 16:55:51
2020/10/13Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises Face Unprecedented Risk of Extinction, Hundreds of Scientists WarnANIMALS2020-10-13 15:09:34
2020/10/13Gruesome Undercover Footage Could Finally Put an End to Mink Farms in PolandANIMALS2020-10-13 15:09:16
2020/10/13Jennifer Aniston Adopts Rescue Dog, Names him Lord Chesterfield!ANIMALS2020-10-13 15:09:11
2020/10/12What We Can Learn About Conservation From These 5 Heartbreaking Orca StoriesANIMALS2020-10-12 23:08:29
2020/10/126 Important Types of State Laws That Protect AnimalsANIMALS2020-10-12 23:08:21
2020/10/12Researchers Find Ancient Great White Shark, Nicknaming Her a ‘Queen of the Ocean’ANIMALS2020-10-12 11:11:20
2020/10/12Petition: Tell Aquariums to Phase Out the Use of Real Animals for Robotic OnesANIMALS2020-10-12 11:10:41
2020/10/11Doc Antle, featured in “Tiger King,” Charged with Wildlife Trafficking and Animal CrueltyANIMALS2020-10-11 15:07:58
2020/10/11Blind Elephant Gets Treatment at India’s First Elephant HospitalANIMALS2020-10-11 11:10:02
2020/10/11Drone Footage Shows Majestic Whales Riding the Waves Next to Surfers in AustraliaANIMALS2020-10-11 11:09:51
2020/10/10Footage from South Korean Dog Meat Auction Shows 200 Dogs Stuffed in Crates, Barking in Fear and Being Prodded with Metal HooksANIMALS2020-10-10 11:08:57
2020/10/10This Puppy’s Sister Was Hit By a Car – Now He Refuses to Let Go of His Rescuer (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-10-10 11:08:34
2020/10/09Over 1,500 Birds Flew into Philly Skyscrapers and Died in One DayANIMALS2020-10-09 23:07:55
2020/10/09Mink on Wisconsin Fur Farm Test Positive for COVID-19ANIMALS2020-10-09 23:07:47
2020/10/09Petition: Classify Declawing, Tail Docking, and Ear Cropping as Animal AbuseANIMALS2020-10-09 23:07:27
2020/10/09Has Research Really Found That People Who Talk To Pets Are Smarter Than Those Who Don’t?ANIMALS2020-10-09 21:57:32
2020/10/08Israel Becomes First Nation to Ban ‘Immoral’ Fur TradeANIMALS2020-10-08 23:09:52
2020/10/08Half a Million Sharks Could Be Killed for VaccineANIMALS2020-10-08 17:58:12
2020/10/08Bear Tears Off Trainers’ Scalp is Further Proof Why Animals Don’t Belong in CircusesANIMALS2020-10-08 11:09:40
2020/10/07Salmonella Outbreak Tied to Pet Hedgehogs and Bearded DragonsANIMALS2020-10-07 15:12:17
2020/10/07Tasmanian Devils Reintroduced Into The Wild After 3,000 YearsANIMALS2020-10-07 12:46:33
2020/10/075 Extremely Unnecessary and Inhumane Experiments Done on AnimalsANIMALS2020-10-07 11:11:50
2020/10/07WTH!? Cruel Dog Breeders Shoved a Pipe Down Dogs’ Throats to Keep Them From BarkingANIMALS2020-10-07 03:07:38
2020/10/06Meet Lamb Chop, Winner of World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest!ANIMALS2020-10-06 19:08:48
2020/10/065,000 Pets Left For Dead in Cardboard Boxes at Shipping Depot in ChinaANIMALS2020-10-06 19:08:37
2020/10/05Trudeau’s Cabinet Minister Under Fire for Eating Dog Meat and Attending Illegal CockfightANIMALS2020-10-05 15:10:30
2020/10/05Tiger King Failed to Address the Difference Between Zoos and Sanctuaries and Why Breeding Tigers Does Not Help ConservationANIMALS2020-10-05 11:10:22
2020/10/04Neglected, Sick and Diseased Dolphins Being Forced to Perform at Madrid ZooANIMALS2020-10-04 15:08:36
2020/10/04Why These 5 Wild Animals Should Never be Kept as PetsANIMALS2020-10-04 15:08:28
2020/10/04Five Parrots Separated at British Zoo After Swearing at VisitorsANIMALS2020-10-04 11:10:12
2020/10/04Companies Failing to Fulfill Promises to End the Use of Cruel Gestation CratesANIMALS2020-10-04 11:10:06
2020/10/02Study Finds That a Dog’s Heart Rate Jumps When You Say “I Love You” To ThemANIMALS2020-10-02 20:07:08
2020/10/0210 Alarming Facts About the Lives of Factory Farmed AnimalsANIMALS2020-10-02 15:08:45
2020/10/02Bird Nests in Chile Found Full of Discarded PlasticANIMALS2020-10-02 11:07:45
2020/10/02Man Spots Dog Friends Sitting Side-by-Side on Chairs in a Field, Posts Odd Encounter on TikTokANIMALS2020-10-02 00:06:49
2020/10/01Bee Populations Are Increasing In Many States–With Maine Seeing 70% Rise In 2 YearsANIMALS2020-10-01 20:06:28
2020/10/01Guy Breeds Dog But Doesn’t Want to Care For Her or 10 PuppiesANIMALS2020-10-01 19:09:18
2020/10/01Petition: Don’t Let Woman Who Abandoned Her Dog in the Forest Ever Own Another DogANIMALS2020-10-01 19:08:55
2020/10/0110 Adorable Videos of Black Dogs that Prove They’re Just as Adoptable as Other DogsANIMALS2020-10-01 15:09:08
2020/10/01Criminal Minds Actor Daniel Henney Adopts Sweet Pup Rescued from South Korean Dog Meat FarmANIMALS2020-10-01 15:09:00
2020/10/01Australians Are Turning Their Backyards Into Koala SanctuariesANIMALS2020-10-01 14:11:57
2020/10/01Northwest Fires Kills Endangered Rabbit PopulationANIMALS2020-10-01 11:09:43
2020/10/01Top 10 Animal Products to Stop Eating Now Based on Which Animals Suffer the MostANIMALS2020-10-01 11:09:06
2020/09/30The Gorillas in This Selfie Want to Be Just as Cool as the Man Who Protects ThemANIMALS2020-09-30 20:06:39
2020/09/30Parrots in wildlife park moved after swearing at visitorsANIMALS2020-09-30 20:06:35
2020/09/30Incredibly rare albino camel is captured on camera at nature reserveANIMALS2020-09-30 20:06:30
2020/09/30Half Million Sharks Could be Killed for the Coronavirus VaccineANIMALS2020-09-30 19:08:08
2020/09/30Nordstrom Bans Fur and Exotic Animal Skins!ANIMALS2020-09-30 19:07:45
2020/09/30David Attenborough Talks to Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes About Why We Need to Save Nature in Order to Save OurselvesANIMALS2020-09-30 15:08:55
2020/09/30France Will Ban Use of Wild Animals in Circuses and Marine ParksANIMALS2020-09-30 11:10:04
2020/09/30Crows Are Capable of Conscious Thought, Scientists Demonstrate For The First TimeANIMALS2020-09-30 00:07:19
2020/09/30Insects Called Scorpionflies Exists, and They are TerrifyingANIMALS2020-09-30 00:06:57
2020/09/29Amazon Driver Takes a Wrong Turn and Ends Up Helping Drowning DogANIMALS2020-09-29 11:08:41
2020/09/29Petition: Support the Polar Bear Cub Survival ActANIMALS2020-09-29 11:08:24
2020/09/28Kids Break Into Petting Zoo to Take Photos for Social MediaANIMALS2020-09-28 11:07:21
2020/09/27Petition: Ban Live Animal MascotsANIMALS2020-09-27 15:09:10
2020/09/278 Critical Bills Sitting in Congress That Could Help Millions of AnimalsANIMALS2020-09-27 11:08:26
2020/09/27Lab Monkeys Have Holes Drilled in their Skulls at Belgian UniversityANIMALS2020-09-27 11:08:19
2020/09/27Meet Ivan!ANIMALS2020-09-27 10:09:56
2020/09/27Meet Molly and Melody!ANIMALS2020-09-27 10:06:53
2020/09/26Texas Shelter Builds Tiny Homes to Give Rescue Dogs Awaiting Adoption a ‘Home-Like Environment’ANIMALS2020-09-26 16:06:55
2020/09/26Pregnant Woman Jumps Into Water to Rescue Husband from Shark Attack in FloridaANIMALS2020-09-26 16:06:47
2020/09/25Climate Change Endangering KoalasANIMALS2020-09-25 19:08:15
2020/09/25Footage Shows Sheep Beaten, Dragged and Treated Terribly at Spanish SlaughterhouseANIMALS2020-09-25 15:08:06
2020/09/25The Climate Crisis is Aging Fish, Amphibian and Reptile PopulationsANIMALS2020-09-25 15:07:57
2020/09/25Petition: Ban Fox Hunting in IrelandANIMALS2020-09-25 11:08:08
2020/09/25This International Rabbit Day Pledge to Live Cruelty-Free, End Animal Testing and Support the Humane Cosmetics Act!ANIMALS2020-09-25 11:07:53
2020/09/25Hungry Polar Bears Chew On Plastic Bag In Heartbreaking PhotosANIMALS2020-09-25 00:06:34
2020/09/24Kapparot: A Traditional Jewish Ceremony Where Thousands of Chickens are Treated Inhumanely and Killed Every YearANIMALS2020-09-24 15:07:48
2020/09/24Lifeboat Crew Saves Dog Who Chased Seagulls Deep Into the SeaANIMALS2020-09-24 15:07:42
2020/09/24Petition: Demand Gorillas at Audubon Zoo be Transferred to a Reputable SanctuaryANIMALS2020-09-24 15:07:30
2020/09/24Governor Phil Murphy, It’s Time to End Bear Hunting Season in New Jersey Which Starts This OctoberANIMALS2020-09-24 11:09:05
2020/09/2410 Lions Bred for Hunting Rescued From CaptivityANIMALS2020-09-24 11:08:55
2020/09/23Australian Rescuers Racing to Save Hundreds of Stranded Pilot Whales, 90 Have Already DiedANIMALS2020-09-23 19:08:21
2020/09/23Rachael Ray Donates $10,000 to Couple in New York that Care for Senior DogsANIMALS2020-09-23 19:08:07
2020/09/23Pink Dolphins Return to Shores of Hong Kong Thanks to Coronavirus LockdownANIMALS2020-09-23 15:08:16
2020/09/23Dog Trapped at the Bottom of a Sinkhole Gets RescuedANIMALS2020-09-23 15:07:57
2020/09/23New Research Shows Chickens Suffer Unbearably as Consumers Grow Increasingly Concerned About the Welfare of their Food SupplyANIMALS2020-09-23 15:07:49
2020/09/23Toxic Algal Blooms to Blame for Mass Elephant Deaths in BotswanaANIMALS2020-09-23 11:08:14
2020/09/23Guy Saved Elephants From Poachers, They Mourned His Death Outside His HomeANIMALS2020-09-23 00:07:01
2020/09/23A Single Opossum Can Kill 5,000 Ticks In One Season, Which Spread Lyme DiseaseANIMALS2020-09-23 00:06:59
2020/09/22California Gov. Newsom Passes Two New Animal Welfare Bills, Ending Retail Pet SalesANIMALS2020-09-22 15:08:44
2020/09/2210 Pigs So Cute That You’ll Never Look at Bacon the Same Way Again!ANIMALS2020-09-22 15:08:29
2020/09/22Firefighters Rescue California Dog Caught in Irrigation PipeANIMALS2020-09-22 15:08:02
2020/09/2110 Dog Breeds That Live a Long TimeANIMALS2020-09-21 20:07:21
2020/09/21Petition: Keep Gray Wolves Listed as an Endangered SpeciesANIMALS2020-09-21 19:10:30
2020/09/2110 Times “Unadoptable” and “Undesirable” Animals Found Loving Forever HomesANIMALS2020-09-21 15:08:02
2020/09/21Dog Helps Crying Toddler Go Back to SleepANIMALS2020-09-21 15:07:41
2020/09/21Carole Baskin and Husband Get Own Show on Animal AbuseANIMALS2020-09-21 11:08:48
2020/09/21Awesome Calculator Tells You How Many Animals, Gallons of Water, and Carbon Emissions You Can Save By Not Eating MeatANIMALS2020-09-21 11:08:32
2020/09/21Switzerland Will Vote on Giving Primates Fundamental RightsANIMALS2020-09-21 11:08:23
2020/09/20Tuberculosis Among Captive Elephants is a ThreatANIMALS2020-09-20 15:07:44
2020/09/20Cow in India is Gifted Artificial LegANIMALS2020-09-20 11:08:08
2020/09/20Petition: Stop UK Badger CullANIMALS2020-09-20 11:08:00
2020/09/20New Report Finds that the EU is a Hotspot for Exotic Pet TradeANIMALS2020-09-20 11:07:46
2020/09/20People Magazine and PEDIGREE Host World’s Cutest Rescue Dog ContestANIMALS2020-09-20 11:07:39
2020/09/18This Rescued Pup Shared His Warm Blanket With a Homeless Dog – and We’re Losing It…ANIMALS2020-09-18 19:08:12
2020/09/18Warning: A ‘Robust’ Explosion Of Stink Bugs Could Be Headed Your WayANIMALS2020-09-18 16:06:48
2020/09/18New Zealand Suspends Live Cattle Exports After Ship Sinks with 6,000 Cows OnboardANIMALS2020-09-18 15:08:36
2020/09/18Petition: Ban Polar Bear Trophy HuntingANIMALS2020-09-18 15:08:22
2020/09/1810 Heartbreaking Ways Breeders Cause Life-Threatening Harm to Purebred Dogs by InbreedingANIMALS2020-09-18 15:08:07
2020/09/18Dogs Want to “Rescue” Humans, According to ResearchANIMALS2020-09-18 15:07:54
2020/09/1832 Comedy Wildlife Photos That Will Brighten Up Your 2020ANIMALS2020-09-18 00:07:38
2020/09/17Thousands of Migratory Birds Falling Out of the Sky in Southwestern United StatesANIMALS2020-09-17 15:08:53
2020/09/1710 Amazing Stories of Dogs Rescued from Dog Fighting RingsANIMALS2020-09-17 11:08:08
2020/09/16Birds Mysteriously Dropping Dead Across Southwestern U.S.ANIMALS2020-09-16 20:06:44
2020/09/16Austin Shelter Builds Tiny Homes to Give Dogs a Taste of AdoptionANIMALS2020-09-16 19:08:36
2020/09/16Ban Polar Bear Hunting, End UK Badger Cull, and Support Green New Deal: 10 Petitions to Sign this Week to Help People, Animals and the Planet!ANIMALS2020-09-16 15:07:51
2020/09/1610 Times Animals Came to the Rescue of their Fellow Animal FriendsANIMALS2020-09-16 11:09:20
2020/09/16Scientists Baffled by Orcas Following and Ramming Boats Near Spain and Portugal in “Retaliation”ANIMALS2020-09-16 11:08:54
2020/09/16Elon Musk: Stop Using Animals In ResearchANIMALS2020-09-16 10:16:09
2020/09/15Washington becomes seventh U.S. state to outlaw wildlife killing contestsANIMALS2020-09-15 20:06:34
2020/09/15Wild Mouse Goes Through “Rehab” After Eating Cannabis PlantANIMALS2020-09-15 20:06:30
2020/09/15This ‘male’ octopus surprised its keepers with a cloud of 10,000 babiesANIMALS2020-09-15 20:06:25
2020/09/15Dog Found On the Side of the Road With Muzzle and Paws Tightly Duct-TapedANIMALS2020-09-15 19:08:58
2020/09/15Time to Get Real. There Aren’t Plenty of Fish in the Sea and It’s Our FaultANIMALS2020-09-15 19:08:47
2020/09/15CEO Caught Slamming and Choking his Puppy in Parking GarageANIMALS2020-09-15 15:08:21
2020/09/15Petition: Stop Navy Sonar Testing to Protect OrcasANIMALS2020-09-15 15:08:06
2020/09/156 Groundbreaking Laws that Offer Legal Protection to Animals in the United StatesANIMALS2020-09-15 11:07:55
2020/09/14Petition: Ban Glue Traps!ANIMALS2020-09-14 19:10:53
2020/09/14Sweet Rescue Husky with Untreatable Tumor in Face Becomes Internet Star!ANIMALS2020-09-14 15:08:58
2020/09/14Noise Pollution is Affecting Whale Songs, Preventing Them from Contacting Each OtherANIMALS2020-09-14 11:08:53
2020/09/13Shocking New Footage of Animals Suffering on a Polish Fur FarmANIMALS2020-09-13 11:08:22
2020/09/13Animal Populations Have Declined By Almost 70% In Past 50 Years Due to Human ActivityANIMALS2020-09-13 11:08:04
2020/09/13Victory! Washington Bans Wildlife Killing ContestsANIMALS2020-09-13 11:07:47
2020/09/13Petition: Help Find Luna, the Cat that was Stolen in a CarjackingANIMALS2020-09-13 11:07:36
2020/09/12Vegan Clothing Brand Uses Profits To Help Rescue Street Animals In BaliANIMALS2020-09-12 10:07:34
2020/09/12‘Humanity’ Blamed As Wildlife Populations Plummet By 68% Since 1970ANIMALS2020-09-12 06:07:26
2020/09/11Photo Captures the Moment Dog Saved From a Meat Farm Met Someone Who Wanted to Help HimANIMALS2020-09-11 15:08:09
2020/09/11Rescue Kitten’s Crushed Jaw Fixed Using ButtonsANIMALS2020-09-11 15:07:50
2020/09/11Stray Pit Bull Inspires New Sci-Fi Book After Completely Changing his Rescuer’s LifeANIMALS2020-09-11 11:08:02
2020/09/11These Brave Pit Bulls Stepped In to Save 2 Young Children From Venomous SnakeANIMALS2020-09-11 11:07:49
2020/09/10Petition: Stop Kim Jong-un From Making People Surrender their Pets in North Korea!ANIMALS2020-09-10 19:08:03
2020/09/10Dog Hit by a Car and Left to Drag Himself Through Rio Grande Valley Finally Found a Place He Doesn’t Have to Run FromANIMALS2020-09-10 19:07:30
2020/09/10German Citizens May Soon be Required by Law to Take their Dogs for Two Daily WalksANIMALS2020-09-10 15:08:10
2020/09/10Animal Shelter Throws Epic Birthday Party for 2-year Old Rescue Pup Named BrownieANIMALS2020-09-10 15:08:02
2020/09/102 Dogs Mysteriously Die After Eating Meat Laced with PoisonANIMALS2020-09-10 15:07:33
2020/09/10Petition: Stop Black Bear From Getting Euthanized Because Humans Encroached on His HabitatANIMALS2020-09-10 11:07:52
2020/09/094 Ways Animals Improve Your Mental Health and Well-beingANIMALS2020-09-09 11:12:30
2020/09/09Lost Dog Rescued by a Family Swimming in the Middle of Lake Michigan!ANIMALS2020-09-09 11:12:18
2020/09/09“Hunting Influencer” Kills Animals and Shows Off Photos and Videos on Social MediaANIMALS2020-09-09 11:12:08
2020/09/09Animal Activists Angry Over Stray Dog Painted Like a TigerANIMALS2020-09-09 11:12:00
2020/09/09After 25 Years in a Circus Rescued Bear Lives His Best Life!ANIMALS2020-09-09 11:11:42
2020/09/09Homeless Dog Who Was Starving and Couldn’t Open His Mouth Broke All His Rescuers’ Hearts – Now He’s on the Mend!ANIMALS2020-09-09 07:08:37
2020/09/08Petition: Don’t Allow Trophy Hunter to Bring Home Body of Endangered SheepANIMALS2020-09-08 15:09:02
2020/09/08Woman Grabs Drugged Tiger’s Testicles for a Selfie at a Thai ZooANIMALS2020-09-08 15:08:17
2020/09/08The U.S. Chicken Industry Must Stop Boiling Birds AliveANIMALS2020-09-08 11:09:05
2020/09/08This Dog Comforting His Injured Guardian Will Give You ALL the Feels (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-09-08 11:09:00
2020/09/08Why You Shouldn’t Dye Your Dog’s Fur for FunANIMALS2020-09-08 11:08:27
2020/09/08Report Shows Pesticides are the Leading Cause of Steep Decline in US Bird SpeciesANIMALS2020-09-08 07:08:16
2020/09/07Woman Tortures and Kicks Puppy on Floor of Passenger Seat in Moving CarANIMALS2020-09-07 15:10:20
2020/09/07Help Paralyzed Rescue Dog Currently Stranded at JFKANIMALS2020-09-07 15:09:56
2020/09/07Plastic Pollution Critical Threat to Florida Sea TurtlesANIMALS2020-09-07 15:09:41
2020/09/07Woman’s Singing Helps Rescued Bull Stop CryingANIMALS2020-09-07 07:08:03
2020/09/06Whale Meat Demand in Norway is RisingANIMALS2020-09-06 11:08:22
2020/09/06Petition: Ban the Sale of Giraffe ProductsANIMALS2020-09-06 11:08:14
2020/09/06Humpback Whale Trapped in New York Harbor Freed from 4,000 Pounds of Fishing GearANIMALS2020-09-06 11:07:54
2020/09/06Nigerian Wet Markets Going Strong Despite PandemicANIMALS2020-09-06 11:07:46
2020/09/05Coronavirus Research: Moving Beyond Animal TestingANIMALS2020-09-05 10:15:25
2020/09/05How To Find a Beautiful Pet-Friendly Campsite Near YouANIMALS2020-09-05 06:20:09
2020/09/04How to survive a mountain lion encounterANIMALS2020-09-04 20:06:35
2020/09/04Everyone Passed by This Abandoned Puppy Because of His Mange – But Then It All ChangedANIMALS2020-09-04 19:07:49
2020/09/04Petition: Send Abused Elephants to Animal SanctuariesANIMALS2020-09-04 15:08:20
2020/09/04Chicago Couple Help Dog with Cancer Complete his Bucket ListANIMALS2020-09-04 15:08:05
2020/09/04University of Memphis Please Stop Using a Live Tiger as Your Mascot!ANIMALS2020-09-04 15:07:48
2020/09/04Okay, So the Science Behind Raw Pet Food Is Fascinating—And Makes a Strong Case for Switching Your Pet’s Food, ForeverANIMALS2020-09-04 05:18:30
2020/09/04Dogs Must be Walked Twice a Day, According to a New German LawANIMALS2020-09-04 00:08:57
2020/09/03Celebrity Cat Named Mittens Competes for New Zealander of the Year Award!ANIMALS2020-09-03 15:07:59
2020/09/03Prince William Takes his 7-Year Old Son, Prince George on a Grouse HuntANIMALS2020-09-03 11:08:58
2020/09/03Parthenogenesis: How Some Animals Can Reproduce Without MatingANIMALS2020-09-03 11:08:39
2020/09/0310 Miraculous Times Animals Stepped in to Save Human LivesANIMALS2020-09-03 11:08:29
2020/09/03CCTV Footage Shows Man Losing His Temper and Throwing Dog Against WallANIMALS2020-09-03 11:08:08
2020/09/03Raw Food Diet for Dogs: a Primal Feeding PracticeANIMALS2020-09-03 10:12:57
2020/09/02Save Polar Bears, Ban Sale of Giraffe Products, and Send Abused Elephants to Animal Sanctuaries: 10 Petitions to Sign this Week to Help People, Animals and the Planet!ANIMALS2020-09-02 15:09:02
2020/09/02Animal Rights Group Releases Horrifying Video of Foie Gras FarmANIMALS2020-09-02 07:08:43
2020/09/02Mini Donkeys are the Most Underrated Adorable Animals That You Can Get as PetsANIMALS2020-09-02 00:09:24
2020/09/01Dutch Mink Fur Farms to Close by March 2021!ANIMALS2020-09-01 19:10:13
2020/09/01Newly Hatched Florida Sea Turtles Are Consuming Dangerous Quantities of Floating PlasticANIMALS2020-09-01 15:21:43
2020/09/0110 Farmers Who Had a Change of Heart and Recognized Farm Animals as Friends, Not FoodANIMALS2020-09-01 15:07:44
2020/09/01Petition: Halt Environmental Rollbacks to Save Polar Bears from ExtinctionANIMALS2020-09-01 11:08:46
2020/09/01Starving Baby Elephant Who Suffered Gun Shot Wound Shows the Cost of Our Cheap SnacksANIMALS2020-09-01 11:08:26
2020/08/31Humpback Whale Gets Trapped in Fishing Weir for 24 HoursANIMALS2020-08-31 19:09:06
2020/08/31Petition: Find Person Who is Shooting Cats in Florida for FunANIMALS2020-08-31 15:11:27
2020/08/31Petition: Tell Nestle, Ferrero, and Unilever to Stop killing Orangutans for Palm OilANIMALS2020-08-31 11:08:13
2020/08/31Video Game Lets You Hunt Deer in ScotlandANIMALS2020-08-31 11:07:56
2020/08/3110 Stellar Organizations Fighting for Farm AnimalsANIMALS2020-08-31 11:07:28
2020/08/30Petition: Oppose Expansion of Shipping Project That Will Threaten Orcas, Salmon, and Migratory BirdsANIMALS2020-08-30 15:09:28
2020/08/30Hyundai Dealership Adopts and Gives Stray Dog a JobANIMALS2020-08-30 11:11:11
2020/08/30Cat Meat Trade Going Full Force in VietnamANIMALS2020-08-30 11:10:52
2020/08/30Kisses and Scritches (Magnolia and Shelby the cows)ANIMALS2020-08-30 10:07:13
2020/08/30Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit 2020 – Official TrailerANIMALS2020-08-30 10:07:04
2020/08/28Why Do Cats Love Boxes?ANIMALS2020-08-28 19:09:14
2020/08/28Petition: Fire Dog-Killing Cop in DetroitANIMALS2020-08-28 11:08:37
2020/08/28Thousand of Chicks Arrive Dead to Maine Farmers Due to USPS DelaysANIMALS2020-08-28 07:07:44
2020/08/27These Tiny Squirrels That Look Like Pokémon Can Only Be Found On Remote Japanese IslandsANIMALS2020-08-27 20:06:43
2020/08/27Petition: Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics Now!ANIMALS2020-08-27 15:07:49
2020/08/2710 Devastating Videos of Marine Animals Caught in Fishing GearANIMALS2020-08-27 11:10:03
2020/08/27Police Officer Caught on Video Mercilessly Shooting a DogANIMALS2020-08-27 11:09:41
2020/08/27Las Vegas Magician Gets Permission to Perform with Live TigersANIMALS2020-08-27 07:08:56
2020/08/27Footage of Neglect at Pig Farm Reveals Untreated Illness, Malnutrition, Cannibalism and Brutal KillingANIMALS2020-08-27 07:08:34
2020/08/26Military Sonar Exercises Linked to Increase in Beached WhalesANIMALS2020-08-26 23:09:58
2020/08/26Sweet Story of Molly, a Formerly Abused Pit Bull, Shows Why Breeding Dogs Is Never Okay (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-08-26 19:09:57
2020/08/26Fishing Crew Saves Stranded Cat Stuck in Open OceanANIMALS2020-08-26 07:08:32
2020/08/25This Sweet Dog Was Used as ‘Bait’ to Train Fighting Dogs – But He Never Gave Up Loving PeopleANIMALS2020-08-25 19:08:24
2020/08/25Painting Eyes On The Butts Of Cattle Surprisingly Effective At Scaring Off Would-Be PredatorsANIMALS2020-08-25 16:06:21
2020/08/25Village Turns Off Street Lights for a Month to Save a Bird’s NestANIMALS2020-08-25 15:08:12
2020/08/25Investigation Reveals Starving Pigs At ‘High Welfare’ FarmANIMALS2020-08-25 13:08:03
2020/08/24JK Rowling Spotted Wearing a Real Fur Coat to Ire of Animal Rights ActivistsANIMALS2020-08-24 19:09:17
2020/08/24Former Bait Dog Suffered Imaginable Abuse – But Rescuers Have Made Him Smile (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-08-24 15:08:45
2020/08/24Petition: Restrict the Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade in MassachusettsANIMALS2020-08-24 15:08:29
2020/08/24What has Happened to South Africa’s Great White Sharks?ANIMALS2020-08-24 15:08:02
2020/08/24Why Breeding Dogs is a Problem, Even if the Breeder is ‘Reputable’ANIMALS2020-08-24 11:09:36
2020/08/245 Worst Ways Animals Are Exploited in the Fashion IndustryANIMALS2020-08-24 11:09:22
2020/08/24Police Bodycam Shows Rescue of Unresponsive Puppy From a Hot CarANIMALS2020-08-24 07:08:32
2020/08/23Seals Forced to Pull Children At Belgian Animal ParkANIMALS2020-08-23 11:07:45
2020/08/23Two Horses Rescued After Getting Stuck Neck-Deep in MudANIMALS2020-08-23 07:08:19
2020/08/21Woman Who Dumped Senior Dog and Drove Off is Found and Cited For Animal CrueltyANIMALS2020-08-21 15:08:11
2020/08/21How to Keep Your Cat From Scratching Furniture – and Why You Should Avoid Declawing at All CostsANIMALS2020-08-21 15:07:56
2020/08/21Leather Is More Than “a By-Product of the Meat Industry”ANIMALS2020-08-21 15:07:42
2020/08/21‘Cow’s Milk Is For Baby Cows’ Say Giant Babies On London’s Millennium BridgeANIMALS2020-08-21 12:07:59
2020/08/21From Captivity to Freedom: The Amazing Rescue and Transformation of Dillian the Asiatic BearANIMALS2020-08-21 11:08:45
2020/08/21Habitat of Local Sage-Grouse Bird Under Threat Due to Kanye West’s Ranch Expansion in WyomingANIMALS2020-08-21 07:07:41
2020/08/20Watch a diver swim right next to a 12-foot giant squid in JapanANIMALS2020-08-20 20:06:40
2020/08/20Coronavirus Found on Mink Farms in UtahANIMALS2020-08-20 19:08:09
2020/08/20Victory! Feds Suspend “Tiger King” Zoo’s LicenseANIMALS2020-08-20 15:09:35
2020/08/20The Cost Difference Between a Rescue Dog and Puppy Mill DogANIMALS2020-08-20 15:09:27
2020/08/20From Pigs and Chickens to Dogs and Ducklings: 10 Unlikely Animal Friendships Too Cute to Handle!ANIMALS2020-08-20 11:08:10
2020/08/2010 Major Environmental Rollbacks by the Trump Administration That Will Harm AnimalsANIMALS2020-08-20 11:08:04
2020/08/20Petition: Ban Use of Exotic Animals in Australian CircusesANIMALS2020-08-20 11:07:47
2020/08/20Dennis Quaid Adopts Cat Named Dennis QuaidANIMALS2020-08-20 11:07:40
2020/08/20Cambodian Dog Meat Slaughterhouse Shut Down by Animal Welfare Group; Rescued Dogs Happily RecoveringANIMALS2020-08-20 07:07:57
2020/08/19A Lot Of People Don’t Realize That Moose Are HugeANIMALS2020-08-19 20:06:23
2020/08/1910 Heartbreaking Videos that Show the Devastating Effect of Palm Oil on OrangutansANIMALS2020-08-19 11:08:08
2020/08/19Sad Footage of Captive Dolphins Trapped inside a Tiny Tank Mesmerized by Squirrels Freely Play OutsideANIMALS2020-08-19 11:07:55
2020/08/19Precious Photo of Orphaned Orangutan and Caretaker Is a Reminder of the Cost of Palm OilANIMALS2020-08-19 11:07:47
2020/08/19Bird Named After Racist Confederate General Gets a New NameANIMALS2020-08-19 07:08:00
2020/08/18Thanks To Rainfall and Reduced Tourism, There’s An Elephant Baby Boom in Kenya, Including Rare TwinsANIMALS2020-08-18 20:07:34
2020/08/18Beluga Whales Named Little Grey and Little White are Finally Free After Being Transported from an Aquarium to a Sanctuary!ANIMALS2020-08-18 15:09:40
2020/08/18How Buying ‘Teacup’ and ‘Hypoallergenic’ Dogs Contributes to Puppy MillsANIMALS2020-08-18 15:09:17
2020/08/18Petition: Stop Mystery Animal Abuser From Mutilating, Torturing and Killing Horses in FranceANIMALS2020-08-18 15:09:05
2020/08/18Minks In U.S Fur Farms Test Positive For COVID-19ANIMALS2020-08-18 11:16:34
2020/08/18Why Beagles are Used for Pharmaceutical Testing and What You Can Do About It!ANIMALS2020-08-18 11:16:01
2020/08/18Kim Jong Un Orders All Pet Dogs be Confiscated in North KoreaANIMALS2020-08-18 11:15:39
2020/08/181,400 Pieces of Endangered Sea Turtle Shells Disguised as Blue Plastic Seized in MiamiANIMALS2020-08-18 07:11:12
2020/08/17This Sea Slug Uses Photosynthesis and Looks Like Cluster of LeavesANIMALS2020-08-17 20:08:07
2020/08/17Father and Son Build 50,000 New Beehive Colonies Around the WorldANIMALS2020-08-17 20:07:44
2020/08/17Petition: Invest in Ethical Ways to Minimize Interactions Between Livestock and Northern Gray WolvesANIMALS2020-08-17 19:08:11
2020/08/17“Sheep Pigs” Are real and They’re like Giant Fuzzy DogsANIMALS2020-08-17 16:06:34
2020/08/17Photographer Captures Rare White Baby Reindeer While Hiking In NorwayANIMALS2020-08-17 16:06:32
2020/08/17Dolphins and Humans Are More Similar Than You RealizeANIMALS2020-08-17 15:11:22
2020/08/17Petition: Punish Cruel Animal Abuser Who Beat and Dismembered His Roommate’s Dogs!ANIMALS2020-08-17 15:10:49
2020/08/16These Fishermen are Now Protecting the World’s Most Endangered Sea Turtles Instead of Selling Them!ANIMALS2020-08-16 11:07:48
2020/08/16Animal Care ManagerANIMALS2020-08-16 10:06:18
2020/08/16Sparrows are Experiencing Increased Stress Due to Climate ChangeANIMALS2020-08-16 07:07:43
2020/08/15Stray Dog Keeps Visiting A Hyundai Dealership, They Give Him A Job And His Own BadgeANIMALS2020-08-15 10:35:23
2020/08/14Bald eagle attacks government drone, sending it plummeting into Lake MichiganANIMALS2020-08-14 20:06:38
2020/08/14Federal Judge Strikes Trump’s Decision to Rollback Protections for Migratory BirdsANIMALS2020-08-14 15:09:45
2020/08/14Cat With a Swollen Mouth Walked Up to People in a Restaurant to Ask for HelpANIMALS2020-08-14 11:08:40
2020/08/14This Dog Lost Her Cat BFF, But These Foster Kittens Are Putting Her Heart Back Together!ANIMALS2020-08-14 11:08:32
2020/08/14Petition: Revoke Licenses of Abusive VeterinariansANIMALS2020-08-14 11:08:25
2020/08/1410 Facts that Prove Fish are Highly Intelligent and Emotional CreaturesANIMALS2020-08-14 11:08:02
2020/08/14Major Sports Retailer Ditches Canada Goose To Be ‘More Conscientious And Sustainable’ANIMALS2020-08-14 07:08:24
2020/08/14Paragon Sports Takes Step in Right Direction; Announces Plans to Stop Selling Fur!ANIMALS2020-08-14 07:08:14
2020/08/13Seeing What a Human Could Do to This Poor Dog Made a Seasoned Rescuer Break Down in TearsANIMALS2020-08-13 19:07:42
2020/08/13The Problem with Wildlife Selfies: 10 Times Taking Pictures with a Wild Animal Ended BadlyANIMALS2020-08-13 11:08:25
2020/08/13Veterans Affairs Under Fire For Spending Over $8 Million in Taxpayer Money on Horrific Cat Experiments for Medical ResearchANIMALS2020-08-13 07:07:35
2020/08/13Photographer Captures the Perfect Shot of a Stunning Bald EagleANIMALS2020-08-13 00:06:54
2020/08/12New Video Reveals ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Treatment Of Cows Killed For LeatherANIMALS2020-08-12 20:07:56
2020/08/12‘Severe Animal Suffering’ Exposed At Chicken Farms Supplying Tesco And McDonald’sANIMALS2020-08-12 12:08:12
2020/08/12This Pit Bull Was Abandoned After He Was Stung by Thousands of Bees – Now He’s Finally LovedANIMALS2020-08-12 11:11:49
2020/08/12#WorldElephantDay: New Documentary by James Cameron Shows Women-Armed Forces Protecting Wildlife!ANIMALS2020-08-12 11:11:31
2020/08/12Demand Nike and Puma Stop Using Kangaroo Skin, Save North Atlantic Right Whales, and Stop Killing Wolves: 10 Petitions to Sign this Week to Help People, Animals and the Planet!ANIMALS2020-08-12 11:11:16
2020/08/12Fashion Giant Prada Group Bans Kangaroo Leather In ‘Compassionate Decision’ANIMALS2020-08-12 09:08:54
2020/08/12Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Adopt a Rescue Puppy!ANIMALS2020-08-12 07:07:53
2020/08/11Dog Was in Critical Condition for Months Before Help Arrived – Take a Look at Her Now!ANIMALS2020-08-11 19:07:44
2020/08/11Petition: Save North Atlantic Right Whales, the Rarest of all Large WhalesANIMALS2020-08-11 15:08:40
2020/08/11Petition: Demand Nike and Puma Stop Using Kangaroo Skin in their ProductsANIMALS2020-08-11 15:08:32
2020/08/11Endangered Moon Bears Being Falsely Used to Treat COVID-19 in South KoreaANIMALS2020-08-11 15:07:58
2020/08/11PETA Calls out Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion for Using Big Cats in New Music VideoANIMALS2020-08-11 11:08:52
2020/08/10Mauritius at Risk of Ecological Disaster Following Oil Spill From Stranded ShipANIMALS2020-08-10 18:11:06
2020/08/10Clarabelle the Former Dairy Cow Finally Gets to Keep One of Her Babies! (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-08-10 11:08:23
2020/08/10PETA Calls Out Johns Hopkins for Testing on OwlsANIMALS2020-08-10 11:08:16
2020/08/10This #SharkWeek Urge Your U.S. Senators to Pass the Shark Fin Sales Elimination ActANIMALS2020-08-10 11:07:43
2020/08/09What does a pig think about?ANIMALS2020-08-09 10:06:38
2020/08/09Animal Place explores the future of the farmed animal movement with FACESANIMALS2020-08-09 10:06:24
2020/08/09Petition: End “Sport” Where Hunters Pay $2,000 To Shoot Terrified Pigs From HelicoptersANIMALS2020-08-09 07:07:53
2020/08/0710 Phenomenal Reasons to Love PigsANIMALS2020-08-07 15:10:24
2020/08/07How Bees Benefit Other Living ThingsANIMALS2020-08-07 15:10:18
2020/08/07Black Bear in Mexico Just Wants a Hug!ANIMALS2020-08-07 11:08:30
2020/08/07Is Pet Insurance Worth It?ANIMALS2020-08-07 10:45:53
2020/08/07New Disease Parvovirus Found in OttersANIMALS2020-08-07 07:07:28
2020/08/06Breaking Down the Therapeutic Impact of Animals Like ‘Caesar the No Drama Llama’ANIMALS2020-08-06 18:19:10
2020/08/06Boaters Getting Too Close to Watch Orcas is Becoming Common OccurrenceANIMALS2020-08-06 15:08:09
2020/08/06Brave Man Saving a Drowning 400-lb Black Bear Is Possibly one of the Greatest Rescue Stories Ever!ANIMALS2020-08-06 15:07:54
2020/08/06Petition: Demand St Helen’s Release Goats into Safe Care & Transition to Oat FarmingANIMALS2020-08-06 11:08:26
2020/08/06How to Co-Exist with Black BearsANIMALS2020-08-06 11:08:13
2020/08/06Is Your Dog Pressing His Head Against a Wall? Find Out Why It’s Not Funny at AllANIMALS2020-08-06 11:08:04
2020/08/06Emperor Penguin Populations are Increasing in Antarctica!ANIMALS2020-08-06 07:08:22
2020/08/06Joaquin Phoenix and Other Celebs Plead for Release of Abused GoatsANIMALS2020-08-06 07:08:10
2020/08/05Hunter Kills Nearly-Extinct Goshawk in YorkshireANIMALS2020-08-05 15:09:26
2020/08/05Animal Rights Group Offers Reward to Find Culprit Who Inhumanely Placed “Trump 2020” Sticker on Black BearANIMALS2020-08-05 15:09:19
2020/08/0510 Documentaries that Will Make You Rethink Everything You Know About AnimalsANIMALS2020-08-05 15:09:00
2020/08/05Dog Rescued by Fire Department After Collapsing on Hike During 90-Degree HeatANIMALS2020-08-05 07:08:21
2020/08/04California Man illegally Hunts and Kills Elephant Outside Kruger National Park in South AfricaANIMALS2020-08-04 15:08:24
2020/08/04New Documentary Tells the Story of How a Dairy Farmer and an Animal Activist Joined Forces to Save Animals in GermanyANIMALS2020-08-04 15:08:17
2020/08/04The Genetically Modified Chicken: How We Have Altered ‘Broiler’ Chickens for ProfitANIMALS2020-08-04 11:09:12
2020/08/04Petition: Demand Animals of Joe Exotic’s G.W. Zoo be Relinquished!ANIMALS2020-08-04 11:09:05
2020/08/04Don’t Put a Face Mask on Your PetANIMALS2020-08-04 07:07:51
2020/08/03Killer Whales are in Danger From Hypersonic Weapons TestingANIMALS2020-08-03 15:08:20
2020/08/0330 Cats and Kittens Covered in Feces and Urine Rescued From 101 Degree Temperature Inside Locked RVANIMALS2020-08-03 15:08:12
2020/08/03Remembering Cincinnati Freedom: The Legendary Cow Who Escaped a SlaughterhouseANIMALS2020-08-03 11:08:30
2020/08/03Why We Need ‘Crazy’ Cat PeopleANIMALS2020-08-03 11:08:13
2020/08/03Petition: Protect Marine Animals in KazakhstanANIMALS2020-08-03 11:08:01
2020/08/03Natural Eating Isn’t Just For Humans—Here’s What You Should Feed Your Dog, According To A Vet NutritionistANIMALS2020-08-03 04:20:27
2020/08/02New Report Show Millions of Species Illegally Trafficked from Brazilian AmazonANIMALS2020-08-02 11:07:52
2020/08/02Tour of Animal PlaceANIMALS2020-08-02 10:07:11
2020/08/02What your donation has doneANIMALS2020-08-02 10:06:56
2020/07/31Photographer Waits 6 Days to Capture Perfect Moment Between Stunning Black Panther and LeopardANIMALS2020-07-31 20:07:21
2020/07/31Feed Ducks Frozen Peas, Not Bread, Wildlife Organization UrgesANIMALS2020-07-31 20:07:12
2020/07/31Holland breaks record as first country ever to have zero stray dogsANIMALS2020-07-31 20:07:08
2020/07/31World’s “Most Beautiful Snail” Under Threat From Illegal Shell TradeANIMALS2020-07-31 15:08:15
2020/07/31Petition: Demand Missouri Pass a “Right to Rescue” LawANIMALS2020-07-31 15:07:39
2020/07/31Woman Arrested for Sharing Abuse Videos of Torturing, Skinning, Hanging, and Brutally Killing Animals on Instagram and TikTokANIMALS2020-07-31 11:07:58
2020/07/31Meet Stitch the Rescued Kitten Who is the World’s Cutest Farm Animal Nurse (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-07-31 11:07:50
2020/07/31Farmer Discovers Rare Yellow Turtle That Experts Haven’t Seen BeforeANIMALS2020-07-31 00:08:19
2020/07/31It’s Crazy How Large Irish Wolfhounds AreANIMALS2020-07-31 00:08:12
2020/07/30Rihanna is Launching Fenty Skin with a Three-Step Vegan Skincare Routine!ANIMALS2020-07-30 15:08:43
2020/07/30Petition: Uphold Ban on Exporting Live Animals During Australia’s Summer MonthsANIMALS2020-07-30 15:08:08
2020/07/30Petition: Ban Foie Gras in CaliforniaANIMALS2020-07-30 11:08:30
2020/07/30Deaf Dog Who Went From Bubbly and Happy to Dejected Shows the Emotional Toll of AbandonmentANIMALS2020-07-30 11:08:07
2020/07/3010 Heartbreaking Videos of Sea Animals Harmed by Plastic PollutionANIMALS2020-07-30 11:07:41
2020/07/30Dogs Beaten, Tied in Plastic Bag and Dumped Into River by Owner Who Didn’t Want Them AnymoreANIMALS2020-07-30 07:07:41
2020/07/29Hot Summer Chills: Woman Catches a Huge Black Bear Relaxing In Her PoolANIMALS2020-07-29 20:06:45
2020/07/29Interactive Map Shows Which U.S Animal Sanctuaries Allow Volunteers Amid COVID-19ANIMALS2020-07-29 11:08:54
2020/07/29Bloodied Bull Dies In Spain’s First Bullfight Since COVID LockdownANIMALS2020-07-29 11:08:15
2020/07/29Hiker Rescues Sweet Little Kitten Lost in the Snow [Video]ANIMALS2020-07-29 11:07:52
2020/07/29Senior Dog With a Microchip Found on the Streets, But Her Family’s Response Was HeartbreakingANIMALS2020-07-29 11:07:22
2020/07/28Dog Days of Summer: Pet Deaths From Toxic Algae Blooms Already MountingANIMALS2020-07-28 22:28:24
2020/07/28Scottish Law Increases Punishment for Animal Abuse from 1 Year to 5 YearsANIMALS2020-07-28 19:09:09
2020/07/283-Month-Old Puppy Was Running the Streets Screaming in Pain, Finally Someone Heard HimANIMALS2020-07-28 19:08:57
2020/07/28This Dog Was Tied to a Crate in Traffic With 3 Others and Forced to Beg Day In and OutANIMALS2020-07-28 15:07:40
2020/07/28Nearly 3 Billion Animals Killed Or Displaced By Australian Bushfires Since Last YearANIMALS2020-07-28 13:07:24
2020/07/27Awesome Rescue of Daisy, a Beautiful St. Bernard Dog from the Highest Mountain in EnglandANIMALS2020-07-27 15:09:16
2020/07/27Climate Change Will Wipe Out Polar Bears by 2100, New Study FindsANIMALS2020-07-27 15:09:06
2020/07/27Dog Found in a Ditch, Inches Away From Death, is Finally Learning What Love Is (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-07-27 15:09:02
2020/07/27Respect for Fish Day: Planet’s Most Abused Animals Can’t Run Or ScreamANIMALS2020-07-27 15:08:56
2020/07/27Little Dog, Whose Jaw Was Split Open, Huddled by Cars in a Fast-Food Parking Lot Hoping a Kind Human Would HelpANIMALS2020-07-27 15:08:43
2020/07/27New TikTok Trend #TheQueenIsComing Could Harm CatsANIMALS2020-07-27 07:08:17
2020/07/27Victory! Vietnam Bans Wildlife Trade to Prevent Future PandemicsANIMALS2020-07-27 07:08:10
2020/07/26Petition: Ban the Use of Attack Dogs on PrisonersANIMALS2020-07-26 11:08:18
2020/07/26Microplastics Found in Almost 70% of Demersal SharksANIMALS2020-07-26 11:08:03
2020/07/26Social Media CoordinatorANIMALS2020-07-26 10:07:05
2020/07/26Does Your Local Shelter Serve Animals?ANIMALS2020-07-26 10:06:59
2020/07/26Lessons from COVID-19ANIMALS2020-07-26 10:06:57
2020/07/26Farmed Animal Conference E-SummitANIMALS2020-07-26 10:06:37
2020/07/26The Rise of VeganismANIMALS2020-07-26 10:06:24
2020/07/26Simon Cowell Has Emotional Reunion with Dog He Helped RescueANIMALS2020-07-26 07:07:31
2020/07/25After Noticing Lack of Good Sticks At Park, Dad Turns Old Tree Branches into ‘Stick Library’ for Neighborhood DogsANIMALS2020-07-25 16:07:29
2020/07/24Hundreds of Whales Killed in Faroe Islands During Annual HuntANIMALS2020-07-24 15:08:10
2020/07/24Petition: Strengthen Animal Abuse Laws in MississippiANIMALS2020-07-24 15:07:54
2020/07/24Petition: Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws in Sri Lanka to Protect ElephantsANIMALS2020-07-24 15:07:45
2020/07/24Herd of ‘grieving’ ponies keep all-night roadside vigil after motorist kills one of the familyANIMALS2020-07-24 00:06:44
2020/07/23Petition: Save Argentina’s Native Pink Fairy Armadillo!ANIMALS2020-07-23 11:08:12
2020/07/23New York State Senate Passes Bill Banning Retail Sale of Dogs, Cats, and RabbitsANIMALS2020-07-23 07:07:24
2020/07/22Bok Nal Season Begins in South Korea Where Dogs are Killed to Make SoupANIMALS2020-07-22 15:08:57
2020/07/22This Puppy Was Found Trapped in Tar – After Days of Work, You Won’t Believe What He Looks LikeANIMALS2020-07-22 15:08:38
2020/07/22Stop Abusers from Working with Animals, Strengthen Animal Laws in Sri Lanka, and Urge Argentina to Protect their Armadillo: 10 Petitions to Sign this Week to Help People, Animals and the Planet!ANIMALS2020-07-22 11:08:46
2020/07/22Photo Reveals a Horrific Day in the Life of a Lab Beagle – Here’s What We Can Do to HelpANIMALS2020-07-22 11:08:19
2020/07/22Man Saves Baby Possum After Australian Bush Fires (VIDEO)ANIMALS2020-07-22 11:07:53
2020/07/21‘Hyper-aggressive’ cannibal rats swim up toilets during lockdown to find foodANIMALS2020-07-21 20:07:10
2020/07/21Turtle Strapped With a GoPro Documents Endearing Underwater LifeANIMALS2020-07-21 20:06:54
2020/07/21How to Choose the Right Food for your DogANIMALS2020-07-21 19:26:50
2020/07/21Numerous Animals Dead and Displaced Following Massive Flooding in IndiaANIMALS2020-07-21 19:07:37
2020/07/21Orangutan Who Was Chained in a Small Cage for Years Meets Others of Her Kind for the First Time!ANIMALS2020-07-21 19:07:16
2020/07/21Petition: Ban Animal Abusers in California from Owning Animals and Working with ThemANIMALS2020-07-21 15:07:48
2020/07/21Spain Culls Almost 100,000 Mink Over CoronavirusANIMALS2020-07-21 15:07:34
2020/07/20Exhausted, Sad Shelter Pup Huddled in the Corner – Then This Happened and She Started SmilingANIMALS2020-07-20 15:08:02
2020/07/20Petition: Ban the Export of Lion Bones in South AfricaANIMALS2020-07-20 11:09:05
2020/07/20These 5 Stories of Amazing Times Wild Animals Saved People in Need Will Leave You Awe-StruckANIMALS2020-07-20 11:08:52
2020/07/20Primates Imported to the UK for Lab Testing Tripled Over the Past YearANIMALS2020-07-20 11:08:38
2020/07/19Study Finds Goats Recognize Human Cues Just like Dogs!ANIMALS2020-07-19 11:07:39
2020/07/19Champion for AnimalsANIMALS2020-07-19 10:06:47
2020/07/19Supporters SpeakANIMALS2020-07-19 10:06:31
2020/07/19Polar Bear Dens in the Arctic Threatened by Oil IndustryANIMALS2020-07-19 07:08:19
2020/07/19Egyptian Reality Show Uses Animals as Pranks; Dangles Monkey from Chain and Scares Dog by Fake ExplosionANIMALS2020-07-19 07:07:55
2020/07/18A Virus Wiped Out 90% of This Turtle Species. Can It Recover?ANIMALS2020-07-18 13:24:19
2020/07/17Korean Dog Meat Survivors Find Forever Homes in California!ANIMALS2020-07-17 11:08:14
2020/07/17Petition: End the Chinchilla Fur Trade in the U.S. and E.U.ANIMALS2020-07-17 11:07:52
2020/07/17Dutch Fur Farms Have Killed A Million Mink During the Coronavirus PandemicANIMALS2020-07-17 07:07:32
2020/07/16Petition: Ban the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in ChinaANIMALS2020-07-16 11:08:18
2020/07/16Infamous Roadside Attraction Tiger Truck Stop Stops Exhibiting Wild Animals and Tears Down its CagesANIMALS2020-07-16 11:07:58
2020/07/16Win! Wales Bans Wild Animals in CircusesANIMALS2020-07-16 07:08:44
2020/07/15Boy, 6, Hailed A Hero For Saving His Little Sister From Dog AttackANIMALS2020-07-15 20:07:09
2020/07/15When Animals Fight Back, The Hunters Become The Hunted.ANIMALS2020-07-15 20:06:52
2020/07/15Monkey Tortured and Hung from Tree as Punishment for Stealing FoodANIMALS2020-07-15 11:07:51
2020/07/15Dog Breeders are Selling Unwanted Puppies to Animal Testing LabsANIMALS2020-07-15 07:07:29
2020/07/14Footage of Frogs Cut with Scissors Being Sold at Wet Markets in VietnamANIMALS2020-07-14 15:10:04
2020/07/14Look of Relief on the Face of a Puppy Rescued From a Meat Farm Will Make Your DayANIMALS2020-07-14 15:09:47
2020/07/14Why You Should Never Buy Shark TeethANIMALS2020-07-14 15:09:37
2020/07/14How to Put an End to Lion Trophy Hunting in Memory of CecilANIMALS2020-07-14 11:08:07
2020/07/14Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion is Back HuntingANIMALS2020-07-14 07:07:54
2020/07/14Study Finds Having a Dog During the Pandemic Can Help Toddlers Develop Social and Emotional SkillsANIMALS2020-07-14 07:07:32
2020/07/13Heroes Step in to Save Dog Who Was Dumped on the Side of a Busy Highway By Her Cruel OwnerANIMALS2020-07-13 11:07:43
2020/07/12Seal Is Beaten Unconscious By Tourists So ‘Children Could Take Pictures With It’ANIMALS2020-07-12 20:07:21
2020/07/12Monkeys Abused and Trained to Harvest Coconuts in ThailandANIMALS2020-07-12 11:10:44
2020/07/12Petition: Don’t Let This Puppy Store OpenANIMALS2020-07-12 11:10:36
2020/07/12Eating for Your Health and to Avoid Pandemics – Webinar RecordingANIMALS2020-07-12 10:06:33
2020/07/12Why Pig Farming HurtsANIMALS2020-07-12 10:06:30
2020/07/10Elderly Dog Abandoned Outside Kennel After 10 Years with Note Saying “I Have Not Learned to Be Good, So I have Been Returned”ANIMALS2020-07-10 15:07:25
2020/07/10Footage Shows Baby Seal Being Hit with Rocks by TouristsANIMALS2020-07-10 11:08:36
2020/07/10Kind People Did Something Amazing for One-Eyed Poodle Who Didn’t Stand a Chance in a ShelterANIMALS2020-07-10 11:08:22
2020/07/10New Video Reveals ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Treatment Of Cows Killed For LeatherANIMALS2020-07-10 06:07:24
2020/07/09Walking Sharks That Can Leave The Water Discovered In Indo-Australian ArchipelagoANIMALS2020-07-09 20:06:40
2020/07/09Dog Who Was Kept in a Wire Muzzle That Deformed His Face Has Nothing But Love for RescuersANIMALS2020-07-09 15:08:40
2020/07/09Petition: Save Endangered Marine Animals in AustraliaANIMALS2020-07-09 15:08:11
2020/07/09Petition: Ban Trapping Animals for Fur in the U.K.ANIMALS2020-07-09 11:08:59
2020/07/09Dead Animals Spotted in Plain Sight at Spanish ZooANIMALS2020-07-09 11:08:33
2020/07/09List of Donald Trump Jr.’s Shameful Hunting Escapades Around the WorldANIMALS2020-07-09 11:08:26
2020/07/08African Rain Frogs Look Like Little Angry AvocadosANIMALS2020-07-08 20:06:23
2020/07/08A factory started to produce roof tiles that serve as bird sheltersANIMALS2020-07-08 20:06:17
2020/07/08The 15 Giant Tortoises That Saved a Species–Breeding 1,900 Babies–Finally Returned to Their Galapagos Island HomeANIMALS2020-07-08 16:07:36
2020/07/08Disturbing Footage Described as “Scene From Hell” of Animals Suffering at a Fox Fur FarmANIMALS2020-07-08 15:07:20
2020/07/08Congress Bill Includes New Animal Protection MeasuresANIMALS2020-07-08 11:08:24
2020/07/08Our Worst Nightmare? Here’s What You Need to Know About That ‘Human-Sized’ Bat Going ViralANIMALS2020-07-08 00:09:01
2020/07/07Security Guard Shields Dog from Rain Outside Grocery Store and the World Seems a Little Brighter!ANIMALS2020-07-07 11:08:32
2020/07/06Does Your Cat Need a Friend? Benefits of Adopting a Second Kitty and What to ConsiderANIMALS2020-07-06 15:09:53
2020/07/06UK Farm Accused of Slamming Piglets to DeathANIMALS2020-07-06 15:09:42
2020/07/06Woman Who Asked for the ‘Oldest, Hardest to Adopt Dog’ is Restoring Our Faith in HumanityANIMALS2020-07-06 11:08:16
2020/07/06Petition: Save Critically Endangered Species of Dolphins Native to New ZealandANIMALS2020-07-06 11:08:09
2020/07/06More than 300 Elephants Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances in BotswanaANIMALS2020-07-06 11:07:47
2020/07/06Robotic Dolphins Could Soon Replace Real Ones at Tourists Attractions!ANIMALS2020-07-06 11:07:28
2020/07/05Colorado’s New Law Will Protect Chickens by Only Allowing the Sale of Cage-Free EggsANIMALS2020-07-05 19:08:57
2020/07/03Ducklings Saved After Being Intentionally Run Over by CarANIMALS2020-07-03 11:07:44
2020/07/03Rats at Food Markets Found to Carry CoronavirusANIMALS2020-07-03 11:07:36
2020/07/02Woman Dumps 10-Year-Old Dog at Shelter and Tells Grandson to Take a Photo to Remember HerANIMALS2020-07-02 15:07:38
2020/07/02Stray Dog Who Still Wore a Collar From the People Abandoned Him Finally Gets Help!ANIMALS2020-07-02 15:07:28
2020/07/02Ricky Gervais Speaks Out Against Exotic Pet TradeANIMALS2020-07-02 11:08:07
2020/07/02Albanian Restaurant Serves Bear MeatANIMALS2020-07-02 11:08:02
2020/07/01This Single Photo of a Polar Bear Will Show You WHY We Need to Stand Up for the PlanetANIMALS2020-07-01 15:10:59
2020/07/01Justice for Elijah McClain, End Qualified Immunity, and Tell UN to Fund Anti-Poaching Efforts: 10 Petitions to Sign this Week to Help People, Animals and the PlanetANIMALS2020-07-01 11:08:13
2020/07/01Petition: Demand Investigation into Farm in Iowa that Roasted it’s Pigs AliveANIMALS2020-07-01 11:08:11
2020/06/306 Natural Ways to Keep Your Pet Calm on the Fourth of JulyANIMALS2020-06-30 15:08:23
2020/06/30Summer Can Make Your Dog SickANIMALS2020-06-30 10:19:40
2020/06/29Dog Who Was Found Buried Alive Gets a Taste of Kindness in His Final HoursANIMALS2020-06-29 15:09:20
2020/06/29This Giant Beached Whale is Filled With Plastic Trash … LiterallyANIMALS2020-06-29 15:09:14
2020/06/2940 Puppies Found Dead from Shipment of 500 Dogs Imported Under Horrible Conditions on a Plane from Ukraine to CanadaANIMALS2020-06-29 15:09:08
2020/06/29Joe Exotic’s Former Zoo Under InvestigationANIMALS2020-06-29 15:08:54
2020/06/29Petition: Put and End to the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in the PhilippinesANIMALS2020-06-29 11:09:24
2020/06/29Swan Dies from “Broken Heart” After Teenage Boys Smashed her Nest and Eggs with RocksANIMALS2020-06-29 11:09:08
2020/06/28Petition: Stop The Cruel Pigeon Rolling Competition at Harrow Fair in Essex, OntarioANIMALS2020-06-28 11:07:54
2020/06/28Donor Spotlight: Tony KanalANIMALS2020-06-28 10:06:21
2020/06/26Dog Stuck in Hot Car is Rescued by Police Officers Who Break Window to Save HimANIMALS2020-06-26 15:08:04
2020/06/26Lion Cub’s Legs Broken so He Wouldn’t Run From Taking Photos with TouristsANIMALS2020-06-26 11:08:37
2020/06/26Petition: Demand Thailand Ban Tiger Captivity and Find Sanctuaries for All Captive TigersANIMALS2020-06-26 11:07:53
2020/06/26Tennessee Dog Celebrates 20th Birthday as Oldest Golden Retriever in HistoryANIMALS2020-06-26 00:06:41
2020/06/25Brutal Footage Released of Training Practices Used Break the Spirits of Baby Elephants to Entertain TouristsANIMALS2020-06-25 11:08:44
2020/06/25Petition: Don’t Let Breeder Who Mutilated Dogs Ever Own Another Animal Again!ANIMALS2020-06-25 11:08:22
2020/06/24Science Says Dogs Can Sniff Out Untrustworthy PeopleANIMALS2020-06-24 16:08:50
2020/06/24Baby Swan Kicked by Jogger Has Died; Police Searching for AssailantANIMALS2020-06-24 11:08:53
2020/06/24Great News! Dutch Parliament Votes to Close Mink FarmsANIMALS2020-06-24 11:08:26
2020/06/24Dutch Parliament Votes To Shut Down Mink Farms Early After COVID-19 InfectionsANIMALS2020-06-24 05:07:43
2020/06/24Help these Dogs Get Rescued From the Dog Meat Trade in China!ANIMALS2020-06-24 03:09:33
2020/06/23Petition: Help Free Gorilla Kept in Department Store Zoo for Thirty Years!ANIMALS2020-06-23 15:08:37
2020/06/23Shocking Video Shows How Terribly ‘Free Range’ Animals Are TreatedANIMALS2020-06-23 11:08:58
2020/06/23Designers Win Award For ‘Animatronic Dolphin’ Which Can Replace Animals In EntertainmentANIMALS2020-06-23 10:07:44
2020/06/23Major Exposé Reveals ‘Barbaric’ Treatment Of Pigs On ‘Red Tractor’ FarmANIMALS2020-06-23 08:07:30
2020/06/22Why Photo of a Mother Polar Bear Hugging Her Baby in Zoo Enclosure is Anything But CuteANIMALS2020-06-22 15:08:14
2020/06/22Elephant Artists? Here’s Why Making an Elephant Paint is Cruel, Not CuteANIMALS2020-06-22 15:08:05
2020/06/22Scotland Bans Seal Hunting and ShootingANIMALS2020-06-22 15:07:52
2020/06/22Ontario Passes Ag-Gag Law Giving Factory Farms the Power to Cover Up Animal Cruelty and Welfare StandardsANIMALS2020-06-22 15:07:41
2020/06/22Instead of Going Out This 4th of July, These People Comforted Scared Shelter Animals During FireworksANIMALS2020-06-22 11:08:24
2020/06/21Queen Under Fire for Racing Pigeons, a Cruel Sport Where Thousands of Birds DieANIMALS2020-06-21 15:11:30
2020/06/21Petition: Ban Yulin Dog Meat Festival for GoodANIMALS2020-06-21 11:08:22
2020/06/21PETA Asks HBO To Stop Using Wild Animals in Mark Ruffalo’s New ShowANIMALS2020-06-21 11:08:05
2020/06/21Petition: Demand Justice for Neglected Horse Chained to a Motor Vehicle for 7 YearsANIMALS2020-06-21 11:07:59
2020/06/21These Once-Domesticated Cats Now Roam Island ForestsANIMALS2020-06-21 10:35:07
2020/06/21Moving Cows to New PastureANIMALS2020-06-21 10:06:29
2020/06/21Street to Sanctuary: Adoptable DogsANIMALS2020-06-21 10:06:24
2020/06/21Rescued Pig Cleo Loves Getting Her Ears Cleaned!ANIMALS2020-06-21 10:06:20
2020/06/20Why Bats Are Ecological SuperheroesANIMALS2020-06-20 10:50:59
2020/06/19Homeless Dog Tossed Into a Dirt Field Like Useless Trash Is Finally Learning She Deserves BetterANIMALS2020-06-19 15:07:42
2020/06/19Petition: Protect Animals from Convicted Wildlife MurderersANIMALS2020-06-19 15:07:27
2020/06/19Humane Society International Rescues Puppies Ahead of Yulin Dog Meat Festival Starting this WeekendANIMALS2020-06-19 11:10:53
2020/06/196 Homemade Frozen Dog Treat Recipes to Try This SummerANIMALS2020-06-19 00:08:07
2020/06/18North Carolina “Anti-Sunshine Law” Struck Down! No More Civil Penalties for Exposing Animal CrueltyANIMALS2020-06-18 23:11:12
2020/06/18Petition: Demand Elephants Not Be Forced to Pull People Around on Sleds!ANIMALS2020-06-18 15:08:24
2020/06/18Dog and Cat Meal Sales Increase After Doctors in Southeast Asia Falsely Claim It Can Ward Off CoronavirusANIMALS2020-06-18 15:08:16
2020/06/18Rescued Pig Brian Saved from SlaughterANIMALS2020-06-18 11:58:46
2020/06/18Cute calves run free for first timeANIMALS2020-06-18 11:58:32
2020/06/1830 Seconds of Piglets Eating PumpkinANIMALS2020-06-18 11:58:27
2020/06/18Chickens enjoy new strawANIMALS2020-06-18 11:58:08
2020/06/18Demand an End to Live Markets in the United StatesANIMALS2020-06-18 11:54:18
2020/06/18Animal Farming and COVID-19; Know the ConnectionANIMALS2020-06-18 11:54:16
2020/06/18Arctic Fox Donation Will Help Fund Rescue and Adoption CenterANIMALS2020-06-18 11:54:15
2020/06/18Try Vegan BookletANIMALS2020-06-18 11:54:14
2020/06/18From Farm to FreedomANIMALS2020-06-18 11:54:11
2020/06/181,000 Hens Get Out of DodgeANIMALS2020-06-18 11:53:55
2020/06/18Animal Place Rescues 1,000 Hens from Iowa Egg Farm Struggling under COVID-19ANIMALS2020-06-18 11:53:54
2020/06/18Did A Monkey Pick Your Coconuts?ANIMALS2020-06-18 10:35:48
2020/06/1812,000 lions being farmed in captivity to be shot dead by tourists in ‘canned hunts’ANIMALS2020-06-18 04:08:12
2020/06/17New Footage Shows Cats Crammed in Cages Ready to Be Served as Food in ChinaANIMALS2020-06-17 15:07:40
2020/06/17Blind Rescue Cow’s Friendship with Piglet Will Warm Your Heart [Video]ANIMALS2020-06-17 15:07:22
2020/06/17Push U.S. Senate to Prevent Humanitarian Disaster in Yemen and Demand Logging Ban in Koala Habitats: 10 Petitions to Sign this Week to Help People, Animals and the Planet!ANIMALS2020-06-17 11:07:29
2020/06/16A Coat of Many Colors: The Silver-Eared Mesia Is All the Burst of Color You’ll Need TodayANIMALS2020-06-16 20:08:49
2020/06/16Dolphins Bring “Gifts” From the Sea to the Shores Because They Miss Their Human VisitorsANIMALS2020-06-16 20:08:48
2020/06/16Poachers Arrested for Killing Rafiki, a Beautiful Endangered 25-Year-Old Silverback Gorilla with a SpearANIMALS2020-06-16 15:09:03
2020/06/167 Surprising Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep On Your Bed Every NightANIMALS2020-06-16 12:10:11
2020/06/16Dad Built His Rescue Dog With Trust Issues A Tiny House In The Living Room To Get ‘Alone Time’ANIMALS2020-06-16 08:06:22
2020/06/15Petition: Woman Who Let Three Dogs Die and Eleven Starve Finally Charged After 10 Years!ANIMALS2020-06-15 11:08:15
2020/06/14Investigation Finds that People in Alabama Are Top Traffickers of Birds to Guam for Illegal CockfightingANIMALS2020-06-14 11:10:34
2020/06/13Drone Captures Incredible Sight In Ocean- Up To 64,000 Sea Turtles: VideoANIMALS2020-06-13 10:35:47
2020/06/12Pup Left Outside in a Box, Like Trash, Is Now Getting the Love He Deserves (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-06-12 15:11:03
2020/06/12Feral Cat Rescuer Wants to Get Black Community Involved in Trap-Neuter-Return ProgramsANIMALS2020-06-12 11:07:47
2020/06/12Coronavirus Exposes Lack of Animal Welfare Standards in Biomedical ResearchANIMALS2020-06-12 07:08:15
2020/06/12Petition: Change Fireworks Enforcement Protocols to Protect Dogs and PeopleANIMALS2020-06-12 07:08:06
2020/06/11Lion Cub’s Legs Deliberately Broken So He Couldn’t Escape While Tourists Posed For PhotosANIMALS2020-06-11 20:07:52
2020/06/10Endangered seahorse makes a comeback due to lockdownANIMALS2020-06-10 20:06:36
2020/06/10Kind Woman Adopts an Elderly Dog to Make His Final Days the Happiest Ever (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-06-10 19:08:02
2020/06/10Petition: Shut Down Illegal Online Wildlife Trade!ANIMALS2020-06-10 15:08:49
2020/06/10Watch Arnold Schwarzenneger Work Out With His Adorable Donkey, LuluANIMALS2020-06-10 11:08:03
2020/06/10Footage Shows Alpacas Crying and Vomiting While Being Abused at Peruvian Wool FarmANIMALS2020-06-10 11:07:47
2020/06/10Protect Dogs from Fireworks and Shut Down the Illegal Online Wildlife Trade: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsANIMALS2020-06-10 11:07:29
2020/06/10Drone Footage Captures Elusive Finless Porpoises in Hong KongANIMALS2020-06-10 09:22:28
2020/06/09Pregnant Elephant Dies After Locals Fed Her Pineapple With Firecracker InsideANIMALS2020-06-09 20:08:19
2020/06/09Cruel Woman Slammed Her Poor Dog Against a Wall and Filmed it For Social MediaANIMALS2020-06-09 19:07:44
2020/06/09Stop Canada Geese From Being Slaughtered at a “Charity Harvest” in IllinoisANIMALS2020-06-09 15:07:55
2020/06/09Government Releases Plan to Allow Widespread Bird-Killing at Industrial SitesANIMALS2020-06-09 15:07:36
2020/06/09Pregnant Cow’s Jaw Was Blown Off After She Was Fed a Firecracker Covered in DoughANIMALS2020-06-09 11:11:03
2020/06/08Horrific Video of a Pregnant Mother Whale Shark Caught in a Drag Net Shows the Impact of Our Reckless FishingANIMALS2020-06-08 15:08:45
2020/06/07Teen Under Fire for Playing “Keepie Uppie” with Hedgehog Until it DiedANIMALS2020-06-07 11:07:48
2020/06/06Horseshoe Crab Blood Still Big Pharma Standard; Animal Rights Groups DisagreeANIMALS2020-06-06 11:08:04
2020/06/06Book Exposes Truth Behind Wildlife Conservation Where Leading Decision Makers are Trophy Hunters Fueling the Big Game IndustryANIMALS2020-06-06 11:07:57
2020/06/05Zoo shares adorable pictures of orangutans playing with their otter friendsANIMALS2020-06-05 20:07:31
2020/06/05Sick Stray Pit Bull Got to Experience Love and Care Before Passing AwayANIMALS2020-06-05 15:08:38
2020/06/05Animal Smugglers Drowned Birds into Ocean When Intercepted by Trinidad and Tobago Coast GuardANIMALS2020-06-05 15:08:16
2020/06/05Petition: Demand Investigation into Petland After 118 Cases of Bacterial Infections Transmitted to Humans from Sick PuppiesANIMALS2020-06-05 07:09:31
2020/06/04How Fast Can You Find The Odd Turtle In This Picture?ANIMALS2020-06-04 20:07:55
2020/06/04Suspected Fighting Dog Whose Puppies Froze to Death Finally Gets Rescued After Animal Control Failed to ActANIMALS2020-06-04 15:09:47
2020/06/04PETA Warns Indian Government About Zoonotic Disease From Working ElephantsANIMALS2020-06-04 15:09:33
2020/06/04See the Transformation of a Cat Who Was So Matted that Rescuers Didn’t Know What Kind of Animal She WasANIMALS2020-06-04 15:09:26
2020/06/04Pregnant Elephant Dies After Eating a Pineapple Stuffed with a Firecracker that Exploded in her MouthANIMALS2020-06-04 15:09:19
2020/06/03Huge owl hatches chicks outside man’s window — now the brood watches TV with himANIMALS2020-06-03 20:07:41
2020/06/03New Giant Mattress Is 12 Feet Across, Perfect for All the PetsANIMALS2020-06-03 20:07:27
2020/06/03Pup Rescued After the Horrific Neglect He Suffered With His Previous OwnerANIMALS2020-06-03 19:08:08
2020/06/03Duckling Thrown from Car Window 180 Feet Down a BridgeANIMALS2020-06-03 15:08:34
2020/06/03Carol Baskin’s Sanctuary Big Cat Rescue Granted Control of Joe Exotic’s Former ZooANIMALS2020-06-03 15:08:26
2020/06/03Stray Cat Carries Her Sick Kitten to the Hospital for HelpANIMALS2020-06-03 15:08:11
2020/06/03Petition: Australia is Slaughtering Thousands of Wild Horses, Goats, Deer, and Pigs Starting This MonthANIMALS2020-06-03 15:07:57
2020/06/03End Trafficking of Endangered Animals and Free Captive Elephants: 10 Petitions You Should Sign to Help Animals This WeekANIMALS2020-06-03 11:08:18
2020/06/02Bow-Legged Dog Flown from Greece to England for a Rescue of a Lifetime (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-06-02 19:08:08
2020/06/0213 Dogs Seized in Scotland from Illegal Dealers Who Were Selling them OnlineANIMALS2020-06-02 19:07:32
2020/06/02Scientists Warn Bird Feeders to be Cautious of New Pneumonia-like Virus Discovered in European BirdsANIMALS2020-06-02 15:08:25
2020/06/02Captive Zoo Elephant will be Free for the First Time Since 1985 Thanks to Pop Icon Cher!ANIMALS2020-06-02 15:08:08
2020/06/02Ban Cruel Duck Shooting in New Zealand and Protect Native DucksANIMALS2020-06-02 15:08:01
2020/06/01This Man Was Only Filming Seagulls, but He Suddenly Captures an Incredible Once-In-A Lifetime SceneANIMALS2020-06-01 20:07:00
2020/06/01Cruel People Locked This Dog in a Basement That Didn’t Even Have Stairs and Then They Moved!ANIMALS2020-06-01 15:08:11
2020/06/01This Scorecard Will Show You Where the Largest Food Companies Stand on their Animal Welfare StandardsANIMALS2020-06-01 11:08:37
2020/06/01Petition: Stop Cruel Hound Hunting and End the Suffering Of Defenseless WildlifeANIMALS2020-06-01 11:08:30
2020/06/01Iowa Pigs Steamed to DeathANIMALS2020-06-01 11:08:21
2020/06/01House Democrats Include Wildlife Disease Protections in Latest Coronavirus BillANIMALS2020-06-01 11:08:04
2020/05/31Peacock Spiders Are So Striking Blue That Even I Think They’re (Sort Of) PrettyANIMALS2020-05-31 16:06:47
2020/05/31Petition: Punish Poachers Who Use Wire Snares To Destroy WildlifeANIMALS2020-05-31 11:08:04
2020/05/31Footage Reveals Piles of Animal Carcasses Set Near Traps to Lure Animals in ScotlandANIMALS2020-05-31 11:07:53
2020/05/31Big Lick, a Horrible Event Where Horses are Forcefully Injured for Prizes Begins Next WeekANIMALS2020-05-31 11:07:49
2020/05/31Sign Petition Asking Sheriff’s Department to Investigate Koch Foods Over the Death of Thousands of ChickensANIMALS2020-05-31 11:07:44
2020/05/30Birds are Ingesting Significant Amounts of Microplastics on a Daily BasisANIMALS2020-05-30 11:07:57
2020/05/29Emaciated Puppy Was Left on a Cold Shelter Floor for 3 Weeks Before Anyone Stepped in to HelpANIMALS2020-05-29 15:09:40
2020/05/29How Coronavirus Pandemic has Proved that Wet Markets and Factory Farms are a Threat to Public HealthANIMALS2020-05-29 11:09:39
2020/05/29Petition: Save 7,000 Bulls Used for Bullfighting in Spain from SlaughterANIMALS2020-05-29 11:09:33
2020/05/29Careless Kids Ignore Lockdown and Break into Rescue Center to Traumatize and Injure PoniesANIMALS2020-05-29 11:09:28
2020/05/29How Traditional Chinese Medicine is Contributing to Species ExtinctionANIMALS2020-05-29 11:09:19
2020/05/29Pregnant Mare Who Survived Horse Massacre Gives Birth to Healthy Foal!ANIMALS2020-05-29 11:09:10
2020/05/29Justice Served for Starving Dog Who Died After Eating Rocks to SurviveANIMALS2020-05-29 11:09:04
2020/05/29Berlin Police Stops Traffic to Let Herd of Wild Boars ThroughANIMALS2020-05-29 11:08:56
2020/05/28Heartbroken Dog Who Refused to Eat for 10 Days After Losing Her Guardian Says One Last GoodbyeANIMALS2020-05-28 15:08:25
2020/05/28Help Save Dog Who Lost all her Puppies Because she was Severely Neglected and Left to DieANIMALS2020-05-28 15:08:06
2020/05/28Pepsi is Helping Rescue Dog Stuck in a Shelter for Over a Year Find a Forever HomeANIMALS2020-05-28 15:08:02
2020/05/28Trump Rollback Allows Hunters to Kill Bears and Wolves in Their DensANIMALS2020-05-28 11:23:28
2020/05/28Feeding Program is Helping Thousands of Animals Survive in the Aftermath of the Australian BushfiresANIMALS2020-05-28 07:08:19
2020/05/28Petition: Demand Counseling for Children Who Threw Cat Off a Building for FunANIMALS2020-05-28 07:08:13
2020/05/28Scientists Discover that Bees Bite Flowers to Make them BloomANIMALS2020-05-28 07:07:51
2020/05/27Ever Heard Of Albino Animals? Melanistic Animals Are The OppositeANIMALS2020-05-27 20:06:35
2020/05/279 Mistakes You Need To Avoid If You Have PetsANIMALS2020-05-27 19:32:40
2020/05/27An Extinct Bird ‘Evolved Itself’ Back Into Existence, TwiceANIMALS2020-05-27 16:08:21
2020/05/27Firefighters and Animal Rescuers Save Horse who Fell into a DitchANIMALS2020-05-27 15:07:48
2020/05/27Shelter Dogs Given “Real Life Room” Experience with Household Items to Ease Stress and Provide Comfort During LockdownANIMALS2020-05-27 11:10:27
2020/05/27Dog Waited on the Porch for Weeks after Family Moved and Abandoned HimANIMALS2020-05-27 11:10:00
2020/05/27Save Bulls From Slaughter and Ban Animal Abusers from Owning Pets: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsANIMALS2020-05-27 11:09:53
2020/05/27Brave Board Rider Saves Dog from Drowning after a Kayak Overturned in Rough WatersANIMALS2020-05-27 07:08:26
2020/05/26Canines to the Rescue: Dogs Trained To Protect Wildlife Have Saved 45 Rhinos from Poachers in South AfricaANIMALS2020-05-26 20:07:27
2020/05/26Petition: Don’t Let this Man Get Away with Choking his Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog for Revenge!ANIMALS2020-05-26 15:08:24
2020/05/26Cruel Owners Watched Their Dog Turn Into Stone Thanks to Severe Mange and Did NothingANIMALS2020-05-26 11:08:29
2020/05/251.5 million cicadas expected to emerge after 17 years undergroundANIMALS2020-05-25 20:06:52
2020/05/25Animal Shelter Creates ‘Real-Life’ Living Room for Dogs to Show off Their PersonalitiesANIMALS2020-05-25 16:07:26
2020/05/25Diver Rescues Octopus Sheltering Inside a Plastic CupANIMALS2020-05-25 11:12:46
2020/05/24Humane Society Releases Annual List of 100 Puppy Mills Operating in the U.S.ANIMALS2020-05-24 11:08:43
2020/05/24Court Orders Controversial Oregon Lab that Does Horrible Tests on Monkeys to Release VideosANIMALS2020-05-24 07:08:09
2020/05/23Man Builds Wife’s Chickens a Mini “Coop Town” And it’s The Cutest Thing EverANIMALS2020-05-23 12:06:31
2020/05/225 Reasons Why Everyone Should Adopt a PetANIMALS2020-05-22 15:08:13
2020/05/22Federal Government Rolling Back Wildlife Protections to Allow Trophy Hunting on Alaska’s National Preserves and RefugeANIMALS2020-05-22 11:08:15
2020/05/22NC Program Rehabs Puppy Mill Survivors Paralyzed by FearANIMALS2020-05-22 10:34:18
2020/05/22Petition: China is Close to Banning Dog Meat for Good; Keep the Pressure OnANIMALS2020-05-22 07:07:59
2020/05/22Man Adopted Two Sweet Dogs Only to Leave Them to Starve to Death in his HomeANIMALS2020-05-22 07:07:47
2020/05/21Baby calf dies by mother’s side after eating birthday balloonANIMALS2020-05-21 20:07:42
2020/05/21Millions of US farm animals to be culled by suffocation, drowning and shootingANIMALS2020-05-21 16:06:54
2020/05/21Strangers Show Kindness to Dog Who Refuses to Leave the Spot Where He Was AbandonedANIMALS2020-05-21 15:08:31
2020/05/21Baby Orangutan at German Zoo Dies of CoronavirusANIMALS2020-05-21 15:08:03
2020/05/21Wuhan Bans Eating Wild Animals for Five YearsANIMALS2020-05-21 15:07:56
2020/05/21One Cat, One Year, 110 Native Animals: Lock up Your Pet, It’s a Killing MachineANIMALS2020-05-21 12:08:07
2020/05/21Man is “Marrying” His Cat on a Live Video This Saturday to Raise Money for the Shelter He Adopted Her FromANIMALS2020-05-21 11:08:03
2020/05/21The Office Star Rainn Wilson Organized a Zoom Call with 900 People and their Pets to Raise Money For Animal SheltersANIMALS2020-05-21 11:07:47
2020/05/21Mink on Fur Farm May Have Infected Human With CoronavirusANIMALS2020-05-21 07:08:20
2020/05/20Join Campaign Urging Nike to Stop Using Kangaroo Leather in their ShoesANIMALS2020-05-20 11:08:11
2020/05/20Stop Farmers from Gassing Pigs and End Shark Fin Trade: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsANIMALS2020-05-20 11:07:41
2020/05/19Venomous And Rare ‘Blue Dragons’ Sighted At Texas BeachesANIMALS2020-05-19 20:06:52
2020/05/19Meet Milkshake, the Rare Pink Pug Stealing Hearts on InstagramANIMALS2020-05-19 20:06:47
2020/05/19Deer Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in an Empty Japanese Park As Tourists Are Nowhere to Be FoundANIMALS2020-05-19 20:06:45
2020/05/19Dog Adopts Kitten and Brings Her Home to Join the Family All on His OwnANIMALS2020-05-19 19:08:11
2020/05/19Petition: Charge Couple who Adopted a Dog Just to Kill and Eat Him That Same NightANIMALS2020-05-19 15:08:07
2020/05/19Swan with Plastic Wrapped Around Tongue Saved by SPCA in Scotland!ANIMALS2020-05-19 15:07:55
2020/05/19Sanctuary Saves 1,000 Hens From Egg Farm!ANIMALS2020-05-19 11:07:58
2020/05/19Nurse Cares for her Terminally Ill Patient’s Deaf and Nearly Blind DogANIMALS2020-05-19 11:07:40
2020/05/18Pigs Thrown From Slaughterhouse Truck Finally Get a Moment to Experience Life Outside a Factory FarmANIMALS2020-05-18 19:08:20
2020/05/18Petition: Man Who Owns K9 Training School Kills His Dog With a Pocket KnifeANIMALS2020-05-18 19:07:43
2020/05/18Millions of Pigs Rotting in Compost During Covid-19 OutbreakANIMALS2020-05-18 15:08:10
2020/05/18200 Goats Were Found Roaming Freely and Enjoying the Streets of San Jose During Quarantine!ANIMALS2020-05-18 15:07:44
2020/05/17Lockdown Leaves Animals Struggling Around the WorldANIMALS2020-05-17 11:07:27
2020/05/17Petition: Demand Investigation into Case of Endangered Elephant Believed to have Been PoisonedANIMALS2020-05-17 07:08:10
2020/05/16Undercover Footage of Wet Market in Bangkok Dubbed “Wuhan in the Making”ANIMALS2020-05-16 11:07:48
2020/05/16300 Rescued Orangutans Can’t be Released into the Wild Due to Coronavirus RiskANIMALS2020-05-16 11:07:31
2020/05/15Abused Breeding Pit Bull Was Left in a Bird Cage (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-05-15 19:07:57
2020/05/15Man Caught on Video Hanging his Dog on a Tree and Watching Him StruggleANIMALS2020-05-15 15:08:35
2020/05/15Tourist Grabs and Forces Peacock into Taking a PhotoANIMALS2020-05-15 15:08:01
2020/05/158-Year-Old Boy Makes Masks and Donates Profits to Animal ShelterANIMALS2020-05-15 11:08:13
2020/05/15Bureau of Land Management to Remove 30,000 Wild Horses and Burros From Federal Lands Via Cruel Mass RoundupsANIMALS2020-05-15 11:08:03
2020/05/15Petition: Ban Fur Farms in the U.S.ANIMALS2020-05-15 07:07:47
2020/05/14People in Quarantine Are Using Their Free Time to Crochet Tiny Couches for Their CatsANIMALS2020-05-14 20:07:46
2020/05/14Long-Lost Ultra-Rare Blue Bee Discovered In FloridaANIMALS2020-05-14 20:07:39
2020/05/14Beloved Shelter Dog Greeter Who Was Attacked By Other Dogs Tells the Sad Story of Shelter OvercrowdingANIMALS2020-05-14 15:08:04
2020/05/14Sanitation Workers Save Deer Stuck Upside Down in Recycling BinANIMALS2020-05-14 15:07:33
2020/05/14Giant Lizards Are Spreading in GeorgiaANIMALS2020-05-14 11:21:50
2020/05/14Petition: Ask Etsy to Stop Allowing the Sale of FurANIMALS2020-05-14 07:07:27
2020/05/13Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birdsANIMALS2020-05-13 20:11:12
2020/05/13A Pigeon was ‘caught with backpack of drugs’: Yes, this actually happened.ANIMALS2020-05-13 20:10:50
2020/05/13Photos of a Dog Getting Adopted With Her Stuffed Animal Shows Why ‘Rescue’ is the Best BreedANIMALS2020-05-13 15:07:55
2020/05/13Petition: Shut Down Borth Wild Animal Kingdom Zoo Where Animals Mysteriously DieANIMALS2020-05-13 11:16:03
2020/05/13Pregnant Stray Dog Beaten to Death in IndiaANIMALS2020-05-13 11:15:52
2020/05/13Animal Activists Stand Against $72 Million Coronavirus Relief Budget for Horse and Greyhound Racing in AustraliaANIMALS2020-05-13 11:15:32
2020/05/13Kind Woman Runs Amazing Program that Distributes Food and Supplies to Pet’s of Homeless PeopleANIMALS2020-05-13 11:08:29
2020/05/13Tiny Precious Dog Saves Mailman’s Life!ANIMALS2020-05-13 11:08:20
2020/05/13Charge Woman Who Beat Dog With Boxing Gloves and End Factory Farming: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsANIMALS2020-05-13 11:08:04
2020/05/12WHO backs away from ban on live wildlife markets, prompting serious warnings.ANIMALS2020-05-12 20:06:37
2020/05/12First Time In 6 Decades, Bioluminescent Planktons Light Up A Beach In AcapulcoANIMALS2020-05-12 20:06:35
2020/05/12Dog Left to Die in Frozen Metal Barrel Now Has Parents Who Will Love Him Forever (PHOTOS)ANIMALS2020-05-12 19:08:40
2020/05/12Deer Saved After Falling Through Roof of Home in MumbaiANIMALS2020-05-12 15:08:00
2020/05/12Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped Under a BusANIMALS2020-05-12 15:07:38
2020/05/12Lion Tamer Lets Cats Perform in his ApartmentANIMALS2020-05-12 15:07:25
2020/05/12Watching these Rescue Puppies Visit Farm Animals at a Sanctuary Will Brighten Up Your Day!ANIMALS2020-05-12 11:08:13
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2020/05/11Everything you need to know about the glowing Sea TurtleANIMALS2020-05-11 20:06:42
2020/05/11Humpback whales have been organizing in huge numbers, and no one knows whyANIMALS2020-05-11 20:06:40
2020/05/11A small city is devoting 1,000 acres of land to America’s vanishing beesANIMALS2020-05-11 20:06:38
2020/05/11Rescued Stray Kitten Thinks Family Cat is Her DadANIMALS2020-05-11 19:07:21
2020/05/1126 Tonnes of Shark Fin Worth $1.1 Million Recovered in Hong KongANIMALS2020-05-11 15:07:55
2020/05/115 Critically Endangered Red Wolf Pups Born at North Carolina ZooANIMALS2020-05-11 11:22:06
2020/05/10Happy Mother’s Day! 6 Animals that are the Best Moms on the Planet!ANIMALS2020-05-10 11:07:41
2020/05/10Video of Woman Boxing a German Shepherd Draws OutrageANIMALS2020-05-10 11:07:33
2020/05/10Lewis Hamilton Says It’s ‘Time We Empty The Tanks’ In Anti-Captivity PostANIMALS2020-05-10 09:08:26
2020/05/10Bonobo Trafficking, Kidnapping and Killing is a Major Problem and Here’s How You Can Help!ANIMALS2020-05-10 07:07:45
2020/05/10Dog With Chronic Skin Condition Tied to Park Bench and AbandonedANIMALS2020-05-10 07:07:40
2020/05/10Petition: A Former Trophy Hunting Attorney Was Appointed to Work in Wildlife ConservationANIMALS2020-05-10 07:07:22
2020/05/09Prince Harry Stops Hunting ‘To Please Meghan Markle’ – Claim TabloidsANIMALS2020-05-09 11:08:11
2020/05/09Whales are Communicating More in Quieter Oceans During PandemicANIMALS2020-05-09 11:07:49
2020/05/09Abandoned Zoo with Malnourished Animals in Thailand Helped by a Group of FriendsANIMALS2020-05-09 11:07:40
2020/05/09Tips for Pets and COVID-19ANIMALS2020-05-09 11:07:32