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Articles: Animals

2019/12/08Why Independent Farming in America Is Close to ExtinctionAnimals2019-12-08 10:43:13
2019/12/08Subway Accused Of Hiding Facebook Comments Highlighting Animal CrueltyAnimals2019-12-08 07:45:56
2019/12/08Watch Rooney Mara Visit Animal Farms for Undercover InvestigationAnimals2019-12-08 07:10:15
2019/12/08BBC Christmas Advert Branded An ‘Agenda Against Livestock Farming’Animals2019-12-08 06:36:05
2019/12/07500,000 Hermit Crabs Die Every Year After Being Trapped in Plastic Mistaken for ShellsAnimals2019-12-07 07:15:40
2019/12/06Hermit Crabs Are Making Homes in Plastic Litter and It’s Killing ThemAnimals2019-12-06 11:23:26
2019/12/06Clean Meat Pet Food Startup To Launch First Product In Early 2020Animals2019-12-06 10:47:17
2019/12/06Trump’s EPA Re-Approves ‘Cyanide Bombs’ Deadly to Coyotes, Foxes and Feral Dogs, other WildlifeAnimals2019-12-06 09:21:49
2019/12/06A Healthy Man was Licked by His Dog. He was Dead Within Weeks.Animals2019-12-06 07:56:37
2019/12/06Two Horses Die in One Week at Laurel Park Race Track, Bringing Total of Maryland Race Horse Deaths to 14 This YearAnimals2019-12-06 07:20:50
2019/12/06Thousands of Animals Killed in Mass Sacrifice at The Gadhimai FestivalAnimals2019-12-06 07:17:29
2019/12/06Petition to End North Carolina’s Cruel New Year Eve’s Live Opossum DropAnimals2019-12-06 07:15:21
2019/12/06Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Welcomes a Sheep Named Mabel Just in Time for the Holidays!Animals2019-12-06 07:10:15
2019/12/06Petition: Ban Live Animal Exports After Nearly 15,000 Sheep Drowned on Overcrowded Cargo ShipAnimals2019-12-06 07:07:02
2019/12/05An Electric Eel Is Controlling the Lights on This Tennessee Christmas TreeAnimals2019-12-05 09:30:29
2019/12/05RSPCA Australia Admits to Sending Horses to be Slaughtered for Pet FoodAnimals2019-12-05 07:25:34
2019/12/05Clownfish in Trouble from Climate ChangeAnimals2019-12-05 07:00:16
2019/12/05Petition: Make It Illegal to Kill and Eat Pets in Canada!Animals2019-12-05 07:00:13
2019/12/05The Climate Crisis Is Making Birds SmallerAnimals2019-12-05 06:57:34
2019/12/04Pass Koala Protection Act and Tell Canada Goose to Stop Skinning Coyotes: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help Animals!Animals2019-12-04 07:55:41
2019/12/04Young Hunters Being Investigated After Recording Themselves Brutally Abusing a DeerAnimals2019-12-04 07:30:38
2019/12/04Spray-Painted Polar Bear Shocks and Worries Wildlife ExpertsAnimals2019-12-04 07:30:24
2019/12/04Deer Found With 15 Pounds of Plastic in StomachAnimals2019-12-04 07:15:13
2019/12/04Koala Heroically Saved From Australian Bushfires Has Passed Away Due to Severe BurnsAnimals2019-12-04 07:13:34
2019/12/04Petition: Illegal Fishing is Destroying Japan’s Marine Life!Animals2019-12-04 07:00:07
2019/12/04Life After Captivity: How Sanctuaries Better the Lives of Whales and DolphinsAnimals2019-12-04 06:27:04
2019/12/03Sperm Whale Dies With 220 Pound Trash Ball in Its StomachAnimals2019-12-03 07:33:05
2019/12/03Footage Reveals Cows Being Punched, Kicked, and Sexually Abused at Essex Dairy FarmAnimals2019-12-03 07:30:48
2019/12/03Thousands of Sea Turtles Simultaneously Lay Eggs at a Sanctuary in Costa Rica!Animals2019-12-03 07:10:44
2019/12/03Petition: Ask Dating Apps to Ban Photos With Captive Elephants!Animals2019-12-03 07:05:09
2019/12/03Couple Who Cruelly Tied Horse to a Pickup Truck and Dragged Him Charged With Animal Cruelty!Animals2019-12-03 07:00:40
2019/12/035 Ways You Can Give Back to Animals Over the HolidaysAnimals2019-12-03 06:20:30
2019/12/02Dr. Becker: Are Vaccinations Necessary for Pets?Animals2019-12-02 11:10:51
2019/12/02Joaquin Phoenix Wins ‘Person Of The Year’ Award For His Animal AdvocacyAnimals2019-12-02 10:03:37
2019/12/02Endangered Species Face New Threats Under Lack of Government’s Planning for Climate ChangeAnimals2019-12-02 07:30:48
2019/12/02Noise Pollution Found to Harm Over 100 Animal SpeciesAnimals2019-12-02 07:20:30
2019/12/02Thousands of New Born Calves are Being Illegally Killed in GermanyAnimals2019-12-02 07:15:34
2019/12/02Plastic Pollution Nearly Killed This Coyote Who Had a Plastic Jug Stuck On Its HeadAnimals2019-12-02 07:05:49
2019/12/02Man Jailed after Punching Dog Repeatedly in the HeadAnimals2019-12-02 07:00:59
2019/12/02Emaciated Dog Stuck on a Creek Bed Was Saved and Shown Love (PHOTOS)Animals2019-12-02 06:00:06
2019/12/02Sperm Whale Found Dead With 220lb Of Litter In His StomachAnimals2019-12-02 04:37:06
2019/12/01This Shelter Cat Got Solitary Confinement For Helping Other Cats EscapeAnimals2019-12-01 18:27:23
2019/12/01Etsy Under Growing Pressure To Ban Sale Of Fur From Its WebsiteAnimals2019-12-01 09:36:03
2019/12/01Ben & Jerry’s Under Fire for “Happy Cows” ScamAnimals2019-12-01 07:30:41
2019/11/30Russian Farm Introduces VR Headsets For Cows To ‘Reduce Anxiety’Animals2019-11-30 07:29:20
2019/11/30Indonesia Marine Life Ingesting Plastic at Unbelievable RatesAnimals2019-11-30 07:00:27
2019/11/30Cows Punched, Kicked And ‘Sexually Abused’ On Essex Farm Linked To NFU Deputy PresidentAnimals2019-11-30 05:10:25
2019/11/2910 Animals Killed in Fire at Ohio Wildlife ParkAnimals2019-11-29 15:19:28
2019/11/29PETA Demands University of Colorado-Boulder to Stop Using Wild Animal MascotsAnimals2019-11-29 07:20:15
2019/11/29Amazing Animal Organization Saves 25 Horses From Woman Who Was Starving Them!Animals2019-11-29 07:15:30
2019/11/28Animal Cruelty Is Officially a Nationwide FelonyAnimals2019-11-28 12:27:42
2019/11/28Will Animal Welfare Issues Swing This General Election?Animals2019-11-28 11:38:03
2019/11/28Dead Thai Deer Had 15lb Of Rubbish – Including Plastic And Underwear – In StomachAnimals2019-11-28 04:54:27
2019/11/27Ban Photos of Captive Elephants on Dating Sites and Amend the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help Animals!Animals2019-11-27 08:00:10
2019/11/27Lewis, the Koala Famously Rescued From Australian Bushfires, Has DiedAnimals2019-11-27 07:40:10
2019/11/27Court Shuts Down Cricket Hollow Zoo and Orders Animals to Be Transferred to Sanctuaries!Animals2019-11-27 07:30:17
2019/11/27Petition: Eliminate Ag-Gag Laws Which Prevent Footage of Cruelty in Animal Agriculture Industry to be Released to the Public!Animals2019-11-27 07:15:40
2019/11/27Research Shows One Whale is Worth Thousand Trees When it Comes to Carbon AbsorptionAnimals2019-11-27 07:10:36
2019/11/27New Bill Outlaws Torturing Animals For Pornographic Images And VideosAnimals2019-11-27 06:32:39
2019/11/26The Cheetah Whisperer: Photographer Takes a Nap under a Tree with His Cheetah BestieAnimals2019-11-26 16:44:04
2019/11/26FOX: Trump Signs Bill Making Animal Cruelty a Federal CrimeAnimals2019-11-26 16:30:03
2019/11/26Iman, the Last Female Sumatran Rhino in Malaysia, Has DiedAnimals2019-11-26 12:24:57
2019/11/26Landmark Law Makes Animal Cruelty a Federal Crime!Animals2019-11-26 08:22:29
2019/11/26Singer Leona Lewis Teams Up With Animal-Rights Charity To Promote Plant-Based DietAnimals2019-11-26 08:20:53
2019/11/26Animal Cruelty Becomes Federal CrimeAnimals2019-11-26 07:50:54
2019/11/26Watch Brave Woman Rescue Koala from Blazing Australian BushfiresAnimals2019-11-26 07:25:22
2019/11/26Gadhimai Festival, World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice Ritual, to Take Place Soon!Animals2019-11-26 07:17:27
2019/11/26Democratic Presidential Candidate, Julian Castro’s Animal Welfare and Wildlife PlansAnimals2019-11-26 07:10:34
2019/11/26Deadly and Cruel Cat Experiments at SUNY College Have Come to an End!Animals2019-11-26 07:10:21
2019/11/26Demand Cancelation of Great British Shooting Show Which Teaches Children to Hunt Innocent AnimalsAnimals2019-11-26 07:00:32
2019/11/26This Animal Sanctuary Throws a Party for Turkeys in Honor of a Different Kind of ThanksgivingAnimals2019-11-26 06:17:12
2019/11/25Residents Outraged After Video Shows Cop Killing Raccoon by Repeatedly Running It OverAnimals2019-11-25 14:48:27
2019/11/25‘Functionally Extinct’ Koalas Have Now Lost 80% of Habitat Following Recent Fires, Experts SayAnimals2019-11-25 10:47:48
2019/11/25Beware of Dangerous “Virtual Hunting Bar” in London that Promotes ViolenceAnimals2019-11-25 07:00:44
2019/11/25Amazing Rescued Turkeys Who Will Change the Way You View Your Thanksgiving Meal ForeverAnimals2019-11-25 06:10:48
2019/11/25Tennis Star Jamie Murray ‘Likes Ethics Of Veganism’ – And Is Considering It Post-CareerAnimals2019-11-25 03:49:14
2019/11/24Enough With the Fake Rhino HornsAnimals2019-11-24 12:09:48
2019/11/24Model Kate Upton Blasted For Partnering With Canada Goose On ‘World Kindness Day’Animals2019-11-24 10:29:04
2019/11/24UK University To Ban Pheasant Shooting On Its LandAnimals2019-11-24 08:22:10
2019/11/24Sumatran Rhinoceros Declared Extinct In MalaysiaAnimals2019-11-24 07:29:33
2019/11/24Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephant Decapitated for the Illegal Ivory TradeAnimals2019-11-24 07:10:33
2019/11/23What Will It Take to End Extinction?Animals2019-11-23 09:30:08
2019/11/23A Dog Lost in Florida Over Ten Years Ago was Found in Pittsburgh!Animals2019-11-23 07:00:20
2019/11/23House Of Fraser Removes Animal Fur From Its Stores Following ‘Tsunami Of Public Protest’Animals2019-11-23 05:37:17
2019/11/22Australian Woman Takes Off Her Shirt to Save an Injured Koala from a WildfireAnimals2019-11-22 16:16:50
2019/11/22ABC: Florida School First in World to Use Synthetic Frogs for DissectionsAnimals2019-11-22 14:44:47
2019/11/22Comedian Explains How His Dog Got Sick on PuppuccinosAnimals2019-11-22 14:02:03
2019/11/22Cows Swept Out to Sea by Hurricane Dorian are Found Months Later – on the Outer BanksAnimals2019-11-22 08:59:11
2019/11/22Animal Rights Group Expose Horrors of Toro de Jubilo Festival Where Bull Horns are Set on FireAnimals2019-11-22 07:30:57
2019/11/22Demand For Donkeys Used in Chinese Medicine Has Reached Epic ProportionsAnimals2019-11-22 07:10:05
2019/11/22Two People Sent to Jail in Cambodia for Illegally Possessing Body Parts of Protected WildlifeAnimals2019-11-22 07:00:53
2019/11/21The Surprise Middleman in the Illegal Shark Fin Trade: The U.S.Animals2019-11-21 16:36:38
2019/11/21Factory Farmed Turkeys—Nothing to be Thankful ForAnimals2019-11-21 14:53:55
2019/11/21Baby Koala Hugs Unconscious Mom During Life-Saving SurgeryAnimals2019-11-21 13:00:15
2019/11/21‘The Game Changers’ Director Louie Psihoyos Schools Joe Rogan On Animal SlaughterAnimals2019-11-21 12:00:17
2019/11/21Win! House Passes Shark Fin Sales Elimination ActAnimals2019-11-21 07:55:18
2019/11/21Authorities are Searching for Person Who Illegally Shot a Protected Bald Eagle in Oregon!Animals2019-11-21 07:10:59
2019/11/218-Year-Old Girl, Encouraged by Mom, Proudly Kills a BuckAnimals2019-11-21 07:00:49
2019/11/217 Fast Facts That Will Make You Love TurkeysAnimals2019-11-21 06:05:18
2019/11/20Colleen Patrick-Goudreau Explains How Men Are Taught To Quell Their Compassion Towards AnimalsAnimals2019-11-20 16:14:18
2019/11/20Fed Agency Plans Are Not Adequate to Prevent 99.8% of U.S. Endangered Species From Suffering Climate Crisis, Study SaysAnimals2019-11-20 14:18:54
2019/11/20Aussie Haircare Granted ‘Cruelty-Free’ Status By PETAAnimals2019-11-20 10:25:28
2019/11/20Viral Video Shows Woman Rescuing Koala From Australian BushfiresAnimals2019-11-20 08:21:06
2019/11/20End Bobcat Killing and Protect Emperor Penguins: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsAnimals2019-11-20 08:00:51
2019/11/20Indian Parliament Member and Animal Activist, Maneka Gandhi, Rushes to Save Injured Monkey!Animals2019-11-20 07:20:11
2019/11/20Petition: Protect Emperor Penguins From ExtinctionAnimals2019-11-20 07:15:49
2019/11/20Graphic Video Shows a Matador Brutally Stabbing a BullAnimals2019-11-20 07:15:24
2019/11/20A Cruel Person Moved and Left Their 4 Dogs Behind But They Were so Happy to See a Kind Human AgainAnimals2019-11-20 06:00:45
2019/11/2018-Month Dairy Investigation Reveals Animal Abuse On Farms Across UKAnimals2019-11-20 04:14:06
2019/11/20Fish Harvest Down 90% After Pesticide UseAnimals2019-11-20 00:00:00
2019/11/19The Return of a Relative: Tribal Communities in the Northern Great Plains Rally Around Bison RestorationAnimals2019-11-19 15:51:07
2019/11/19NYC Becomes First City in the Country to Have a Dedicated Animal Welfare Office!Animals2019-11-19 07:30:18
2019/11/19Victory! UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat Bans Elephant RidesAnimals2019-11-19 07:25:28
2019/11/19Beautiful Bird Sanctuary Becomes Plastic Dumping GroundAnimals2019-11-19 07:15:39
2019/11/19College Apologizes and Removes Disturbing Photo of Naked Veterinary Students With SheepAnimals2019-11-19 07:10:36
2019/11/19Bridesmaids Carry Rescue Puppies Down the Aisle at Wedding to Encourage AdoptionAnimals2019-11-19 07:07:10
2019/11/19Petition: Stop Australia’s Cat Culling!Animals2019-11-19 07:05:04
2019/11/18Extreme Temperatures And Fires Have Left Australia’s Koalas In CrisisAnimals2019-11-18 16:25:22
2019/11/18College Removes Image Of Naked Men And Sheep From Calendar After Vegan ComplaintsAnimals2019-11-18 09:59:46
2019/11/18Feral Horses Gallop to the Rescue of Butterflies in DistressAnimals2019-11-18 09:59:02
2019/11/18Paris Bans Wild Animals in Circuses!Animals2019-11-18 08:57:37
2019/11/18Petition: Ask This New Zealand University to Ban Cruel Forced Swim Tests on Animals!Animals2019-11-18 07:25:36
2019/11/18Koalas on the Verge of Extinction Due to Record Breaking Forest Fires and DeforestationAnimals2019-11-18 07:20:44
2019/11/18The Dark Truth Behind the Dolphin Entertainment IndustryAnimals2019-11-18 07:15:56
2019/11/18Animal Welfare Group Successfully Closes Dog Slaughterhouse in Cambodia!Animals2019-11-18 07:15:20
2019/11/17How Do We Solve a Problem Like Wildlife Trade?Animals2019-11-17 10:15:06
2019/11/17200 Elephants Died From Drought in ZimbabweAnimals2019-11-17 07:35:12
2019/11/17Drone Footage Captures Hunters’ Hounds Brutally Tearing a Fox to ShredsAnimals2019-11-17 07:25:03
2019/11/17Petition: Don’t Allow Bullfighting to Return to Marbella, Spain!Animals2019-11-17 07:00:17
2019/11/17Paris To Ban Wild Animals In Circuses Over Cruelty ConcernsAnimals2019-11-17 05:48:27
2019/11/16‘I’m A Celebrity’ Permanently Ends Trials That Involve Eating Live InsectsAnimals2019-11-16 11:56:19
2019/11/16North Dakota Brewery Creates Adorable Dog-Themed Beers to Promote AdoptionAnimals2019-11-16 07:07:43
2019/11/16Activist Gets Ridiculed For Saving Dogs From Dog Meat Trade in IndonesiaAnimals2019-11-16 07:00:28
2019/11/1510,000 Dogs Needed For a Study on Canine and Human AgingAnimals2019-11-15 11:31:30
2019/11/15Cruel Pet Store Employee Caught Throwing Dog Across Room!Animals2019-11-15 07:25:08
2019/11/15Hundreds of Cats Rescued From Cat Meat Trade in ChinaAnimals2019-11-15 07:17:33
2019/11/15Poachers in Florida are Killing Bears for the Bear Bile TradeAnimals2019-11-15 07:15:26
2019/11/15Petition: Support Proposal for Creation of Europe’s Largest Marine Protected AreaAnimals2019-11-15 07:10:39
2019/11/15Costa Rica Takes Action Against Wild Animal Selfies!Animals2019-11-15 07:00:08
2019/11/14‘Insect Apocalypse’ Will Have Dire Con​sequences for ​All Life on Earth​, Report WarnsAnimals2019-11-14 11:58:54
2019/11/143 Cows Survived Hurricane Dorian by Swimming 2 to 4 MilesAnimals2019-11-14 08:58:25
2019/11/14New Initiative by Mercy For Animals Helps Factory Farmers Find More Eco-Friendly and Humane CareersAnimals2019-11-14 08:00:23
2019/11/14Video of Dog Being Force Fed Drain Water to Fatten Him Up For Sale in Dog Meat TradeAnimals2019-11-14 07:25:46
2019/11/14Top 5 Countries with the Most Captive DolphinsAnimals2019-11-14 07:20:25
2019/11/14Petition: End the United Kingdom’s Grey Squirrel Cull!Animals2019-11-14 07:05:15
2019/11/14Sandra the Orangutan Granted Legal Personhood in Landmark Case Settles Into New HomeAnimals2019-11-14 07:00:33
2019/11/14Popular UK Game Show Abuses Animals for Sport and Exposes Children to Animal CrueltyAnimals2019-11-14 06:58:14
2019/11/14Moby Celebrates 32nd Vegan Anniversary With Huge ‘Animal Rights’ TattooAnimals2019-11-14 06:22:00
2019/11/1411 Fun Facts About Turkeys!Animals2019-11-14 06:00:45
2019/11/13End Bear Bile Trade and Cancel Cruel Rodeo Events: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsAnimals2019-11-13 07:30:08
2019/11/13Six Horses Have Died at the Del Mar Racetrack Since July 2019Animals2019-11-13 07:27:17
2019/11/13Sanctuary Launches Amazing Program to Help Cattle Ranchers Transition Away From Animal Agriculture!Animals2019-11-13 07:25:11
2019/11/13Horrible Laboratory Exposed for Torturing Monkeys, Dogs, and Cats Forced to Shut Down!Animals2019-11-13 07:20:14
2019/11/13New Deadly Virus Killing Marine Mammals Linked to Global WarmingAnimals2019-11-13 07:05:09
2019/11/13Petition: Tell CBS Not to Promote Elephant Riding in their Television Shows!Animals2019-11-13 07:00:07
2019/11/138 Upcycled Dog Toys to Get Your Dog ThinkingAnimals2019-11-13 06:30:52
2019/11/12Crucial Ocean Feeding Ground for Baby Fish Contains 7x More Plastic Than FishAnimals2019-11-12 08:05:44
2019/11/12One of ’25 Most Wanted’ Species Rediscovered in Remote VietnamAnimals2019-11-12 07:34:06
2019/11/12Following Major International Outcry, Marine Mammals Freed from Illegal Whale ‘Prison’ in RussiaAnimals2019-11-12 07:25:13
2019/11/1265-Year-Old Elephant Receives Urgent Medical Care After Being Abused and OverworkedAnimals2019-11-12 07:20:14
2019/11/12Endangered Baby Pangolin Was Rescued from Poachers and Released Into the Wild!Animals2019-11-12 07:15:16
2019/11/12Petition: Make Debarking Dogs Illegal in Michigan!Animals2019-11-12 07:05:19
2019/11/11Meet The World’s Laziest Horse That Plays Dead Whenever It’s Time to Give a RideAnimals2019-11-11 17:50:38
2019/11/11Rare Antelopes Are Being Killed To Make $20,000 ScarvesAnimals2019-11-11 17:20:21
2019/11/11BAFTA-Winning ’73 Cows’ Filmmaker Makes New Documentary About Animal TestingAnimals2019-11-11 09:52:26
2019/11/11Horror Animal Testing Lab To Shut Down Following Exposé, Reports SuggestAnimals2019-11-11 08:17:49
2019/11/11Scientists Create Fake Rhino Horn to Fight PoachingAnimals2019-11-11 07:30:03
2019/11/11New Film, The Pollinators, Tells us Why Bees Determine the Future of Human SurvivalAnimals2019-11-11 07:20:05
2019/11/11This New Tool Will Help Stop PoachingAnimals2019-11-11 07:07:16
2019/11/11Petition: Urge Senate to Pass the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act to Protect Horses!Animals2019-11-11 07:00:02
2019/11/10Record Number Of Activists Expected To Attend London March Against FurAnimals2019-11-10 13:39:00
2019/11/10Kendall Jenner Kneeling on Back of Horse for Halloween Fashion Photo is DisgracefulAnimals2019-11-10 07:07:11
2019/11/10Illegal Poaching of 4,000 Vulnerable Turtles Species Discovered in FloridaAnimals2019-11-10 07:00:13
2019/11/10Petition: Justice for Cat Cruelly Tortured on CameraAnimals2019-11-10 06:57:06
2019/11/09Cow Found With 115 Pounds of Plastic in BellyAnimals2019-11-09 07:13:19
2019/11/08Climate Crisis Is Causing a Deadly Virus to Spread Amongst Marine MammalsAnimals2019-11-08 12:14:41
2019/11/08Queen Urged To Swap Fur On Ceremonial Robes To Sustainable Faux OptionAnimals2019-11-08 07:41:10
2019/11/08As Fire Season Amps Up, Here’s How to Prepare For Your Pets’ SafetyAnimals2019-11-08 07:17:11
2019/11/08Petition: End Deadly Primate Testing in the University of California at Davis!Animals2019-11-08 07:15:18
2019/11/08Schools in Vietnam to Teach Children About Threatened WildlifeAnimals2019-11-08 07:13:20
2019/11/08An Entire Thai Village is in the Business of Mercilessly Training Elephants for CaptivityAnimals2019-11-08 07:10:05
2019/11/08Why You Should Start a New Tradition This Thanksgiving by Keeping Turkeys Off Your PlateAnimals2019-11-08 06:07:49
2019/11/08Seoul Declared Free Of Dog Slaughterhouses After Last Shops Pledge To Stop KillingAnimals2019-11-08 04:44:10
2019/11/07World’s Toughest Ban on Ivory Will Move Forward in UK as Court Rejects Challenge From DealersAnimals2019-11-07 14:56:13
2019/11/07Revlon, Clinique, Maybelline, Shiseido and More! List of Makeup Companies That Still Test on AnimalsAnimals2019-11-07 07:35:15
2019/11/07Undercover Footage Reveals Extreme Violence and Suffering in Sheep SlaughterhouseAnimals2019-11-07 07:33:55
2019/11/07Urge Trump to Sign Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act into LawAnimals2019-11-07 07:30:52
2019/11/07Florida Introduces Legislation to End Shark Fin TradeAnimals2019-11-07 07:15:57
2019/11/07Petition: Call on Expedia to Cut Ties With Captive Animal AttractionsAnimals2019-11-07 07:10:49
2019/11/07Major Bag Designer Ditches All Leather To Use Vegan Pinatex InsteadAnimals2019-11-07 05:40:52
2019/11/07Anti Animal Testing Advert Runs On Television In USAnimals2019-11-07 04:45:10
2019/11/06Ask Expedia to Cut Ties With Captive Animal Attractions and Save Animals From the California Wildfires: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsAnimals2019-11-06 07:45:22
2019/11/06Jason Momoa Recklessly Feeds Cookie to a Bear from his Mouth as Publicity Stunt to Promote MovieAnimals2019-11-06 07:15:24
2019/11/06The Queen of England is Going Fur Free!Animals2019-11-06 07:00:19
2019/11/06Petition: Protect Koalas From Extinction by Stopping Rampant DeforestationAnimals2019-11-06 06:55:16
2019/11/05Elephants Found Distressed and Mistreated at Maesa Elephant Camp in ThailandAnimals2019-11-05 07:50:04
2019/11/05The Queen Ditches Fur After ‘Backlash From Animal Rights Activists’Animals2019-11-05 07:21:00
2019/11/05Petition: Save UK Military Dogs From Death After Retirement!Animals2019-11-05 07:10:22
2019/11/05Stray Australian Puppy Found to Be 100 Percent Endangered DingoAnimals2019-11-05 06:42:22
2019/11/05Undercover Video Shows Sheep Beheading In UK SlaughterhouseAnimals2019-11-05 05:35:43
2019/11/04New Law Allows Pets To Be Buried Alongside Their Humans At CemeteriesAnimals2019-11-04 16:57:59
2019/11/04Halloween Kitty CatsAnimals2019-11-04 14:02:36
2019/11/04UK Government Urged To Ban Fireworks As Companion Animals ‘Killed By Fright’Animals2019-11-04 11:07:48
2019/11/04New Fin Whale Subspecies Discovered in North PacificAnimals2019-11-04 08:14:38
2019/11/04Elephant Collapses and Dies of Exhaustion After Being OverworkedAnimals2019-11-04 07:30:59
2019/11/04Win! Animals No Longer Necessary to Test NeurotoxinsAnimals2019-11-04 07:07:40
2019/11/04Petition: Ban Bear Dancing Shows in Russia!Animals2019-11-04 07:05:57
2019/11/04Golf Center in England Finds Creative Eco-Friendly Way to Feed Fish!Animals2019-11-04 06:59:13
2019/11/04‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Jason Momoa Blasted For ‘Exploiting’ Bear In VideoAnimals2019-11-04 05:33:36
2019/11/03Bulldog Skincare Becomes First Cruelty-Free Brand To Sell In ChinaAnimals2019-11-03 14:27:42
2019/11/03New York City to Ban Foie GrasAnimals2019-11-03 14:12:05
2019/11/03Eek! Bat Populations Are Shrinking. Here Are A Few Ways to HelpAnimals2019-11-03 11:43:21
2019/11/03Horrifying! Live Pigs Used as Crash Test Dummies in ChinaAnimals2019-11-03 07:30:39
2019/11/03Actor James Cromwell Arrested for Protesting Animal TestingAnimals2019-11-03 07:20:15
2019/11/03Petition: End the Slaughter of Race Horses in Australia!Animals2019-11-03 06:40:47
2019/11/01How Ayahuasca Tourism Drives Jaguar Body Parts TradeAnimals2019-11-01 10:11:57
2019/11/01Live Pigs Used As Crash Test Dummies In ‘Barbaric’ Chinese TestsAnimals2019-11-01 08:00:18
2019/11/01Urge the Food and Drug Administration to End Cruel Animal Testing and Research!Animals2019-11-01 07:30:23
2019/11/01Meghan Markle’s Beautiful Jewelry Raises Awareness for Endangered Species!Animals2019-11-01 07:27:55
2019/11/01Petition: Ban Puppy Mills in the United States!Animals2019-11-01 07:25:25
2019/11/01Exposed: Illegal Bear Bile Trafficking Network in AsiaAnimals2019-11-01 07:15:20
2019/11/01Horrible Arcade Game Allows People to Play with Live Crabs For FunAnimals2019-11-01 07:10:58
2019/11/01Paul McCartney Calls for End to Animal Experiments and Abuse in New Music Video!Animals2019-11-01 07:10:14
2019/11/01Amazing Mini Tunnels Help Turtles Cross Dangerous Highways Without Getting CrushedAnimals2019-11-01 07:00:33
2019/10/31Barn Owl Killed By Sky Lantern as RSPCA Warn People Not to Use ThemAnimals2019-10-31 20:51:26
2019/10/31Vegetarian Lady Ate a Single Meat Burger and Eventually Became a Cruelty-Free Pig FarmerAnimals2019-10-31 19:04:31
2019/10/31Halloween Horror Stories: I Know What You Did to Your DNAAnimals2019-10-31 18:26:52
2019/10/31All-One Activist: pattrice jones of VINE SanctuaryAnimals2019-10-31 12:48:22
2019/10/31NYC Passes Law So Carriage Horses Won’t Be Forced to Work in Extreme Heat, But the Fight is Not OverAnimals2019-10-31 07:50:59
2019/10/31New York City Council Bans Foie Gras Setting the Bar for the Rest of the World to Follow!Animals2019-10-31 07:45:40
2019/10/31Alameda County Bans Sheep Riding and Abolishes Cruel Rodeo Event!Animals2019-10-31 07:33:15
2019/10/31‘Cruel Rodeo Event’ Banned Following CampaignAnimals2019-10-31 07:22:07
2019/10/31Petition: Ban Brutal Animal Experiments in the UK Funded by the USAnimals2019-10-31 07:20:17
2019/10/31Newly Elected Swiss Politician Creates “No Factory Farming in Switzerland” Campaign!Animals2019-10-31 07:17:42
2019/10/31Foie Gras Banned In New York On Animal Welfare GroundsAnimals2019-10-31 06:13:26
2019/10/30Lions Found Mutilated By Poachers For ‘Magic Potions’Animals2019-10-30 18:56:27
2019/10/30Oil Spill Causes ‘Major Disaster’ for Ganges River Dolphins Breeding ZoneAnimals2019-10-30 14:20:55
2019/10/30Fears Arise That Hundreds of Koalas Burned Alive in Australia BrushfireAnimals2019-10-30 11:38:03
2019/10/30Ban Puppy Mills and End the Cruel Horse Carriage Industry: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsAnimals2019-10-30 07:45:33
2019/10/30Disabled Turkey Rescued From Slaughter Stars In Major New CampaignAnimals2019-10-30 07:25:30
2019/10/30Petition: Protect Critically Endangered Hawksbill Turtles From Poaching!Animals2019-10-30 07:20:01
2019/10/30New Documentary Produced by Joaquin Phoenix “The Animal People” Follows Animal Activists Charged With TerrorismAnimals2019-10-30 07:07:33
2019/10/30Tips for Keeping Pets Safe on HalloweenAnimals2019-10-30 06:25:17
2019/10/29What Would It Look Like If Birds Left Tracks In The Sky?Animals2019-10-29 22:39:54
2019/10/29Support The Gentle Barn Sanctuary Save Their Animals from the California Tick FireAnimals2019-10-29 09:20:22
2019/10/29Sea Gull Population Greatly Affected Due to Ingesting Plastic Rubber Bands Mistaken for WormsAnimals2019-10-29 07:20:59
2019/10/29NYC Foie Gras Ban to be Voted on Tomorrow!Animals2019-10-29 07:15:19
2019/10/29What We Can Learn About Our Relationship With Animals From Classic Horror MoviesAnimals2019-10-29 06:05:40
2019/10/29Joaquin Phoenix Executive Produces Animal Rights Activism DocumentaryAnimals2019-10-29 05:33:48
2019/10/288 Tips for Every Pet Guardian to Keep in Mind This HalloweenAnimals2019-10-28 06:10:06
2019/10/28Chicken Shed Bursts Into Flames – With 20,000 Animals InsideAnimals2019-10-28 04:34:55
2019/10/27Missing Tortoise Found 7 Days Later, 5 Miles Away At Family’s Old HouseAnimals2019-10-27 21:44:19
2019/10/27Zimbabwe Exports Over 30 Wild Caught Baby Elephants to Chinese ZoosAnimals2019-10-27 07:10:50
2019/10/27Petition: Ban Gun Ownership for Animal Abusers!Animals2019-10-27 07:00:13
2019/10/26Dr. Bronner’s Stands Up for AnimalsAnimals2019-10-26 13:02:55
2019/10/25A Group Of Panama Monkeys Have Entered The Stone AgeAnimals2019-10-25 09:39:17
2019/10/25Investigation Reveals Horrific Treatment of Monkeys, Dogs, and Cats in European Research LaboratoryAnimals2019-10-25 07:45:54
2019/10/25House Unanimously Approves ‘Watershed’ Bill Making Animal Cruelty a Federal CrimeAnimals2019-10-25 07:32:25
2019/10/25Petition: Ban Poisons Killing Mountain LionsAnimals2019-10-25 07:00:52
2019/10/25Litter Box Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Kitties HappyAnimals2019-10-25 06:07:33
2019/10/25Dairy Farm Footage Shows ‘Baby Goats Bludgeoned To Death In Front Of Their Mothers’Animals2019-10-25 04:09:22
2019/10/24‘Progressive Recovery’ of 25K South Atlantic Humpback Whales. In 1950s there were 450Animals2019-10-24 12:58:40
2019/10/24U.S. House of Representatives Passes PACT Act to Make Animal Cruelty a Federal Felony!Animals2019-10-24 07:45:33
2019/10/24Captivity Kills! False Killer Whale Kina is the 141st Cetacean to Die at Sea Life Park HawaiiAnimals2019-10-24 07:37:17
2019/10/24The Dark Truth Behind Kopi Luwak, the World’s Most Expensive CoffeeAnimals2019-10-24 07:15:16
2019/10/24Petition: Protect Elephants in India From Being Struck by TrainsAnimals2019-10-24 07:00:33
2019/10/23Paul McCartney Drops New Anti- Animal Testing Music VideoAnimals2019-10-23 10:29:32
2019/10/23Ban Gun Ownership for Animal Abusers and Eliminate Poisons Killing Mountain Lions: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsAnimals2019-10-23 07:45:57
2019/10/23Trump Admin Moves to End Protections for Endangered Fish Threatened by California’s Water WarsAnimals2019-10-23 07:03:32
2019/10/23Petition: End Private Monkey Sales and Primate Ownership!Animals2019-10-23 07:00:55
2019/10/2255 Elephants Have Died in 2 Months From Unprecedented Zimbabwe Drought, Wildlife Agency SaysAnimals2019-10-22 13:52:35
2019/10/22Study Reveals 30% of All Species Swap for Other Species Every 10 YearsAnimals2019-10-22 13:21:43
2019/10/22Doe, a Deer — 60 of Them in Oak Bay — Are Being Treated with Immuno-ContraceptionAnimals2019-10-22 11:39:33
2019/10/22Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Will No Longer Sell Fur By The End of 2020!Animals2019-10-22 09:41:49
2019/10/22Chile’s Last Circus Elephant is Retired to a Sanctuary!Animals2019-10-22 07:20:17
2019/10/22South Dakota is Going to Allow Trophy Hunters to Kill 30% of Their Mountain LionsAnimals2019-10-22 07:15:15
2019/10/22Petition: Find Wildlife Traffickers Who Tossed Exotic Animals Into the Sea to Their DeathAnimals2019-10-22 07:10:13
2019/10/22Couple Saves Baby Sloth Who Was Found Stuck Between Rocks on Beach! (PHOTOS)Animals2019-10-22 06:00:53
2019/10/22US Retail Giant Macy’s To Ditch Fur Sales From All Its StoresAnimals2019-10-22 05:03:22
2019/10/22Dr. Jane Goodall Blasts ‘Brutal’ Lab After Investigation Reveals Animal SufferingAnimals2019-10-22 04:34:29
2019/10/21Baby Sea Turtles Found Burnt To Death on Florida BeachAnimals2019-10-21 16:42:38
2019/10/21Major University Campaign ‘Highlights Suffering Of Free-Range Chickens’Animals2019-10-21 09:19:46
2019/10/21Petition: Pass The HEART Act to Help Dogs Rescued From DogfightingAnimals2019-10-21 07:00:24
2019/10/21Investigation Launched And Charges Filed After Video Reveals Animal Suffering In LabAnimals2019-10-21 04:32:56
2019/10/20Concerns Grow As South Africa Reclassifies 33 Wild Species As Farm AnimalsAnimals2019-10-20 14:45:50
2019/10/20Undercover Investigation Reveals Mass Slaughter and Abuse Behind the Scenes of Horse Racing in AustraliaAnimals2019-10-20 07:15:21
2019/10/20Booking.com No Longer Sells Tickets to Captive Animal Attractions!Animals2019-10-20 07:10:35
2019/10/20Breaking! Atlantic Humpback Whales are on a Path to Recovery from Extinction Due to Over HuntingAnimals2019-10-20 07:03:11
2019/10/20Petition: Ask the UN to Protect Asian Elephants From Being Poached for Jewelry!Animals2019-10-20 06:55:25
2019/10/19Slovakia Approves Ban On Fur Production After Petition Exceeds 76,000 SignaturesAnimals2019-10-19 14:03:11
2019/10/19Billie Eilish ‘Disgusted’ By People Wearing Mink FurAnimals2019-10-19 12:45:56
2019/10/18Heavy Snowfall in 2018 Kept Arctic Wildlife From BreedingAnimals2019-10-18 11:27:42
2019/10/18Breaking! Undercover Investigations Reveal Heartbreaking Cruelty on Fur Farms in FinlandAnimals2019-10-18 07:30:13
2019/10/18Petition: Ask Home Depot to Stop Selling Herbicide Linked to the Death of Bees!Animals2019-10-18 07:10:14
2019/10/18Finally! Cruel Sport of Greyround Racing is Being Phased Out in ArkansasAnimals2019-10-18 06:33:46
2019/10/17CBS: Hundreds of Birds Killed and Injured After Crashing into NASCAR Hall of Fame BuildingAnimals2019-10-17 13:16:42
2019/10/17To Stop an Insect Die-Out, the World Needs Pollinator-Friendly Policies, Scientist WarnsAnimals2019-10-17 09:54:07
2019/10/17Let’s Help the Whale Sanctuary Project Build a Sanctuary for Whales Rescued From Captivity!Animals2019-10-17 07:30:05
2019/10/17Petition: Demand Mandatory Reporter Laws for Veterinarians to Report Animal AbuseAnimals2019-10-17 07:25:59
2019/10/16A Very Big Dog Named Floyd Had To Be Rescued On A Hike And The Photos Are HeartwarmingAnimals2019-10-16 18:31:57
2019/10/16Footage Reveals Humpback Whales Use Their Fins To Herd SalmonAnimals2019-10-16 12:12:49
2019/10/16China Begins Breeding Pigs as Heavy as Polar Bears to cope With the Nation-wide Pork ShortageAnimals2019-10-16 09:16:15
2019/10/16Ban Foie Gras and Protect Elephants From Poaching: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsAnimals2019-10-16 07:35:37
2019/10/16Lizzo Brings Shelter Puppies on Stage and Encourages Audience to Adopt!Animals2019-10-16 07:30:43
2019/10/16Campaigners Slam’ Abhorrent’ Show Which Asks Family To Adopt Animal – Then Eat ThemAnimals2019-10-16 07:13:59
2019/10/16Petition: Demand That the USDA Enforce the Animal Welfare Act!Animals2019-10-16 07:13:33
2019/10/15Bears Kept Stealing Honey From A Man’s Bee Farm, So He Turned Them Into Honey TastersAnimals2019-10-15 20:07:34
2019/10/15German Lab Called Out for Abhorrent Animal CrueltyAnimals2019-10-15 20:03:54
2019/10/15Undercover Footage Reveals ‘Terrible Animal Suffering’ In German LabAnimals2019-10-15 09:57:41
2019/10/15California Is the First State to Ban Fur SalesAnimals2019-10-15 09:47:40
2019/10/15Petition: Save Canada’s Starving Bears Who Aren’t Eating Enough Salmon Due to Climate Change!Animals2019-10-15 07:20:23
2019/10/15California Passes Law to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Pets!Animals2019-10-15 07:10:17
2019/10/15To Limit Hoarders, Abusers and Fake “Rescue” Orgs, Michigan Introduces Bill Requiring Animal Organizations to Register With the State!Animals2019-10-15 07:05:19
2019/10/14Saving the Vaquita: New Promises and New ThreatsAnimals2019-10-14 11:56:22
2019/10/14Breaking! California is Now the First State in the Nation to Ban FurAnimals2019-10-14 08:40:08
2019/10/14Victory! California Signs Law Banning Elephants, Lions, Bears and Tigers From CircusesAnimals2019-10-14 08:34:38
2019/10/14Petition: Ban Use of Dogs as Weapons in Prisons!Animals2019-10-14 07:00:41
2019/10/14California Becomes First State To Ban Fur Sales Under New LawAnimals2019-10-14 03:44:02
2019/10/13HuffPost: California Becomes First State To Ban The Sale Of Fur ProductsAnimals2019-10-13 13:46:25
2019/10/13‘Bucking Tradition’ Wins Major Vegan Film FestivalAnimals2019-10-13 10:23:20
2019/10/12Report Shows Rising Temperatures Will Lead to Extinction of Two-Thirds of the America’s Bird PopulationAnimals2019-10-12 07:30:00
2019/10/11Climate Change Threatens Two-Thirds of North American Bird Species With ExtinctionAnimals2019-10-11 11:47:54
2019/10/11Six elephants plummet to their deaths at a Thai waterfall while attempting to rescue one anotherAnimals2019-10-11 10:26:21
2019/10/11“Champion” Horse Trainer Charged With Animal Cruelty Shows Horse Racing is Indeed a Cruel SportAnimals2019-10-11 07:15:28
2019/10/11Petition: Save Last Remaining Elephant at Zoo Where Two Elephants Died in the Last Year!Animals2019-10-11 07:10:32
2019/10/11Dolphins Rescued From Swimming With Tourists in a Hotel Pool in Bali Now Doing Well at a Sanctuary!Animals2019-10-11 07:05:52
2019/10/11New “Uber Pet” Feature Makes Traveling With Pets EasierAnimals2019-10-11 07:00:11
2019/10/11Animal Rebellion To Occupy UK’s Biggest Fish MarketAnimals2019-10-11 06:00:07
2019/10/11‘Don’t Support Horrible Dolphin Shows’ Pleads Lewis HamiltonAnimals2019-10-11 04:55:37
2019/10/10Animal Rebellion Occupies London Offices Of Meat Giant BackerAnimals2019-10-10 10:19:46
2019/10/10Hunters Killed Belgium’s Only Wild Wolf in Over a CenturyAnimals2019-10-10 07:10:25
2019/10/10Meet the Winner of Katmai National Park’s Fat Bear Week 2019Animals2019-10-10 06:45:07
2019/10/09This Tiny Alligator Is Wearing an IRL Snapchat FilterAnimals2019-10-09 19:47:32
2019/10/09There’s Supposed to Be a Leopard in This Picture and Some of Us Have Gone Crazy Trying to Find ItAnimals2019-10-09 18:32:37
2019/10/09Man Builds a Custom Kayak with Pouches So He Could Take Safely His Dogs Out Into the WaterAnimals2019-10-09 18:15:05
2019/10/09Michigan Bill that Would STOP Cruel Dog ExperimentsAnimals2019-10-09 13:39:59
2019/10/09The Kirtland’s Warbler Is Another Endangered Species Act Success StoryAnimals2019-10-09 07:57:33
2019/10/09Ban Plastic Water Bottles in National Parks and Protect Alaska’s Federal Lands: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help Animals!Animals2019-10-09 07:45:28
2019/10/09Meat Traders Support Animal Rebellion: ‘Things Need To Change’Animals2019-10-09 07:37:54
2019/10/09Study Finds That the Wildlife Trade Affects One-Fifth of Vertebrates on LandAnimals2019-10-09 07:35:35
2019/10/09Petition: Nominee for Department of Fish and Wildlife Services Director Has Worked for Monsanto and Anti-Animal and Environmental GroupsAnimals2019-10-09 07:33:38
2019/10/09Palm Oil and Poaching Put the Helmeted Hornbill at Risk of ExtinctionAnimals2019-10-09 07:30:31
2019/10/09Our Cats Do Love Us! Study Finds Cats Form Deep Bonds With Their CaretakersAnimals2019-10-09 07:10:16
2019/10/09Park Sign Perfectly Sums Up Why We Should Not Feed Birds Bread – And What to Do InsteadAnimals2019-10-09 06:00:39
2019/10/08OPINION: Milk Is Deadly – What The Dairy Industry Doesn’t Want You To KnowAnimals2019-10-08 15:30:00
2019/10/08Real Estate Agent Caught on Camera Attempting to Poison Owl Burrow on Marco IslandAnimals2019-10-08 09:47:40
2019/10/08In a Sign of Cleanup Success, Dolphins Are Living and Giving Birth in the PotomacAnimals2019-10-08 09:00:37
2019/10/08Whales are Disappearing from the Gulf of MaineAnimals2019-10-08 07:20:29
2019/10/08Nearly 3 Billion Birds Have DisappearedAnimals2019-10-08 00:00:00
2019/10/07CNN: Puppy Found Alive in Rubble One Month After Hurricane Dorian Hit the BahamasAnimals2019-10-07 19:14:52
2019/10/076 Elephants Die After Plunging off a Waterfall in ThailandAnimals2019-10-07 12:25:12
2019/10/07Dead Baby Turtle Found With 104 Pieces of Plastic in StomachAnimals2019-10-07 11:21:10
2019/10/07The Importance of Nutrition to your Pet’s Health with Dr. Richard Pitcairin, DVM, PhDAnimals2019-10-07 10:45:30
2019/10/07Budweiser Spends £6.3M to Phase Out Plastic Rings That Harm Marine LifeAnimals2019-10-07 07:20:20
2019/10/07Grizzly Bears Are Starving in Canada Right Now Due to Climate ChangeAnimals2019-10-07 07:02:28
2019/10/07Baby Sea Turtle Found Dead After Eating 104 Pieces of PlasticAnimals2019-10-07 07:02:26
2019/10/07After Beating All Odds, Snuggly Rescued Puppy Was Ignored by Potential Adopters for 14 Months – Look at Her Now!Animals2019-10-07 06:21:57
2019/10/07Bitchute TestAnimals2019-10-07 00:00:00
2019/10/06Woman Shares Photos of an Amazing Flower-Like Bug That Looks like A Work of ArtAnimals2019-10-06 12:49:03
2019/10/06Caught On Camera: Rare Footage of Grizzly Bears Fighting On Northern Canadian HighwayAnimals2019-10-06 12:32:43
2019/10/06Justin Bieber Blasted Over $35,000 Designer Cats – Tells PETA To ‘Suck It’Animals2019-10-06 10:55:34
2019/10/05Salmon Farming Blasted As ‘Starving’ Grizzly Bears PhotographedAnimals2019-10-05 06:45:02
2019/10/04Tiny Turtle Died With 104 Pieces Of Plastic In StomachAnimals2019-10-04 11:05:47
2019/10/04Joaquin Phoenix Brands Animal Agriculture ‘Absurd And Barbaric’Animals2019-10-04 09:19:40
2019/10/0441% of UK Species Have Declined Since 1970, Major Report FindsAnimals2019-10-04 07:43:23
2019/10/04Britain Wants to Prohibit Hunters From Bringing Back Trophy Animals Into The CountryAnimals2019-10-04 07:35:32
2019/10/04Zebra Shot Dead in Germany After Escaping From CircusAnimals2019-10-04 07:21:16
2019/10/04Tuna at Risk of Extinction Due to Extremely High DemandAnimals2019-10-04 07:19:23
2019/10/04Rescued Dog Lost Her Cat BFF, So Now She Helps Foster Kittens! (PHOTOS)Animals2019-10-04 06:28:42
2019/10/03Zebra Shot Dead After Escaping From CircusAnimals2019-10-03 11:53:14
2019/10/03Canada’s Starving Grizzlies Mean Low Salmon StockAnimals2019-10-03 11:51:27
2019/10/03First Wolf Sighted in Belgium in 100 Years Was Likely Shot With Her CubsAnimals2019-10-03 10:41:06
2019/10/03TripAdvisor Will No Longer Sell Tickets to Dolphin or Whale AttractionsAnimals2019-10-03 07:06:24
2019/10/03Dog With ‘Free’ Written in Marker on Her Forehead Has Finally Found a Loving Home! (PHOTOS)Animals2019-10-03 06:00:00
2019/10/02EXCLUSIVE: Vegan Activist Genesis Butler To Star In ‘Marvel Hero Project’ ShowAnimals2019-10-02 15:01:15
2019/10/02Greta Thunberg Meets Vegan Icon ‘Esther The Wonder Pig’Animals2019-10-02 11:46:59
2019/10/027 Elephants Dead of Suspected Poisoning in Sri LankaAnimals2019-10-02 09:32:44
2019/10/02Shut Down Santa Anita Racetrack and End Captive Tiger Industry: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsAnimals2019-10-02 07:30:29
2019/10/02Petition: Stop eBay From Allowing The Sale of Endangered Stuffed AnimalsAnimals2019-10-02 07:21:09
2019/10/02California Passes The California Migratory Bird Protection Act to Protect Birds From Oil SpillsAnimals2019-10-02 07:20:06
2019/10/027 DIY Projects to Make Your Pet Happy!Animals2019-10-02 06:30:16
2019/10/02White House Eliminates Marine Life Advisory BoardsAnimals2019-10-02 06:16:02
2019/10/02Chris Packham ‘Death Threats Make Me Try Harder’Animals2019-10-02 05:19:26
2019/10/01DEMANDING AN END TO ANIMAL AGRICULTURE – Animal RebellionAnimals2019-10-01 11:50:48
2019/10/01Petition: Stop Annual Badger Culling in the United Kingdom!Animals2019-10-01 07:00:49
2019/10/01Why Animal Rebellion’s Plans Changed And What Is Actually HappeningAnimals2019-10-01 04:27:37
2019/09/30Local Communities Play Outsized but Overlooked Role in Global FisheriesAnimals2019-09-30 16:35:30
2019/09/30Illegal Wildlife Trade Thrives on Facebook, Internet ForumsAnimals2019-09-30 09:15:09
2019/09/30Petition: Free Lyka the Blind Lioness From Maasin Zoo!Animals2019-09-30 06:40:41
2019/09/30Rescued Mange-Ridden Puppy Was Kicked So Hard Her Spine CrackedAnimals2019-09-30 06:00:37
2019/09/30Record-Breaking 40,000 Activists Attend Official Animal Rights March GloballyAnimals2019-09-30 05:32:07
2019/09/29500 Jaguars Left Homeless Due to the Amazon Rainforest FiresAnimals2019-09-29 07:15:57
2019/09/29Petition: Ask the American Kennel Club to Stop Promoting Ear Cropping and Tail Docking!Animals2019-09-29 06:40:53
2019/09/28Turtles ‘Covered In Black Tar’ After Oil Spill Hits Brazil’s Northeast CoastAnimals2019-09-28 10:47:50
2019/09/28Court Rules Against Shark Culling and Catching in Australia!Animals2019-09-28 07:30:27
2019/09/27UK Meat Market And Animal Rebellion To Fight Government Inaction On Climate ChangeAnimals2019-09-27 10:28:06
2019/09/27More Than 2 Millions Animals Killed In Bolivian WildfiresAnimals2019-09-27 09:41:07
2019/09/27Trump Administration Plans to Open Up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge For Oil DrillingAnimals2019-09-27 07:20:51
2019/09/27Humane Society International Saved Over 90 Dogs From Dog Meat Trade in South Korea!Animals2019-09-27 07:05:36
2019/09/27Petition: Demand Justice for Seals Who Were Murdered and Decapitated!Animals2019-09-27 07:00:01
2019/09/26At Least 500 Jaguars Lost Their Lives or Habitat in Amazon FiresAnimals2019-09-26 10:15:44
2019/09/26Petition: Ban Arranged Trophy Hunts That Teach Children to Kill Helpless Animals!Animals2019-09-26 07:15:37
2019/09/2617 States Sue to Stop Trump Admin Attack on Endangered Species ActAnimals2019-09-26 07:07:31
2019/09/26Vegan Star Alicia Silverstone Says Animal Agriculture Is Killing The PlanetAnimals2019-09-26 05:45:26
2019/09/25Chris Packham Slams I’m A Celebrity For ‘Abusing Animals’Animals2019-09-25 16:43:02
2019/09/25Beware Mosquitoes, Even Into FallAnimals2019-09-25 09:29:23
2019/09/25Switzerland Bans Shredding Of Male Chicks: But Is This A Victory?Animals2019-09-25 08:30:50
2019/09/25Defend Starving Polar Bears and Stop Arranged Trophy Hunts for Children: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help Animals!Animals2019-09-25 07:45:28
2019/09/25U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Authorized The Import of a Lion Trophy From Tanzania!Animals2019-09-25 07:40:01
2019/09/25Petition: Tell the U.S. to Stop Sending Bomb-Sniffing Dogs to Countries Where They’re Neglected!Animals2019-09-25 07:35:59
2019/09/25Two Elephants, Including the Famous Beulah, Have Died This Year at R.W. Commerford ZooAnimals2019-09-25 07:30:04
2019/09/25CECIL Act to Protect Lions From Trophy Hunting Was Advanced Despite Push Back From Trump AdministrationAnimals2019-09-25 07:25:07
2019/09/25Why Have The United States and Canada Lost 3 Billion Birds Since 1970?Animals2019-09-25 07:15:11
2019/09/25Mother Walrus Attacks and Sinks Russian Naval Boat to Protect Her CubsAnimals2019-09-25 07:02:04
2019/09/25Someone Tortured This Puppy Until He Couldn’t Walk Anymore… Then He Was Dumped in a ShelterAnimals2019-09-25 06:00:49
2019/09/24The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to Save Your Pet’s Life – Interview with Barbara Royal, DVMAnimals2019-09-24 19:04:57
2019/09/24Orangutans Are Suffering in Indonesian Fires Right Now Due to Palm Oil Deforestation!Animals2019-09-24 07:37:52
2019/09/24Petition: Increase Protections for Gorillas and Rangers at Virunga National Park!Animals2019-09-24 06:15:33
2019/09/24Filmmaker Kevin Smith Presents Award At Mercy For Animals EventAnimals2019-09-24 04:03:47
2019/09/24Joaquin Phoenix Stars On Major Anti-Speciesism Bilboard In Times SquareAnimals2019-09-24 03:41:16
2019/09/24Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Cross With Natural SpeciesAnimals2019-09-24 00:00:00
2019/09/23Petition: Ask City of Samarkand, Uzbekistan to Stop Poisoning Stray Dogs!Animals2019-09-23 09:43:56
2019/09/23Great News! Euthanasia Rates in Shelters Have Dropped!Animals2019-09-23 07:05:11
2019/09/22PETA Gifts J.Lo Faux Fur Coat Following ‘Hustlers’ ControversyAnimals2019-09-22 11:12:31
2019/09/22500 Million Bees Found Dead in BrazilAnimals2019-09-22 07:10:38
2019/09/21Blue Shark Horrifically Served at Plymouth Seafood FestivalAnimals2019-09-21 21:07:15
2019/09/21This Insecticide, Known For Harming Bees, is Also Hurting Birds!Animals2019-09-21 07:00:09
2019/09/20Birds Populations Are Rapidly Declining in North AmericaAnimals2019-09-20 12:02:06
2019/09/20Heartbreaking! Pod of Taiji Dolphins Trapped in Cove Huddled Together for Comfort Before SlaughterAnimals2019-09-20 07:15:17
2019/09/2030 Horses Have Died at Santa Anita Racetrack Yet The Breeder’s Cup Will Take Place This November!Animals2019-09-20 07:10:21
2019/09/20Petition: Make It Illegal for Animal Abusers to Work With Animals!Animals2019-09-20 07:00:19
2019/09/19Petition: Protect Pebble Island And Its Penguins!Animals2019-09-19 07:10:43
2019/09/19Denmark Saves Circus Elephants With Retirement Plan!Animals2019-09-19 07:00:41
2019/09/19Homeless Dog Tossed Into a Dirt Field Like Useless Trash Is Finally Learning She Deserves BetterAnimals2019-09-19 06:00:36
2019/09/18New Trump Admin Hog Slaughtering Rule ‘Will Result in the Fox Guarding the Henhouse’Animals2019-09-18 07:55:01
2019/09/18Protect Nature Reserve in Niger and Ban Australia’s Ivory Trade: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help Animals!Animals2019-09-18 07:45:31
2019/09/18Death of 86 Tigers Rescued From Tiger Temple Further Proves They Should Never Have Been in Captivity!Animals2019-09-18 07:25:42
2019/09/18Vikings Likely Hunted Ancient Walruses in Iceland to Extinction, New Research FindsAnimals2019-09-18 07:17:57
2019/09/18Petition: Ban Bullfighting in France!Animals2019-09-18 07:00:27
2019/09/1810 Essential Pet Disaster Preparedness TipsAnimals2019-09-18 06:35:49
2019/09/17Lidl Commits To Labeling Vegan Products Following Animal Aid CampaignAnimals2019-09-17 11:03:48
2019/09/17Endangered Baby Sea Turtles Were Found Burned to Death on Florida Beach!Animals2019-09-17 07:20:38
2019/09/17Petition: Ask Australia to Make it Legal to Rescue Dogs From Hot Cars!Animals2019-09-17 07:10:35
2019/09/16Song Blasting Nando’s Animal Welfare Standards Exceeds 100,000 ViewsAnimals2019-09-16 11:39:33
2019/09/16Neonics May Be Killing Birds in Addition to Bees, Groundbreaking Study FindsAnimals2019-09-16 10:12:59
2019/09/16Petition: Protect the Newly Discovered Blue-Throated Hillstar Hummingbird From Extinction!Animals2019-09-16 07:15:45
2019/09/15Pamela Anderson Gets Playboy Club London To Ditch Foie GrasAnimals2019-09-15 14:25:10
2019/09/15New Show on Animal Planet Features Live Animal Adoptions!Animals2019-09-15 07:00:48
2019/09/15Petition: Ban Wild Animal Circuses in Lithuania!Animals2019-09-15 06:43:32
2019/09/14Trophy Hunter Seeks to Import Parts of Rare Rhino He Paid $400,000 to KillAnimals2019-09-14 09:20:39
2019/09/13Trump Admin Grants First Lion Trophy Import Permit Since Listed as ThreatenedAnimals2019-09-13 11:35:34
2019/09/13California Soon to be Third State in The United States to Ban Wild Animal Circus Acts!Animals2019-09-13 07:15:21
2019/09/13Bronx Zoo Being Sued by In Defense of Animals Over Elephant Mistreatment!Animals2019-09-13 07:05:12
2019/09/13Petition: End Cruel Use of Roller Pigeons as Bowling Balls at Ontario’s Harrow Fair!Animals2019-09-13 07:00:11
2019/09/12These dads said they didn’t want a dog. Here’s how that worked out for themAnimals2019-09-12 20:32:15
2019/09/12Study Finds Microplastics Stunt Earthworms’ Growth and Could Harm Soil EcosystemsAnimals2019-09-12 09:52:15
2019/09/11Bill to Ban the Sale of Fur Passes the California Senate!Animals2019-09-11 13:21:16
2019/09/11U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Eliminating Mammalian Animal Testing by 2035!Animals2019-09-11 13:20:59
2019/09/11‘Hopeful’ Scientists Create Nearly Extinct Northern White Rhino EmbryoAnimals2019-09-11 10:30:15
2019/09/11The EPA Will End Mammal Testing by 2035Animals2019-09-11 09:59:22
2019/09/11Newly Discovered Electric Eel in Amazon Shocks with Most Powerful Voltage Ever RecordedAnimals2019-09-11 07:33:45
2019/09/11Stop Yellowstone Wolf Hunting and Save Endangered Birds: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help Animals!Animals2019-09-11 07:15:28
2019/09/11Petition: Punish Man Who Had a Kill List with Thousands of Animals On ItAnimals2019-09-11 07:00:29
2019/09/10Meet the Frostbitten Cat That Has Become the First in the World to Receive Four Prosthetic LimbsAnimals2019-09-10 18:46:21
2019/09/10The Heartbreaking Moment a Dying Zoo Worker Received Final Kisses from GiraffesAnimals2019-09-10 18:41:55
2019/09/109/11 Tribute in Light Endangers 160,000 Birds Each YearAnimals2019-09-10 10:27:53
2019/09/10265 Endangered Species Threatened By Amazon Rainforest Fires, Warns WWFAnimals2019-09-10 08:43:34
2019/09/10Arizona Bans Wildlife Killing Contests!Animals2019-09-10 07:10:14
2019/09/10Petition: Ask Pennsylvania Lawmakers to Stop Letting Pet Stores Support Puppy Mill Cruelty!Animals2019-09-10 07:00:13
2019/09/10Islington Becomes Second UK Council To Ban Sale Of FurAnimals2019-09-10 05:30:08
2019/09/09Badger Culls Caused ‘Huge Suffering’ Says ExpertAnimals2019-09-09 11:40:23
2019/09/09Petition: Tour Guide and Tourist Treated Endangered Whale Shark as a Surfboard!Animals2019-09-09 10:01:21
2019/09/095 Ways You Can Help End the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji, JapanAnimals2019-09-09 06:50:50
2019/09/08Petition: Ban Abandonment of Chicks and Ducklings After School Projects in New York!Animals2019-09-08 06:40:08
2019/09/06High-School Cross-Country Team Brings Lonely Shelter Dogs Along On Their Morning RunAnimals2019-09-06 07:36:10
2019/09/06California Bans Fur Trapping!Animals2019-09-06 07:20:50
2019/09/06Petition: Catch Person Who May be Killing Cats on Japanese Cat IslandAnimals2019-09-06 07:10:46
2019/09/05A Century Later, Baby Tortoises Have Been Discovered Thriving On the Galapagos Island of PinzonAnimals2019-09-05 19:14:46
2019/09/05California Becomes First US State To Ban Fur TrappingAnimals2019-09-05 12:07:36
2019/09/05Undercover Footage Reveals Animal Suffering On Farms Across IrelandAnimals2019-09-05 10:28:38
2019/09/05Baby Dolphin Dies While Performing at Dolphinarium in BulgariaAnimals2019-09-05 07:30:40
2019/09/05Judge Issues Strongest Animal Cruelty Sentence in Chile’s HistoryAnimals2019-09-05 07:20:43
2019/09/05Petition: Justice for Pug Puppy Murdered During a Break In!Animals2019-09-05 07:15:42
2019/09/04‘Wool Is As Cruel As Fur’ Ad Banned For Being ‘False And Misleading’- PETA Hits BackAnimals2019-09-04 14:34:21
2019/09/04Shut Down Illegal Bear Farms and Stop Dogfighting: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsAnimals2019-09-04 07:20:21
2019/09/04Petition: Ask Australia to Protect Declining Platypus Population!Animals2019-09-04 07:10:19
2019/09/04New Zealand Bans Swimming With Dolphins in Bay of Islands Region After Population DeclineAnimals2019-09-04 07:05:17
2019/09/03Another Reason to Love Your Dog – They Can Sniff Out Cancer!Animals2019-09-03 18:53:15
2019/09/034 Last Wolves of a Washington Pack Killed Hours before Court Hearing to Save ThemAnimals2019-09-03 18:18:38
2019/09/03What You Should Do When You Find a Spider in Your HomeAnimals2019-09-03 18:12:20
2019/09/03Dear Mark: Health Effects of Neutering, Grain-Free Dog Diets, Ideal Dog DietAnimals2019-09-03 13:17:07
2019/09/03‘Horrific’ Undercover Footage From Sydney Abattoir Shows Workers Twisting Cows’ TailsAnimals2019-09-03 09:13:15
2019/09/02These Great Danes were Found Abandoned and EmaciatedAnimals2019-09-02 11:56:34
2019/09/02BAFTA-Winning Film Director Releases New Film On Animal TestingAnimals2019-09-02 07:50:39
2019/09/01Asian Otters: Out of the Water and Into … a Café?Animals2019-09-01 10:07:40
2019/09/01Petition: Ask Advertising and Community Sites to Help Stop Dogfighting!Animals2019-09-01 06:43:49
2019/08/31UK Labour Party Plans To Ban Boiling Live Lobsters In ManifestoAnimals2019-08-31 04:46:12
2019/08/30Petition: Urge Petland to Stop Selling Bunnies, Kittens, and Puppies!Animals2019-08-30 07:10:06
2019/08/30Woodstock Sanctuary Rescues Almost 100 Chickens Being Sold on CraigslistAnimals2019-08-30 07:00:04
2019/08/30Halting Deforestation and Protecting Orangutans in IndonesiaAnimals2019-08-30 06:30:58
2019/08/30Vegan ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star To Present UK Documentary About Factory FarmingAnimals2019-08-30 04:59:24
2019/08/29Investigation: Inside A Horrific Dog Meat Farm Run by Korea’s Dog Farmers AssociationAnimals2019-08-29 07:20:41
2019/08/29Beloved Dugong Died After Ingesting PlasticAnimals2019-08-29 07:15:47
2019/08/29Petition: Ask Australia to Act Now to Stop Their Extinction CrisisAnimals2019-08-29 07:10:45
2019/08/29End of Japan’s Ivory Trade in Sight Following Ban by the Last Major Site!Animals2019-08-29 07:05:43
2019/08/2942 Wild Burros Found Shot Dead in Mojave Desert, $58,000 Offered to Identify the KillerAnimals2019-08-29 06:59:50
2019/08/295 Travel Companies Taking a Stand Against Animal CaptivityAnimals2019-08-29 06:35:18
2019/08/29Why Dogs Are Good For UsAnimals2019-08-29 02:01:48
2019/08/28To Save Its Bottle Nose Dolphins, New Zealand Banned Swimming With Them Near Bay of IslandsAnimals2019-08-28 12:34:58
2019/08/28Meet the First Gene-Edited Reptile: An Albino LizardAnimals2019-08-28 11:35:41
2019/08/28Harvard Law School Launches Animal Law And Policy ClinicAnimals2019-08-28 10:28:20
2019/08/28CITES Bans Import of Wild African Elephants by U.S. Zoos!Animals2019-08-28 07:20:03
2019/08/28What We Can Learn About Conservation From These 5 Heartbreaking Orca StoriesAnimals2019-08-28 07:10:34
2019/08/28Petition: Justice for Stray Dog Whose Snout Was Chopped Off!Animals2019-08-28 07:00:16
2019/08/28Pup Rescued After the Horrific Neglect He Suffered With His Previous OwnerAnimals2019-08-28 06:00:32
2019/08/27Scientists Fertilize Eggs From Last Northern White RhinosAnimals2019-08-27 07:58:46
2019/08/27Activists Occupy Abattoir Refusing To Leave Until All Animals Are FreedAnimals2019-08-27 07:50:19
2019/08/275 Outstanding Pets That Prove Heroes Wear CollarsAnimals2019-08-27 07:00:30
2019/08/27Bow-Legged Dog Flown from Greece to England for a Rescue of a Lifetime (PHOTOS)Animals2019-08-27 06:00:38
2019/08/26Feral Pigs Harm Wildlife and Biodiversity as Well as CropsAnimals2019-08-26 15:22:03
2019/08/26Elephant Sanctuary in Sumatra Threatened by Bridge and Port ProjectsAnimals2019-08-26 10:41:14
2019/08/26Petition: Send Dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium to a Sanctuary!Animals2019-08-26 09:51:04
2019/08/26Extinct Turtles Miraculously Nurtured Back to Life at Indian TempleAnimals2019-08-26 07:00:27
2019/08/25Petition: Protect Frogs Around the World From Extinction!Animals2019-08-25 06:45:42
2019/08/25‘Butcher Trade Should Be Outlawed’ Says Vegan GroupAnimals2019-08-25 03:46:13
2019/08/24Web Developer Launches Vegan Search Engine – Proceeds Benefit AnimalsAnimals2019-08-24 02:19:39
2019/08/23CITES Finally Adding Regulations to Protect Giraffes!Animals2019-08-23 07:20:43
2019/08/23Petition: End Cat Dissection in American Schools!Animals2019-08-23 07:10:49
2019/08/23Rabbit Rescued From Lab Where Vet Techs Injected Him ConstantlyAnimals2019-08-23 07:05:47
2019/08/22Morrisons To Stop Slaughtering Dairy Calves At BirthAnimals2019-08-22 16:05:25
2019/08/22Hidden Trump Report Reveals Water Plan Will Harm Endangered Whales and SalmonAnimals2019-08-22 11:29:39
2019/08/22Environmental Groups Sue Trump Administration Over New Endangered Species Act RulesAnimals2019-08-22 11:12:31
2019/08/22Giraffes Win International Protections to Limit Their TradeAnimals2019-08-22 08:14:27
2019/08/22Petition: Save Tikiri, the Abused Skeletal Elephant in Sri LankaAnimals2019-08-22 07:00:23
2019/08/21Alleged Animal Abuse at Known “Factory Organic” Dairy Under Watch of Texas Department of AgricultureAnimals2019-08-21 16:34:02
2019/08/21Documentary About Last Male Northern White Rhino To Screen In LondonAnimals2019-08-21 11:40:17
2019/08/21Cold-Climate Lizards May Face Extinction in 60 Years, Study SaysAnimals2019-08-21 07:37:26
2019/08/21End Cat Dissection in Schools and Protect Frogs From Extinction: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help AnimalsAnimals2019-08-21 07:25:22
2019/08/2147 Goats and a Brood of Hens Were Saved From Floods in India By Five Hero Dogs!Animals2019-08-21 07:20:20
2019/08/21Petition: Ask Congress to Pass the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act!Animals2019-08-21 07:05:24
2019/08/21Emaciated Puppy Was Left on a Cold Shelter Floor for 3 Weeks Before Anyone Stepped in to HelpAnimals2019-08-21 06:00:43
2019/08/20South Africa Wins Permission To Double Black Rhinos Killed By Trophy HuntingAnimals2019-08-20 11:56:50
2019/08/20Petition: Free Billy, the Lonely Elephant at the Los Angeles Zoo!Animals2019-08-20 07:30:06
2019/08/20Giant River Animals On Brink Of Extinction Due To Human ActivityAnimals2019-08-20 07:27:20
2019/08/20After Years of Investigations, Grocery Stores and Food Standard Organizations are Cutting Ties With Cruel Hogwood Pig Farm!Animals2019-08-20 07:15:08
2019/08/20Washington State Kills Last of Wolf Pack Hours Before Court-Ordered ReprieveAnimals2019-08-20 06:32:19
2019/08/20Heather Mills Offers Free Vegan Burgers To University That Ditched BeefAnimals, News2019-08-20 04:31:24
2019/08/2080% Success Rate! Wow! – Interview with Barbara Royal, DVMAnimals2019-08-20 02:00:05
2019/08/19Petition: Urge Police to Catch Drunk Guy Who Climbed Onto a Giraffe at a Zoo!Animals2019-08-19 08:56:39
2019/08/19German Leather Federation ‘Wants To Ban Terms Like Vegan Leather’Animals2019-08-19 07:53:33
2019/08/19Wildlife Conference Mulls Loosening Restrictions on Ivory TradeAnimals2019-08-19 07:28:15
2019/08/19Marium, Thailand’s Beloved Baby Dugong, Is the Latest Victim of Plastic PollutionAnimals2019-08-19 06:46:36
2019/08/19Activists Occupy Supermarket To ‘Demand Total Animal Liberation’Animals2019-08-19 05:58:53
2019/08/19Heartbroken Dog Who Refused to Eat for 10 Days After Losing Her Guardian Says One Last GoodbyeAnimals2019-08-19 05:55:11
2019/08/19OPINION: We Need To Get Active- Right Now!Animals2019-08-19 04:58:47
2019/08/18MPs Pressured To ‘Halt’ Badger Culling In DerbyshireAnimals2019-08-18 11:07:21