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2019/12/08Bye bye binge eating! How Abi lost 70 pounds on low carbHealth Testimonial Articles2019-12-08 09:07:05
2019/12/02I Enjoy My Life So Much MoreHealth Testimonial Articles2019-12-02 10:20:42
2019/12/02Cheryl S.Health Testimonial Articles2019-12-02 10:04:00
2019/12/02“I never dreamed this was possible”Health Testimonial Articles2019-12-02 07:48:06
2019/12/01“Thank you Diet Doctor for all you do… you truly changed my life”Health Testimonial Articles2019-12-01 07:29:32
2019/11/29Carolina L.Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-29 08:00:25
2019/11/26“Wow, I feel good!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-26 07:07:55
2019/11/25At 73, I Went Plant-Based and Said Goodbye to Obesity, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, and ArthritisHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-25 19:01:25
2019/11/23Low-carb success story: “Life is good again”Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-23 09:36:15
2019/11/22“We are loving this keto diet every way possible”Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-22 09:34:59
2019/11/21Beyond 6 Months: Where My Practice Has Taken MeHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-21 16:53:04
2019/11/20Sean H.Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-20 09:40:03
2019/11/18The Easiest Weight Loss I Have ExperiencedHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-18 10:19:40
2019/11/18400 Pound Man Drops Half His Weight, Becomes Ultra-Runner on a Plant-Based Diet!Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-18 06:59:03
2019/11/15From Exhausted to Energized: I Beat Hypothyroidism with a Plant-Based DietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-15 19:30:48
2019/11/15“I love the keto diet and the results”Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-15 10:47:22
2019/11/14Patient Perspective: Gerson for MigraineHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-14 16:12:09
2019/11/14Peak Fitness After Switching from a Mediterranean Diet to a Plant-Based DietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-14 12:04:01
2019/11/11How Mike reversed type 2 diabetes in five monthsHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-11 23:25:05
2019/11/11My Wife and I Have Never Felt Healthier—or Been HealthierHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-11 09:55:36
2019/11/09“The two-week keto challenge has changed my life”Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-09 08:59:18
2019/11/09D.U.Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-09 07:40:03
2019/11/08“It didn’t feel like I was on a diet”Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-08 09:40:24
2019/11/05“If I can do it, anyone can do it”Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-05 22:36:52
2019/11/04The Primal Blueprint Revealed a Potential I Didn’t Know I HadHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-04 10:07:46
2019/11/02Doug H.Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-02 07:39:59
2019/11/02“Diabetes is something that you can tame!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-11-02 00:22:09
2019/11/01I Reversed Cirrhosis in 1 Year on a Plant-Based DietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-11-01 12:45:25
2019/10/31“The energy levels are just amazing!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-31 17:08:07
2019/10/31A Plant-Based Diet Got Me Off the Lung Transplant List and Helped Restore My EyesightHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-31 14:21:24
2019/10/30[#MeAgain] Escaping the Diagnosis Merry-Go-Round: How Jennifer Casstevens Got on the Right Path to Lyme RecoveryHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-30 08:58:51
2019/10/2973-Year-Old Grandma Changed Her Diet, Tracked Her Progress with an iPhone, and Shed 55 PoundsHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-29 16:43:55
2019/10/29Heather W.Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-29 07:45:17
2019/10/28I Wanted To Get To the Root CauseHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-28 11:15:14
2019/10/27“I feel young again!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-27 07:18:01
2019/10/26“Buying a little black dress to celebrate”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-26 05:07:23
2019/10/25Obese Dad Motivated To Shed More Than Half His Weight When He Required Two Seats on an Evacuation FlightHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-25 18:14:24
2019/10/25“Your 2-week kick start plan worked amazingly”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-25 08:32:47
2019/10/24Life Is so Much More Beautiful NowHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-24 16:18:50
2019/10/24Moderate weight loss sends type 2 diabetes into remissionHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-24 00:11:19
2019/10/23Reversing Chronic Kidney Disease with a Plant-Based DietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-23 13:09:26
2019/10/22Wahls Health Professional Spotlight: Tami FraserHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-22 22:53:05
2019/10/22Letters, Fall 2019Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-22 13:38:36
2019/10/21Blessed: Big Sean Reveals Holistic Medicine Healed Him Of Heart Disease When He Was A TeenagerHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-21 22:09:54
2019/10/21I Changed My Relationship With FoodHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-21 11:21:15
2019/10/21AIP Stories of Recovery: Sierra’s Recovery from Complex Regional Pain SyndromeHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-21 07:00:00
2019/10/18“Keto was easier than I thought”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-18 07:56:56
2019/10/18Eating Plant-Based Helps Kim Kardashian Ease Her PsoriasisHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-18 06:30:03
2019/10/18This Chronic Life: Meet Nicki NysvenHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-18 02:00:51
2019/10/15My success story with Katrin CrumHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-15 10:04:22
2019/10/14I Realized I Didn’t Need To Deprive Myself AnymoreHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-14 10:56:36
2019/10/14The keto challenge: “I will definitely continue!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-14 10:08:43
2019/10/14Devona’s AIP Kitchen: How She Manages Celiac and Thyroid Disease in VirginiaHealth & Wellness, Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-14 07:00:00
2019/10/12Autistic Child Starts to Speak After Two Days of Prescription CBD Oil TreatmentHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-12 21:31:24
2019/10/12“I feel better than I’ve ever felt!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-12 10:22:03
2019/10/11Andrew’s Paleo AIP Reintroduction ExperienceHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-11 07:00:13
2019/10/10“It reset my hunger completely”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-10 11:14:07
2019/10/09“My skin is clear and pain free”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-09 07:06:42
2019/10/07Welcome BackHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-07 17:20:48
2019/10/07The Health Scare That Changed My LifeHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-07 12:03:27
2019/10/06Keto success story: “My life has changed for the better”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-06 10:10:36
2019/10/05Keto success story: “Skeptic now a true believer”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-05 09:53:34
2019/10/04The keto challenge: “It made the first two weeks SO EASY”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-04 03:17:57
2019/10/03“I feel healthier and my children are far healthier”Health Testimonial Articles2019-10-03 14:12:20
2019/10/03How I Curbed High Cholesterol, Fibroids, Heartburn, and Anemia with a Plant-Based DietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-10-03 12:43:47
2019/09/30I Realized I Could Take Control Of My HealthHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-30 11:21:31
2019/09/29Living low carb with Sue AcresHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-29 09:09:22
2019/09/28“I highly recommend the keto challenge to anyone who is curious about a keto diet”Health Testimonial Articles2019-09-28 07:59:10
2019/09/27Keto success story: “I finally found my way”Health Testimonial Articles2019-09-27 14:27:34
2019/09/25How Tanisha kept it simple on keto and lost 80 pounds in 8 monthsHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-25 09:16:37
2019/09/25Type 2 Diabetic Normalizes Blood Glucose In 8 Weeks On NFI ProtocolHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-25 08:48:01
2019/09/24At 45, I’m Healthier and Happier Than I Was in My 20sHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-24 13:12:28
2019/09/23The keto diet: “Instantly my energy returned!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-09-23 05:31:43
2019/09/21“Your body will tell you what’s wrong if you are willing to listen”Health Testimonial Articles2019-09-21 10:48:43
2019/09/20The Missing PieceHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-20 14:56:37
2019/09/20The keto diet: “Have moved on to make it a way of life”Health Testimonial Articles2019-09-20 11:30:00
2019/09/20The Miracle of My LifeHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-20 10:07:06
2019/09/16How Jim reversed type 2 diabetes in three monthsHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-16 11:04:35
2019/09/16AIP Stories of Recovery: Jessa’s Recovery from Reynaud’s and LupusHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-16 07:00:00
2019/09/14“I started to feel like I was in my 20s again!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-09-14 07:18:24
2019/09/12Going Plant-Based Gave Me Back My Energy and Reversed My Mom’s DiabetesHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-12 13:08:06
2019/09/11This Chronic Life: Meet Amy B. ScherHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-11 09:58:50
2019/09/09I Was Determined To Learn What True Human Health MeantHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-09 10:18:56
2019/09/09Shanna’s AIP Kitchen: How She Manages Hashimoto’s in Park CityHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-09 07:00:00
2019/09/06Since Going Plant-Based, I’ve Lost 45 Pounds, Lowered My Cholesterol, and Stopped Getting Uterine FibroidsHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-06 12:25:29
2019/09/06[#MeAgain] Making Up for Lost Time: How Nicole Miles Got Her Life Back After LymeHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-06 04:52:10
2019/09/01Djokovic Feeling ‘Healthier Overall’ On Plant-Based Diet’Health Testimonial Articles2019-09-01 07:18:27
2019/09/01How the keto diet made Dani feel more amazing than everHealth Testimonial Articles2019-09-01 01:08:06
2019/08/30“I feel 20 years younger”Health Testimonial Articles2019-08-30 01:34:37
2019/08/28From Stage 3 Kidney Disease to Healthy Kidneys in 2 Months on a Plant-Based DietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-28 21:07:43
2019/08/28The keto challenge: “Priceless knowledge, great support”Health Testimonial Articles2019-08-28 10:04:26
2019/08/26Retired, Reborn and Pursuing My PassionHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-26 11:22:32
2019/08/25How Michael lost 80 pounds on low carb and exerciseHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-25 12:14:37
2019/08/24The keto challenge: “I have not eaten so well in years”Health Testimonial Articles2019-08-24 03:18:31
2019/08/19Once Bedridden with Chronic Inflammation, Now I’m Rock Climbing and Running 5KsHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-19 13:18:14
2019/08/19“I am grateful to Diet Doctor and appreciative of my transformation”Health Testimonial Articles2019-08-19 09:54:32
2019/08/19AIP Stories of Recovery: Shona’s Recovery from Lyme DiseaseHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-19 07:00:00
2019/08/17“Keto has been the easiest and simplest lifestyle change”Health Testimonial Articles2019-08-17 11:59:09
2019/08/15The keto challenge: “I thought it was a success”Health Testimonial Articles2019-08-15 07:39:48
2019/08/14I Use Less Insulin, Got off Statins, and Lost 50 Pounds on a Plant-Based DietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-14 12:30:38
2019/08/12AIP Success Story: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis with RosemaryHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-12 11:00:15
2019/08/12Mary Ann’s AIP Kitchen: How She Manages Hashimoto’s in GainesvilleHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-12 07:00:00
2019/08/11Physician success story – Dr. Esther KawiraHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-11 00:16:51
2019/08/09Type 2 Diabetes Patient Loses 37kg In 6 Months On NFI ProtocolHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-09 11:45:40
2019/08/07How Going Plant-Based Helped Me Overcome DepressionHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-07 13:07:58
2019/08/07How Zein manages type 1 diabetes with low carb and exerciseHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-07 09:29:24
2019/08/04Putting bipolar 2 disorder into remissionHealth Testimonial Articles2019-08-04 09:54:13
2019/07/31Post–Double Bypass Surgery, I’m Soaring on a Plant-Based DietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-31 13:15:47
2019/07/31The keto challenge: “I feel great and I am definitely going to stick to it”Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-31 09:41:46
2019/07/29AIP Success Story: Multiple Sclerosis with CarleyHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-29 11:00:43
2019/07/27Going in the Right DirectionHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-27 17:02:05
2019/07/27Free of IBS on a keto dietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-27 08:45:06
2019/07/26The keto challenge: “This challenge was absolutely amazing”Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-26 09:05:20
2019/07/23How a Traumatic Brain Injury Affected My Life with Josh PerryHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-23 07:00:00
2019/07/22“I feel like I cracked the code!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-22 09:38:51
2019/07/22AIP Stories of Recovery: Megan’s Recovery from Narcolepsy and HypothyroidismHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-22 07:00:00
2019/07/20“The keto challenge was brilliant”Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-20 07:30:48
2019/07/197 Years on AIP: Is my Hashimoto’s Still in Remission?Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-19 16:43:32
2019/07/19How I eat nowHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-19 03:19:41
2019/07/15“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle for health!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-15 16:06:11
2019/07/15Wimbledon Winner, Novak Djokovic Credits His Improved Performance to a Plant-Based Diet!Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-15 10:37:08
2019/07/12My Wife and I Shed a Combined 100 Pounds After Going Plant-BasedHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-12 14:44:57
2019/07/08An Update on my Cancer Journey (16 Years and Counting!)Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-08 15:50:37
2019/07/06“I am a totally different man now”Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-06 07:21:32
2019/07/04How fasting made all the difference for JenniferHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-04 14:07:43
2019/07/03When Life Gives You Lemons, Eat ThemHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-03 15:54:56
2019/07/01How Gayle managed to change her life to the better at 66Health Testimonial Articles2019-07-01 07:08:51
2019/07/01Jen’s AIP Kitchen: How She Manages Hashimoto’s in VermontHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-01 07:00:00
2019/07/01Journey to Diagnosis of Two Parasites, SIBO, and More Plus Gut GardenHealth Testimonial Articles2019-07-01 05:54:28
2019/06/29“I’ve never felt or been better!”Health Testimonial Articles2019-06-29 08:33:37
2019/06/26How The AIP Lecture Series Strengthened My Resolve and My Marriage – Guest Post by Shanna NemrowHealth Testimonial Articles2019-06-26 07:00:11
2019/06/24Meet the Women Who Tackled Her MS with Food and Lifestyle ChoicesHealth Testimonial Articles2019-06-24 20:17:58
2019/06/24AIP Stories of Recovery: Maureen’s Recovery from Psoriatic ArthritisHealth Testimonial Articles2019-06-24 07:00:00
2019/06/23How one ‘unstoppable’ mother transformed the health of her family and took on big industryHealth Testimonial Articles2019-06-23 00:00:00
2019/06/17My Personal Journey with the Autoimmune ProtocolHealth Testimonial Articles2019-06-17 07:00:41
2019/06/15How Brian lost 140 lbs in 12 monthsHealth Testimonial Articles2019-06-15 07:41:14
2019/06/10How Virginia’s life is different one year after going ketoHealth Testimonial Articles2019-06-10 13:30:54
2019/06/05I Conquered My Diabetes and Lost Over 150 Pounds by Going Plant-BasedHealth Testimonial Articles2019-06-05 12:47:09
2019/06/02How Marc reversed type 2 diabetes on a low-carb dietHealth Testimonial Articles2019-06-02 09:02:55
2019/05/27AIP Stories of Recovery: Sabrina’s Recovery from Hashimoto’sHealth Testimonial Articles2019-05-27 07:00:00
2019/05/24A Gutsy Girl’s Story with Severe Ulcerative ColitisHealth Testimonial Articles2019-05-24 06:32:02
2019/05/24Sandra’s incredible weight-loss journeyHealth Testimonial Articles2019-05-24 00:08:47
2019/05/23How Alexandra won her battle with anorexiaHealth Testimonial Articles2019-05-23 09:43:34
2019/05/15Get Inspired by Olivia GoodreauHealth Testimonial Articles2019-05-15 13:33:07
2019/05/13Shelbi’s AIP Kitchen: How She Manages Hashimoto’s in New YorkHealth Testimonial Articles2019-05-13 07:00:00
2019/01/098-year-old Boy Beats Stage 4 Brain Cancer at Tennessee HospitalHealth Testimonial Articles2019-01-09 20:06:07

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