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2019/12/03Opioid Producers Put Blame on AddictsNews2019-12-03 08:25:36
2019/12/03Trump Gets Challenged by Fourth Grader to Go VeganNews2019-12-03 07:27:21
2019/12/02Vaccine Exemptions Are Under Attack in Massachusetts!News2019-12-02 09:24:05
2019/12/01NY Post: Ex-NBC Chief Medical Correspondent Arrested for Asking Nine-Year-Old for Sexual PhotosNews2019-12-01 15:21:00
2019/12/01200,000 Americans Die From Air Pollution AnnuallyNews2019-12-01 07:15:07
2019/12/01Donald Trump Offered $1 Million For Veterans – If He Goes VeganNews2019-12-01 07:11:15
2019/11/30SNL Slams Dairy Industry in New SketchNews2019-11-30 07:15:16
2019/11/30Lake Erie Provides Drinking Water For 11 Million People and Now it’s Polluted with Toxic AlgaeNews2019-11-30 07:10:36
2019/11/28World’s Top 10 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities Revealed In New ListNews2019-11-28 10:33:42
2019/11/27CNN: Chickenpox Vaccine Reactivates in Two Boys, Causing Rare MeningitisNews2019-11-27 10:24:36
2019/11/27Candace Owen Goes Public About Her “Terrible” HPV Vaccine ReactionNews2019-11-27 09:34:25
2019/11/27Nursery Goes Plant-Based For The Planet: Parents Say It’s ‘Discrimination’News2019-11-27 07:54:29
2019/11/27KFC Canada Testing Plant-Based Fried Chicken Today in Ontario!News2019-11-27 07:20:13
2019/11/27Burger King is Being Sued! Plant-Based Impossible Burger Cooked on Same Grill as BeefNews2019-11-27 07:00:21
2019/11/27Livestock Farming’s Role In The Antibiotic Resistance CrisisNews2019-11-27 04:27:36
2019/11/26Navy Asks To Delay Landmark PFAS Case in Federal CourtNews2019-11-26 15:13:16
2019/11/26Filipina High School Student Discovered ‘Aratiles’ Fruit As Potential Cure For Diabetes, Wins Intel International Science And Engineering Fair (ISEF) In Phoenix, Arizona, USANews2019-11-26 12:55:58
2019/11/26How the Dairy Mafia Destroyed Dairy FarmersNews2019-11-26 07:54:02
2019/11/25NY TIMES: More Polio Cases Now Caused by Vaccine than the Wild VirusNews2019-11-25 17:11:59
2019/11/25World’s First Birth Control For Men, An Injection To The Groin, Coming SoonNews2019-11-25 15:51:08
2019/11/25CDC Issues Stern Order for Romaine Lettuce RecallNews2019-11-25 15:14:28
2019/11/25Help stop a bad vaccine bill in the Ohio legislature!News2019-11-25 12:52:26
2019/11/24YAHOO: Millennials ‘Are Seeing Their Health Decline Faster’ than Gen X, Worrying ExpertsNews2019-11-24 14:52:25
2019/11/24Los Angeles Lakers Announces Sponsorship With Beyond MeatNews2019-11-24 09:41:49
2019/11/24Study Finds Environmental Impact of Meat Versus Vegetables is StaggeringNews2019-11-24 07:25:33
2019/11/23Kellogg’s Urged To Use Plant-Based Vitamin D In All CerealsNews2019-11-23 10:25:39
2019/11/23Top News: Major Airlines with Contaminated Water, Historic Venice Flooding, Pet Store Employee Abuses DogNews2019-11-23 08:00:03
2019/11/23Domino’s UK To Launch Vegan Cheese And Pizza Bases Next YearNews2019-11-23 07:49:51
2019/11/23Beverly Hilton Hotel To Serve Plant-Based Buffet For ThanksgivingNews2019-11-23 06:52:49
2019/11/22Premade Salads at Walmart and Target Recalled due to E. coli ScareNews2019-11-22 16:06:03
2019/11/22EWG News Roundup (11/22): Mark Ruffalo, EWG Demand PFAS Action; Trump ‘Bails Out’ Rich Farmers Again and MoreNews2019-11-22 14:51:45
2019/11/22Trump EPA Ignores Worker Safety in Decision on Paint-Stripper ChemicalNews2019-11-22 13:59:31
2019/11/22Chobani is Launching a Line of Oat Milk-Based Products in January 2020!News2019-11-22 07:07:50
2019/11/22Impossible Burger Makes TIME’S 100 Best Inventions of 2019News2019-11-22 05:52:47
2019/11/22Contamination ALERT: Pesticide residue warning issued by the FDANews2019-11-22 00:11:33
2019/11/22Skyrocketing Charges for Insulin Should Be a CrimeNews2019-11-22 00:00:00
2019/11/21Air Pollution Allowed by the EPA Kills 200,000 per YearNews2019-11-21 16:06:45
2019/11/21Pentagon Admits it Undercounted Military Bases Contaminated with ‘Forever Chemicals’News2019-11-21 13:01:00
2019/11/21Trump EPA Quashes Chemical Safety Rule to Ease ‘Burden’ on IndustryNews2019-11-21 12:02:16
2019/11/21EWG Comments to NTP on PFOA Carcinogenicity ReportNews2019-11-21 09:53:07
2019/11/21Breaking news: Organic milk scandal exposed, consumers bewareNews2019-11-21 00:11:21
2019/11/20‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Half of Drinking Water Systems Tested in KentuckyNews2019-11-20 15:31:04
2019/11/20House Energy & Commerce Panel Considers Sweeping PFAS PackageNews2019-11-20 12:57:33
2019/11/20Newsweek: Seattle Children’s Hospital Closing 10 Operating Rooms After Mold Kills SixNews2019-11-20 08:14:27
2019/11/20Mark Cuban Enters Plant-Based Deli Meat Market as InvestorNews2019-11-20 07:00:42
2019/11/20Candy Giant Mars is Launching Its First Ever Vegan Milk Chocolate BarNews2019-11-20 07:00:22
2019/11/20Radiologists Conceal Heavy Metal Accumulation From MRIsNews2019-11-20 00:00:00
2019/11/19ADHD: Alarms Raised; Risks Ignored, by the Children’s Health Defense TeamNews2019-11-19 17:21:07
2019/11/19New Jersey: Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drinkNews2019-11-19 14:32:58
2019/11/19Impossible Burgers Not Meatless Enough for These Vegans Suing Burger KingNews2019-11-19 13:03:09
2019/11/19Dark Waters: Mark Ruffalo Urges Congress To Clean Up ‘Forever Chemicals’News2019-11-19 12:25:10
2019/11/19There Are 2,000 Untested Chemicals in Packaged Foods — and It’s LegalNews2019-11-19 10:26:22
2019/11/19House Energy & Commerce Panel Passes Sweeping PFAS Cleanup, Asbestos Ban BillsNews2019-11-19 08:57:33
2019/11/19CBS: Albany Med Nurses Suspended After Refusing Flu ShotNews2019-11-19 08:11:56
2019/11/19Tell Amazon: Stop Selling Fake CBD Oil!News2019-11-19 06:44:00
2019/11/19Site Sees Sign-Ups For Vegan Challenge Surge By 600% Following ‘The Game Changers’News2019-11-19 05:52:14
2019/11/19Burger King Sued For Cooking Impossible Whopper Next To MeatNews2019-11-19 03:54:47
2019/11/18New York Times: E.P.A. to Limit Science Used to Write Public Health RulesNews2019-11-18 16:50:06
2019/11/18Measles Outbreak in Samoa Kills 6. Schools Closed. State of Emergency DeclaredNews2019-11-18 13:10:31
2019/11/18BBC Documentary ‘Meat: A Threat To Our Planet’ Investigates Animal AgNews2019-11-18 11:50:04
2019/11/182 Million Americans Lack Clean Water Access, Especially Native AmericansNews2019-11-18 10:57:48
2019/11/1810 Vegan Thanksgiving Feasts You Can Pickup or Have Delivered to Your Doorstep This YearNews2019-11-18 06:37:56
2019/11/17Burger King Is Testing 3 New Meatless Burgers, Including The First Plant Based Kids’ Menu ItemNews2019-11-17 07:07:24
2019/11/17Impossible Whopper Is ‘One Of Burger King’s Most Successful Launches In History’News2019-11-17 06:22:31
2019/11/16San Francisco Crowned Most Vegan-Friendly City In The USNews2019-11-16 13:20:31
2019/11/15EWG News Roundup (11/15): Deadly Cleaning Products, Trump EPA’s ‘Unlawful’ Action on Chemical SafetyNews2019-11-15 14:59:12
2019/11/15Trump EPA to Weaken Safeguards of Pesticide Linked to Birth Defects, CancerNews2019-11-15 11:36:57
2019/11/15Court: Trump EPA Acted ‘Unlawfully’ in Refusing To Consider Legacy Use of Asbestos, LeadNews2019-11-15 10:22:03
2019/11/15First Brain Cancer Link to Air Pollution Found in New StudyNews2019-11-15 08:15:07
2019/11/15Germany Passes Mandatory Measles Vaccination LawNews2019-11-15 07:38:48
2019/11/15Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Invest in Dairy-Free Brand, Miyoko’s CreameryNews2019-11-15 07:30:19
2019/11/14People: Boy with Autism Dies After Being Restrained at School, and 3 Employees Are Charged with ManslaughterNews2019-11-14 14:23:53
2019/11/14‘Plant-Based’ Searches Skyrocket Following Release Of ‘The Game Changers’News2019-11-14 10:11:50
2019/11/14Ben & Jerry’s Creates Limited Edition Menu Complete with an Ice Cream Burger for World Vegan Month!News2019-11-14 07:07:26
2019/11/1495% of baby food contains toxic heavy metals, new report exposes the truthNews2019-11-14 00:11:14
2019/11/13Parents of Cuban Baby Who Died After Receiving MMR Shot Say They Were Threatened by AgentsNews2019-11-13 11:18:23
2019/11/13Burger King Launches Three More Burgers With Impossible PattyNews2019-11-13 10:07:37
2019/11/13Declining Milk Consumption Forces Nation’s Leading Milk Producer to File for BankruptcyNews2019-11-13 08:45:54
2019/11/13Scientific American Warns: 5G Is UnsafeNews2019-11-13 00:00:00
2019/11/13Juul Purposely Sold Tainted E-Cigarette JuiceNews2019-11-13 00:00:00
2019/11/12Telegraph: NHS Chiefs Attempt to Blacklist Homeopathy Amid Anti-Vax FearsNews2019-11-12 18:58:09
2019/11/12NBC, ABC And CBS Appear To Have Run Cover For World’s Most Powerful Rape RingsNews2019-11-12 15:46:59
2019/11/12Report: Trump EPA To Limit Science for Chemical, Air, Water Safety StandardsNews2019-11-12 15:37:27
2019/11/12​Cuba’s Urban Farming Shows Way to Avoid Hunger​News2019-11-12 15:32:29
2019/11/12Biggest Milk Producer In The US Files For BankruptcyNews2019-11-12 12:24:40
2019/11/12Imported Luncheon Meat From China Tested Positive For African Swine Fever VirusNews2019-11-12 11:10:17
2019/11/12Plant-Based Food Sales Skyrocket Following ‘The Game Changers’, Says BrandNews2019-11-12 10:52:32
2019/11/12Tell Congress to Stop the Labeling Fraud! Support the U.S. Beef Integrity Act!News2019-11-12 09:08:00
2019/11/12Quiznos Trials Plant-Based Corned Beef In Denver OutletsNews2019-11-12 06:50:41
2019/11/12Bill Gates Still Shilling for BayerNews2019-11-12 00:00:00
2019/11/11National Review: Google Gathering Health Care Data on Millions of Americans with Secret ‘Project Nightingale’News2019-11-11 17:21:33
2019/11/11Jon Stewart Hosts ‘Game Changers’ Screening Promoting Vegan DietNews2019-11-11 05:33:26
2019/11/11Breaking NEWS: GMO cotton set to be used for human consumptionNews2019-11-11 00:11:01
2019/11/10NBC: NYPD Seizes 100 lbs of Legal, Organic Hemp Grown in VT from FedEx Vehicle – Claim Big Drug BustNews2019-11-10 23:06:05
2019/11/10Baby Girl in Cuba Dies Two Days After Getting MMR ShotNews2019-11-10 12:05:25
2019/11/09SNL Makes Comedy Video About Dolls Shooting Little Girls Up with HPVNews2019-11-09 18:36:34
2019/11/08Whole Foods Recalls 70 Hot Bar, Salad Bar Items and Other Food Products Over Listeria RiskNews2019-11-08 17:21:39
2019/11/08Tragic Accidental Death from Mixture of Cleaning Products a Cautionary WarningNews2019-11-08 16:39:16
2019/11/08An Australian Company Has Discovered a Promising Treatment for CancerNews2019-11-08 16:07:28
2019/11/08FOX: Man Dies of Flu After Getting Flu Shot, Local Officials Respond by Saying Still Get Your Flu ShotNews2019-11-08 13:22:54
2019/11/08EWG News Roundup (11/8): PFAS Taints N.J. Water, Trump Withdraws From Paris Climate Accord and MoreNews2019-11-08 12:58:17
2019/11/08‘We Now Have a New Exotic Disease in Europe’: Native Zika Virus Spreads Due to Climate ChangeNews2019-11-08 10:49:02
2019/11/08Too Much Screen Time May Be Slowing Childhood Brain DevelopmentNews2019-11-08 09:11:43
2019/11/08Smoked Salmon Sold in 23 States Recalled Over Botulism FearsNews2019-11-08 07:29:05
2019/11/08Impossible Foods is Working on Making Plant-Based “Pork”News2019-11-08 07:10:00
2019/11/08Non-Dairy Sales 3 Times Bigger Than Dairy Sales At Whole Foods Market In 2019News2019-11-08 05:59:51
2019/11/08Shocking Proof How Google Censors Health NewsNews2019-11-08 00:00:00
2019/11/07CBS: 10 People, Some with Disabilities, Hospitalized After Being Injected with Insulin Instead of Flu ShotNews2019-11-07 22:15:08
2019/11/07CDC Petitioned to Admit They Accept Corporate MoneyNews2019-11-07 07:50:23
2019/11/06Heavy Metals Found in 95% of Baby FoodNews2019-11-06 18:07:08
2019/11/06APPLE NEWS: At Rare Trial, Parents say H1N1 Flu Shot Killed Their 5-Year-OldNews2019-11-06 11:31:04
2019/11/06Snoop Dogg Serves Beyond Meat Sandwiches At Dunkin’ StoreNews2019-11-06 09:55:07
2019/11/06Vegan Chef Gaz Oakley’s New Documentary To Premiere In LondonHealth & Wellness, News2019-11-06 09:04:27
2019/11/06Poison Found in 95% of Baby FoodNews2019-11-06 00:00:00
2019/11/05Judge Upholds NY Vaccination Law for Students in Amish LawsuitNews2019-11-05 18:27:40
2019/11/05CNN: Yet Another Celebrity Comes Forward with Ehlers Danlos, Which is what our Founder Erin HasNews2019-11-05 15:05:14
2019/11/05Tap Water at Trump National Golf Course Contaminated With Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’News2019-11-05 12:59:38
2019/11/05DEBUNKED: Journalist Claims Vegan Junk Food Is A ‘Health Hazard’ Due To ‘Unnatural Ingredients’News2019-11-05 10:15:39
2019/11/05Commercially Raised Pigs Around the World Face Largest Swine Flu Threat in History!News2019-11-05 07:25:15
2019/11/05Schools in Brazil Are Going Vegan for the Environment!News2019-11-05 07:07:53
2019/11/05Leonardo DiCaprio Endorsed Film ‘Eating Our Way To Extinction’ To Launch In 2020News2019-11-05 06:53:53
2019/11/04CBS: Students Fed Bodily Fluids Added to Baked Goods Served by Cop and His Teacher WifeNews2019-11-04 23:55:18
2019/11/04‘Forever Chemicals’ in Over 500 N.J. Water Systems and Sources – More Than 1,000 Contamination Sites NationwideNews2019-11-04 21:56:25
2019/11/04CNN: China Approves Seaweed-Based Alzheimer’s Drug. It’s the First New One in 17 YearsNews2019-11-04 15:18:29
2019/11/04Environmental Justice Activists Arrested Amid Growing Concerns Over Louisiana’s Cancer Alley PollutionNews2019-11-04 13:51:32
2019/11/04CNN: California Authorities Found and Destroyed $1 Billion Worth of Marijuana Plants that Could have Helped ThousandsNews2019-11-04 12:43:22
2019/11/04United Airlines Adds Plant-Based Options to Menu to Meet Growing DemandNews2019-11-04 07:10:18
2019/11/04California Continues Its Leadership in Protecting Kids From Environmental HazardsNews2019-11-04 07:07:48
2019/11/03Oprah Winfrey Does her Part for the Planet by Eating One Plant-Based Meal a Day!News2019-11-03 07:00:09
2019/11/03Breaking: Bill Maher says Vacc*nes Could Cause Austism on ShowNews2019-11-03 00:05:32
2019/11/02A Must-Read For All Parents: Mom Describes How Her Son’s Brain WorksNews2019-11-02 15:32:41
2019/11/02Burger King To Launch Two Plant-Based Burgers Across EuropeNews2019-11-02 12:45:31
2019/11/02Major Bodybuilder Kai Greene Releases E-Book On Plant-Based DietNews2019-11-02 11:13:53
2019/11/02Top News: Top Polluters of the World, Mysterious Dead Lobsters, Trump Hinders Eco Efforts and Petitions that Need Your Help!News2019-11-02 07:30:05
2019/11/02Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Speaks OutNews2019-11-02 00:00:00
2019/11/01Scientific American: Human Ancestors Were Nearly All VegetariansNews2019-11-01 20:22:11
2019/11/01Amazon Facial Recognition Falsely Identified 27 Pro Athletes As CriminalsNews2019-11-01 18:02:26
2019/11/01Philly Schools May Conduct Door to Door Vaccine ChecksNews2019-11-01 14:40:39
2019/11/01World’s Biggest Plant-Based Food Trade Exhibition Conference Coming To The UKNews2019-11-01 13:06:23
2019/11/01EWG News Roundup (11/1): PFAS Tainting Kentucky Water, Coal Giant Files for Bankruptcy and MoreNews2019-11-01 11:43:24
2019/11/01On Tap: Seth Siegel’s Masterful Examination of America’s Drinking Water CrisisNews2019-11-01 11:19:11
2019/11/01EPA to Weaken Public Protections Against Toxic Coal Ash in WaterNews2019-11-01 10:41:08
2019/11/01Massachusetts: Tell Your State Lawmakers to Ban Monsanto’s Roundup Weedkiller!News2019-11-01 10:24:00
2019/11/01Warning: The wrong kind of poultry increases the risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria, according to new researchNews2019-11-01 00:11:10
2019/10/31Suit Blames Birth Defects in Maui Community on Monsanto ChemicalsNews2019-10-31 18:21:45
2019/10/31Happy Halloween – Rankings of The Worst Candy Companies Contributing To Child Labor and DeforestationNews2019-10-31 11:14:13
2019/10/31Ben & Jerry’s is Offering Free Vegan Ice Cream Tomorrow on World Vegan Day!News2019-10-31 07:17:19
2019/10/30EXCLUSIVE: J&J’s Own Expert, Working for FDA, Found Asbestos in Baby PowderNews2019-10-30 14:36:12
2019/10/30Polling Experts Bash Koch-Funded Electric Car Survey as ‘Highly Biased’ and ‘Highly Misleading’News2019-10-30 11:03:05
2019/10/30WATCH: Dr. Neal Barnard Debunks Argument That A Vegan Diet Kills More AnimalsNews2019-10-30 10:52:17
2019/10/30FOX: Insurers Drop Fire Coverage for 350,000 California ResidentsNews2019-10-30 10:28:24
2019/10/30California’s Oldest Dairy Farm Switches To Almond Farming After ‘Losing Money For 4 Years’News2019-10-30 09:13:20
2019/10/30Costco Sets Up Massive Chicken Slaughterhouse in the Midst of an Environmental CrisisNews2019-10-30 07:37:18
2019/10/30‘First 100% Vegan Fried Chicken Shop’ To Open In USNews2019-10-30 06:17:51
2019/10/30Elmiron: This Common Bladder Pill Is Causing BlindnessNews2019-10-30 00:00:00
2019/10/30Why You Should Never Buy CBD Oil From AmazonNews2019-10-30 00:00:00
2019/10/29ADD YOUR NAME: Kick Monsanto Off Campus!News2019-10-29 17:18:05
2019/10/29Report: Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Kentucky Drinking Water Sources Serving 800,000 ResidentsNews2019-10-29 12:45:43
2019/10/29CBS: New Bill Would Require NY Kids to Get HPV Vaccine to Go to School or DaycareNews2019-10-29 12:02:23
2019/10/29Tick-Borne Brain Illness Found in UK for the First TimeNews2019-10-29 11:47:59
2019/10/29European Governments Urged To End ‘Unfair’ Higher Tax On Plant-Based MilksNews2019-10-29 10:46:25
2019/10/29Tell the Maine Dental Board to require all dentists to follow Maine’s amalgam fact sheet law.News2019-10-29 10:21:00
2019/10/29Join the Campaign for Glyphosate-Free & Organic Campuses!News2019-10-29 10:16:00
2019/10/29New Studies Show PFAS in Artificial Grass Blades and BackingNews2019-10-29 09:27:43
2019/10/29Denny’s Adds Plant-Based Beyond Burger to the Menu!News2019-10-29 07:10:03
2019/10/29West Coast Burger Chain Fatburger Adds Vegan Cheese and Dairy-Free Milkshakes to the Menu!News2019-10-29 07:05:00
2019/10/29Petition: Tell the Food and Drug Administration to Crack Down on Toxins in Baby Foods!News2019-10-29 07:00:07
2019/10/29High Fluoride Levels during Pregnancy Linked to Lower IQ in Boys: New JAMA StudyNews2019-10-29 05:00:55
2019/10/29Saffron equally effective as Ritalin in treatment of ADHD, new study revealsNews2019-10-29 00:11:54
2019/10/29Number of Bayer Lawsuits May Increase to 45,000News2019-10-29 00:00:00
2019/10/29Why $4.99 Costco Chicken Is a Massive ProblemNews2019-10-29 00:00:00
2019/10/28Poor and Malnourished People Targeted with New Genetically Modified CottonseedNews2019-10-28 22:56:06
2019/10/28Israeli Study Links Autism to General Anesthesia in C-SectionsNews2019-10-28 16:13:00
2019/10/28If You’re Still Using Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, This Might Be Enough to Make You StopNews2019-10-28 15:18:50
2019/10/287-Year-Old Girl Loses Both Legs After Doctors Misdiagnosed Her Meningitis as A Stomach AcheNews2019-10-28 15:12:24
2019/10/28Parents Say Their Immuno Compromised Son was Forced to Get Flu Shot. It Nearly Took His Life.News2019-10-28 12:49:42
2019/10/28Pizza Giant Papa John’s Hiring ‘Chief Vegan Officer’ To Develop New DishesNews2019-10-28 12:27:10
2019/10/28EWG Comments to EPA on Registration Review for Paraquat DichlorideNews2019-10-28 10:10:38
2019/10/28Denny’s Partners Beyond Meat To Launch Its First Plant Protein BurgerNews2019-10-28 09:59:05
2019/10/28Dublin Branded World’s Most Vegan-Friendly City In New Top 10 ListNews2019-10-28 08:44:29
2019/10/28Subway Trials Meatless Meatball Marinara In UKNews2019-10-28 06:46:01
2019/10/28Nestlé’s Plant-Based ‘Awesome Burger’ To Launch In CostcoNews2019-10-28 06:19:14
2019/10/28Nestlé’s Plant-Based ‘Awesome Burger’ To Launch In CostcoNews2019-10-28 06:19:14
2019/10/28BBC Blasted Over ‘Wild And Unsubstantiated’ Negative Claims About VeganismNews2019-10-28 04:12:43
2019/10/27The World’s Strongest Man ‘Willing’ To Give Plant-Based Diet A ChanceNews2019-10-27 13:44:21
2019/10/27Vegan Calls Out Korean Military For Lack Of Plant-Based OptionsNews2019-10-27 12:10:44
2019/10/27Scottish Borough Introduces Plant-Based Food In All Of Its SchoolsNews2019-10-27 11:09:26
2019/10/27Research Shows Plant Based Diet can Significantly Alleviate Symptoms of Rheumatoid ArthritisNews2019-10-27 07:30:47
2019/10/26Don’t Be Evil: Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Breaks Down How Google Set out to Literally Program Our MindsNews2019-10-26 14:10:07
2019/10/26United Airlines ‘Focusing Heavily’ On Plant-Based OptionsNews2019-10-26 12:38:45
2019/10/25Scientific American, the Oldest US Monthly Magazine, Issues Severe Warning on 5GNews2019-10-25 16:34:28
2019/10/25EWG News Roundup (10/25): 2019 National Tap Water Database, Nonstick Chemicals Taint Louisville Drinking Water and MoreNews2019-10-25 13:16:18
2019/10/25Getting the Measles in Modern-Day America—Not Nearly as Dangerous as PortrayedNews2019-10-25 11:01:17
2019/10/25Eating Lots of Dairy May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk, But Plant-Based Diets Reduce It, Study FindsNews2019-10-25 09:01:11
2019/10/25Population Growth will Force us to Eat Less Sugar, Salt and Meat Says Nestle, the Processed Food GiantNews2019-10-25 07:07:28
2019/10/25IKEA Ditches All Meat From Its Christmas Menu For 2019News2019-10-25 03:39:29
2019/10/24FOX: CDC Sends Warning to Hunters After Deer with Tuberculosis Found to Transmit Bacteria to PeopleNews2019-10-24 17:54:09
2019/10/24PFAS Exposure May Increase Risk of Breast CancerNews2019-10-24 13:21:29
2019/10/24Congressman Posey Questions Mark Zuckerberg About Vaccine Safety Information CensorshipNews2019-10-24 13:20:44
2019/10/24CNN: Heat Camera at Tourist Attraction Spots Woman’s Breast CancerNews2019-10-24 11:18:43
2019/10/24DC City Council Introduces Law To Ban Processed Meats like Bacon and Hot Dogs in HospitalsNews2019-10-24 07:40:45
2019/10/2395 Percent of Baby Foods Tested in the United States Revealed Toxic MetalsNews2019-10-23 18:21:38
2019/10/23New Research Shows Corticosteroid Injections May Do More Damage Than Previously ThoughtNews2019-10-23 18:00:18
2019/10/23BREAKING: Medical Board Charges San Diego Doctor for Giving Out Medical ExemptionsNews2019-10-23 14:00:03
2019/10/23U.S. Air Pollution Is Getting Worse Under Trump, New Study FindsNews2019-10-23 13:24:30
2019/10/23Leading Cardiologist Debunks Headlines Saying ‘Red Meat Is Healthy’News2019-10-23 12:09:51
2019/10/23Why EWG Standards for Drinking Water?News2019-10-23 08:09:03
2019/10/23Dunkin’ Expanding Meatless Beyond Meat Sausage to All Locations Nationwide in November!News2019-10-23 07:40:59
2019/10/23Pizza Hut is Testing a Plant-Based Meat Topping and an Eco-Friendly Box!News2019-10-23 07:37:01
2019/10/23Leading Health Organizations are Fighting to Put Limits on Added Sugar in Baby FoodsNews2019-10-23 07:15:38
2019/10/23‘Sesame Street’ Urged To Introduce Vegan Muppet To Help KidsNews2019-10-23 06:23:59
2019/10/23Domino’s Forced To Apologize After Serving Ham Pizza To VeganNews2019-10-23 04:44:23
2019/10/22‘Meets All Government Standards’: EWG’S 2019 Tap Water Database Details Unsafe Contamination in Communities NationwideNews2019-10-22 23:42:11
2019/10/22BREAKING: Reuters: Johnson & Johnson CEO Testified Baby Powder was Safe 13 Days Before FDA bombshellNews2019-10-22 17:42:55
2019/10/22Driving While Stoned? Marijuana Breathalyzers Expected to Hit the Street in 2020News2019-10-22 17:09:13
2019/10/22Disbanded Air Pollution Panel Finds EPA Standards Don’t Protect Public HealthNews2019-10-22 14:27:34
2019/10/22Pizza Hut To Trial Plant-Based Meat In USNews2019-10-22 10:53:48
2019/10/22Dunkin’ To Expand Beyond Meat Nationwide Early After Sales Double ExpectationsNews2019-10-22 10:17:43
2019/10/2210 Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Louisville, Ky., Tap WaterNews2019-10-22 08:23:53
2019/10/21Johnson & Johnson Recalls 33,000 Baby Powder Bottles After FDA Finds AsbestosNews2019-10-21 13:45:03
2019/10/21Help stop forced meningitis vaccines in Wyoming!News2019-10-21 09:23:02
2019/10/21CNBC: Four Drug Companies Reach a Settlement as Opioid Trial Was Set to BeginNews2019-10-21 09:17:45
2019/10/21Toxic Metals Found in 95% of Baby Foods on the MarketNews2019-10-21 07:20:35
2019/10/21Dr. Neal Barnard Stars In New Plant-Based Film About Chronic PainNews2019-10-21 07:11:15
2019/10/20BREAKING: J&J Pulls Baby Powder From MarketNews2019-10-20 20:10:20
2019/10/20Jaden Smith Teams Up With Cafe Gratitude To Donate 10,000 Meals To People In NeedNews2019-10-20 11:57:41
2019/10/19Study Finds Ebola Risk Linked to Climate ChangeNews2019-10-19 07:05:47
2019/10/18CBS: 95% of Baby Foods Tested Contain Toxic Metals that Could Lower Babies’ IQ, Study FindsNews2019-10-18 22:01:52
2019/10/18UPDATE: Al Sharpton Cancels Va**ine Forum with RFK Jr. and Experts Amidst Pressure from Pharma PhysiciansNews2019-10-18 14:59:33
2019/10/18EWG News Roundup (10/18): California Seeks To Reduce Lead From Daycare Facilities, Debunking PFAS Polluters’ False Claims and MoreNews2019-10-18 13:54:33
2019/10/18EWG: Latest Asbestos Recall of J&J Baby Powder Demands Congressional ActionNews2019-10-18 13:49:59
2019/10/185G and Wireless Technology Health Effects, by Children’s Health DefenseNews2019-10-18 12:14:43
2019/10/18CDC Says 1,500 Illnesses From Vaping, 33 DeathsNews2019-10-18 11:33:24
2019/10/18Jameela Jamil Influences Instagram to Ban Weight Loss Ads so Kids Under 18 can Focus on Healthy LivingNews2019-10-18 07:25:16
2019/10/18Lightlife’s New Plant-Based Meat Line To Launch In Over 12,000 Stores Across USNews2019-10-18 05:00:53
2019/10/17ABC: Mom Upset After 6-Year-Old Son Gets Flu Shot Without Her ConsentNews2019-10-17 15:17:16
2019/10/17Calif. Regulators Move To Reduce Lead in Drinking Water at Child Care CentersNews2019-10-17 11:52:53
2019/10/17Toxic Metals Found in 95 Percent of Baby FoodsNews2019-10-17 11:23:26
2019/10/17More than 14% of U.S. School Districts Now Offer Plant-Based Lunch Options To StudentsNews2019-10-17 07:20:55
2019/10/17Six Year Old Girl Sets Up Lemonade Stand to Raise Money to Buy Oxygen Kits For Pets Affected by FiresNews2019-10-17 07:10:34
2019/10/17Elon Musk’s Donated Water Systems Will Soon Provide Schools in Flint With Access to Safe Clean Drinking WaterNews2019-10-17 07:05:31
2019/10/16FOX: Tennessee Teacher Breaks Down in Tears After Hungry Student Asks Her for SpaghettiOsNews2019-10-16 21:21:10
2019/10/16250 Million Children Will Be Obese by 2030News2019-10-16 10:44:15
2019/10/16ABC: Taco Bell Seasoned Beef is Being Recalled Over Concerns of Metal ContaminationNews2019-10-16 08:34:04
2019/10/16Hundreds of California Drinking Water Wells are Contaminated with CarcinogensNews2019-10-16 07:25:41
2019/10/16New 5-Year Research Program Will Examine How Plant-Based Diets Can Prevent Chronic IllnessesNews2019-10-16 07:20:32
2019/10/15‘Go Vegan – It Is The Only Way To Save Our Planet’ Says Lewis HamiltonEnvironment, News2019-10-15 12:19:27
2019/10/15Singapore Is the First Country to Ban Ads on Sugary DrinksNews2019-10-15 12:10:55
2019/10/15For PFAS, Hazardous Designation Is Not a BanNews2019-10-15 10:10:26
2019/10/15‘For the First Time, Environmental Principles will be Enshrined in Law’ Said The Queen in Her Speech to ParliamentNews2019-10-15 07:15:00
2019/10/15Children Taken From Parents Who Refuse Vitamin K ShotNews2019-10-15 00:00:00
2019/10/15GMO Avocados in DevelopmentNews2019-10-15 00:00:00
2019/10/14NY Times: In the Pancreas, Common Fungi May Drive CancerNews2019-10-14 21:49:41
2019/10/14CNN: Bugs, Rodent Hair and Poop: How Much is Legally Allowed in the Food You Eat Every Day?News2019-10-14 09:21:29
2019/10/13Single Mom Faces Jail Time After Participating in Facebook Food GroupNews2019-10-13 15:12:29
2019/10/139-Year-Old Activist Becomes ‘World’s Youngest’ Vegan Lifestyle CoachNews2019-10-13 07:55:53
2019/10/13Vegan Brand Donates 5,000 Plant-Based Burgers To Help Feed HomelessNews2019-10-13 06:08:49
2019/10/12Radio Presenter Axed For Branding Dairy Industry ‘Horrific’News2019-10-12 07:00:20
2019/10/11Big News: The Nutritional Therapy Association Announces Changes to the NTP/NTC programs!News2019-10-11 18:17:34
2019/10/11EWG News Roundup (10/11): California Bans Brain Damaging Pesticide, Algae Blooms Across U.S. Swell in 2019 and MoreNews2019-10-11 11:20:58
2019/10/11CBS: O is for Opioids: ‘Sesame Street’ to Tackle Addiction CrisisNews2019-10-11 10:49:03
2019/10/11Phone Explodes Killing Teen As She SleepsNews2019-10-11 10:11:18
2019/10/11Angelina Jolie’s Doctor Launches Pro-Vegan Breast Cancer Awareness CampaignNews2019-10-11 09:34:12
2019/10/11New California Law Protects Workers From Toxic Lead PoisoningNews2019-10-11 08:17:18
2019/10/11Major Junk Food Company CollapsesNews2019-10-11 00:00:00
2019/10/10Doctors Request DVDs Of ‘The Game Changers’ To Give To PatientsNews2019-10-10 14:18:58
2019/10/10Trump EPA Balks at Protecting Kids From Lead ExposureNews2019-10-10 13:48:50
2019/10/10NY Times: Scientist Who Discredited Meat Guidelines Didn’t Report Past Food Industry TiesNews2019-10-10 12:07:39
2019/10/10Nestle Launches Plant-Based Cheese And Bacon For Its ‘Awesome Burger’News2019-10-10 06:29:54
2019/10/10Benefits of turmeric shown to neutralize cancer cell growth, study revealsNews2019-10-10 05:00:49
2019/10/10Pizza Hut Launches Fifth Vegan Pizza – Plus Cheesecake And Nuggets In UKNews2019-10-10 03:35:50
2019/10/10Major US Chain Hardee’s Trials Beyond Meat For Breakfast, Lunch, And DinnerNews2019-10-10 03:10:03
2019/10/09CNN: Three Babies Have Died from Bacterial Infection at a Pennsylvania HospitalNews2019-10-09 22:23:57
2019/10/09Deal Reached to Ban Brain-Damaging Pesticide in CaliforniaNews2019-10-09 18:35:09
2019/10/09Has Gardasil Really Eliminated Cervical Cancer in Australia? by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health DefenseNews2019-10-09 17:45:42
2019/10/09‘The Game Changers’ Is Bestselling Documentary Of All Time On iTunesNews2019-10-09 10:11:45
2019/10/09Tell the National Organic Program: Don’t Let 'Big Organic' Dairies Cheat Family Farmers and ConsumersNews2019-10-09 08:03:00
2019/10/09Alarming report: Energy drinks have life-threatening side effectsNews2019-10-09 00:11:53
2019/10/09Water Poisoning Alerts Hidden From PublicNews2019-10-09 00:00:00
2019/10/08ABC: NY State Kicks Boy Out of School Even Though Neurologist Signs Off on Medical ExemptionsNews2019-10-08 21:20:35
2019/10/08REUTERS: Jury Says J&J Must Pay $8 Billion in Case Over Male Breast Growth Linked to RisperdalNews2019-10-08 19:43:31
2019/10/08Olivia Newton John says Medicinal Cannabis is Key to Her Cancer RecoveryNews2019-10-08 11:50:35
2019/10/08Two Philadelphia Schools Closed After Renovation Reveals Deadly AsbestosNews2019-10-08 09:42:51
2019/10/08Deadly Diseases are Increasing Due to Climate ChangeNews2019-10-08 07:10:30
2019/10/07Doctors Petition FDA to Require Breast Cancer Warning Label on CheeseNews2019-10-07 23:52:50
2019/10/07World’s Richest Man Cuts Health Benefits for 1,900 Whole Foods WorkersNews2019-10-07 09:54:37
2019/10/07BREAKING: ‘The Game Changers’ To Launch Globally On Netflix This MonthNews2019-10-07 09:45:03
2019/10/06ABC: 73 catholic schools across Wash. will now only accept medical exemptions for vaccinationsNews2019-10-06 14:28:30
2019/10/06Plant-Based Athlete Novak Djokovic Victorious In Japan Open FinalHealth & Wellness, News2019-10-06 06:45:30
2019/10/06Low level lead exposure killing over 400,000 Americans a year, study revealsNews2019-10-06 00:11:46
2019/10/05Scientist Behind Red Meat Study Previously Tied To Food IndustryNews2019-10-05 05:49:32
2019/10/04EWG News Roundup (10/4): PFAS Taints Military Bases, California Adopts Law To Protect People From Lead in Jewelry, and MoreNews2019-10-04 13:57:21
2019/10/04Major Brands Source Palm Oil From Illegal Plantation Inside Orangutan Haven, ReportNews2019-10-04 11:45:47
2019/10/04FOX: Walmart Joins Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS in Pulling Zantac from ShelvesNews2019-10-04 11:37:46
2019/10/04Toxic chemicals in tap water linked to more than 100,000 cancer casesNews2019-10-04 00:11:13
2019/10/03ABC: Teen Experiences Serious Complications after School Inserts Birth Control Implant Without Parental ConsentNews2019-10-03 22:39:37
2019/10/03ABC: Extraordinary Act of Mercy: Brother of Botham Jean Hugs and Forgives Amber Guyger After 10-Year Sentence ImposedNews2019-10-03 14:53:28
2019/10/03Notorious PFAS Polluter 3M Fights N.H. Effort To Enforce Health-Protective Drinking Water LimitNews2019-10-03 10:11:02
2019/10/03The 100 U.S. Military Sites With the Worst PFAS ContaminationNews2019-10-03 09:43:02
2019/10/03The Link Between Dairy And Prostate Cancer Is Too Significant To IgnoreNews2019-10-03 06:27:40
2019/10/03Major Airline To Serve High-Tech Plant-Based PorkNews2019-10-03 04:30:24
2019/10/03Colorado City Used $7.3 Million From Marijuana Tax Revenue to Provide for the HomelessNews2019-10-03 04:27:06
2019/10/02Sign by Midnight October 3: No GMOs in Organic!News2019-10-02 18:55:33
2019/10/02Turkish Scientist Sentenced to Prison for Publishing Paper Linking Pollution to CancerNews2019-10-02 10:53:53
2019/10/01CNBC: FDA Issues Warning on Medical Devices that are Vulnerable to Takeover from HackersNews2019-10-01 22:36:24
2019/10/01KFC Denies It Is Opening All-Vegan Restaurant In UKNews2019-10-01 11:58:46
2019/10/01FOX: 16 Students Sent to Hospital After Getting Wrong Shot by Mistake at Indiana SchoolNews2019-10-01 11:33:12
2019/10/01CVS and Walgreens Stop Selling Zantac After Cancer-Causing Chemical DetectedNews2019-10-01 09:58:21
2019/10/01New Study Confirms High PFAS Blood Levels Among FirefightersNews2019-10-01 08:45:12
2019/10/01Costco is Launching Vegan “Better Than Beef” Burger by Don Lee FarmsNews2019-10-01 07:20:51
2019/09/30Federal Judge: Class Action Suit Against PFAS Chemical Makers Can ProceedNews2019-09-30 16:21:09
2019/09/30New California Law Creates Strictest Lead and Cadmium Limits in Jewelry in U.S.News2019-09-30 15:53:29
2019/09/30Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Detected in California Drinking WaterNews2019-09-30 13:16:02
2019/09/30Finnish Market Hosts “Happy Hour” Discounted Sales in an Attempt to Fight Food Waste!News2019-09-30 07:21:17
2019/09/30Food Giant Müller Sees Revenues Fall As ‘Milk Market Changes Significantly’News2019-09-30 04:10:40
2019/09/30Medical warning: Gluten allergies affect everyoneNews2019-09-30 00:11:58
2019/09/28NYC Public Schools Ban Processed MeatNews2019-09-28 09:47:54
2019/09/28Expert Brands McDonald’s PLT Burger ‘The First Step In Plant-Based Global Domination’News2019-09-28 07:15:30
2019/09/27EWG News Roundup (9/27): ‘Forever Chemicals’ in California, Electric Cars Draw Ire of Big Oil and MoreNews2019-09-27 12:36:09
2019/09/27New York City Schools Ban Processed Meats!News2019-09-27 09:59:32
2019/09/27McDonald’s is Finally Testing Out a Plant-Based Meat BurgerNews2019-09-27 07:15:25
2019/09/27‘Better Than Beef’ Vegan Burger Launches In Costco Across USNews2019-09-27 03:37:31
2019/09/26Key House Panel Adopts Legislative Package To Protect Public From Asbestos, PFAS ChemicalsNews2019-09-26 11:34:11
2019/09/26McDonald’s To Launch Beyond Meat Burger In CanadaNews2019-09-26 07:02:28
2019/09/25Meat Giant Kerry Group Launches Plant-Based RangeNews2019-09-25 15:20:12
2019/09/25Impossible Foods To Launch Its Plant-Based Patty In Over 100 US StoresNews2019-09-25 14:22:35
2019/09/25New State Data: Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Widespread in California Drinking Water SourcesNews2019-09-25 08:22:53
2019/09/25Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Detected in Drinking Water Supplies Across CaliforniaNews2019-09-25 08:22:53
2019/09/25Major Plant-Based Meat Range To Launch In Tesco Meat AisleNews2019-09-25 05:36:44
2019/09/25Campaigners Threaten To Sue Nurseries Who Don’t Offer Free Plant-Based MilkNews2019-09-25 05:05:57
2019/09/25Disney To Launch 400 Vegan Dishes At US Locations Next MonthNews2019-09-25 04:30:33
2019/09/25State AGs Taking Opioid Money While Negotiating SettlementsNews2019-09-25 00:00:00
2019/09/24How U.S. Government Conceals Truth About ‘Forever Chemicals’ and How You Can Help Avoid ExposureNews2019-09-24 14:17:20
2019/09/24Tesco Launches a New Line of Plant-Based Foods!News2019-09-24 07:35:40
2019/09/2415 West Coast-Based Restaurants That Introduced Plant-Based Menus in 2019 (So Far)News2019-09-24 06:40:50
2019/09/23Lead in Tap Water: What Parents Should KnowNews2019-09-23 09:04:43
2019/09/23Tesco Launches Affordable Vegan Range As Part Of Sustainability DriveNews2019-09-23 08:13:19
2019/09/238 Deaths, 530 Illnesses From Vaping: Here’s What to KnowNews2019-09-23 07:53:18
2019/09/23Vegan Mature Cheddar Cheese To Launch In UKNews2019-09-23 06:23:48
2019/09/23Plant-Based Chicken Burrito Is 2nd Top Seller At Major ChainNews2019-09-23 06:08:52
2019/09/23Tesco To Launch Vegan ‘Pot Noodle’ Style Meal PotsNews2019-09-23 05:24:55
2019/09/23Top Lawyer Says Eating Meat Could Be Banned As A ‘Crime Against Humanity’News2019-09-23 04:39:33
2019/09/22Dairy Giant Launches Vegan Cheese Described As ‘Trailblazing’News2019-09-22 11:41:20
2019/09/22Linda McCartney Launches Plant-Based FishcakesNews2019-09-22 09:28:34
2019/09/22‘Game-Changing’ Plant-Based Sushi Debuts In SelfridgesNews2019-09-22 06:19:24
2019/09/22Breaking news from FDA: Cancer-causing chemicals found in popular heartburn medicineNews2019-09-22 00:11:29
2019/09/21Doctors For Nutrition Praise Plant-Based Documentary The Game ChangersNews2019-09-21 13:47:47
2019/09/21JUST Plant-Based Egg Now Available At Bryn And DanesNews2019-09-21 11:18:52
2019/09/21Pastry Giant Teams Up With Quorn To Launch Vegan PastyNews2019-09-21 06:09:39
2019/09/20EWG News Roundup (9/20): EWG Estimates 100,000+ Cancer Cases Stem From Tap Water Contaminants, Fairway Farmers and MoreNews2019-09-20 12:27:06
2019/09/20Galaxy And Bounty Vegan Milkshakes To Launch In AsdaNews2019-09-20 07:50:19
2019/09/20General Mills Recalls 600,000 Pounds of Flour Due to E. Coli Contamination RiskNews2019-09-20 06:49:00
2019/09/20The Game Changers Ranked Number 1 On iTunes Pre-OrderNews2019-09-20 05:13:50
2019/09/19Vegan Musicians Aim To Top UK Music Charts This ChristmasNews2019-09-19 17:00:22
2019/09/19Charity ‘Smashes’ £30,000 Crowdfund Target To Create Vegan DocumentaryNews2019-09-19 15:24:13
2019/09/19Lewis Hamilton’s Plant-Based Food Chain Adds Beyond Sausage To Its MenuNews2019-09-19 15:01:17
2019/09/19Natural Gas: A ‘Bridge’ to a Hotter Climate, Bigger Utility Bills and More Threats to Public HealthNews2019-09-19 13:35:19
2019/09/19Climate Crisis Caused High Healthcare Costs in 2012News2019-09-19 12:22:05
2019/09/19PFAS and Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity: An EWG Fact SheetNews2019-09-19 08:06:56
2019/09/19Impossible Foods is Making Their Grocery Debut Tomorrow!News2019-09-19 07:45:47
2019/09/18EWG: Study Estimates More Than 100,000 Cancer Cases Could Stem From Contaminants in Tap WaterNews2019-09-18 23:01:00
2019/09/18Governors Urge Congress To Keep PFAS Provisions in Defense BillNews2019-09-18 17:24:14
2019/09/18Update on California Vaccine LawsNews2019-09-18 12:39:15
2019/09/18The Game Changers Announces Worldwide Digital ReleaseNews2019-09-18 11:23:51
2019/09/18Moving Mountains Launches Vegan Sausage That ‘Looks, Sizzles And Tastes Like Pork’News2019-09-18 09:35:32
2019/09/18Ellen DeGeneres Tells 78 Million Followers To ‘Eat Less Meat’ Or ‘None’ At AllNews2019-09-18 08:16:02
2019/09/18Plant-Based Beyond Sausage To Launch In Tesco Across UKNews2019-09-18 07:23:08
2019/09/17Duke Energy’s Renewables Pledge Falls ShortNews2019-09-17 14:11:54
2019/09/17Plant-Based Diet Helps With Weight Loss And Slashes Diabetes Risk, Study SaysNews2019-09-17 11:49:39
2019/09/16Vegan Documentary The Game Changers Out TodayNews2019-09-16 12:06:26
2019/09/16Oatly Launches Vegan ‘Chocolate Deluxe’ Milk In UKNews2019-09-16 10:28:28
2019/09/16Kraft-Heinz Rejects Effort To Get Phthalates Out of Mac and CheeseNews2019-09-16 10:06:07
2019/09/16California Fails to Pass Bills That Would Have Led Nation in Fighting Plastic WasteNews2019-09-16 07:35:35
2019/09/14British School Removes Meat And Fish From Lunch MenuNews2019-09-14 22:40:45
2019/09/14Caffè Nero Expands Plant-Based Options With New Deli-Style MenuNews2019-09-14 19:17:43
2019/09/14Impossible Foods To Make Its Supermarket Debut Next WeekNews2019-09-14 17:17:46
2019/09/14Vegan Snooker Player Neil Robertson Complies 650 Competitive Century BreaksNews2019-09-14 15:39:25
2019/09/14Restaurant Chain Just Salad Replaces All Beef Dishes With Beyond MeatNews2019-09-14 09:43:04
2019/09/14Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Hates’ Cow’s Milk – Says Almond Milk Is ‘Much Better’News2019-09-14 06:22:20
2019/09/13EWG News Roundup (9/13): Army Sites Plagued With PFAS, Trump Guts Clean Water Rule and MoreNews2019-09-13 13:53:14
2019/09/13Tests Find High Levels of Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water at McChord AFB, Ft. LewisNews2019-09-13 13:20:23
2019/09/13Lawmakers Take Manufacturing Companies to Task Over Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Drinking WaterNews2019-09-13 12:37:40
2019/09/13Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Detected in Drinking Water at N.Y. Army InstallationsNews2019-09-13 12:24:49
2019/09/13Activists Urge Government To Transition To A ‘Completely Plant-Based Food System’News2019-09-13 08:37:42
2019/09/13Richmond To Launch Meat-Free Sausages This MonthNews2019-09-13 07:25:48
2019/09/13Just Salad is Ditching Beef for Plant-Based Meat and Aims to Go Meatless in Five Years!News2019-09-13 07:10:14
2019/09/13Celebrity Actor Paul Wesley Defends Veganism To Over 4 Million FollowersNews2019-09-13 06:29:38
2019/09/12Tests Find Notorious ‘Forever Chemicals’ at Elevated Levels in Drinking Water at Minnesota Army BaseNews2019-09-12 13:55:09
2019/09/12Tests Find Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water at Oklahoma Army InstallationsNews2019-09-12 13:02:37
2019/09/12Drinking Water at Arizona Army Facilities Contaminated with Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’News2019-09-12 12:44:46
2019/09/12Tests Find Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water at Rhode Island Army InstallationsNews2019-09-12 12:43:41
2019/09/12Trump Calls for Banning Flavored E-CigarettesNews2019-09-12 10:17:37
2019/09/12Greta Thunberg Makes TIME’s List Of Women Who Will Change The WorldNews2019-09-12 09:30:34
2019/09/12French Schools To Offer At Least One Meatless Lunch Per WeekNews2019-09-12 08:09:03
2019/09/12London Pub Ditches Beef And Considers Plant-Based AlternativesNews2019-09-12 06:55:45
2019/09/12Le Pain Quotidien To Launch Plant-Based JUST Egg Frittata Across USNews2019-09-12 05:48:20
2019/09/11Tests Find Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ at 10 Oregon Army InstallationsNews2019-09-11 11:35:49
2019/09/11New PFAS Detections Reported at 90 Additional Army InstallationsNews2019-09-11 08:24:19
2019/09/11Trump Campaign Advisors Receive Over $2 Million in Trade Bailout PaymentsNews2019-09-11 08:24:19
2019/09/11Jamie Oliver Hosting New Meat-Free Cooking Show!News2019-09-11 07:05:30
2019/09/11Vegan Products Are ‘Transforming’ British Brands, Says The GuardianNews2019-09-11 05:23:49
2019/09/11Kroger To Launch Plant-Based Protein Section In Meat AisleNews2019-09-11 04:18:01
2019/09/10FDA Finds Asbestos in Beauty Plus Products, Issues Voluntary RecallNews2019-09-10 11:19:00
2019/09/10Ben & Jerry’s To Launch Vegan Cookie Dough Ice-Cream In The UKNews2019-09-10 09:23:17
2019/09/10The Science on PFAS: Rebuttal to 3M’s ClaimsNews2019-09-10 07:48:22
2019/09/10Kroger Launches Line of Plant-Based Foods With Wide Variety of Products!News2019-09-10 07:05:16
2019/09/10Joaquin Phoenix Promotes ‘Uncompromising Vegan Message’ As Major Campaign LaunchesNews2019-09-10 03:13:26
2019/09/09Nature’sRepair Food Grade Skin Care Products are Now Non-GMO Project VerifiedNews2019-09-09 12:10:59
2019/09/06This Ingredient May Be Responsible for Marijuana Vaping Lung Disease OutbreakNews2019-09-06 13:33:18
2019/09/06EWG News Roundup (9/6): Hurricane Dorian Threatens N.C. Factory Farms, Climate Crisis Takes Center Stage in 2020 Campaign and MoreNews2019-09-06 13:29:22
2019/09/06Penn Jillette Explains Why He Used To Be An ‘Unethical Vegan’News2019-09-06 12:45:41
2019/09/06All Soda, Sugary or Diet, Linked to Early Death in New StudyNews2019-09-06 12:09:22
2019/09/0612 Tons of Raw Beef Recalled, ‘Unfit for Human Consumption’News2019-09-06 11:32:15
2019/09/06MorningStar Farms To Launch Plant-Based ‘Incogmeato’ RangeNews2019-09-06 11:09:13
2019/09/06Why the CEO of Whole Foods Doesn’t Think Much of Plant-Based Meat AlternativesNews2019-09-06 08:46:20
2019/09/06NBA Star Chris Paul Feeling ‘Pretty Damn Good’ On Plant-Based DietNews2019-09-06 07:23:33
2019/09/06Food Giant Tyson Invests In Plant-Based ShrimpNews2019-09-06 06:10:11
2019/09/05NGO Letter in Support of PFAS Provisions in the FY 2020 NDAANews2019-09-05 13:43:26
2019/09/05The Cornucopia Institute Rates More than 100 Cottage Cheese Products in New ScorecardNews2019-09-05 13:41:48
2019/09/05October Is Children’s Environmental Health Month in CaliforniaNews2019-09-05 13:19:14
2019/09/04Microwave radiation illness: Child testifies about the dangers of WiFi in schoolsNews2019-09-04 00:11:03
2019/08/30EWG News Roundup (8/30): DuPont and 3M’s Half-Century of PFAS Deception, Monsanto’s Thoughts on Moms and MoreNews2019-08-30 11:40:18
2019/08/30Plant-Based JUST Egg Launching In WalmartNews2019-08-30 03:47:42
2019/08/28Monsanto Emails: ‘Let’s Beat the S*** out of’ Moms Worried About Cancer-Linked WeedkillerNews2019-08-28 13:57:46
2019/08/28Snoop Dogg Raves About Vegan KFC: Calls It ‘Finger-Lickin’ Good’News2019-08-28 08:17:19
2019/08/28For Decades, Polluters Knew PFAS Chemicals Were Dangerous But Hid Risks From PublicNews2019-08-28 06:07:51
2019/08/28Juul funds program to get kids hooked on vapingNews2019-08-28 00:00:00
2019/08/27The State Of Oklahoma Finally Wins Case against Johnson & Johnson in Historic Opioid Trial, To Receive $572 MillionNews2019-08-27 12:59:06
2019/08/27For 50 Years, Polluters Knew PFAS Chemicals Were Dangerous But Hid Risks From PublicNews2019-08-27 12:15:32
2019/08/26CVS Will Remove Harmful Ingredients From SunscreensNews2019-08-26 10:19:47
2019/08/26EWG Comments on the EPA’s Proposed National Primary Drinking Water Regulations for PerchlorateNews2019-08-26 09:01:31
2019/08/23EWG News Roundup (8/23): Big Energy Bends the Truth About Solar, Trump Team Hypocrites on Asbestos and MoreNews2019-08-23 14:10:37
2019/08/22Italy Passes Law To Send Unsold Food To Charities Instead Of DumpstersNews2019-08-22 20:47:52
2019/08/22Study: Newer PFAS Chemicals ‘May Pose More Risks’ Than Those They ReplacedNews2019-08-22 14:15:16
2019/08/21EWG Comments to EPA on Proposed Glyphosate DecisionNews2019-08-21 11:24:09
2019/08/20Tell the FDA: The Impossible Burger's GMO Heme Should Be Safety-Tested!News2019-08-20 08:17:00
2019/08/20Heather Mills Offers Free Vegan Burgers To University That Ditched BeefAnimals, News2019-08-20 04:31:24
2019/08/20Monsanto hit list exposedNews2019-08-20 00:00:00
2019/08/20Home Depot and Lowes sued over RoundupNews2019-08-20 00:00:00
2019/08/18Beyond Meat’s Plant-Based Burger Now Available In SpainHealth & Wellness, News2019-08-18 11:55:05
2019/08/17Plant-Based JUST Egg To Launch In Over 2,000 Stores Across USNews2019-08-17 09:56:22
2019/08/17Burger King To Trial Plant-Based Rebel Whopper In BrazilNews2019-08-17 08:49:02
2019/08/15Vegan Corned Beef Sandwiches To Launch In Over 50 Whole Foods MarketsNews2019-08-15 16:25:28
2019/08/15Footwear Giant Gola Launches Vegan Shoe RangeNews2019-08-15 13:50:42
2019/08/15The USA Lags Behind the Rest of the World in Banning Harmful PesticidesNews2019-08-15 13:43:36
2019/08/1510 Ways Trump Has Undermined Chemical SafetyNews2019-08-15 09:40:39
2019/08/15Dasani Will Sell Water in Aluminum Cans and Bottles and Install Package-Less Vending Machines!News2019-08-15 07:00:42
2019/08/15Veganism Will Grow In China Like It Has In Europe, Predicts ExpertNews2019-08-15 05:15:10
2019/08/14Update: Trump’s USDA Trade Bailout Flows to City Slickers, a D.C. Lobbyist and ‘Farms’ on Golf CoursesNews2019-08-14 23:02:53
2019/08/14Beyond Meat To Be Served At Schools, Hospitals And Baseball StadiumsNews2019-08-14 15:29:08
2019/08/14Norway’s Health Minister Says Let People Smoke, Drink And Eat Red MeatNews2019-08-14 14:09:57
2019/08/14Dole Recalls Spinach Over Salmonella ConcernsNews2019-08-14 10:37:59
2019/08/14Lead Decontamination Closes Streets Around Notre Dame CathedralNews2019-08-14 10:34:03
2019/08/14Califia Farms Launches Barista Oat Milk In UKNews2019-08-14 07:58:10
2019/08/14Pret A Manger To Give Out Free Vegan CookiesNews2019-08-14 06:42:27
2019/08/14Higher Meat Intake Increases Obesity Risk, Says ReportNews2019-08-14 05:20:49
2019/08/13UK Cricket Club Turns Plant-Based To Become More InclusiveNews2019-08-13 13:30:28
2019/08/13Ethical Stock Investment To Launch On New York Stock ExchangeNews2019-08-13 12:17:44
2019/08/13Newark’s Lead Crisis EscalatesNews2019-08-13 12:07:07
2019/08/13UK University Removes Beef From Its Cafes To Tackle Climate EmergencyNews2019-08-13 07:04:13
2019/08/13Success Of Dr Martens’ Vegan Range Spikes Profit By 70%News2019-08-13 05:50:41
2019/08/12Frozen Garden Launches Fusions – A New Line of Non-GMO Verified Single-Serve Water InfusersNews2019-08-12 15:36:47
2019/08/12Primark Launches Affordable Vegan-Certified Skincare RangeNews2019-08-12 09:10:00
2019/08/11Vegan Couple Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Split, Says ReportNews2019-08-11 06:37:19
2019/08/11USDA proposes allowing gene editing in certified organic foodNews2019-08-11 00:11:57
2019/08/10Morrisons Adds Vegan BLT-Style Sandwich To Its Plant-Based RangeNews2019-08-10 16:28:58
2019/08/10Lidl Launches Reusable Bags For Loose Fruit And VegNews2019-08-10 06:58:30
2019/08/10Plant-Based Sicilian Bakery Launches Vegan CannoliNews2019-08-10 04:02:25
2019/08/09EWG News Roundup (8/9): Mapping Harmful Algae Toxins, Back-to-School Cellphone Tips and MoreNews2019-08-09 12:57:23
2019/08/09Silk Launches Oat Milk Creamer!News2019-08-09 07:00:04
2019/08/09London Restaurant Launches Deep-Fried Vegan MagnumsNews2019-08-09 04:47:44
2019/08/08Dubai Eatery Aims To Become World’s Largest Vegan RestaurantNews2019-08-08 14:38:19
2019/08/08Cardiff City Football Stadium Introduces Plant-Based MenuNews2019-08-08 13:28:56
2019/08/08Legendary Reviewer ‘Report Of The Week’ Tackles The Impossible WhopperNews2019-08-08 11:25:55
2019/08/08Wendy’s Suggests It Will Launch Plant-Based BurgersNews2019-08-08 04:24:10
2019/08/07Diners Outraged As ‘Vegan’ Nuggets Found To Contain Eggs And DairyNews2019-08-07 13:16:08
2019/08/07Subway Testing Subs With Beyond Meat Plant-Based Meatballs!News2019-08-07 11:43:48
2019/08/07Subway To Launch Meatball Sub Using Beyond Meat In US And CanadaNews2019-08-07 09:11:06
2019/08/07Alarming Decline of Insect Population Linked to Toxic Pesticides in U.S. AgricultureNews2019-08-07 07:16:19
2019/08/07Report Backed by United Nations Urges People to Eat Plant-Based to Stop Climate Change!News2019-08-07 07:15:48
2019/08/07Nestlé Launches Plant-Based Frothy Coffee In UKNews2019-08-07 06:26:37
2019/08/07Traditional Butcher Launches Plant-Based Meat To Meet DemandNews2019-08-07 05:39:16
2019/08/07High Street Chain Carluccio’s Launches Vegan Croissants For £1News2019-08-07 04:30:00
2019/08/06Nuttee Bean Co.® presents FAVALICIOUS™: Snacks as they’ve never bean before!News2019-08-06 18:22:04
2019/08/06Help Family Farmer Randy BuchlerNews2019-08-06 11:14:26
2019/08/06Why McDonald’s New Paper Straws Aren’t RecyclableNews2019-08-06 10:50:35
2019/08/06UK’s Largest Vegan Restaurant Eyes Second SiteNews2019-08-06 09:46:39
2019/08/06It’s Time To Ban PFAS from Food PackagingNews2019-08-06 09:16:55
2019/08/06Top Scientist Quits USDA, Says Trump Admin Tried to Bury Study Linking Climate and NutritionNews2019-08-06 07:32:21
2019/08/06Vegan Runner Scoops Second Place At Brutal Trail RaceNews2019-08-06 07:29:34
2019/08/06Farmers Complain They Are Being ‘Cyberbullied By Animal Activists’News2019-08-06 04:49:04
2019/08/06SHOCKING Lyme disease news: Did the U.S. Department of Defense weaponize ticks?News2019-08-06 00:11:37
2019/08/05‘Thriving’ On A Plant-Based Diet: Footballer Chris Smalling Features On PBN PodcastNews2019-08-05 17:57:43
2019/08/05DEBUNKED: Tabloids Claim Vegan Restaurants Are Struggling To SurviveNews2019-08-05 16:09:15
2019/08/05Vaping Leads to 14 Hospitalizations in Two StatesNews2019-08-05 14:31:05
2019/08/05San Francisco Airport Bans Plastic Water Bottle SalesNews2019-08-05 11:16:30
2019/08/05Report: ‘No Evidence That Fracking Can Operate Without Threatening Public Health’News2019-08-05 09:14:59
2019/08/05Researchers Develop Plant-Based Egg Whites From Brewery WasteNews2019-08-05 08:11:01
2019/08/05Beef and Pork Recalled Over Possible Human Blood ContaminationNews2019-08-05 08:07:16
2019/08/05Plant-Based Company Calls For ‘Meat Aisle’ To Be Renamed ‘Protein Aisle’News2019-08-05 07:07:10
2019/08/05Plant-Based Athlete Lewis Hamilton Wins Hungarian Grand PrixNews2019-08-05 05:28:58
2019/08/05Warning: Over-the-counter drugs linked to Alzheimer’s disease, many studies confirmNews2019-08-05 00:11:50
2019/08/04Leaked Report On Climate Change Encourages Plant-Based DietNews2019-08-04 08:44:04
2019/08/04Norwegian Seafood Giant Under Investigation Over ‘Misreporting Of Chemical Use’News2019-08-04 07:37:00
2019/08/04Unapproved genetically engineered wheat found growing in Washington stateNews2019-08-04 00:11:32
2019/08/03Royal Caribbean Adds New Plant-Based Menu To Its Cruise ShipsNews2019-08-03 06:05:52
2019/08/03Taco Bell Spain Launches Plant-Based Meat In Over 50 StoresNews2019-08-03 04:42:37
2019/08/02Sign On: No GMOs in Organic!News2019-08-02 14:23:51
2019/08/02Plastic Bag Purchases Drop 90% at Major England Retailers After Bag Fee Is IntroducedNews2019-08-02 13:23:06
2019/08/02EWG News Roundup (8/2): Rich Farmers Get Bailed Out by Trump, Steps To Combat the PFAS Contamination Crisis and MoreNews2019-08-02 13:10:12
2019/08/02Europe Says ‘No Safe Level’ of Brain-Damaging Pesticide Trump EPA Refused To BanNews2019-08-02 12:08:02
2019/08/02Technology and Crop Breeding: What’s NOT a GMO?News2019-08-02 12:07:02
2019/08/02Vegan Runner Adds A New National Title To His HaulNews2019-08-02 09:26:30
2019/08/02Delaware Banning Plastic Bags by 2021!News2019-08-02 07:00:29
2019/08/0255 Slovakian Diabetes Patients Lose Combined 2,000lbs In Under 20 Weeks On NFI ProtocolNews2019-08-02 06:20:52
2019/08/02Expert Slams Low Carb Diets At Dietary Guidelines Advisory CommitteeNews2019-08-02 06:19:46
2019/08/02Red ALERT: Thousands of satellites being launched into space to blast 5G radiation, no safety studiesNews2019-08-02 00:11:38
2019/08/01Hardee’s To Trial Beyond Meat’s Plant-Based Burgers And SausagesNews2019-08-01 17:07:33
2019/08/01Former Apprentice Winner Launches Range Of Plant-Based Sweets In The UKNews2019-08-01 15:42:36
2019/08/01New Zealand’s Ministry Of Health Promotes Plant-Based Diet In New Sustainability ReportNews2019-08-01 14:25:14
2019/08/01Impossible Whopper To Launch In All 7,200 Burger Kings Across US Next WeekNews2019-08-01 11:46:08
2019/08/01New Look Launches 500 Vegan Shoes And Bags – With Vegan Society TrademarkNews2019-08-01 11:26:18
2019/08/01Dairy Study Tries To Disrupt Link Between Dairy And MortalityNews2019-08-01 06:19:53
2019/07/31Gemma Collins Describes Meat As ‘Death’ In New TV ShowNews2019-07-31 15:15:31
2019/07/31Meghan Markle Refutes Rumors She’s Plant-BasedNews2019-07-31 14:15:30
2019/07/31Impossible Foods To Launch Its Plant-Based Burger In Grocery StoresNews2019-07-31 12:51:18
2019/07/31Greggs Confirms It Is Working On New Vegan ProductsNews2019-07-31 08:51:01
2019/07/31Giant Digital Anti-Meat Billboard Targets McDonald’s and Arby’sNews2019-07-31 08:28:20
2019/07/31Petition: Ask Trader Joe’s to Stop Selling Products With Palm Oil!News2019-07-31 07:00:01
2019/07/31Major Airline Launches New Vegan Options As Demand SoarsNews2019-07-31 06:41:05
2019/07/31‘Eco-Conscious’ Couple Seek ‘Roadkill Caterer’ For WeddingNews2019-07-31 05:57:12
2019/07/30Surge Launches Major Animal Rights Poster Campaign In LondonNews2019-07-30 12:08:18
2019/07/30Tim Horton’s Adding Vegan JUST Egg to Menus!News2019-07-30 07:15:50
2019/07/30Greggs’ Profits Skyrocket After Vegan Sausage Roll LaunchNews2019-07-30 06:05:15
2019/07/30Lidl Creates Affordable Beyond Burger Inspired ‘Next Level Burger’News2019-07-30 05:35:59
2019/07/30How Many Exposés Do We Need? Dairy Is Abuse – It’s Time To Ditch ItNews2019-07-30 04:43:36
2019/07/30Judge cuts award to Roundup victimNews2019-07-30 00:00:00
2019/07/29Elon Musk’s Neuralink Has Connected A Monkey Brain To A ComputerNews2019-07-29 20:13:37
2019/07/29USDA Bailout for Impact of Trump’s Tariffs Goes to Biggest, Richest FarmersNews2019-07-29 09:48:28
2019/07/29WATCH: Doctor Reveals How Animal Foods Hurt UsNews2019-07-29 08:54:46
2019/07/29From Slaughterhouse Worker To Vegan: ‘The Work Made Me Sick’News2019-07-29 07:11:11
2019/07/29UK’s First Plant-Based Hotel Seeking Second Site After Massive SuccessNews2019-07-29 01:47:10
2019/07/2950 Banners Appear Over UK Roads Saying ‘Go Vegan’News2019-07-29 00:38:52
2019/07/28Adidas Launches Vegan Sneakers In Collaboration With Beastie BoysNews2019-07-28 12:58:38
2019/07/28Tim Hortons Urged To Offer Dairy-Free Milk After Increasing Its Plant-Based Food OptionsNews2019-07-28 10:24:45
2019/07/27The Death of Neil Armstrong: Heart Surgeons Kill First Man on the Moon and Try to “Settle the matter privately” with a Multi-Million Dollar SettlementNews2019-07-27 10:10:26
2019/07/27Chipotle Brands Plant-Based Meat Too Processed – Beyond Meat RespondsNews2019-07-27 09:11:52
2019/07/27WATCH: Birds Eye Targets Carnivores In Its Latest Meat-Free AdNews2019-07-27 07:25:59
2019/07/27Tim Hortons Trials Plant-Based JUST Egg In CanadaNews2019-07-27 06:25:13
2019/07/26Lotus ‘Biscoff And Go’ Pots Launch In The UKNews2019-07-26 15:30:40
2019/07/26Green Gazelles Becomes UK’s ‘First Entirely Vegan Rugby Club’News2019-07-26 14:25:38
2019/07/26Beyond Meat ‘Looking At’ Developing Plant-Based Bacon And SteakNews2019-07-26 13:06:44
2019/07/26EWG News Roundup (7/26): EWG’s Two Decades of PFAS Research and Advocacy, Ohio Bails Out Nukes and MoreNews2019-07-26 12:55:03
2019/07/26Winners Announced From ‘Plant-Based Dragon’s Den’ CompetitionNews2019-07-26 11:47:45
2019/07/26Heather Mills Invests In Vegan Supermarket In FloridaNews2019-07-26 11:30:55
2019/07/26Baskin-Robbins Adding Dairy-Free Ice Cream to Stores!News2019-07-26 07:30:10
2019/07/25CRISPR and TALEN and RNAi, Oh My!News2019-07-25 13:16:09
2019/07/25GMO-Friendly USDA Ogling OrganicNews2019-07-25 12:48:24
2019/07/25Tell the USDA to Do Its Job: Protect Consumers, Not the Biotech Industry!News2019-07-25 06:39:00
2019/07/25Tell Congress: Stop the Big Ag Merger Mania! Protect Family Farms, Consumers & the Environment.News2019-07-25 06:35:00
2019/07/24Pentagon Announces PFAS Task Force to Address Contamination at Military BasesNews2019-07-24 14:24:47
2019/07/24Air Pollution Linked to 30,000 U.S. Deaths in One YearNews2019-07-24 13:11:57
2019/07/24Dunkin’ Adds Plant-Based Beyond Meat Sau