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2020/10/22Quebec Is Teaming Up With 7 Influencers to Teach Canadian Teens About COVID-19NEWS2020-10-22 23:07:05
2020/10/22Maisie Williams, Adwoa Aboah & Zoe Sugg Launch Limited Edition Bags to Fight Period PovertyNEWS2020-10-22 23:06:48
2020/10/22The Amazon Is In A Worse Condition Than Previously ThoughtNEWS2020-10-22 20:49:13
2020/10/22First Superconductor That Operates At Room Temperature DiscoveredNEWS2020-10-22 20:49:06
2020/10/22A Race Car That Can Speed In The Streets, Then Take Off Into The Sky!NEWS2020-10-22 20:49:05
2020/10/22T-Shirt Made From Algae And Wood Becomes Worm Food In 12 WeeksNEWS2020-10-22 20:48:47
2020/10/22The Amazon's Indigenous Communities Need Urgent Relief to Overcome COVID-19NEWS2020-10-22 19:07:03
2020/10/22What I learned about people playing Among UsNEWS2020-10-22 16:46:43
2020/10/22Timeline: The FDA’s Failure to Regulate ‘Brazilian Blowout’ Hair TreatmentsNEWS2020-10-22 03:03:31
2020/10/21Impossible Foods is Developing Plant-based Milk to Taste and Function like Cow’s MilkNEWS2020-10-21 19:09:35
2020/10/21Iran Allows Women to Run for President in 2021 After 40-Year Policy ReversalNEWS2020-10-21 19:06:54
2020/10/215 Quotes from Marcus Rashford That Show Why Fighting Child Food Poverty Is So ImportantNEWS2020-10-21 15:08:06
2020/10/21Metro North Trains’ New Air Purification Systems Will Kill Germs and Viruses Every Three MinutesNEWS2020-10-21 11:09:47
2020/10/21Forbes: Japan To Release Radioactive Fukushima Water Into OceanNEWS2020-10-21 10:36:03
2020/10/21BREAKING: AP: OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma to Plead Guilty to 3 Criminal ChargesNEWS2020-10-21 10:36:00
2020/10/2112 UK Writers, Thinkers, and Activists to Follow This Black History MonthNEWS2020-10-21 07:08:24
2020/10/21U.S. Suffered Almost 300,000 Excess Deaths During Coronavirus Pandemic, CDC ReportsNEWS2020-10-21 06:58:25
2020/10/21How Australian Hero Sir Clem Renouf Helped Spearhead Global Polio Eradication EffortsNEWS2020-10-21 03:07:42
2020/10/201 in 6 Children Worldwide Currently Lives in Extreme Poverty: UNICEFNEWS2020-10-20 19:06:48
2020/10/20Color-Shifting Jacket Mimics The Squids’ Camouflage QualitiesNEWS2020-10-20 16:45:55
2020/10/20REE Unveils Three Ultra-Modular EV Platforms of The FutureNEWS2020-10-20 16:45:43
2020/10/20Jack in the Box Latest Restaurant to Debut Plant-Based Option with their “Unchicken” SandwichNEWS2020-10-20 15:08:43
2020/10/20Michigan Man Charged with Hate Crime after Attacking Group of Black TeensNEWS2020-10-20 15:08:22
2020/10/20New Study Finds One in Three LGBTQ Americans Faced Discrimination in the Past YearNEWS2020-10-20 15:08:12
2020/10/20Ask an Expert: How Can I Ensure My Mail-In Vote Counts?NEWS2020-10-20 15:07:11
2020/10/20Allbirds Just Launched Its Clothing Line With Fabric Made From Discarded Crab ShellsNEWS2020-10-20 14:00:12
2020/10/20NASA Funds $14.1m Nokia Plan To Put A 4G Network On The MoonNEWS2020-10-20 12:46:07
2020/10/20Graphene Circuits Could Generate Limitless Clean Power For ElectronicsNEWS2020-10-20 12:45:55
2020/10/20WHO Chief Scientist Says Young and Healthy People Will Get Covid Vaccine LastNEWS2020-10-20 11:09:11
2020/10/203 Ways People Around the World Can Support Nigeria's #EndSARS ProtestsNEWS2020-10-20 11:06:58
2020/10/20Ikea Will Buy Back the Furniture You No Longer Want and Recycle or Resell ItNEWS2020-10-20 11:06:56
2020/10/20CNN: Pfizer to Start Testing its Covid-19 Vaccine in Children as Young as 12NEWS2020-10-20 10:35:23
2020/10/20Trump Calls Fauci 'a Disaster,' Tries to Blame Science and Medical Experts for Failed Coronavirus ResponseNEWS2020-10-20 08:58:08
2020/10/20‘Lockdown’ Is South Africa’s Word of the Year for 2020NEWS2020-10-20 07:08:22
2020/10/2014-Year-Old Girl Wins $25,000 for Work on Possible COVID CureNEWS2020-10-20 06:58:36
2020/10/20Dr. Fauci & The CDC Have A Warning for Your Thanksgiving Plans As Coronavirus Cases Get WorseNEWS2020-10-20 02:00:51
2020/10/19World Food Programme Asks Billionaires for a 'Few Billion' to Save Millions of Lives From FamineNEWS2020-10-19 19:07:05
2020/10/19What New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's 2nd Term Means for Education, Health, and PovertyNEWS2020-10-19 19:07:03
2020/10/19New Desalination Device Uses Marangoni Effect To Eliminate SaltNEWS2020-10-19 16:47:36
2020/10/19Yelp Will Alert Consumers of Businesses Accused of RacismNEWS2020-10-19 15:11:02
2020/10/19Lizzo Celebrates Vegan Anniversary with Plant-Based Breakfast on TikTokNEWS2020-10-19 15:10:54
2020/10/19TGI Fridays Adds New Plant-based Chili Items with Beyond MeatNEWS2020-10-19 15:10:41
2020/10/19Black Connecticut Congresswoman Jahana Hayes’ Virtual Town Hall Interrupted by Racist ZoombombersNEWS2020-10-19 11:09:57
2020/10/19Chris Christie Warns People about Covid After Spending Seven Days in the ICUNEWS2020-10-19 11:09:49
2020/10/19The UK Has Denied Thousands of Child Trafficking Survivors the Right to Remain: ReportsNEWS2020-10-19 11:07:50
2020/10/19‘Teaching Yes, Bleeding No’: Thousands Gather in France to Pay Tribute to Murdered HeadteacherNEWS2020-10-19 11:07:32
2020/10/19These Two Men Are Walking Across France to Help Rid the Country of Mask PollutionNEWS2020-10-19 07:07:14
2020/10/18The World’s First Bio-Brick Made From Human UrineNEWS2020-10-18 20:46:12
2020/10/18New Way To Turn Plastic Waste Into Hydrogen Solves 2 Problems In 1!NEWS2020-10-18 20:46:10
2020/10/18The Audi Hungaria Factory Is Europe’s New Largest Rooftop Solar SystemNEWS2020-10-18 16:46:53
2020/10/18Brave Louis Hunter Fights for Black Lives with First Black-owned Vegan Restaurant in MinneapolisNEWS2020-10-18 15:08:01
2020/10/18Kroger Adds More Than 50 New Items to Plant-based CollectionNEWS2020-10-18 11:09:23
2020/10/18‘Lockdowns are a big mistake:’ World Health Organization and other experts now ADMIT global economic shutdowns for COVID-19 are WRONGNEWS2020-10-18 10:58:59
2020/10/18NYT: Dutch Government Will Allow Doctors to End Lives of Terminally Ill Kids Under 13NEWS2020-10-18 10:35:31
2020/10/18CBS: School Says Disabled Student Needs to Wear a Mask at Home During Zoom ClassNEWS2020-10-18 10:35:28
2020/10/18Iberdrola Is Constructing The World’s First Solar–Wind Hybrid Plant In AustraliaNEWS2020-10-18 00:45:48
2020/10/17The EU’s 2030 Emissions Reduction Target May Rise From 40% To 60%NEWS2020-10-17 20:47:23
2020/10/17New Biodegradable Plastic Standard Introduced In BritainNEWS2020-10-17 20:47:22
2020/10/17Remote Control For Diabetes Uses Electromagnetism To Treat ConditionNEWS2020-10-17 20:47:20
2020/10/17The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Went To The UN World Food ProgrammeNEWS2020-10-17 16:45:37
2020/10/17EWG News Roundup (10/16): 200 Million Americans Likely Have PFAS in Their Water, Solar Conquers Coal and MoreNEWS2020-10-17 03:04:04
2020/10/16Petition: Urge Congress and Senate to Pass Preventing Future Pandemics Act of 2020NEWS2020-10-16 15:08:44
2020/10/16Scientists Create Bacteria-Killing Molecules From Wasp VenomNEWS2020-10-16 12:45:49
2020/10/16Mole-Rats Can See Magnetic Fields With Their Miniscule EyesNEWS2020-10-16 12:45:35
2020/10/16Dueling Presidential Town Halls: Biden Calmly Addresses Policy and Trump Aggressively Repeats False ClaimsNEWS2020-10-16 11:10:17
2020/10/168 Million More People in the US Are Now Living in Poverty Due to COVID-19NEWS2020-10-16 11:07:41
2020/10/163 Ways South Africa’s Economic Recovery Plan Aims to Empower WomenNEWS2020-10-16 11:07:23
2020/10/16Marcus Rashford: 200,000 People Sign UK Petition for Free School Meals Over Christmas Within 1 DayNEWS2020-10-16 11:07:21
2020/10/163 Activists Spending Their 20s Fighting World Hunger Amid COVID-19NEWS2020-10-16 07:07:14
2020/10/15Suspension of Polio Vaccinations Amid COVID-19 Could Be Particularly Dire for the Pacific, Experts SayNEWS2020-10-15 23:06:56
2020/10/15The Great Barrier Reef Has Lost Half Its Corals in the Last 25 YearsNEWS2020-10-15 19:07:58
2020/10/15ESA Finalizes Plans To Explore The Lunar Surface For Frozen WaterNEWS2020-10-15 16:46:31
2020/10/15New Bioplastic Made From Fatty Waste Degrades In One YearNEWS2020-10-15 16:46:29
2020/10/15This Musician Is Using Her Privilege to Support Black Communities in the SouthNEWS2020-10-15 15:09:24
2020/10/1511 Artists Supporting the #ENDSARS Protests in NigeriaNEWS2020-10-15 15:09:23
2020/10/15World Bank Approves $12 Billion for COVID-19 Vaccines, Tests, and TreatmentsNEWS2020-10-15 15:09:22
2020/10/15China Will Launch Asteroid-Mining Robot This Year: Space Exploitation BeginsNEWS2020-10-15 12:46:46
2020/10/15Watch YouTuber Make A Real Lightsaber, Ironman Repulsor, And MoreNEWS2020-10-15 12:46:28
2020/10/15PBS Documentary, ‘Driving While Black,’ Explores History of Racism on the RoadNEWS2020-10-15 11:09:20
2020/10/15‘Unacceptable’ Bacteria Levels Found on US Meat Raise Concerns in UK Trade DealsNEWS2020-10-15 11:09:11
2020/10/15Beyond Meat Expanding to 210 KFC China LocationsNEWS2020-10-15 11:09:01
2020/10/15More Than 50 Organizations Have Joined Campaign to Give Employees Time Off to VoteNEWS2020-10-15 11:06:45
2020/10/15Facebook Will Ban Ads That Discourage VaccinesNEWS2020-10-15 11:06:44
2020/10/15PEOPLE: 19-Year-Old Dies After Botched Breast Enhancement Surgery Left Her in Coma for 14 MonthsNEWS2020-10-15 10:35:32
2020/10/15Scientists in South Africa Launch Trial to Test the MMR Vaccine Against COVID-19NEWS2020-10-15 07:06:54
2020/10/15Study: More Than 200 Million Americans Could Have Toxic PFAS in Their Drinking WaterNEWS2020-10-15 03:03:26
2020/10/14Spain Will Now Fine Companies That Don’t Reveal Gender Pay Gap DataNEWS2020-10-14 19:07:15
2020/10/14Debates Continue Over Prop. 16 to Bring Back Affirmative Action in CaliforniaNEWS2020-10-14 15:09:22
2020/10/14COVID-19 Has Unleashed Hopes for Profound Change Across These 7 Countries: StudyNEWS2020-10-14 15:07:37
2020/10/14Why South Africa’s Indigenous People Have Camped for 2 Years at the Foot of a Statue of Nelson MandelaNEWS2020-10-14 15:07:36
2020/10/14COVID-19 Is Having a Serious Toll on South Africans’ Mental Health: StudyNEWS2020-10-14 15:07:35
2020/10/14Irish Citizens Have Donated Over $1M to Native Americans in Honor of a Historic DebtNEWS2020-10-14 15:07:34
2020/10/14Coldplay Urges News Outlets to Wait to Call the Election Until All Votes Are CountedNEWS2020-10-14 15:07:33
2020/10/14The UK Might Give Rolls-Royce £2 Billion To Build 16 Baby Nuclear StationsNEWS2020-10-14 12:45:57
2020/10/14Powerful Microscopes Enhanced With Algorithm That Sharpens FocusNEWS2020-10-14 12:45:45
2020/10/14Panera Introduces “Cool Food Meals,” Highlighting Climate-Friendly Menu ItemsNEWS2020-10-14 11:09:35
2020/10/14This Halloween, Britain Will Waste 13 Million Pumpkins Because Most Don't Realise the Insides Are EdibleNEWS2020-10-14 11:07:05
2020/10/14Rise Against Hunger Has Served 4.2 Million Meals in South Africa During COVID-19NEWS2020-10-14 11:06:52
2020/10/14NHS Volunteers Backed by UK Aid Are Training Hundreds of Doctors in SomalilandNEWS2020-10-14 11:06:47
2020/10/14UN World Food Program Needs $6.8 Billion to Avoid COVID-19 FamineNEWS2020-10-14 08:59:49
2020/10/14Giant Potato Grower Threatens What’s Left of Our LandNEWS2020-10-14 03:03:42
2020/10/13Early Voters Are Sticking Out Record-Long Lines for the 2020 Presidential ElectionNEWS2020-10-13 23:07:04
2020/10/13Investigation Claims Tyson Foods as #1 Culprit in Largest “Dead Zone” on EarthNEWS2020-10-13 17:58:56
2020/10/13Over 30,000 Health Experts Sign Declaration Against COVID-19 LockdownsNEWS2020-10-13 17:16:56
2020/10/13Children’s Brains Exposed to Air Pollution Show Alzheimer’s Warning SignsNEWS2020-10-13 15:09:01
2020/10/13#ENDSARS: Young People in Nigeria Are Using Social Media to Drive Nationwide Protests Against Police BrutalityNEWS2020-10-13 15:08:13
2020/10/13Idris Elba Calls for Immediate Debt Relief for Poorest Countries Amid COVID-19 PandemicNEWS2020-10-13 15:08:03
2020/10/13Everything You Need to Know About the ACT-AcceleratorNEWS2020-10-13 15:08:03
2020/10/13Yet Another Case of the Missing Virus; They Lied and Locked Down the WorldNEWS2020-10-13 11:55:22
2020/10/13Diabetes Drug Recalled: Contains Cancer-Causing IngredientsNEWS2020-10-13 11:10:53
2020/10/13Here’s Everyone that Tested Positive in the White House COVID-19 OutbreakNEWS2020-10-13 11:10:13
2020/10/13How Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court Nomination Endangers Health Care, Reproductive Justice, and LGBTQ & Immigrant RightsNEWS2020-10-13 11:09:27
2020/10/13Johnson & Johnson Pauses COVID-19 Vaccine Trial After Mystery IllnessNEWS2020-10-13 10:57:44
2020/10/13MSN: Businesses in Australia Call for Right to Sack Workers Who Refuse VaccineNEWS2020-10-13 10:39:50
2020/10/13UK and Kenya to Join Forces in 2021 for Huge Push to Get Children Back to School Around the WorldNEWS2020-10-13 07:07:03
2020/10/12Prince William Launches £50 million Environmental PrizeNEWS2020-10-12 19:14:18
2020/10/12PROTAC: A Potential New Drug That Shreds Cancer-Causing ProteinsNEWS2020-10-12 16:46:10
2020/10/12Childhood Gamers Have Better Working Memory As AdultsNEWS2020-10-12 16:46:09
2020/10/12Just 7 of 24 Countries in West and Central Africa Have Reopened Schools Since COVID-19: UNICEFNEWS2020-10-12 15:07:04
2020/10/12A Surge in Children Signing Up for Free School Meals Raises Concerns About UK Food PovertyNEWS2020-10-12 15:07:03
2020/10/12Native American Voters, Long Disenfranchised, Could Play a Decisive Role in the 2020 ElectionNEWS2020-10-12 07:07:00
2020/10/126 Ways to Take Action With Native Americans on Indigenous Peoples' DayNEWS2020-10-12 07:06:59
2020/10/12How to Vote Safely in the 2020 US Presidential ElectionNEWS2020-10-12 07:06:57
2020/10/12Protect Medical Freedom In VirginiaNEWS2020-10-12 01:59:43
2020/10/12Speak Up For Vaccine ChoiceNEWS2020-10-12 01:59:42
2020/10/11Chris Hemsworth Helps Return Tasmanian Devils to Mainland Australia for First Time in 3,000 YearsNEWS2020-10-11 23:07:56
2020/10/11Canada Will Ban Single-Use Plastic Products By The End of 2021NEWS2020-10-11 20:46:32
2020/10/11Elon Musk’s Starlink Space Internet Is Ready For Public UseNEWS2020-10-11 20:46:31
2020/10/11Checkerboard Solar Panel Design Increases Light Absorption By 125%NEWS2020-10-11 20:46:30
2020/10/11Real Diamonds Now Being Made Using Carbon EmissionsNEWS2020-10-11 20:46:28
2020/10/11Costa Rican Wildlife Smuggling Routes Exposed With Clever GPS DecoysNEWS2020-10-11 16:48:01
2020/10/11The NHS Commits To Delivering A Net-Zero National Health Service By 2040NEWS2020-10-11 12:45:52
2020/10/11ZYN CURCUMIN (from Turmeric) Infused Drinks – Inspiring Positive ChangeNEWS2020-10-11 10:16:55
2020/10/11Airspeeder: The Formula 1 of The Skies Is Coming In 2021!NEWS2020-10-11 00:45:50
2020/10/10The Folly of “New Cases”: War, Deception, and the Crux of Covid-19NEWS2020-10-10 11:58:23
2020/10/10Key Moments from Vice Presidential Debate, Harris Calls Out Trump and Pence for Failures on COVID-19 and Defends Biden’s Climate PlanNEWS2020-10-10 07:08:23
2020/10/10Plant-based Tuna Melts Now Available at Veggie GrillNEWS2020-10-10 03:08:43
2020/10/09Italy Makes Face Masks Mandatory as COVID-19 Cases ResurgeNEWS2020-10-09 19:09:53
2020/10/09Michelle Obama Blasts Trump for Mishandling the Pandemic and Inciting Hatred Throughout CountryNEWS2020-10-09 19:09:45
2020/10/09Beyond Meat Launches Beyond Breakfast Sausage Links at Grocery Stores NationwideNEWS2020-10-09 19:09:25
2020/10/09How This Med Tech Startup Pivoted to Fight the PandemicNEWS2020-10-09 19:07:26
2020/10/09World Food Programme Receives Nobel Peace Prize for Efforts to End Global HungerNEWS2020-10-09 19:07:24
2020/10/09This Organization Wants to End Stunting in South Africa by 2030NEWS2020-10-09 15:07:25
2020/10/09Election 2020: 5 Facts the Latinx Community Should KnowNEWS2020-10-09 15:07:24
2020/10/09Ask an Expert: Why Is It Important to Empower the Nigerian Girl Child?NEWS2020-10-09 15:07:23
2020/10/093 Organisations Run by Young Women That Seek to End Period Poverty in South AfricaNEWS2020-10-09 15:07:22
2020/10/0915 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Excited About VotingNEWS2020-10-09 15:07:14
2020/10/09When Will Accurate Period Ads Stop Getting Banned?NEWS2020-10-09 15:07:02
2020/10/09White House Doctor With History of Misleading Statements Says Trump Likely Ready for ‘Public Engagements’ SaturdayNEWS2020-10-09 12:57:29
2020/10/09Biodegradable Electronic Blood Vessel Can Heal Wounds And Deliver DNANEWS2020-10-09 12:45:32
2020/10/09Elections 2020: Join One Green Planet, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Supporting Minority and Marginalized Communities Across America!NEWS2020-10-09 11:09:03
2020/10/09How Rihanna and Global Citizens Got Germany to Step Up Its Education Funding for Marginalized ChildrenNEWS2020-10-09 11:07:33
2020/10/09How Cape Town Went From Water Crisis to Overflowing Dams in Just 2 YearsNEWS2020-10-09 11:07:31
2020/10/08This Man Is Using a Video Game to Teach the World About RefugeesNEWS2020-10-08 19:07:04
2020/10/08Billionaires Made Trillions During COVID-19 as Extreme Poverty Rises for First Time in 20 YearsNEWS2020-10-08 19:07:03
2020/10/08Uber To Go 100% Electric In The US, Europe And Canada By 2030, Globally By 2040NEWS2020-10-08 16:45:38
2020/10/08Non-Invasive Breath Test Detects Up To 80% Of Cancer CasesNEWS2020-10-08 16:45:38
2020/10/08DARPA Tasks Gryphon With Developing A Nuclear Rocket EngineNEWS2020-10-08 16:45:35
2020/10/08David Attenborough Says We Must Tackle Excesses Of Capitalism To Save PlanetNEWS2020-10-08 15:39:45
2020/10/08Trudeau Confirms That Approved COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Free for All CanadiansNEWS2020-10-08 15:28:15
2020/10/08French President Macron Just Proposed a New Law That Would Ban ‘Virginity Tests’NEWS2020-10-08 15:28:15
2020/10/08Election ABCs: Using Elegant Design to Inform People About US DemocracyNEWS2020-10-08 15:28:12
2020/10/08Budget Store Iceland Adds Vegan Cumberland Sausages To Its Plant-Based RangeNEWS2020-10-08 11:13:51
2020/10/08Ryan Reynolds Just Teamed Up With Canada Goose to Provide Inuit Students With Parkas This WinterNEWS2020-10-08 11:06:35
2020/10/08Breaking: Jane Fonda Says God Sent Covid-19 as a Gift to the World to Help the LeftNEWS2020-10-08 10:35:20
2020/10/08Major U.S Chain Veggie Grill Launches Vegan Tuna Melt SandwichNEWS2020-10-08 10:14:04
2020/10/08New England Journal of Medicine Urges Readers to Oust Trump Over Bungled Coronavirus ResponseNEWS2020-10-08 08:57:29
2020/10/08EWG Investigation: In California’s Majority-Latino Communities, 5.25 Million Drink Tap Water With Nitrate Above Federal LimitNEWS2020-10-08 03:03:55
2020/10/08More New Hunger Than Hoover? Trump’s Catastrophic Response to Covid-19 Fuels Hunger CrisisNEWS2020-10-08 03:03:54
2020/10/08Former CDC Director, Hero of Smallpox Fight, Joins EWG’s Call for Redfield To Resign Over Trump Administration’s Botched Covid-19 ResponseNEWS2020-10-08 03:03:53
2020/10/08Members of Congress Got Nearly $16 Million in Farm Subsidies and Trade War BailoutNEWS2020-10-08 03:03:51
2020/10/07This UK Aid Project Has Saved Hundreds of Thousands of Children’s Lives in NigeriaNEWS2020-10-07 23:07:44
2020/10/07'One World: Together At Home' Artists Nominated for First-Ever 'Lockdown Awards'NEWS2020-10-07 23:07:43
2020/10/07Australia’s 2020 Federal Budget: COVID-19 Recovery and the Pacific Big WinnersNEWS2020-10-07 23:07:40
2020/10/07PBS Hosted an Election 2020 Youth Town Hall. Here's What We Learned.NEWS2020-10-07 19:07:44
2020/10/07Canada banning plastic bags, straws, cutlery, and other single-use items by the end of 2021NEWS2020-10-07 18:00:55
2020/10/07WHO Says “There is Hope” for Coronavirus Vaccine by End of 2020NEWS2020-10-07 15:12:33
2020/10/07New Yorkers Can Now Be Fined $1000 for Not Wearing a Mask in PublicNEWS2020-10-07 15:12:25
2020/10/07COVID-19 Prevents Women and Children From Accessing Essential Health Care in Latin America and the Caribbean: ReportNEWS2020-10-07 15:09:55
2020/10/07Malala and Michelle Obama Sat Down to Reflect on the Importance of Girls' EducationNEWS2020-10-07 15:09:54
2020/10/07Airbus Presents ZEROe: 3 New Zero-Emission Concept AircraftNEWS2020-10-07 12:46:42
2020/10/07Googstick Allows Users To Select And Search On Paper Printed TextNEWS2020-10-07 12:46:25
2020/10/07Abu Dhabi Commits To 50% Renewable Energy By 2030, UAE By 2050NEWS2020-10-07 12:46:24
2020/10/07Toyota And Hino To Build A Class 8 Fuel Cell Electric TruckNEWS2020-10-07 12:46:24
2020/10/073D Printed Anticancer Patches Made of Fish GelatinNEWS2020-10-07 12:46:14
2020/10/07Eddie Van Halen Issued Warning about EMFs and Cancer Before His Untimely DeathNEWS2020-10-07 12:07:25
2020/10/07CDC Releases Guidelines on Trick-or-Treating and Other Fall Celebrations During PandemicNEWS2020-10-07 11:12:03
2020/10/07Plastic Straws, Stirrers and Cotton Buds are Now Banned in England!NEWS2020-10-07 11:11:21
2020/10/07This Organization Is Planning a 24-Hour Virtual March for Mental HealthNEWS2020-10-07 11:07:38
2020/10/074 Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Services Around the WorldNEWS2020-10-07 11:07:37
2020/10/075 Tech Tools Improving Access to Mental Health Care in Low- and Middle-Income CountriesNEWS2020-10-07 11:07:36
2020/10/07Nigerian Scientists Have Created Faster, Cheaper COVID-19 Test KitsNEWS2020-10-07 11:07:35
2020/10/07Refugees Who Escaped the Moria Fire Now Live in Even More Dire ConditionsNEWS2020-10-07 11:07:34
2020/10/07Eddie Van Halen, Rock Guitar God, Dead of Throat Cancer at 65NEWS2020-10-07 10:35:26
2020/10/07Trump Again Claims Coronavirus Less Deadly Than Flu, Prompting Facebook and Twitter to Block His PostNEWS2020-10-07 08:57:20
2020/10/07'Plant-Based Is Normal' Is Message Behind Major New Poster CampaignNEWS2020-10-07 08:13:46
2020/10/07More UK Aid Went to Higher Income Countries Last Year. Here's How We Fix This Problem.NEWS2020-10-07 07:06:40
2020/10/07Dairy Farmer's Grandson Launches Vegan Cheese After Going Plant-BasedNEWS2020-10-07 06:13:53
2020/10/07Almost Half Of Brits Would Consider Choosing Plant-Based Option, Says New PollNEWS2020-10-07 06:13:51
2020/10/07Petition: Demand Universal Healthcare and Funding for Mental Health in the U.S.NEWS2020-10-07 03:07:22
2020/10/07Amanda Kloots Reacts to Trump's Reckless COVID Tweets Months After Nick Cordero's DeathNEWS2020-10-07 02:01:41
2020/10/07American Idol’s Casey Goode's Two-Week-Old Hospitalized, On Oxygen With COVID-19NEWS2020-10-07 02:00:56
2020/10/06The Cost of Items Like Soap in Remote Australian Towns Linked to High Rates of DiseaseNEWS2020-10-06 23:07:01
2020/10/06CEO Gave Away His Salary and Bonus of $800K to Help Employees During the PandemicNEWS2020-10-06 17:57:24
2020/10/06Human Rights Lawyers Sue Trump for Halting Work on War Crimes CasesNEWS2020-10-06 15:11:27
2020/10/06The Body Shop is Buying 600 Tons of Plastic Waste to Produce More Eco-Friendly PackagingNEWS2020-10-06 15:11:12
2020/10/06This Nigerian Teacher's Online Classes Are Helping Hundreds of Children Learn Despite COVID-19NEWS2020-10-06 15:11:04
2020/10/065 Ways the World Has Gotten Better for Women & Girls — and 5 Ways It Hasn’tNEWS2020-10-06 15:11:02
2020/10/06Elections 2020: How, When, and Where to VoteNEWS2020-10-06 11:09:30
2020/10/06Vaccine trial FAILURE: Second AstraZeneca COVID-19 volunteer develops rare neurological conditionNEWS2020-10-06 10:59:29
2020/10/06Almost 40% Of Vegans And Veggies Ditched Animal Products Because Of Partner, Says PollNEWS2020-10-06 09:14:33
2020/10/06White House Blocks FDA Guidelines for COVID-19 VaccineNEWS2020-10-06 08:58:24
2020/10/06Value Supermarket Morrisons Launches Vegan Steak And BaconNEWS2020-10-06 08:14:14
2020/10/06Pastry Giant Ginsters Launches Vegan Steak Slice As Brits ‘Want Meat-Free’ OptionsNEWS2020-10-06 07:13:58
2020/10/06CDC Officially Acknowledges Airborne Transmission of CoronavirusNEWS2020-10-06 06:57:22
2020/10/06David Attenborough Tells David Beckham: Care For Animals, Look After The WorldNEWS2020-10-06 05:14:22
2020/10/06Success — FDA Finally Issues Amalgam WarningNEWS2020-10-06 00:54:46
2020/10/06Health Passports for Ireland, Who’s Next?NEWS2020-10-06 00:54:43
2020/10/05The Solomon Islands Has Recorded Its First COVID-19 CaseNEWS2020-10-05 23:08:08
2020/10/05Quebec Will Launch a Public Inquiry Into the Death of Indigenous Woman Joyce EchaquanNEWS2020-10-05 19:08:15
2020/10/05The UN’s Amina Mohammed Believes Women and Youth Are Key to Ending Poverty & COVID-19NEWS2020-10-05 19:08:13
2020/10/055 Reasons Election Day Should Be a National HolidayNEWS2020-10-05 19:08:11
2020/10/05Pay At Stores With The Wave of Your Hand Using Amazon OneNEWS2020-10-05 16:45:31
2020/10/05New York State Bans “Pink Tax,” Ending Gender-Based Price DisparitiesNEWS2020-10-05 15:10:58
2020/10/05House Passes $2.2 Trillion Democratic COVID-19 Stimulus PlanNEWS2020-10-05 15:10:49
2020/10/05San Diego Soccer Team Walks Off Field After Homophobic Slur Hurled at Gay TeammateNEWS2020-10-05 15:10:39
2020/10/05Syrian Families Scramble for Food as Government Cuts Bread SubsidiesNEWS2020-10-05 15:08:58
2020/10/05The US Space Force Is Planning To Build A Moon BaseNEWS2020-10-05 12:46:07
2020/10/05Segway’s Anti-Theft C80 Moped-Style Electric BikeNEWS2020-10-05 12:46:05
2020/10/05France and UK Set Record for Daily Coronavirus CasesNEWS2020-10-05 10:59:00
2020/10/0540% Of Brits Admit They Feel Guilty For Eating MeatNEWS2020-10-05 09:14:58
2020/10/05Bryan Adams Does Beach Clean-up To ‘Make Himself Useful’NEWS2020-10-05 09:14:55
2020/10/05McDonald’s U.K Confirms It Is ‘Always Looking To Develop’ Meat-Free Options Amid Vegan Burger ReportsNEWS2020-10-05 07:13:58
2020/10/05Trump Violates Federal Health Guidelines in ‘Irresponsible’ SUV Ride During COVID-19 TreatmentNEWS2020-10-05 06:58:55
2020/10/05Fashion Giants Next, Ted Baker, New Look And Matalan To Ditch Alpaca WoolNEWS2020-10-05 06:13:48
2020/10/05With Both Parents In Quarantine, Barron Trump Tests Negative for CoronavirusNEWS2020-10-05 02:03:49
2020/10/05Donald Trump Is Hospitalized, Reportedly Trying Experimental Coronavirus TreatmentNEWS2020-10-05 02:03:42
2020/10/05Hundreds of Retailers Support Fairtrade and Non-GMO Month this OctoberNEWS2020-10-05 01:55:47
2020/10/04Fiji Calls on Australia to Do Significantly More to Reduce Carbon EmissionsNEWS2020-10-04 22:11:14
2020/10/04CaseCrawler Gives Your Phone Robotic Legs So It Can Crawl To ChargeNEWS2020-10-04 16:46:19
2020/10/04World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Commercial Aircraft Takes FlightNEWS2020-10-04 16:46:16
2020/10/04New Study Tracks COVID-19 Transmission Timeline Through North American and EuropeNEWS2020-10-04 11:10:35
2020/10/0410 Deadly Pandemics that Changed the Course of HistoryNEWS2020-10-04 11:10:21
2020/10/04Stop Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccination in Virginia!NEWS2020-10-04 10:18:13
2020/10/04The Contagion Myth Banned On AmazonNEWS2020-10-04 10:18:13
2020/10/04Nando’s To Launch Vegan Burger In The U.K, Reports InsiderNEWS2020-10-04 10:10:58
2020/10/04Iconic Musician Lenny Kravitz Says He’s Vegan And Grows ‘Most’ of His Own FoodNEWS2020-10-04 08:09:42
2020/10/04Vegan Pupils At U.K Private School Given Blood Tests Due To ‘Anorexia Fears’NEWS2020-10-04 07:08:17
2020/10/04Researchers Create Lab-Grown Human Skin To Reduce Animal TestingNEWS2020-10-04 07:08:16
2020/10/04Trump Named the Largest Driver of Misinformation on COVID-19, Per New StudyNEWS2020-10-04 07:07:56
2020/10/03Helsinki Airport Starts Using Dogs To Detect Covid-19 In Pilot ProgramNEWS2020-10-03 16:49:14
2020/10/03Narcolepsy Drug Enhances Brain Power Similar To CaffeineNEWS2020-10-03 16:49:11
2020/10/03Hyundai Opens New Horizons Studio To Build Cars That Can Drive, Walk, And ClimbNEWS2020-10-03 12:45:44
2020/10/03Spot The Robot Is Measuring Vital Signs From Over 6 Feet AwayNEWS2020-10-03 12:45:43
2020/10/03Robotic Arms Are Now Sorting Parcels For FedExNEWS2020-10-03 12:45:37
2020/10/03Business Insider: A Woman’s Brain Fluid Leaked Into Her Nose After Getting a Nasal COVID-19 TestNEWS2020-10-03 10:36:13
2020/10/03Renewables Outpace All Fossil Fuels On European Grid Faster Than ExpectedNEWS2020-10-03 08:45:34
2020/10/03World’s First 100% Recyclable Wind Turbine Blades Coming SoonNEWS2020-10-03 08:45:32
2020/10/03McDonald’s U.K Partners Beyond Meat To Launch Vegan Burger, Reports InsiderNEWS2020-10-03 06:08:04
2020/10/03Pamela Anderson Partners Vegan Butcher To ‘Raise Awareness’ Of Plant-Based DietsNEWS2020-10-03 06:08:00
2020/10/02Construction Industry Lobby Blocks Bill To Ban AsbestosNEWS2020-10-02 22:28:03
2020/10/02EWG News Roundup (10/2): California Cosmetics Bill Signed Into Law, Algae Beach Closures and MoreNEWS2020-10-02 22:28:01
2020/10/025 Ways You Can Make Your Voice Heard — Even If You Can’t VoteNEWS2020-10-02 18:11:02
2020/10/02Heroic Activist Wins Top Humanitarian Award for Rescuing Girls From TraffickingNEWS2020-10-02 18:11:01
2020/10/029 Ways Companies Are Stepping Up to Help Voters in the USNEWS2020-10-02 18:11:01
2020/10/02This Star Wars-Like Single Seater eVTOL Aircraft Looks Like Lots of FunNEWS2020-10-02 16:46:45
2020/10/02Petition: Keep Funding the Pandemic EBT Act so Children Don’t Go HungryNEWS2020-10-02 15:08:25
2020/10/027 Reactions to Britain’s ‘Grotesquely Inhumane’ Offshore Asylum Detention Camp PlansNEWS2020-10-02 14:11:26
2020/10/02Subway Sandwich Bread Is Not Legally Bread, Irish Court RulesNEWS2020-10-02 13:23:04
2020/10/02$50,000 Prize On Offer At World’s First Vegan Female Founder Pitch CompetitionNEWS2020-10-02 13:07:38
2020/10/02THIS Plant-Based Bacon Launches In Sainsbury’s Stores Across U.KNEWS2020-10-02 13:07:36
2020/10/02Amazon Reveals Nearly 20,000 Employees Have Contracted the CoronavirusNEWS2020-10-02 11:22:53
2020/10/02China Distributes Covid Vaccine Still in Clinical Trials to CitizensNEWS2020-10-02 11:07:25
2020/10/02Trump and First Lady Test Positive for COVID-19, White House SaysNEWS2020-10-02 09:22:17
2020/10/02Animal Ag Could Cause Next Pandemic, Warns Major New White PaperNEWS2020-10-02 08:07:45
2020/10/01How Australian Aid Is Helping Papua New Guinea Address Infectious Diseases Like PolioNEWS2020-10-01 22:13:09
2020/10/01Sudanese and Indigenous Australians Disproportionately Fined Amid COVID-19 RestrictionsNEWS2020-10-01 22:13:06
2020/10/01World’s First Battery-Free Game Boy For Endless GameplayNEWS2020-10-01 20:45:33
2020/10/01500,000 More Girls Are at Risk of Entering Child Marriages Due to COVID-19: ReportNEWS2020-10-01 18:11:24
2020/10/0151 Women Were Sexually Assaulted by Aid Workers During an Ebola Outbreak in the DRC: ReportNEWS2020-10-01 18:11:23
2020/10/01Lebron James’ ‘More Than a Vote’ Campaign Gets 10,000 Volunteers to Sign Up as Poll WorkersNEWS2020-10-01 18:11:22
2020/10/01110 Companies in Thailand Pledge to Strengthen Women’s Economic EmpowermentNEWS2020-10-01 18:11:21
2020/10/01Armed Campus Police Stormed into Black College Student’s Room After White Classmates Made False ReportNEWS2020-10-01 15:08:51
2020/10/01How Global Citizen’s Partners Showed Up During UN General Assembly WeekNEWS2020-10-01 14:12:20
2020/10/015 Takeaways From Global Citizen’s Session at the UN Biodiversity SummitNEWS2020-10-01 14:12:19
2020/10/01Video of Hospital Staff Abusing Dying Indigenous Woman Sparks Outrage in CanadaNEWS2020-10-01 14:11:56
2020/10/01This Animated Short Film Imagines a Green and Inclusive COVID-19 RecoveryNEWS2020-10-01 14:11:54
2020/10/01England’s Plastic Straw Ban Comes Into Effect TodayNEWS2020-10-01 14:09:19
2020/10/01Trump ‘Likely Largest Driver’ of Coronavirus MisinformationNEWS2020-10-01 13:25:27
2020/10/01This Fast-Eating Super-Enzyme Could Help Solve The Plastic CrisisNEWS2020-10-01 12:46:14
2020/10/01Scientists Develop Way To Extract Lithium From Seawater For BatteriesNEWS2020-10-01 12:46:14
2020/10/01The Rolls-Royce Engine That Will Power The World’s Fastest Electric PlaneNEWS2020-10-01 12:46:13
2020/10/01The Mimic: A Show-Stopping Futuristic Superbike ConceptNEWS2020-10-01 12:46:08
2020/10/01Applewood Vegan Makes Up 20% Of Cheese Giant Applewood’s U.K SalesNEWS2020-10-01 12:07:52
2020/10/01Democrats Introduce Bill Addressing Cultural Genocide Against Native AmericansNEWS2020-10-01 11:21:54
2020/10/01Newsweek: Three Arrested for Not Wearing Masks at Idaho Church ‘Psalm Sing’ EventNEWS2020-10-01 10:35:43
2020/10/01New Teen Hub Aims To ‘Support And Empower’ Vegan And Curious TeenagersNEWS2020-10-01 09:09:18
2020/10/01Jane Goodall Blasts ‘Concentration Camp’ Factory Farms: Says We Should Ditch MeatNEWS2020-10-01 08:07:58
2020/10/01Fish And Chip Shop Launches Vegan Menu – And Sells Out In One DayNEWS2020-10-01 07:08:29
2020/10/0110 Activists in Nigerian History Who Represent the Resilience of Its PeopleNEWS2020-10-01 06:11:49
2020/10/01Systemic Racism in Britain: 3 Lessons From the Past for Black History MonthNEWS2020-10-01 06:11:48
2020/10/0111 Facts You Should Know About Nigeria as It Celebrates 60 Years of IndependenceNEWS2020-10-01 06:11:48
2020/10/01Here’s Why KitKat Can’t Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ While Abandoning FairtradeNEWS2020-10-01 06:11:42
2020/10/01Asda Announces Full List Of Stores Getting New Vegan Aisle – Is Yours Included?NEWS2020-10-01 06:08:37
2020/09/30Toxic Beaches: Hundreds of Closures and Health Warnings in 2020NEWS2020-09-30 22:29:22
2020/09/30Consumer Protection Bill California AB 2762 Signed into LawNEWS2020-09-30 22:29:19
2020/09/30Jail Time For Man Holding Large Parties During PandemicNEWS2020-09-30 19:08:00
2020/09/30COVID-19 Could Cause Poverty to Rise in East Asia and Pacific for the First Time in 20 Years: World BankNEWS2020-09-30 18:11:19
2020/09/30World Bank Has a $12 Billion Plan That Would Ensure Poor Countries Could Buy COVID-19 VaccinesNEWS2020-09-30 18:11:17
2020/09/30Pantone Just Introduced the ‘Period’ Color to Normalize MenstruationNEWS2020-09-30 18:11:15
2020/09/30Tell IFC to Divest from Factory Farming, Demand UN Address Climate Change, Continue Pandemic EBT Act so Children Don’t Go Hungry: 10 Petitions to Sign this Week to Help People, Animals and the Planet!NEWS2020-09-30 15:08:59
2020/09/30Key Moments from the Chaotic First Presidential Debate, Sidetracked by Trump’s Constant Heckling & Blatant LiesNEWS2020-09-30 15:08:39
2020/09/30The UK Is Set to Become the Largest State Donor to the WHO to Help Fight COVID-19NEWS2020-09-30 14:12:47
2020/09/30Acknowledging His Son’s Addiction, Joe Biden Delivered the Most Human Moment at Last Night’s DebateNEWS2020-09-30 13:18:56
2020/09/30Huge Lines As Burger King Gives Away Free Plant-Based Burgers And Nuggets In SwitzerlandNEWS2020-09-30 13:09:50
2020/09/30A Massive 60-Foot-Tall Gundam Robot Makes Moves In JapanNEWS2020-09-30 12:45:40
2020/09/30The Hexa: A One-Seater Aircraft Being Tested By The US Air ForceNEWS2020-09-30 12:45:40
2020/09/30Autonomous Firefighting Drone For High-Rise Fires in ChinaNEWS2020-09-30 12:45:39
2020/09/30Convert A Regular Bike Into A Smart E-Bike With Vekkit’s Conversion KitNEWS2020-09-30 12:45:35
2020/09/30Joaquin Phoenix Suggests Eating Animals Is ‘Unevolved’ And ‘So F*cked Up’NEWS2020-09-30 12:08:17
2020/09/30WHO Will Provide Rapid COVID-19 Tests for Lower-Income CountriesNEWS2020-09-30 11:22:07
2020/09/30NBC: Official Say it Will Take Two Months to Get Brain Eating Microbes Out of the Water System in TexasNEWS2020-09-30 10:37:46
2020/09/30WHO Sets Rules for Testing of African Herbal Medicines in Fight Against COVID-19NEWS2020-09-30 10:11:15
2020/09/30Retail Giant Nordstrom Ditches Fur And Exotic Animal SkinsNEWS2020-09-30 10:07:46
2020/09/3012% Of Brits Mistrust Food Labels Branding Products Vegan Or VegetarianNEWS2020-09-30 09:08:18
2020/09/30Cadbury Reportedly Launching Vegan-Friendly Bournville Finger BiscuitsNEWS2020-09-30 07:07:59
2020/09/30Vegan Retailer Reports ‘Exponential Growth’: As COVID Makes Sales SurgeNEWS2020-09-30 06:07:59
2020/09/29California Requires Millions of Children To Be Tested for Lead ExposureNEWS2020-09-29 22:28:10
2020/09/29California Law Bans Toxic PFAS From Firefighting FoamNEWS2020-09-29 22:28:08
2020/09/29Canada Announces $2.4 Million for Early Education in Nunavut to Help Children Learn Amid PandemicNEWS2020-09-29 18:11:07
2020/09/29Another Woman of Low Caste in India Has Died After a Brutal AttackNEWS2020-09-29 18:11:04
2020/09/29CDC Comes Clean: New Fatality Rate is a Shocker!NEWS2020-09-29 16:33:28
2020/09/29Egregious Labor Abuses in Palm Oil Industry Linked to World’s Biggest Brands Like Colgate, Unilever, L’Oreal, Pepsi and MoreNEWS2020-09-29 15:09:01
2020/09/29Facebook Suspends Hundreds of Accounts Belonging to Indigenous, Environmental, and Social Justice GroupsNEWS2020-09-29 15:08:42
2020/09/29What Does ‘Being French’ Actually Mean?NEWS2020-09-29 14:11:31
2020/09/29Justin Trudeau Committed an Extra $400 Million in Global Aid to Tackle COVID-19NEWS2020-09-29 14:11:30
2020/09/29Starbucks Under Increasing Pressure To Ditch Plant-Based Milk SurchargeNEWS2020-09-29 13:07:54
2020/09/29Japan’s New Transparent Public Toilets That Turn Opaque When OccupiedNEWS2020-09-29 12:47:33
2020/09/29Major Fur Exporter France Announces Fur Farming Ban: Last Facilities To Shut By 2025NEWS2020-09-29 11:11:34
2020/09/29Angelina Jolie’s Doctor Says Plant-Based Diet Can ‘Help Body Defend Itself From Rogue Cancer Cells’NEWS2020-09-29 11:11:32
2020/09/29This California Town Just Banned Selling Junk Food at Grocery Store CheckoutsNEWS2020-09-29 11:08:51
2020/09/29Plant-Based Companies File Lawsuit Over Oklahoma Labeling Law Requiring Words like “Meat Substitute” Be Made More ProminentNEWS2020-09-29 11:08:19
2020/09/29Moms and Women of Color Most Affected by Economic Downturn in CoronavirusNEWS2020-09-29 11:08:11
2020/09/29This App Saves Good Food From Going to WasteNEWS2020-09-29 10:15:46
2020/09/29Tesco Aims To Boost Vegan Meat Sales By 300%NEWS2020-09-29 10:11:10
2020/09/29Europe’s Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities Revealed In New ListNEWS2020-09-29 08:07:57
2020/09/29World Coronavirus Deaths Pass One Million, U.S. Accounts for 20 PercentNEWS2020-09-29 07:21:56
2020/09/29U.K Eatery Becomes ‘First Michelin-Starred Restaurant’ To Serve Vegan MeatNEWS2020-09-29 06:07:59
2020/09/28EWG Applaud HEROES 2.0 ActNEWS2020-09-28 22:27:49
2020/09/28Repurpose Decommissioned Coal Plants With Energy Storage “Lego Blocks”NEWS2020-09-28 20:45:40
2020/09/28Population Growth And Climate Crisis Could Displace Over 1 Billion PeopleNEWS2020-09-28 20:45:39
2020/09/28The Swiss Developed A Solution To The Housing Crisis: Recycled PET StructuresNEWS2020-09-28 20:45:37
2020/09/28This Preventable Disease Kills Tens of Thousands of Children Every YearNEWS2020-09-28 18:12:16
2020/09/28COVID-19 Has Led to a Dramatic Rise in Child Labor WorldwideNEWS2020-09-28 18:12:15
2020/09/28Most Countries Are Not Protecting Women Against COVID-19’s Social and Economic Impacts: ReportNEWS2020-09-28 18:12:13
2020/09/28This British Teenager Staged the ‘Most Northerly Climate Strike Ever’ in the Arctic CircleNEWS2020-09-28 14:11:21
2020/09/28Global Investment Competition Offers £100,000 To Plant-Based StartupsNEWS2020-09-28 13:07:59
2020/09/28NYC Health Department Expresses Concern Over Increased Coronavirus Spread in Hasidic NeighborhoodsNEWS2020-09-28 11:08:33
2020/09/28Asda Launches Vegan-Only Aisle: But Is This A Good Thing?NEWS2020-09-28 11:08:22
2020/09/28Racism Has Cost the U.S. Economy $16 TrillionNEWS2020-09-28 11:08:11
2020/09/28Uncle Ben’s Gets New Name and Logo, Eliminating Racial StereotypingNEWS2020-09-28 11:08:07
2020/09/28Petition: No Vote on New Supreme Court Justice Until After Inauguration!NEWS2020-09-28 11:07:31
2020/09/28CNN: Florida Governor Signs Order Clearing Restaurants and Bars to Fully OpenNEWS2020-09-28 10:36:11
2020/09/28Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix’s Baby Son Named River, Say ReportsNEWS2020-09-28 09:08:01
2020/09/28Over 40% Of Germans Have Ditched Or Reduced MeatNEWS2020-09-28 07:09:22
2020/09/28Over 50 Million People Dually Affected by COVID-19 and Climate DisastersNEWS2020-09-28 02:11:31
2020/09/27KARI’s UAV Breaks Flight Altitude Record In South KoreaNEWS2020-09-27 20:45:58
2020/09/27Japan’s Big Four Team Up To Speed Up Electric Motorcycle DevelopmentNEWS2020-09-27 16:46:04
2020/09/27E-bike Riders Cycle 4x The Distance And Over Twice As Often Than Pedal BikesNEWS2020-09-27 16:46:03
2020/09/27Bill Gates Gives an End Date for the Coronavirus PandemicNEWS2020-09-27 15:09:03
2020/09/275 Key Achievements of Black Lives Matter Movement in 2020, So FarNEWS2020-09-27 15:08:40
2020/09/27Advertising Giant Receives Federal Complaint Over ‘Misleading’ Dairy ClaimsNEWS2020-09-27 11:09:47
2020/09/27NY Woman Charged with Hate Crime for Throwing Glass Bottle and Shouting Racial Slurs at Black JoggerNEWS2020-09-27 11:08:50
2020/09/27Urge Governor McMaster to VETO a Bad Vaccine Bill!NEWS2020-09-27 10:18:38
2020/09/27Versace Under Pressure To Ditch Exotic Animal Skins Due To COVID-19 RiskNEWS2020-09-27 08:08:53
2020/09/27Meat-Free Giant Quorn Launches Vegan PepperoniNEWS2020-09-27 06:10:03
2020/09/27Victoria Beckham Tells Over 28 Million Followers She’s Plant-BasedNEWS2020-09-27 06:10:01
2020/09/26Germany To Permit Self-Driving Vehicles Across The Nation By 2022NEWS2020-09-26 20:46:30
2020/09/26Spin-Coating Makes Solar Photovoltaic Paint 30% More EfficientNEWS2020-09-26 20:46:28
2020/09/26ECOnsult Designs A Sustainable, ‘Natural-Cooling’ Village In EgyptNEWS2020-09-26 12:45:33
2020/09/26Polish Oil Company Commits To Climate Neutrality By 2050NEWS2020-09-26 12:45:33
2020/09/26Youtuber Goes Viral With A Led Zeppelin Song Created By AINEWS2020-09-26 12:45:31
2020/09/26Newsweek: Police Officer Kneels on 14-Year-Old Boy’s Neck After Catching Him Not Wearing Face Mask ProperlyNEWS2020-09-26 10:38:31
2020/09/26CBS: Woman Tased and Arrested at Junior High Football Game After Refusing to Wear a MaskNEWS2020-09-26 10:38:26
2020/09/26Asia’s ‘Plant-Based Food Leader’ Raises $70 Million In Latest Investment RoundNEWS2020-09-26 10:10:35
2020/09/26Dr. Martens Partners Marc Jacobs To Launch Limited Edition Vegan BootsNEWS2020-09-26 10:10:09
2020/09/26Vegan Egg Makers Launch ‘First Ever’ 100% Plant-Based Culinary Studio In ChinaNEWS2020-09-26 08:08:00
2020/09/26Lewis Hamilton Makes TIME’s 100 Most Influential People Of 2020NEWS2020-09-26 06:07:51
2020/09/26David Beckham Tells 64.4 Million Followers Ditching Meat Has Been ‘Enjoyable’NEWS2020-09-26 06:07:49
2020/09/25EWG Comments to California OEHHA Supporting Their Decision on Synthetic Food DyesNEWS2020-09-25 22:28:08
2020/09/25EWG News Roundup (9/25): EWG Calls for CDC Director To Resign, Farmer Bailout and Covid-19 Payments Flowing to Rich Farmers and MoreNEWS2020-09-25 22:28:06
2020/09/25Tesla Is Now Taking Orders For Its 520+ Miles Range Model S PlaidNEWS2020-09-25 20:45:40
2020/09/25Britain’s Strategy To Decarbonize 15,140 km of Train LinesNEWS2020-09-25 20:45:38
2020/09/25How Young Women Are Leading Thailand’s Protests Against the PatriarchyNEWS2020-09-25 18:12:00
2020/09/2510 Facts You Should Know About PovertyNEWS2020-09-25 18:11:39
2020/09/25Women & Girls in Conflict Face Widening Gaps in Gender Equality as Rest of World Sees ProgressNEWS2020-09-25 14:11:38
2020/09/257 Tweets of Solidarity With Black British Barrister Mistaken for Defendant 3 Times in One DayNEWS2020-09-25 14:11:37
2020/09/25Canada Just Committed $440 Million to a International COVID-19 Vaccine ProgramNEWS2020-09-25 14:11:35
2020/09/25CDC Says 11,000 People May Have Been Exposed to Coronavirus on FlightsNEWS2020-09-25 11:08:16
2020/09/25Twitter Apologizes for Racist Image-Cropping AlgorithmNEWS2020-09-25 11:08:00
2020/09/25Breaking: FDA Acknowledges Amalgam Fillings Potential Harm for Pregnant Women & ChildrenNEWS2020-09-25 10:36:23
2020/09/25The UK’s First ‘Social Supermarket’ Chain Just Opened a New Store in Liverpool. Here’s How It Works.NEWS2020-09-25 10:11:50
2020/09/25Hero Rat Awarded UK’s Highest Medal for ‘Lifesaving Bravery’ Sniffing Out LandminesNEWS2020-09-25 10:11:49
2020/09/25Doctors Sue U.S Government For Ignoring Calls To Put Cancer Warnings On CheeseNEWS2020-09-25 10:08:02
2020/09/25Irish Meat Giant Launches Vegan Bacon Which Is ‘Good For The Planet’NEWS2020-09-25 09:07:35
2020/09/25Budget Supermarket Aldi Launches Huge Vegan Christmas Hamper For £29.99NEWS2020-09-25 07:07:35
2020/09/25Plant-Based Meat Brand To Double Factory-Size To Meet ‘Unprecedented Demand’NEWS2020-09-25 07:07:32
2020/09/25US Military Fears EMFs Are Causing Pilots to CrashNEWS2020-09-25 02:54:58
2020/09/24Australia Joins COVAX to Ensure COVID-19 Vaccine Access for Vulnerable NationsNEWS2020-09-24 22:11:13
2020/09/24No Officers Directly Charged with Breonna Taylor’s Murder, A Slap in the Face to Racial Justice DemandsNEWS2020-09-24 19:10:32
2020/09/24U.S. House Passes The CROWN Act That Could Ban Natural Hair Discrimination NationwideNEWS2020-09-24 19:10:04
2020/09/246 Things Global Citizens Should Know About World Maritime Day 2020NEWS2020-09-24 18:11:43
2020/09/24Priyanka Chopra Jonas at Atlantic Festival: Billionaires Can Help End Extreme PovertyNEWS2020-09-24 18:11:35
2020/09/24UN Forced to Cut Food and Health Programs in Yemen Due to Lack of FundingNEWS2020-09-24 18:11:34
2020/09/245 Companies Fighting Food Waste and Empowering Farmers in AfricaNEWS2020-09-24 18:11:13
2020/09/24Lives of Hundreds of Homeless People in England Saved Due to COVID-19 Lockdowns: StudyNEWS2020-09-24 14:12:20
2020/09/245 Key Takeaways From Canada’s Speech From the ThroneNEWS2020-09-24 14:12:18
2020/09/24Open Letter From Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to all Belgian Authorities and all Belgian MediaNEWS2020-09-24 13:27:01
2020/09/24‘Mini Berries’ With Extra Sweetness And ‘Incredible Depth Of Flavor’ Launch In WaitroseNEWS2020-09-24 13:08:39
2020/09/24Poland Presents An Updated Energy Strategy To Transition To RenewablesNEWS2020-09-24 12:46:37
2020/09/24150 Scientists Unite To Protect The Amazon And Its PeopleNEWS2020-09-24 12:46:37
2020/09/24Biden Warns Against Becoming “Numb” to PandemicNEWS2020-09-24 11:08:44
2020/09/24CBS: US Marshals Find 35 Missing Ohio Children As Part Of ‘Operation Safety Net’NEWS2020-09-24 10:35:47
2020/09/24David Attenborough Joins Instagram In Bid To Save PlanetNEWS2020-09-24 09:07:57
2020/09/24Vegan Retailer Shows Off ‘World’s Biggest Plant-Based Fridge’ Amid BoomNEWS2020-09-24 08:07:48
2020/09/24Kwita Izina: The Historically-Rooted Rwandan Ceremony That Helps Protect Mountain GorillasNEWS2020-09-24 06:11:26
2020/09/24Giant Clock In New York Counts Down To When Climate Crisis Becomes IrreversibleNEWS2020-09-24 05:08:18
2020/09/24NVIC’s 2020 Annual Report on US State Vaccine LegislationNEWS2020-09-24 02:54:52
2020/09/23EWG Statement on House Bill To Increase Anti-Hunger AssistanceNEWS2020-09-23 22:28:11
2020/09/23Hummingbird’s Body Temperature Falls To 3.3°C To Survive Cold NightsNEWS2020-09-23 20:46:18
2020/09/23WHO Endorses Testing Herbal Medicines for CoronavirusNEWS2020-09-23 19:07:50
2020/09/23This Organization Is Inviting Volunteers to Help With COVID-19 Relief Work in LANEWS2020-09-23 18:11:58
2020/09/237 Times Schitt’s Creek’s Stars Used Their Fame to Inspire ActionNEWS2020-09-23 18:11:47
2020/09/23Save Gorillas, Ban Live Animal Mascots, and Delay SCOTUS Vote Until After Election: 10 Petitions to Sign this Week to Help People, Animals and the Planet!NEWS2020-09-23 15:07:35
2020/09/23Why a Climate Refugee Crisis Is Actually Far From InevitableNEWS2020-09-23 14:12:18
2020/09/23Mexican Activists Occupy Government Building to Protest Inaction on Gender ViolenceNEWS2020-09-23 11:08:02
2020/09/23PBS: Barr Announces $100 Million More to Combat Human TraffickingNEWS2020-09-23 10:35:27
2020/09/231 in 4 Children in UK Say Racism Has Got Worse in Schools Since Lockdown: ReportNEWS2020-09-23 10:11:07
2020/09/2373% Of French Elementary Schools Offer Meat-Free Meals At Least Once A WeekNEWS2020-09-23 09:10:27
2020/09/23Vegetarian Labour Leader Keir Starmer Reveals He ‘Still Misses Bacon’NEWS2020-09-23 08:09:00
2020/09/23U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Pass 200,000 as New Surge in Cases BeginsNEWS2020-09-23 07:21:49
2020/09/23Asda To Launch Ambient Vegan Food Aisle In U.K Supermarket FirstNEWS2020-09-23 06:07:50
2020/09/23Marks & Spencer Launches Vegan Gastropub Chocolate TortesNEWS2020-09-23 05:08:25
2020/09/22Australia’s Soccer Teams’ New Nike Uniforms Are Made Entirely From Recycled BottlesNEWS2020-09-22 22:11:39
2020/09/22Petition: Launch Investigation into ICE Centers Conducting Unwanted HysterectomiesNEWS2020-09-22 19:08:04
2020/09/22Malala Wants Girls’ Education To Be Prioritized in Afghanistan-Taliban Peace TalksNEWS2020-09-22 18:12:46
2020/09/22Why Telemundo Thinks Latinx Voters Can Be a Decisive Voice in the 2020 ElectionNEWS2020-09-22 18:12:46
2020/09/22How a Major New Zealand Retailer Is Tackling Period PovertyNEWS2020-09-22 18:12:44
2020/09/22156 Countries Join Landmark Agreement to Equitably Distribute COVID-19 VaccineNEWS2020-09-22 18:12:42
2020/09/22Researchers Create New Reusable Nano-Fiber Filtered Face MasksNEWS2020-09-22 16:47:44
2020/09/22Dairy Giant Which Turned Plant-Based Launches Vegan Soft-Serve MixNEWS2020-09-22 15:09:51
2020/09/22Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Donate $130,000 to Support Girls’ Education in AfricaNEWS2020-09-22 15:08:36
2020/09/22A Trailblazer for Equality: 6 Monumental Opinions & Dissents from Justice Ruth Bader GinsburgNEWS2020-09-22 15:08:20
2020/09/22Verizon Joins Cisco and P&G as ‘Just Vote’ Campaign PartnersNEWS2020-09-22 14:11:20
2020/09/22In New Election Video, Pathway to Paris Reminds Us That ‘People Have the Power’NEWS2020-09-22 13:22:30
2020/09/22Ducati Launches Three Different Off-Road, Foldable E-BicyclesNEWS2020-09-22 12:47:39
2020/09/22The UK’s First EV-Only Service Station Is Almost CompleteNEWS2020-09-22 12:47:38
2020/09/22AT&T Pledge Carbon Neutrality by 2035 And Expands CCAT NationwideNEWS2020-09-22 12:47:28
2020/09/22Bill Gates’ Global Agenda and How We Can Resist His War on LifeNEWS2020-09-22 12:39:12
2020/09/22Billionaire promised to die ‘broke.’ $8 billion dollars later, the world is a better place for it.NEWS2020-09-22 12:06:49
2020/09/22WHO Releases Plans for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution as U.S., China and Russia Opt OutNEWS2020-09-22 11:22:04
2020/09/22Jon Hamm Adopts Dog Who Was Returned to the Rescue Shelter TwiceNEWS2020-09-22 11:08:13
2020/09/226 Ways You Can Take Action on National Voter Registration DayNEWS2020-09-22 10:11:52
2020/09/22David Attenborough: ‘Eating Free-Range Meat Is Middle-Class Hypocrisy’NEWS2020-09-22 07:08:36
2020/09/22Target’s Own-Brand Vegan Range Branded ‘A Sign Of Major Progress’NEWS2020-09-22 07:08:34
2020/09/21After Covid-19 Flip-Flops, CDC Director Must ResignNEWS2020-09-21 22:30:06
2020/09/21EWG Letter to CDC Director Calling for His ResignationNEWS2020-09-21 22:30:05
2020/09/21All Imported Waste In Morocco Is RecycledNEWS2020-09-21 20:45:35
2020/09/21GM To Use New Ultium Batteries With Wireless Battery Management TechnologyNEWS2020-09-21 20:45:34
2020/09/21UK Welcomes Amazon’s Electric Autonomous Delivery RobotsNEWS2020-09-21 20:45:34
2020/09/21Tokyo Scientists Create Futuristic Star Wars-Like HologramNEWS2020-09-21 20:45:33
2020/09/21PBTL – The New Plastic That Could Be Recycled EndlesslyNEWS2020-09-21 20:45:31
2020/09/2110 Celebrities Who Showed Solidarity With Black Lives Matter at the EmmysNEWS2020-09-21 18:13:20
2020/09/215 Laws Ruth Bader Ginsburg Championed to Support Gender EqualityNEWS2020-09-21 18:12:58
2020/09/21Elections 2020: LGBTQ+ Candidates Making History in Delaware’s State Legislature RacesNEWS2020-09-21 15:08:19
2020/09/21France Is Rolling Out Free Period Products in High SchoolsNEWS2020-09-21 14:13:15
2020/09/21UK Plans to Bring Ban on Sale of New Fossil Fuel Vehicles Forward By 10 Years to 2030NEWS2020-09-21 14:13:14
2020/09/21Carbon Emissions of World’s Richest 1% Are More Than Double Those of the Poorest 50%: ReportNEWS2020-09-21 14:13:13
2020/09/21Foot Locker Transforms 2,000 US Stores Into Voter Registration Sites to Boost Youth TurnoutNEWS2020-09-21 14:13:12
2020/09/21Watch! Greta Thunberg and Pope Francis Ask Us to Imagine a Better World in Minute-Long FilmNEWS2020-09-21 14:12:56
2020/09/21Vegan Recipe Box Sales Have Surged By 345% Since LockdownNEWS2020-09-21 13:08:39
2020/09/21Beyond Meat To Launch Beyond Breakfast Sausage Patties In 5,000 More Stores Across U.SNEWS2020-09-21 12:08:08
2020/09/21U.S. Restricts Apparel and Tech Products Made by Chinese Producers in Xinjiang Suspected to Use Forced LaborNEWS2020-09-21 11:08:58
2020/09/21Kellogg Makes Mickey Mouse Plant-Based NuggetsNEWS2020-09-21 11:08:15
2020/09/21Political Leaders and Colleagues Reflect on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Empowering LegacyNEWS2020-09-21 11:08:09
2020/09/21Decade-Long Feeding Study Reveals Significant Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered FoodsNEWS2020-09-21 10:55:06
2020/09/21CNN: When a Man Heard that Farmers Were Destroying Unsold Produce, He Arranged for Trucks to Deliver It to Food BanksNEWS2020-09-21 10:35:44
2020/09/21Sophia Loren Gifted Stella McCartney Faux Fur Coat For 86th BirthdayNEWS2020-09-21 09:09:29
2020/09/21Iconic Selfridges Restaurant Launches Vegan Menu As Part Of Sustainable RebrandNEWS2020-09-21 08:07:59
2020/09/21Vegan Retailer Has To Move To Massive New Premises After Sales SkyrocketNEWS2020-09-21 06:08:41
2020/09/21Meat Giant Richmond Launches Vegan Burgers After ‘Roaring’ Sausage SuccessNEWS2020-09-21 06:08:40
2020/09/20Youmma Solar Fridge Helping Small African Businesses Live Off The GridNEWS2020-09-20 20:45:31
2020/09/20A Miniature Version Of The Flying-V Jet Takes To The Skies!NEWS2020-09-20 16:45:32
2020/09/20The First Solar or Hydrogen Plane To Fly NY To London Gets £10MNEWS2020-09-20 16:45:30
2020/09/20Greta Thunberg Outranks Donald Trump In Top 10 Candidates For Nobel Peace PrizeNEWS2020-09-20 11:08:19
2020/09/20German Police Officers Suspended for Sharing Neo-Nazi PicturesNEWS2020-09-20 11:07:22
2020/09/20Poland Votes In Favor Of Fur Farming BanNEWS2020-09-20 10:07:24
2020/09/2030% Of Female CEOs In Plant-Based Industry Experience Harassment, Says SurveyNEWS2020-09-20 08:07:43
2020/09/20Snoop Dogg ‘Changes Up’ His Diet With Help From Vegan Family MembersNEWS2020-09-20 08:07:42
2020/09/20Chocolatier Launches Halloween-Themed Vegan Creme Egg In U.K RetailerNEWS2020-09-20 08:07:41
2020/09/19ZERO Evidence that COVID Fulfills Koch’s 4 Germ Theory Postulates – Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Sayer JiNEWS2020-09-19 18:15:56
2020/09/19Zoonotic Disease Infects Thousands In China After Factory LeakNEWS2020-09-19 14:09:17
2020/09/19Few U.S. Students Repeat a Grade but That Could Change Due to COVID-19NEWS2020-09-19 13:21:45
2020/09/19Picture of Cauliflower Paves The Way To Solving Cosmic MysteriesNEWS2020-09-19 12:45:36
2020/09/19Transparent Organic Solar Panels Break The Efficiency RecordNEWS2020-09-19 12:45:35
2020/09/19Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Mandates Solar Panels On New BuildingsNEWS2020-09-19 12:45:34
2020/09/19Pringles Tests Out New Recycled Paper Can Design In The UKNEWS2020-09-19 12:45:28
2020/09/19$1.5 Billion Invested In Alternative Proteins In 2020, Says ReportNEWS2020-09-19 12:07:59
2020/09/19NPR: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies At 87NEWS2020-09-19 10:36:10
2020/09/19Pundit Alan Brazil To Boycott Fruit Pastilles Following Switch To Vegan RecipeNEWS2020-09-19 09:07:28
2020/09/19Nikola And GM Team Up To Build The BadgerNEWS2020-09-19 08:47:56
2020/09/19Waitrose To Save 45 Tons of Plastic By Removing Shrink Wrap From Canned FoodsNEWS2020-09-19 07:08:41
2020/09/18EWG News Roundup (9/18): Harmful Food Additives, Trump Disses Climate Science and MoreNEWS2020-09-18 22:27:50
2020/09/18These 5 Youth Activists Are Fighting to Save WildlifeNEWS2020-09-18 18:11:25
2020/09/18WHO Warns Rising COVID-19 Cases in Europe Reflect ‘Alarming’ Rates of TransmissionNEWS2020-09-18 18:11:24
2020/09/18New Zealand Schools Have Been Advised to Use Students’ Preferred Names, Genders, and PronounsNEWS2020-09-18 18:11:22
2020/09/18Sir David Attenborough’s Heartbreaking New Film On Extinction Is A Must SeeNEWS2020-09-18 16:48:47
2020/09/18Canyon Combines A Bike And A Car In Its New Concept VehicleNEWS2020-09-18 16:48:46
2020/09/18Researchers Create Plant-Based Supercapacitor For EVs That Charges In Minutes!NEWS2020-09-18 16:48:45
2020/09/18New 100% Vegan Grocery Store Opens In London – Targeting Meat-EatersNEWS2020-09-18 16:08:07
2020/09/18South Park Creates Special Hour-Long Covid-19 EpisodeNEWS2020-09-18 15:08:15
2020/09/18How a 69-Year-Old Nigerian Polio Volunteer Single-Handedly Transformed Her CommunityNEWS2020-09-18 14:11:40
2020/09/18How COVID-19 Is Hampering the Fight Against HIVNEWS2020-09-18 14:11:19
2020/09/18People Want Britain to Build Back Fairer and Greener After COVID-19, Inquiry FindsNEWS2020-09-18 14:11:17
2020/09/18Former Pence Aid Endorses Biden, Says Trump Cared More About Re-election Than Stopping CoronavirusNEWS2020-09-18 13:21:44
2020/09/18The U.S. Allegedly Continues Its Legacy of Forced Sterilization With ICE DetaineesNEWS2020-09-18 13:18:57
2020/09/18Nestlé Brings Plant-Based Bacon Cheeseburger To Foodservice SectorNEWS2020-09-18 13:08:01
2020/09/18The White House Killed a USPS Plan To Send Free Masks to Every American Household in AprilNEWS2020-09-18 12:18:45
2020/09/18De Blasio Delays In-Person Learning in Schools Over Ongoing Coronavirus Safety ConcernsNEWS2020-09-18 11:08:31
2020/09/18French Soccer President Claims Racism “Does Not Exist” in Sports After Soccer Star Neymar’s Racism AccusationsNEWS2020-09-18 11:08:23
2020/09/18NJ Leaders Announce Millionaires’ Tax and $500 Rebate to Middle-Class FamiliesNEWS2020-09-18 11:08:04
2020/09/184 Things You Should Know About National Black Voter DayNEWS2020-09-18 10:11:15
2020/09/18‘Babe’ Actor James Cromwell Urges Peeps To Remove Gelatin From Iconic CandyNEWS2020-09-18 09:08:11
2020/09/18‘It’s Disgusting’: Furious Parents Blast Schools Over Meat-Free Monday MealsNEWS2020-09-18 09:08:09
2020/09/18Moderna, Pfizer Release Study Designs as Vaccine Distrust Grows Among AmericansNEWS2020-09-18 07:23:00
2020/09/18Plant-Based Doc Dr. Neal Barnard Debunks Meat Myths In Leading Nutrition JournalNEWS2020-09-18 06:08:25
2020/09/18New Free Course Shows How To Turn Animal Advocacy Into A CareerNEWS2020-09-18 06:08:23
2020/09/17COVID-19 Has Pushed 150 Million Children Into Poverty: UNICEFNEWS2020-09-17 22:11:16
2020/09/17A Women’s Rights Activist Is Using Masks to Fight Gender-Based Violence in EgyptNEWS2020-09-17 18:11:44
2020/09/17This Children’s Charity Sent 10 World Leaders a Board Game to Expose the Global Education CrisisNEWS2020-09-17 18:11:44
2020/09/17Canada’s Richest Millennials Call for Higher Wealth Taxes to Help Address InequalityNEWS2020-09-17 18:11:43
2020/09/17Here Are the Top 10 Countries for Social Progress in 2020NEWS2020-09-17 18:11:42
2020/09/17First COVID-19 Cases Confirmed in Jordan’s Sprawling Refugee CampsNEWS2020-09-17 18:11:40
2020/09/17Tesco Will Begin Delivering Groceries By Drone This OctoberNEWS2020-09-17 16:45:43
2020/09/17Boomin Beaver May Be The Smallest Ship In The Navy NEWS2020-09-17 16:45:43
2020/09/17Walmart Is Now Delivering Household Essentials By DroneNEWS2020-09-17 16:45:42
2020/09/17World’s First Transparent OLED Display For Subway WindowsNEWS2020-09-17 16:45:41
2020/09/17Friends Swapped Bodies With Virtual Reality And It Altered Their MentalityNEWS2020-09-17 16:45:39
2020/09/175 Things Young People in the US Should Know About Voting in 2020NEWS2020-09-17 14:11:19
2020/09/17Thousands of Brits Are Fundraising by Living on the Rations Given Out in Refugee Camps for a WeekNEWS2020-09-17 14:11:17
2020/09/17WATCH: Top Plant-Based Nutrition Hacks With Dr. Michael GregerNEWS2020-09-17 13:08:23
2020/09/17Kellogg’s Launches Mickey Mouse Plant-Based ‘Chicken’ Nuggets Across U.SNEWS2020-09-17 12:08:36
2020/09/17CDC Head Says Masks are More Effective than VaccineNEWS2020-09-17 11:07:45
2020/09/17Talking About Weight Loss Is Not Fat Shaming: Here’s WhyNEWS2020-09-17 09:08:08
2020/09/17Trump Denies CDC Director’s 2021 Timeline for Coronavirus VaccineNEWS2020-09-17 07:21:49
2020/09/17Lizzo Is Sick Of People Saying ‘Vegans Don’t Eat Meat’ – Shares Plant-Based MeatNEWS2020-09-17 07:07:51
2020/09/17New Ad Designed To Create ‘Lightbulb Moments’ And Inspire Brits To Go VeganNEWS2020-09-17 07:07:49
2020/09/17EcoHealth Alliance Gets Big Bucks for Risky Virus ResearchNEWS2020-09-17 02:54:59
2020/09/16UPDATE: Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Likely Contaminate More Than 700 Military SitesNEWS2020-09-16 22:27:55
2020/09/16Akon’s $6 Billion Futuristic Sustainable City In Senegal Is HappeningNEWS2020-09-16 20:48:11
2020/09/16ZEDPods Installs Apartments On Stilts Equipped With Solar PowerNEWS2020-09-16 20:48:10
2020/09/16Will Your Wardrobe Consist of Rented Clothes Soon?NEWS2020-09-16 20:48:08
2020/09/16Aurora Temporarily Bans Police from Using Ketamine Amid Elijah McClain InvestigationsNEWS2020-09-16 19:09:00
2020/09/16How Indigenous Activists Are Championing Nature-Based Solutions to Climate ChangeNEWS2020-09-16 18:12:48
2020/09/1612 Essential Songs for Fighting the Climate CrisisNEWS2020-09-16 18:12:47
2020/09/16Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Donate $130,000 to Girls’ Education Across AfricaNEWS2020-09-16 18:12:45
2020/09/16Field Roast To Launch 5 New Plant-Based Cheeses ‘Unlike Anything That Exists’NEWS2020-09-16 15:08:46
2020/09/16Election 2020: Suburban White Women Voters Turning Away From Trump and Throwing Support Behind BidenNEWS2020-09-16 15:08:17
2020/09/16Critics Condemn OSHA’s “Insufficient” COVID-19 Fines on Major Meatpacking PlantsNEWS2020-09-16 15:08:09
2020/09/164 Things Nigeria Can Do to Help Out-of-School Children Back Into Education as Schools ReopenNEWS2020-09-16 14:11:45
2020/09/16How Britain Has Helped Millions of Children in South Sudan Access Health Care Amid Civil WarNEWS2020-09-16 14:11:25
2020/09/16Destitution Could Double in the UK by Christmas, Warns Trussell TrustNEWS2020-09-16 14:11:22
2020/09/16Newsweek: Judge Rules Pennsylvania’s ‘New Normal’ Pandemic Restrictions Are Unconstitutional, Sides With Small BusinessesNEWS2020-09-16 10:35:26
2020/09/16Worst 10 U.S Cities For Vegans Revealed By New ResearchNEWS2020-09-16 08:08:49
2020/09/16Miley Cyrus ‘Expected Backlash’ From Vegans After Eating FishNEWS2020-09-16 08:08:47
2020/09/16WATCH: Pro-Vegan TV Ad Goes Viral In IsraelNEWS2020-09-16 06:08:47
2020/09/16Chocolate Giant Galaxy Adds 2 New Vegan Bars To Its Dairy-Free RangeNEWS2020-09-16 06:08:46
2020/09/15Time Is Running Out to Help Hungry Families and Food and Farm WorkersNEWS2020-09-15 22:28:33
2020/09/15Mexican Band Reik Honors Health Workers With New Video Project — and They Want You to Take ActionNEWS2020-09-15 18:11:01
2020/09/15Investing $5 Per Person Each Year Could Prevent Future Pandemics: Former WHO ChiefNEWS2020-09-15 18:11:01
2020/09/15This Small Nation Has One of the Highest Rates of Gender-Based Violence in the WorldNEWS2020-09-15 18:10:59
2020/09/15A Tesla Store Is Finally Coming To Nikola Tesla’s Homeland, CroatiaNEWS2020-09-15 16:47:58
2020/09/15Microdosing LSD Found To Increase Pain Tolerance In Double-Blind StudyNEWS2020-09-15 16:47:56
2020/09/15Meghan Markle Pitching Documentary About Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse CullorsNEWS2020-09-15 15:07:58
2020/09/15Beyond Meat Launches Plant-based Meatballs; NYC and LA Customers Get Free Samples This Week!NEWS2020-09-15 15:07:40
2020/09/15Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, Britain Is Spending Less Aid on Global Health Than It Used ToNEWS2020-09-15 14:11:07
2020/09/15Ethical Stock Investment Celebrates One Year On New York Stock ExchangeNEWS2020-09-15 14:07:41
2020/09/15BrewDog Buys 2,000 Acres Of Land To Plant 1 Million TreesNEWS2020-09-15 12:45:47
2020/09/15Lizzo Teases Vegan Cooking ShowNEWS2020-09-15 11:07:38
2020/09/15Just Salad to Add “Climatarian” Menu Reflecting Carbon Footprint Associated with their SaladsNEWS2020-09-15 11:07:31
2020/09/15Kennedy Jr., CHD Sue Facebook, Zuckerberg and 3 Fact-CheckersNEWS2020-09-15 10:51:08
2020/09/15Injectable Biochip for SARS-CoV-2 Detection Near FDA ApprovalNEWS2020-09-15 10:51:06
2020/09/15France, Germany, and Other EU Countries to Welcome 400 Child Refugees After Moria FireNEWS2020-09-15 10:11:16
2020/09/157 Things We Learned from David Attenborough’s Heartbreaking Documentary about ExtinctionNEWS2020-09-15 10:11:15
2020/09/1513 More Amazing Artists Offering Exclusive Rewards If You Check Your Voter Registration StatusNEWS2020-09-15 10:11:09
2020/09/15New Vegan Roast Chicken To ‘Challenge Negative Perceptions’ Of Plant-Based FoodNEWS2020-09-15 10:07:51
2020/09/15Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities In The U.S Revealed By New ResearchNEWS2020-09-15 07:07:39
2020/09/15‘Being Face Of Veganism Was A Lot Of Pressure’ Says Ex-Vegan Miley CyrusNEWS2020-09-15 07:07:38
2020/09/15‘This Is America’ Choreographer Sherrie Silver Joins Global Citizen to Talk the Future Of UK AidNEWS2020-09-15 06:11:39
2020/09/14Government Watchdog Report Finds Many Top Recipients of Trump’s Farmer Bailout Boondoggle Are Not Even FarmersNEWS2020-09-14 22:28:32
2020/09/14At Wildfire Briefing, Trump Scoffs at Climate Crisis: “I Don’t Think Science Knows”NEWS2020-09-14 22:28:30
2020/09/14Chile Plans To Become A World Leading Green Hydrogen ProducerNEWS2020-09-14 20:46:38
2020/09/14White Woman Charged with Hate Crime for Falsely Accusing Black Man for Threatening Her LifeNEWS2020-09-14 19:11:02
2020/09/14Starbucks New Plant-based Meats and Beverages Across Asia-Pacific RegionNEWS2020-09-14 19:10:37
2020/09/14Why Liberia Just Declared Rape a National EmergencyNEWS2020-09-14 18:12:33
2020/09/145 Ways You Can Support Global Literacy Right NowNEWS2020-09-14 18:12:32
2020/09/14Pope Francis Forms Unusual Partnership to Call for Environmental ProtectionNEWS2020-09-14 18:12:29
2020/09/14Australia Urged To Invest $3.3bn+ On Renewables or Suffer Devastating ConsequencesNEWS2020-09-14 16:45:35
2020/09/14Petition: Tell the UN Human Rights Council to Investigate Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines NEWS2020-09-14 15:09:07
2020/09/14From Belarus to Zimbabwe: What Human Rights Violations Have to Do With the UN’s Global GoalsNEWS2020-09-14 14:12:37
2020/09/14EXCLUSIVE: Isreal’s First Pro-Vegan T.V Advert Reaches 35% Of PopulationNEWS2020-09-14 13:07:51
2020/09/14130-Year-Old Iconic Sweets Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles ‘Officially Going Vegan’NEWS2020-09-14 11:10:27
2020/09/14Meat And Dairy Carry Infectious Disease Pathogen Linked To Diabetes And Crohn’sNEWS2020-09-14 11:10:26
2020/09/14Impossible Foods Debuts in Canada and Hong KongNEWS2020-09-14 11:09:01
2020/09/14Fauci Warns Pre-Pandemic Normalcy May Not Be Likely Until Late 2021NEWS2020-09-14 09:22:01
2020/09/14Vegan TikTok Star Blasted For Refusing To Donate Organs To Meat EatersNEWS2020-09-14 09:08:48
2020/09/14Beyond Meat Launches New Plant-Based Meatballs Across U.SNEWS2020-09-14 09:08:46
2020/09/14Even More Data Suggests Pandemic Is Fueling Vegan SurgeNEWS2020-09-14 06:08:56
2020/09/14Ex-Vegan Miley Cyrus Says It’s ‘Over The Top’ To Be Invested In Other People’s DietsNEWS2020-09-14 06:08:54
2020/09/13McLaren Is Going Electric And Plans To Stop Developing Petrol EnginesNEWS2020-09-13 20:45:36
2020/09/13Mosquitos Laced With Wolbachia Bacteria Lose Ability To Transmit DengueNEWS2020-09-13 16:45:22
2020/09/13Orange Peel Waste Used To Turn Old Lithium-Ion Batteries Into NewNEWS2020-09-13 16:45:21
2020/09/13“Long Haul” Symptoms of Covid Present in ThousandsNEWS2020-09-13 15:08:02
2020/09/13Tommy Hilfiger And Calvin Klein Ban Exotic Skins In Effort To ‘Drive Fashion Forward For Good’NEWS2020-09-13 12:07:43
2020/09/13Plant-Based Brand To Launch Carbon-Neutral Beef In AustraliaNEWS2020-09-13 11:08:35
2020/09/13Jeff Bezos Backed Plant-Based Food Company Raises $85 Million In Latest Investment RoundNEWS2020-09-13 10:07:50
2020/09/13Impossible Foods Debuts Plant-Based Burger In Canada Following ‘Overwhelming Demand’NEWS2020-09-13 06:07:38
2020/09/12CRISPR Gene Editing Could Help You Stay ThinNEWS2020-09-12 12:45:40
2020/09/12Audi’s Artemis Project To Launch A Luxury Electric Sedan In 2024NEWS2020-09-12 12:45:39
2020/09/12Bollinger Motors Plans To Make An All-Electric Delivery VanNEWS2020-09-12 12:45:37
2020/09/12China Is Becoming A ‘Battleground’ For Plant-Based Meat Creators, Says FoxNEWS2020-09-12 12:08:17
2020/09/12NY Post: Flight Canceled After Feud About Toddler Not Wearing Face MaskNEWS2020-09-12 10:35:19
2020/09/12Heather Mills To Speak About ‘The Future Of Plant-Based Post COVID-19’ At Online EventNEWS2020-09-12 09:09:33
2020/09/12‘Harry Potter’ Fans Praise Warner Bros. For Launching Vegan Butterbeer In U.KNEWS2020-09-12 08:07:27
2020/09/11EWG News Roundup (9/11): PFAS Discharges Near Schools, Tracking Farm Pollution in Our Drinking Water and MoreNEWS2020-09-11 22:28:34
2020/09/11Minn. Study Is First To Show Cause-and-Effect Link Between ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water and Reproductive HarmsNEWS2020-09-11 22:28:33
2020/09/11Some Countries Remain Hesitant About Vaccines as Confidence Improves in Others: StudyNEWS2020-09-11 18:11:13
2020/09/11The World’s Poorest Children Haven’t Learned Anything During Lockdown: SurveyNEWS2020-09-11 18:11:13
2020/09/11Tokyo Will Open LGBTQ+ ‘Pride House’ Ahead of 2021 OlympicsNEWS2020-09-11 18:11:11
2020/09/11China Shows Off Its Coronavirus VaccinesNEWS2020-09-11 15:08:01
2020/09/11Professor Dies in Front of Class After Showing Coronavirus SymptomsNEWS2020-09-11 15:07:40
2020/09/11In Latin America, Women Domestic Workers Say They’ve Been Left Out of COVID-19 ResponseNEWS2020-09-11 14:12:07
2020/09/11This UK City Will House 100% Of Its Rough Sleepers in ‘Once in a Lifetime’ OpportunityNEWS2020-09-11 14:12:06
2020/09/11California’s Homeless Population Faces Wildfire Smoke and COVID-19NEWS2020-09-11 14:11:51
2020/09/115 Countries That Are Getting COVID-19 Responses RightNEWS2020-09-11 14:11:30
2020/09/11Velux Commits To Become A Lifetime Carbon Neutral Firm By 2041NEWS2020-09-11 12:46:24
2020/09/11Innovative Plant-Based Brand Shows You Don’t Need Fish For Brain HealthNEWS2020-09-11 12:08:05
2020/09/11New Documentary ‘Vegan 2020’ To Track Rise And Challenges Of MovementNEWS2020-09-11 12:08:03
2020/09/11Religious Leader Who Blamed COVID-19 on Same-Sex Marriage Tests Positive For VirusNEWS2020-09-11 11:08:11
2020/09/11Angelina Jolie Makes Surprise Donation to London Kids’ Lemonade Stand for YemenNEWS2020-09-11 10:11:36
2020/09/115 Issues Nigeria Must Address to Ensure Every Child Can Access a Quality EducationNEWS2020-09-11 10:11:26
2020/09/11Pie Giant Pukka Launches Vegan ‘Chicken’ And ‘Steak’ Pies As Demand SurgesNEWS2020-09-11 09:07:33
2020/09/11Cadbury Family Member To Launch U.K’s First Oat Milk Vegan Chocolate This YearNEWS2020-09-11 09:07:32
2020/09/11Pizza Chain Zizzi Launches Plant-Based Pepperoni Pie At Sainsbury’sNEWS2020-09-11 09:07:30
2020/09/11Global Efforts to Minimize Poverty Amid COVID-19 Are ‘Full of Holes’: UN ExpertNEWS2020-09-11 06:13:17
2020/09/11This Advocacy Group Is Helping Ensure No One in South Africa Is Left Behind in COVID-19 ResponseNEWS2020-09-11 06:12:51
2020/09/11Black Americans ‘Almost 3 Times More Likely To Be Vegan Than White Americans’, Says ReportNEWS2020-09-11 05:07:45
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