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2020/05/29Sea-buckthorn flavonoids alleviate high-fat and high-fructose diet-induced cognitive impairment.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:53:53
2020/05/29Protective effects of isorhamnetin on pulmonary arterial hypertension.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:51:07
2020/05/29Antihypertensive effects of polyphenolic extract from Korean red pine.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:46:24
2020/05/29Effects of grape seed proanthocyanidin extract on obesity.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:39:23
2020/05/29Effects of grape seed extract on dyslipidaemia.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:33:48
2020/05/29Renal protective effects of grape seed extract treatment against eltroxin-induced hyperthyroidism, kidney damage, and oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:22:03
2020/05/29Grape seed extract: having a potential health benefits.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:18:51
2020/05/29These results demonstrate potential preventive effects of grape-seed proanthocyanidin extract on human colon dysfunction.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:13:50
2020/05/29Heat sensitization of hepatitis A virus and tulane virus using grape seed extract, gingerol and curcumin.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:10:41
2020/05/29Vasorelaxant effects induced by red wine and pomace extracts of Magliocco dolce.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:07:57
2020/05/29Ginkgo biloba and its constituent 6-hydroxykynurenic-acid as well as its proanthocyanidins exert neurorestorative effects against cerebral ischemia.RESEARCH2020-05-29 15:02:47
2020/05/29Mantonico and pecorello grape seed extracts: chemical characterization and evaluation of in vitro wound-healing and anti-inflammatory activities.RESEARCH2020-05-29 14:58:54
2020/05/29Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract ameliorates hepatic lipid accumulation and inflammation.RESEARCH2020-05-29 13:07:51
2020/05/29Pomegranate, rosemary and antibiotic combinations may be an effective therapeutic agent for antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation of P. aeruginosa.RESEARCH2020-05-29 12:50:33
2020/05/29Ellagic acid and human cancers: a systems pharmacology and docking study.RESEARCH2020-05-29 12:47:21
2020/05/29A herbal mixture from propolis, pomegranate, and grape pomace endowed with anti-inflammatory activity in an in vivo rheumatoid arthritis model.RESEARCH2020-05-29 12:37:47
2020/05/29Phenolic-rich pomegranate peel extract is evidenced as a safe herbal derived material promising for skin hyperpigmentation treatment.RESEARCH2020-05-29 11:52:39
2020/05/29Berberine might attenuate the liver inflammatory response in the livers of rats with high-fat diet-induced NAFLD.RESEARCH2020-05-29 11:44:46
2020/05/29Fingolimod in combination with berberine at reduced doses represents a novel therapy for ulcerative colitis.RESEARCH2020-05-29 11:24:11
2020/05/29The antibacterial effect of silver nanoparticles on Staphylococcus epidermidis strains with different biofilm-forming ability.RESEARCH2020-05-29 11:16:05
2020/05/29AMPK and its activator berberine in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-29 11:12:04
2020/05/29Punicalagin played an important role in the attenuation of LPS-induced inflammatory responses in RAW264.7 macrophages.RESEARCH2020-05-29 10:48:02
2020/05/29Advances on natural polyphenols as anticancer agents for skin cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-29 10:39:13
2020/05/29Pomegranate as a aource of bioactive constituents: a review on their characterization, properties and applications.RESEARCH2020-05-29 10:30:25
2020/05/29Punicalagin inhibits the viability, migration, invasion, and EMT by regulating GOLPH3 in breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-05-29 10:19:48
2020/05/29Punicalagin promotes the apoptosis in human cervical cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-29 10:03:41
2020/05/29Pomegranate-derived anthocyanin regulates MORs-cAMP/CREB-BDNF pathways in opioid-dependent models and improves cognitive impairments.RESEARCH2020-05-29 09:44:31
2020/05/28Punicalagin protects diabetic nephropathy.RESEARCH2020-05-28 19:27:58
2020/05/28Natural plant extract berbamine is a potent inhibitor of cell growth and survival of human tenon’s fibroblasts.RESEARCH2020-05-28 19:17:46
2020/05/28Berbamine ameliorates ethanol-induced liver injury by inhibition of hepatic inflammation.RESEARCH2020-05-28 18:54:13
2020/05/28A review of the chemopreventative and chemotherapeutic properties of the phytochemicals berberine, resveratrol and curcumin.RESEARCH2020-05-28 18:37:41
2020/05/28Berberine represses human gastric cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo.RESEARCH2020-05-28 18:11:21
2020/05/28Berberine improves glucose and lipid metabolism in HepG2 cells through AMPKα1 activation.RESEARCH2020-05-28 17:43:33
2020/05/28PycnoRacer® improved training, running distance, VO2max and PFR decreasing muscular pain and cramps.RESEARCH2020-05-28 17:28:58
2020/05/28This pilot registry indicates that pycnogenol can be safely used in subjects with lupus vasculitis with mild symptoms.RESEARCH2020-05-28 16:37:42
2020/05/28Pycnogenol may increase the cisplatin cytotoxicity in HeLa cells at nongenotoxic doses.RESEARCH2020-05-28 16:18:59
2020/05/28Antioxidative and immunoprotective potential of chlorella vulgaris dietary supplementation against chlorpyrifos-induced toxicity.RESEARCH2020-05-28 15:42:15
2020/05/28Spirulina Platensis supplementation coupled to strength exercise improves redox balance and reduces intestinal contractile reactivity.RESEARCH2020-05-28 15:20:00
2020/05/28Gastro-protective potentials of spirulina: Role of vitamin B12.RESEARCH2020-05-28 15:13:00
2020/05/28Extraction and characterization of phycocyanin from spirulina platensis and evaluation of Its anticancer, antidiabetic and antiinflammatory effect.RESEARCH2020-05-28 15:01:15
2020/05/28Spirulina lipids alleviate oxidative stress and inflammation in mice fed a high-fat and high-sucrose diet.RESEARCH2020-05-28 14:50:34
2020/05/283% spirulina supplementation in high-energy diet ameliorated lipid metabolic disorder and oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-28 14:30:54
2020/05/28Spirulina has significant benefits for improving blood lipids.RESEARCH2020-05-28 14:24:59
2020/05/28Spirulina reduces diet-induced obesity through downregulation of lipogenic genes expression in Psammomys obesus.RESEARCH2020-05-28 14:22:17
2020/05/28Spirulina intervention during adolescent period can protect against chronic stress-induced neuroanatomical biochemical, and molecular deficits in adulthood.RESEARCH2020-05-28 14:14:14
2020/05/28Spirulina enhances bone modelling in growing male rats by regulating growth-related hormones.RESEARCH2020-05-28 14:06:45
2020/05/28Spirulina platensis prevents oxidative stress and inflammation promoted by strength training.RESEARCH2020-05-28 13:48:58
2020/05/28Spirulina protein promotes skin wound repair in a mouse model of full-thickness dermal excisional wound.RESEARCH2020-05-28 13:36:13
2020/05/28Spirulina platensis-lipopolysaccharides mitigate the oxidative stress and impairment of rats’ brain induced by nicotine.RESEARCH2020-05-28 13:05:14
2020/05/28Protective role of Spirulina platensis against bifenthrin-induced reprotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-05-28 12:52:10
2020/05/28Fermented dairy foods rich in probiotics and cardiometabolic risk factors.RESEARCH2020-05-28 11:04:51
2020/05/27Protective effect of crocin on electromagnetic field-induced testicular damage.RESEARCH2020-05-27 16:16:57
2020/05/27Saffron may have a favourable effect on fasting blood glucose.RESEARCH2020-05-27 16:12:59
2020/05/27Effects of saffron on cognitive function.RESEARCH2020-05-27 16:01:08
2020/05/27Crocetin might halt or delay disease progression in age-related macular degeneration.RESEARCH2020-05-27 15:54:01
2020/05/27Saffron and its main ingredients such as crocin could be a potential candidate for the treatment of ocular disease.RESEARCH2020-05-27 15:49:32
2020/05/27Saffron carotenoids change the superoxide dismutase activity in breast cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-27 15:44:01
2020/05/27Flavolignans from silymarin as Nrf2 bioactivators and their therapeutic applications.RESEARCH2020-05-27 15:29:51
2020/05/27In vitro antimicrobial activity of frankincense oils from Boswellia sacra.RESEARCH2020-05-27 15:08:54
2020/05/27Silymarin, boswellic acid and curcumin enriched dietetic formulation reduces the growth of inherited intestinal polyps.RESEARCH2020-05-27 15:05:02
2020/05/27Triterpenic acids as non-competitive α-glucosidase inhibitors from Boswellia elongate.RESEARCH2020-05-27 14:59:46
2020/05/27Genus Boswellia as a new candidate for neurodegenerative disorders.RESEARCH2020-05-27 14:53:57
2020/05/27Licochalcone A selectively resensitizes ABCG2-overexpressing multidrug-resistant cancer cells to chemotherapeutic drugs.RESEARCH2020-05-27 14:09:14
2020/05/27Vasorelaxation effect of 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid on the thoracic aorta of rats.RESEARCH2020-05-27 14:05:48
2020/05/2718α-glycyrrhetinic acid ameliorates fructose-induced nephropathy.RESEARCH2020-05-27 14:03:54
2020/05/2718β-glycyrrhetinic acid acts through hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha to modulate lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.RESEARCH2020-05-27 13:50:34
2020/05/27The effects of licorice containing diphenhydramine solution on recurrent aphthous stomatitis.RESEARCH2020-05-27 13:36:29
2020/05/27Antihyperglycemic activity of bacosine.RESEARCH2020-05-27 12:52:53
2020/05/27Bacopa monnieri and their bioactive compounds inferred multi-target treatment strategy for neurological diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-27 12:17:06
2020/05/27Bacopa monnieri inhibits apoptosis and senescence through mitophagy in human astrocytes.RESEARCH2020-05-27 12:00:41
2020/05/27Bacopa monnieri extract improves memory performance.RESEARCH2020-05-27 11:43:11
2020/05/27Astaxanthin modulates apoptotic molecules to induce death of SKBR3 breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-05-27 11:23:23
2020/05/27Astaxanthin attenuates hepatic damages and mitochondrial dysfunction in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.RESEARCH2020-05-27 11:14:50
2020/05/27Astaxanthin improves osteopenia caused by aldehyde-stress resulting from Aldh2 mutation due to impaired osteoblastogenesis.RESEARCH2020-05-27 11:12:19
2020/05/27Neuroprotective activities of bacopa, lycopene, astaxanthin, and vitamin B12 combination on oxidative stress-dependent neuronal death.RESEARCH2020-05-27 10:11:23
2020/05/27The anti-cancer effects of fucoidan: a review of both in vivo and in vitro investigations.RESEARCH2020-05-27 09:58:53
2020/05/27Fucoidan immobilized at the surface of a fibrous mesh presents toxic effects over melanoma cells, but not over non-cancer skin cells.RESEARCH2020-05-27 09:50:07
2020/05/27Fucoidan could be implemented as a beneficial antioxidant agent.RESEARCH2020-05-27 09:44:21
2020/05/27Can Walking Barefoot Heal Your Heart?RESEARCH2020-05-27 09:39:38
2020/05/26Fucoxanthin alleviates palmitate-induced inflammation in RAW 264.7 cells through improving lipid metabolism and attenuating mitochondrial dysfunction.RESEARCH2020-05-26 18:08:08
2020/05/26Fucoxanthin ameliorates atopic dermatitis symptoms by regulating keratinocytes and regulatory innate lymphoid cells.RESEARCH2020-05-26 18:05:43
2020/05/26Spent hops extract as modulator of the inflammatory response in lipopolysaccharide stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophages.RESEARCH2020-05-26 17:57:31
2020/05/26Anti-rheumatic activity of phenethyl isothiocyanate via inhibition of histone deacetylase-1.RESEARCH2020-05-26 17:51:21
2020/05/26β-phenethyl isothiocyanate induces cell death in human osteosarcoma.RESEARCH2020-05-26 17:41:55
2020/05/26Xanthohumol protects neuron from cerebral ischemia injury in experimental stroke.RESEARCH2020-05-26 17:35:55
2020/05/26Xanthohumol induces DNA damages in colorectal cancer cells and sensitizes SW480 cells to the SN38 chemotherapeutic agent.RESEARCH2020-05-26 17:22:18
2020/05/26Our findings indicate that targeting survivin for degradation might a promising strategy for OSCC treatment.RESEARCH2020-05-26 17:14:25
2020/05/26Xanthohumol suppresses glioblastoma via modulation of Hexokinase 2 -mediated glycolysisRESEARCH2020-05-26 16:33:02
2020/05/26Xanthohumol regulates miR-4749-5p-inhibited RFC2 signalling in enhancing temozolomide cytotoxicity to glioblastoma.RESEARCH2020-05-26 16:24:24
2020/05/26Therapeutic effect of seaweed derived xanthophyl carotenoid on obesity management; overview of the last decade.RESEARCH2020-05-26 16:20:21
2020/05/26Fucoxanthin treatment inhibits nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell proliferation.RESEARCH2020-05-26 14:57:24
2020/05/26The fucoidan has reduced LPS induced cytotoxicity in IC-21 macrophage at a dose depended on manner.RESEARCH2020-05-26 14:25:23
2020/05/26Immunomodulating properties of carrageenan From Tichocarpus Crinitus.RESEARCH2020-05-26 14:13:59
2020/05/26The comparative analysis of antiviral activity of native and modified fucoidans from brown algae Fucus evanescens.RESEARCH2020-05-26 14:11:06
2020/05/26Rhamnan sulphate is a potential candidate for the treatment of influenza virus infections.RESEARCH2020-05-26 13:58:02
2020/05/26Microalgae extracts: potential anti-Trypanosoma cruzi agents?RESEARCH2020-05-26 13:51:53
2020/05/26Bioavailable phytoprostanes and phytofurans from Gracilaria Longissima have anti-inflammatory effects in endothelial cells.RESEARCH2020-05-26 12:37:10
2020/05/26Sulfated polysaccharide from the red algae Gelidiella Acerosa: anticoagulant, antiplatelet and antithrombotic effects.RESEARCH2020-05-26 12:24:18
2020/05/26Alleviation effects of Bifidobacterium breve on DSS-induced colitis.RESEARCH2020-05-26 12:14:19
2020/05/26Anti-cancer effects of bifidobacterium species in colon cancer cells and a mouse model of carcinogenesis.RESEARCH2020-05-26 12:05:36
2020/05/26Activity of and effect of subcutaneous treatment with the broad-spectrum antiviral lectin griffithsin in two laboratory rodent models.RESEARCH2020-05-26 11:27:05
2020/05/26Combinations of griffithsin with other carbohydrate-binding agents demonstrate superior activity against HIV type 1, HIV type 2.RESEARCH2020-05-26 11:00:08
2020/05/26Griffithsin, a potent HIV entry inhibitor, is an excellent candidate for anti-HIV microbicide.RESEARCH2020-05-26 10:18:52
2020/05/25Seaweed secondary metabolites with beneficial health effects.RESEARCH2020-05-25 18:31:47
2020/05/25Synergistic activity profile of griffithsin in combination with tenofovir, maraviroc and enfuvirtide against HIV-1 clade C.RESEARCH2020-05-25 18:25:49
2020/05/25Sustained-release griffithsin nanoparticle-fiber composites against HIV-1 and HSV-2 infections.RESEARCH2020-05-25 17:52:07
2020/05/25Griffithsin could be used as a microbicide for HIV prevention.RESEARCH2020-05-25 17:17:19
2020/05/25Rapid-release griffithsin fibers for dual prevention of HSV-2 and HIV-1 infections.RESEARCH2020-05-25 16:27:38
2020/05/25The lectins Griffithsin, Cyanovirin-N and Scytovirin inhibit HIV-1 binding to the DC-SIGN receptor and transfer to CD4+ cellsRESEARCH2020-05-25 15:55:23
2020/05/25Griffithsin and carrageenan combination to target herpes simplex virus 2 and human papillomavirus.RESEARCH2020-05-25 15:53:15
2020/05/25Griffithsin tandemers: flexible and potent lectin inhibitors of the human immunodeficiency virusRESEARCH2020-05-25 15:48:56
2020/05/25Potent strategy to inhibit HIV-1 by binding both gp120 and gp41.RESEARCH2020-05-25 12:58:18
2020/05/25Griffithsin inhibits nipah virus entry and fusion and can protect Syrian golden hamsters from lethal nipah virus challenge.RESEARCH2020-05-25 12:56:19
2020/05/25Griffithsin inhibits Japanese encephalitis virus infection in vitro and in vivoRESEARCH2020-05-25 12:51:43
2020/05/25Griffithsin has antiviral activity against hepatitis C virus.RESEARCH2020-05-25 12:49:19
2020/05/25High-level expression of the HIV entry inhibitor griffithsin from the plastid genome and retention of biological activity in dried tobacco leaves.RESEARCH2020-05-25 11:36:53
2020/05/25Pharmacokinetics of the antiviral lectin griffithsin administered by different routes indicates multiple potential uses.RESEARCH2020-05-25 11:12:04
2020/05/25These findings demonstrate that griffithsin inhibits HSV-2 by a unique mechanism of blocking cell-to-cell spread.RESEARCH2020-05-25 10:16:49
2020/05/25Infectivity of some asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers might be weak.RESEARCH2020-05-25 09:48:42
2020/05/24Griffithsin retains anti-HIV-1 potency with changes in gp120 glycosylation and complements broadly neutralizing antibodies PGT121 and PGT126.RESEARCH2020-05-24 13:56:54
2020/05/24Griffithsin carrageenan fast dissolving inserts prevent SHIV HSV-2 and HPV infections in vivo.RESEARCH2020-05-24 12:59:56
2020/05/24Griffithsin: an antiviral lectin with outstanding therapeutic potential.RESEARCH2020-05-24 12:56:54
2020/05/24Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection is inhibited by griffithsin.RESEARCH2020-05-24 12:48:54
2020/05/24The remarkable potency profile of Griffithsin supports its potential value as an antiviral agent against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus.RESEARCH2020-05-24 12:43:46
2020/05/24Griffithsin, a highly potent broad-spectrum antiviral lectin from red algae: from discovery to clinical application.RESEARCH2020-05-24 12:35:33
2020/05/24In vitro antiviral activity of griffithsin against porcine epidemic diarrhea virus.RESEARCH2020-05-24 12:18:46
2020/05/24Natural product-derived phytochemicals as potential agents against coronaviruses: a reviewRESEARCH2020-05-24 12:08:49
2020/05/24Experience of music used with psychedelic therapy: a rapid review and implications.RESEARCH2020-05-24 11:54:10
2020/05/24Indomethacin and resveratrol as potential treatment adjuncts for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.RESEARCH2020-05-24 10:15:44
2020/05/23Gut Microbiome May Play a Role in the Development of Autism in ChildrenRESEARCH2020-05-23 18:23:17
2020/05/23Herbal treatments for migraine: a systematic review of randomised-controlled studies.RESEARCH2020-05-23 11:04:02
2020/05/23The effect of music therapy and aromatherapy with chamomile-lavender essential oil on the anxiety of clinical nurses.RESEARCH2020-05-23 10:59:51
2020/05/23Anti-inflammatory activity of a fixed combination of probiotics and herbal extract.RESEARCH2020-05-23 10:55:58
2020/05/23Gut microbiota and covid-19-possible link and implications.RESEARCH2020-05-23 10:47:46
2020/05/23The consequences of altered microbiota in immune-related chronic kidney disease.RESEARCH2020-05-23 10:27:58
2020/05/23Reduced bone resorption and inflammation in apical periodontitis evoked by dietary supplementation with probiotics.RESEARCH2020-05-23 10:24:38
2020/05/23Galacto-oligosaccharides modulate the juvenile gut microbiome and innate immunity to improve broiler chicken performance.RESEARCH2020-05-23 10:21:59
2020/05/23Bifidobacterium mongoliense genome seems particularly adapted to milk oligosaccharide digestion leading to production of antivirulent metabolitesRESEARCH2020-05-23 10:17:14
2020/05/23Photoprotective effect of dietary galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) in hairless mice via regulation of the MAPK signalling pathway.RESEARCH2020-05-23 10:07:49
2020/05/23Galacto-oligosaccharide RP-G28 improves multiple clinical outcomes in lactose-intolerant patients.RESEARCH2020-05-23 10:05:17
2020/05/23Galacto-oligosaccharides supplementation to Western-type diet improved body weight gain, dyslipidemia and insulin sensitivity.RESEARCH2020-05-23 10:01:43
2020/05/23Unsaturated alginate oligosaccharides attenuated obesity.RESEARCH2020-05-23 09:57:54
2020/05/23A review of the rundown of dietary supplements and their effects on inflammatory bowel disease.RESEARCH2020-05-23 09:55:48
2020/05/23Oligosaccharide-dependent anti-inflammatory role of galectin-1 for macrophages in ulcerative colitis.RESEARCH2020-05-23 09:41:07
2020/05/23Bifidobacterium infantis relieves allergic asthma in mice by regulating Th1/Th2.RESEARCH2020-05-23 09:22:14
2020/05/23Exercise training combined with Bifidobacterium longum OLP-01 supplementation improves exercise physiological adaption and performance.RESEARCH2020-05-23 09:04:42
2020/05/23Multi-Strain Probiotic (UB0316) is effective in reducing BMI, body weight and WHR in overweight/obese adults.RESEARCH2020-05-23 09:01:48
2020/05/23The impacts of synbiotic supplementation on periodontal indices and biomarkers of oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with chronic periodontitis.RESEARCH2020-05-23 08:52:34
2020/05/23Probiotics and fructo-oligosaccharide intervention modulate the microbiota-gut brain axis to improve autism spectrum.RESEARCH2020-05-23 08:14:21
2020/05/23Probiotics combined with exercise training is a potential strategy for ensuring high physical performance of athletes.RESEARCH2020-05-23 08:09:53
2020/05/23Probiotics reduce anxiety-related behaviour in zebrafish.RESEARCH2020-05-23 07:52:26
2020/05/23Inhibition of Streptococcus mutans biofilm formation and virulence by Lactobacillus plantarum K41 isolated from traditional sichuan pickles.RESEARCH2020-05-23 07:44:08
2020/05/23Probiotic NVP-1703 alleviates allergic rhinitis by inducing IL-10 expression.RESEARCH2020-05-23 07:34:14
2020/05/22In vitro and in vivo inhibitory effects of Carica papaya seed on α-amylase and α-glucosidase enzymesRESEARCH2020-05-22 18:59:20
2020/05/22Therapeutic application of Carica papaya leaf extract in the management of human diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-22 18:54:39
2020/05/22People with hypertension have a relatively low serum vitamin C.RESEARCH2020-05-22 18:44:02
2020/05/22Cardiac toxicity of heavy metals cadmium and mercury and pharmacological intervention by vitamin C.RESEARCH2020-05-22 17:08:41
2020/05/22Dehydroascorbic acid, the oxidized form of vitamin C, improves renal histology and function in old mice.RESEARCH2020-05-22 16:55:06
2020/05/22COVID-19: The inflammation link and the role of nutrition in potential mitigation.RESEARCH2020-05-22 16:41:58
2020/05/22The preventive effect of lactoferrin-containing yogurt on gastroenteritis.RESEARCH2020-05-22 16:37:25
2020/05/22After the Lockdown: A Global Coronavirus Vaccination ProgramRESEARCH2020-05-22 15:42:37
2020/05/22Lactoferrin might be an effective therapeutic remedy for simultaneously reducing the inflammatory response and inducing bone regeneration.RESEARCH2020-05-22 15:30:38
2020/05/22Recent studies have demonstrated that lactoferrin might have a beneficial effect in the prevention and treatment of obesity-related metabolic abnormalities.RESEARCH2020-05-22 15:21:50
2020/05/22Lactoferrin contributes a renoprotective effect in acute kidney injury and early renal fibrosis.RESEARCH2020-05-22 14:29:23
2020/05/22Lactoferrin reduces mycobacterial Trehalose 6,6′-dimycolate induced M1-type inflammation.RESEARCH2020-05-22 14:21:49
2020/05/22Lactoferrin supplementation might reduce late-onset sepsis in very low birth weight infants.RESEARCH2020-05-22 14:17:00
2020/05/22Anti-neoplastic and Immunomodulatory Potency of Co-Treatment Based on Bovine Lactoferrin and/or Muramyl Dipeptide in Tumor-Bearing MiceRESEARCH2020-05-22 14:04:44
2020/05/22This case report suggests that a ketogenic diet may improve hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the context of mitochondrial disease.RESEARCH2020-05-22 13:19:37
2020/05/22Long-term intake of ketogenic diets containing MCTs may additively enhance endurance training–induced increases in ketolytic capacity in skeletal muscle.RESEARCH2020-05-22 12:53:17
2020/05/22Short-term physiological effects of a very low-calorie ketogenic diet: effects on adiponectin levels and inflammatory states.RESEARCH2020-05-22 12:46:07
2020/05/22Ketogenic diet led to rapid weight loss.RESEARCH2020-05-22 12:41:45
2020/05/22Aberrant mitochondrial morphology and function in the BTBR mouse model of autism is improved by two weeks of ketogenic diet.RESEARCH2020-05-22 12:32:53
2020/05/22A comparative review of established diets for prevention of cardiovascular disease and newer dietary strategies.RESEARCH2020-05-22 12:21:52
2020/05/22Successful treatment of intractable epilepsy with ketogenic diet therapy in twins with ALG3-CDG.RESEARCH2020-05-22 11:32:26
2020/05/22Exploring the mechanisms of action of the antidepressant effect of the ketogenic diet.RESEARCH2020-05-22 11:28:25
2020/05/22Ketogenic diet has anti-depression effects.RESEARCH2020-05-22 11:23:04
2020/05/22The ketogenic diet appeared to be an effective therapeutic modality for intractable pediatric epilepsy in tuberous sclerosis complex.RESEARCH2020-05-22 11:15:49
2020/05/22Hyperbaric oxygen-treated keloid tissue demonstrated lower expression levels of IL-12p40, MIP-1β, and PDGF-BB.RESEARCH2020-05-22 10:49:56
2020/05/22Hyperbaric oxygen treatment might have the potential to alleviate radiotherapy-related gastrointestinal complications.RESEARCH2020-05-22 10:45:47
2020/05/22Respiratory conditions in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): important considerations regarding novel treatment strategies to reduce mortality.RESEARCH2020-05-22 10:39:44
2020/05/22Ketogenic diet improves and restores redox status and biochemical indices in monosodium glutamate-induced rat testicular toxicity.RESEARCH2020-05-22 09:50:59
2020/05/22Ketogenic, hypocaloric diet improves nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.RESEARCH2020-05-22 09:47:34
2020/05/22Ketogenic diets alter the gut microbiome resulting in decreased intestinal Th17 cells.RESEARCH2020-05-22 09:45:03
2020/05/22The ketogenic diet regimen is considered to be a promising support therapy for patients with different types of advanced cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-22 09:42:04
2020/05/22Survival outcomes of metabolically supported chemotherapy combined with ketogenic diet, hyperthermia, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in advanced gastric cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-22 09:08:28
2020/05/22Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy minimizes deleterious effects of irradiation on flexural strength and the bone stiffness analysis.RESEARCH2020-05-22 08:23:08
2020/05/22Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in preventing mechanical ventilation in COVID-19 patients.RESEARCH2020-05-22 07:22:35
2020/05/22Fasting to Heal Autoimmune DiseaseRESEARCH2020-05-22 05:46:50
2020/05/21Drinking Tea Could Improve Brain Health and Slow Cognitive DeclineRESEARCH2020-05-21 18:26:42
2020/05/21Puerarin alleviates lipopolysaccharide-induced myocardial fibrosis.RESEARCH2020-05-21 17:57:37
2020/05/21Puerarin may represent a chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic agent for liver cancer treatment.RESEARCH2020-05-21 17:41:13
2020/05/21Dietary puerarin supplementation alleviates oxidative stress in the small intestines.RESEARCH2020-05-21 17:22:48
2020/05/21These finding highlights the potential value of puerarin developing as an anti-diabetic agent.RESEARCH2020-05-21 17:12:46
2020/05/21Effects of puerarin on the pharmacokinetics of astragaloside IV in rats and its potential mechanismRESEARCH2020-05-21 16:57:25
2020/05/21Astragaloside IV protects guman cardiomyocytes from hypoxia/reoxygenation injury by regulating miR-101aRESEARCH2020-05-21 16:41:25
2020/05/21Astragaloside IV ameliorates radiation-induced senescence via antioxidative mechanism.RESEARCH2020-05-21 16:21:49
2020/05/21Effect of astragaloside IV on cognitive dysfunction in rats with cerebrally infarcted.RESEARCH2020-05-21 16:00:43
2020/05/21Astragaloside IV suppresses development of hepatocellular carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-05-21 15:49:25
2020/05/21Astragaloside IV promotes cerebral protection following angiogenesis and ischemic brain injury.RESEARCH2020-05-21 15:00:50
2020/05/21The regulated profile of noncoding RNAs associated with inflammation by tanshinone IIA on atherosclerosis.RESEARCH2020-05-21 14:26:04
2020/05/21Improved tendon healing by a combination of tanshinone IIA and miR-29b inhibitor treatment.RESEARCH2020-05-21 14:05:00
2020/05/21Tanshinone IIA inhibits oral squamous cell carcinoma via reducing Akt-c-Myc signaling-mediated aerobic glycolysisRESEARCH2020-05-21 13:33:23
2020/05/21Honokiol reduces fungal load and inflammatory cytokines in aspergillus fumigatus keratitis.RESEARCH2020-05-21 13:27:59
2020/05/21Honokiol inhibits carotid artery atherosclerotic plaque formation by suppressing inflammation and oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-21 12:41:19
2020/05/21Magnolia extract is effective for the chemoprevention of oral cancer through its ability to inhibit mitochondrial respiration at complex IRESEARCH2020-05-21 12:35:07
2020/05/21Magnolol-inhibited progression of colorectal cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-21 12:31:07
2020/05/21This study intends to provide reference for clinical use of traditional Chinese medicine to resist new coronavirus.RESEARCH2020-05-21 12:22:56
2020/05/21Astaxanthin treatment induces maturation and functional change of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in tumor-bearing mice.RESEARCH2020-05-21 12:15:06
2020/05/21Clinical applications of astaxanthin in the treatment of ocular diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-21 11:47:39
2020/05/21Astaxanthin from haematococcus pluvialis ameliorates the chemotherapeutic drug doxorubicin induced liver injury.RESEARCH2020-05-21 10:47:33
2020/05/21Astaxanthin attenuates neuroinflammation in status epilepticus.RESEARCH2020-05-21 10:30:30
2020/05/21The protective effect of haskap extracts could be related to their polyphenol content and high antioxidant capacity.RESEARCH2020-05-21 10:13:02
2020/05/21In-vitro growth inhibition of bacterial pathogens by probiotics and a synbiotic: product composition matters.RESEARCH2020-05-21 08:51:58
2020/05/20Lactobacillus reuteri attenuates cardiac injury without lowering cholesterol in low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice fed standard chow.RESEARCH2020-05-20 18:54:52
2020/05/20A synbiotic formula of L. plantarum PBS067, L. acidophilus PBS066 and L. reuteri PBS072 with active prebiotics decreased MetS syndrome prevalence.RESEARCH2020-05-20 18:45:37
2020/05/20Eating Chocolate Could Slash High Blood Pressure RiskRESEARCH2020-05-20 18:13:32
2020/05/20L. paracasei CT12 appears to possess a potential probiotic value.RESEARCH2020-05-20 17:45:40
2020/05/20Kefir improves cognitive deficits.RESEARCH2020-05-20 17:43:48
2020/05/20Kefir can signal through the microbiota-gut-immune-brain axis and modulate host behaviour.RESEARCH2020-05-20 17:34:50
2020/05/20The prophylactic effects of different lactobacilli on collagen-induced arthritis.RESEARCH2020-05-20 16:52:49
2020/05/20Lactobacillus reuteri attenuated allergic inflammation induced by HDM in the mouse and modulated gut microbesRESEARCH2020-05-20 16:29:32
2020/05/20Lactobacillus fermentum V3 ameliorates colitis-associated tumorigenesis by modulating the gut microbiome.RESEARCH2020-05-20 16:10:39
2020/05/20Oral administration of Lactobacillus fermentum CRL1446 improves biomarkers of metabolic syndrome.RESEARCH2020-05-20 15:44:23
2020/05/20Antibacterial activity of Lactobacillus strains isolated from Mongolian yogurt against Gardnerella vaginalis.RESEARCH2020-05-20 15:34:00
2020/05/20These results indicate that L. fermentum TSI reduces abdominal fat and improves blood lipid metabolism in HD-induced obese rats.RESEARCH2020-05-20 15:25:14
2020/05/20Effects of Lactobacillus plantarum strain OLL2712 culture conditions on the anti-inflammatory activities for murine immune cells and obese and type 2 diabetic mice.RESEARCH2020-05-20 15:00:14
2020/05/20Identification of a Lactobacillus plantarum strain that ameliorates chronic inflammation and metabolic disorders in obese and type 2 diabetic mice.RESEARCH2020-05-20 13:54:25
2020/05/20Lactobacillus plantarum OLL2712 induces IL-10 production by intestinal dendritic cells.RESEARCH2020-05-20 13:47:35
2020/05/20Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine plus zinc supplementation may be more effective in reducing COVID-19 morbidity and mortality.RESEARCH2020-05-20 13:39:11
2020/05/20Zinc and the modulation of Nrf2 in human neuroblastoma cells.RESEARCH2020-05-20 13:36:49
2020/05/20Dietary zinc source impacts intestinal morphology and oxidative stress in young broilersRESEARCH2020-05-20 13:34:52
2020/05/20Zinc supplementation for the promotion of growth and prevention of infections in infants less than six months of age.RESEARCH2020-05-20 13:11:52
2020/05/20Therapeutic targets and signalling mechanisms of vitamin C activity against sepsis.RESEARCH2020-05-20 11:49:06
2020/05/20Sunlight effects on immune system: Is there something else in addition to UV-induced immunosuppression?RESEARCH2020-05-20 11:25:13
2020/05/20Photoprotection conferred by low level summer sunlight exposures against pro-inflammatory UVR insult.RESEARCH2020-05-20 11:21:50
2020/05/20Role of vitamin D in rheumatoid arthritis.RESEARCH2020-05-20 11:16:31
2020/05/20Ellagic acid controls cell proliferation and induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-05-20 10:43:10
2020/05/20Effect of Moringa oleifera methanolic extract on lead-induced oxidative stress-mediated hepatic damage and inflammation.RESEARCH2020-05-20 10:36:29
2020/05/20Antibiofilm, antiproliferative, antioxidant and antimutagenic activities of an endophytic fungus aspergillus fumigatus From Moringa oleifera.RESEARCH2020-05-20 10:07:18
2020/05/20Moringa oleifera ethanolic extract administration exhibited protective effects in counteracting cobalt chloride-induced renal injury.RESEARCH2020-05-20 06:33:53
2020/05/20Moringa aqueous extract have a significant antioxidant, and cytoprotective effects on HCT116 and HEK293 cells against metal toxicity.RESEARCH2020-05-20 06:25:42
2020/05/19The leaves of M. oleifera have antimicrobial phytochemicals.RESEARCH2020-05-19 17:21:39
2020/05/19These results provided a scientific approach for using Moringa oleifera leaves as an alternative therapy to treat skin cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-19 17:16:55
2020/05/19Moringa oleifera Lam. leaf extract might be a good alternative herbal choice in the treatment of metabolic syndrome disease.RESEARCH2020-05-19 17:02:46
2020/05/19Administration of Moringa oleifera extract mitigated cyclophosphamide-induced testicular damage.RESEARCH2020-05-19 16:56:24
2020/05/19Molecular mechanisms of the anti-cancer effects of isothiocyanates from cruciferous vegetables in bladder cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-19 15:04:27
2020/05/19White sweet potato ameliorates hyperglycemia and regenerates pancreatic islets in diabetic mice.RESEARCH2020-05-19 14:46:58
2020/05/19Mangiferin alleviates ovalbumin-induced allergic rhinitis.RESEARCH2020-05-19 14:07:34
2020/05/19Mangiferin induces the expression of a thermogenic signature via AMPK signalling during brown-adipocyte differentiation.RESEARCH2020-05-19 13:54:34
2020/05/19Mangiferin is not only a remarkable anti-inflammatory compound but also an antitumor agent.RESEARCH2020-05-19 13:51:46
2020/05/19Hepatoprotective effect of meal replacement seeds juice based on sweet potato.RESEARCH2020-05-19 13:32:12
2020/05/19Snacking on whole almonds for 6 weeks improves endothelial function and lowers LDL cholesterol.RESEARCH2020-05-19 13:02:21
2020/05/19Whole almond consumption is associated with better diet quality and cardiovascular disease risk factors.RESEARCH2020-05-19 12:20:55
2020/05/19HIV-1-infected cell-derived exosomes promote the growth and progression of cervical cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-19 11:28:01
2020/05/19Isolation/analysis of extracellular microvesicles from HSV-1-infected cells.RESEARCH2020-05-19 11:25:34
2020/05/19The RNA exosome and human disease.RESEARCH2020-05-19 10:45:45
2020/05/19L-ascorbic acid can be useful in breast cancer treatment.RESEARCH2020-05-19 10:32:52
2020/05/19Vitamin C versus cancer: Ascorbic acid radical and impairment of mitochondrial respiration?RESEARCH2020-05-19 10:19:19
2020/05/19Exogenous vitamin C triggered structural changes of redox-activated dual core-crosslinked biodegradable nanogels for boosting the antitumor efficiency.RESEARCH2020-05-19 10:11:27
2020/05/19Therapeutic target and molecular mechanism of vitamin C-treated pneumonia: a systematic study of network pharmacology.RESEARCH2020-05-19 10:07:19
2020/05/19Extracellular vesicles and ebola virus: A new mechanism of immune evasion.RESEARCH2020-05-19 07:17:10
2020/05/19Extracellular vesicles from CLEC2-activated platelets enhance dengue virus-induced lethality via CLEC5A/TLR2RESEARCH2020-05-19 07:11:32
2020/05/19Exosomes carry microRNAs into neighbouring cells to promote diffusive infection of Newcastle disease virus.RESEARCH2020-05-19 07:03:50
2020/05/19Complexity and ultrastructure of infectious extracellular vesicles from cells infected by non-enveloped virus.RESEARCH2020-05-19 06:59:31
2020/05/18Exosomes mediate Zika virus transmission through SMPD3 neutral Sphingomyelinase in cortical neurons.RESEARCH2020-05-18 12:59:05
2020/05/18Exosomes modulate the viral replication and host immune responses in hepatitis B virus infection.RESEARCH2020-05-18 10:13:59
2020/05/18Excessive exosome release is the pathogenic pathway linking a lysosomal deficiency to generalized fibrosis.RESEARCH2020-05-18 09:59:43
2020/05/18The Social, Psychic and Health Challenges of the Coronavirus Crisis Explored [Video]RESEARCH2020-05-18 08:43:28
2020/05/18Exosomes containing HIV protein Nef reorganize lipid rafts potentiating inflammatory response in bystander cells.RESEARCH2020-05-18 08:28:35
2020/05/18Exosome-delivered and Y RNA-derived small RNA suppresses influenza virus replicationRESEARCH2020-05-18 08:16:20
2020/05/18Pathogenic role of exosomes and microRNAs in HPV-mediated inflammation and cervical cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-18 08:14:39
2020/05/18Expression patterns of exosomal miRNAs are a promising tool to predict sustained viral response- hepatocellular carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-05-18 08:05:10
2020/05/18Dengue haemorrhagic fever: a job done via exosomes?RESEARCH2020-05-18 07:48:47
2020/05/18CD81+ exosomes play a pivotal role in the establishment of hepatitis C persistent infection and contribute toward the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-05-18 07:39:56
2020/05/17Blueberry polyphenols play a preventive effect on alcoholic fatty liver disease.RESEARCH2020-05-17 18:07:30
2020/05/17Blueberry-derived exosome-like nanoparticles counter the response to TNF-α-induced change on gene expression in EA.hy926 cells.RESEARCH2020-05-17 18:00:19
2020/05/17Chemoprotective effect of carotenoids from Lycium barbarum L. on SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells treated with beauvericin.RESEARCH2020-05-17 17:33:24
2020/05/17Lycium barbarum polysaccharide may improve allergic asthma by altering gut microbiota and inhibiting inflammation in mice.RESEARCH2020-05-17 17:31:49
2020/05/17MicroRNAs and exosomes: key players in HIV pathogenesis.RESEARCH2020-05-17 14:59:27
2020/05/17Exosomes cloak the virion to transmit Enterovirus 71 non-lytically.RESEARCH2020-05-17 14:57:07
2020/05/17Where does the cargo go?: Solutions to provide experimental support for the “extracellular vesicle cargo transfer hypothesis”.RESEARCH2020-05-17 14:45:04
2020/05/17Extracellular vesicles in Epstein-barr virus pathogenesis.RESEARCH2020-05-17 14:41:36
2020/05/17Exosomes may cause immunosuppression and immune tolerance.RESEARCH2020-05-17 14:39:30
2020/05/17hnRNPA2B1 associated with recruitment of RNA into exosomes plays a key role in HSV-1 release from infected cells.RESEARCH2020-05-17 10:36:13
2020/05/17Bill Gates and the Population Control GridRESEARCH2020-05-17 08:54:11
2020/05/17Exosomes facilitate transmission of Enterovirus A71 from human intestinal epithelial cells.RESEARCH2020-05-17 08:20:50
2020/05/17Exosomes from EV71-infected oral epithelial cells can transfer miR-30a to promote EV71 infection.RESEARCH2020-05-17 08:11:15
2020/05/17Dancing with Trojan horses: an interplay between the extracellular vesicles and viruses.RESEARCH2020-05-17 08:10:01
2020/05/17Exosomes as immune regulators in head and neck cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-17 08:02:38
2020/05/16The results reported here are very promising and indicate that CBD-enriched cannabis extract may ameliorate multiple autism spectrum disorders symptoms.RESEARCH2020-05-16 12:25:07
2020/05/16CBD loaded microparticles as a potential formulation to improve paclitaxel and doxorubicin-based chemotherapy in breast cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-16 12:16:12
2020/05/16Dr. Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to the HealthyRESEARCH2020-05-16 12:12:45
2020/05/16Cannabidiol attenuates behavioral changes in a rodent model of schizophrenia through 5-HT1A, but not CB1 and CB2 receptors.RESEARCH2020-05-16 12:04:09
2020/05/16CBD reverts the mesenchymal invasive phenotype of breast cancer cells induced by the inflammatory cytokine IL-1β.RESEARCH2020-05-16 11:57:17
2020/05/16Cannabidiol: A brief review of its therapeutic and pharmacologic efficacy in the management of joint disease.RESEARCH2020-05-16 11:52:12
2020/05/16Cannabidiol and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.RESEARCH2020-05-16 11:09:04
2020/05/16Two-weeks treatment with cannabidiol improves biophysical and behavioral deficits associated with experimental type-1 diabetes.RESEARCH2020-05-16 10:39:36
2020/05/16CBD inhibitory effects on the NLRP3 inflammasome may contribute to the overall anti-inflammatory effects reported for this phytocannabinoid.RESEARCH2020-05-16 10:34:26
2020/05/16CBD seems to exert an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity favoring a faster resolution of oral mucositis.RESEARCH2020-05-16 10:31:43
2020/05/16From Cannabis sativa to cannabidiol: promising therapeutic candidate for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-16 10:19:15
2020/05/16The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of formulated full-spectrum cannabis extract in the treatment of neuropathic pain associated with multiple sclerosis.RESEARCH2020-05-16 09:44:27
2020/05/16Cannabinoids as anticancer therapeutic agents.RESEARCH2020-05-16 08:16:21
2020/05/16Synergistic cytotoxic activity of cannabinoids from cannabis sativa against cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.RESEARCH2020-05-16 07:13:59
2020/05/16Cannabis may have a beneficial impact on HIV-associated blood-brain barrier injury.RESEARCH2020-05-16 06:44:03
2020/05/16Cannabis for symptom management in older adults.RESEARCH2020-05-16 06:40:09
2020/05/16Cannabis and cannabinoids in cancer pain management.RESEARCH2020-05-16 06:35:07
2020/05/15Naringin induces lysosomal permeabilization and autophagy cell death in AGS gastric cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-05-15 17:04:37
2020/05/15Naringin induces endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated apoptosis, inhibits β-catenin pathway and arrests cell cycle in cervical cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-05-15 16:57:41
2020/05/15Naringin inhibits colorectal cancer cell growth.RESEARCH2020-05-15 16:37:22
2020/05/15The genoprotective role of naringin.RESEARCH2020-05-15 16:23:35
2020/05/15Naringenin regulates doxorubicin-induced liver dysfunction.RESEARCH2020-05-15 15:59:30
2020/05/15Naringenin could be used as a safe dietary supplement to protect against the toxicity and oxidative stress associated with the use of Lambda-cyhalothrin.RESEARCH2020-05-15 15:36:34
2020/05/15Naringenin ameliorates diabetic neuropathic pain by modulation of oxidative-nitrosative stress, cytokines and MMP-9 levels.RESEARCH2020-05-15 15:19:29
2020/05/15Citrus Lemon essential oil has the potential to be used as a safe cell-depended anticancer agent for human lung cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-15 15:13:24
2020/05/15Antibacterial activity of Rosmarinus officinalis, Zingiber officinale, Citrus aurantium bergamia, and Copaifera officinalis against Enterococcus faecalis.RESEARCH2020-05-15 15:01:29
2020/05/15Genomic instability decreases in HIV patient by complementary therapy with Rosmarinus officinalis extracts.RESEARCH2020-05-15 14:45:45
2020/05/15Pre-treatment with evening primrose oil showed significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and genoprotective effects against the toxic effects of cyclophosphamide.RESEARCH2020-05-15 14:42:47
2020/05/15Impact of evening primrose oil consumption on psychological symptoms of postmenopausal women.RESEARCH2020-05-15 14:30:50
2020/05/15Evening primrose oil ameliorates hyperleptinemia and reproductive hormone disturbances in obesity.RESEARCH2020-05-15 13:53:35
2020/05/15Antibacterial and antioxidant activity of extracts from rose fruits.RESEARCH2020-05-15 12:07:01
2020/05/15The results showed that Rosa roxburghii Tratt fruit is rich in phenolic acids, and that it exerted lipid lowering effects in the hyperlipidemic rats.RESEARCH2020-05-15 11:47:16
2020/05/15Mangiferin ameliorates hyperuricemic nephropathy which is associated with downregulation of AQP2 and increased urinary uric acid excretion.RESEARCH2020-05-15 11:40:24
2020/05/15Mangiferin exert cardioprotective and anti-apoptotic effects in heart failure.RESEARCH2020-05-15 11:20:16
2020/05/15Mangiferin attenuates LPS/D-GalN-induced acute liver injury by promoting HO-1 in kupffer cells.RESEARCH2020-05-15 11:07:13
2020/05/15Mangiferin relieves lipopolysaccharide-induced injury by up-regulating miR-181a via targeting PTEN in ATDC5 cells.RESEARCH2020-05-15 10:29:20
2020/05/15Mangiferin activates Nrf2 to attenuate cardiac fibrosis via redistributing glutaminolysis-derived glutamate.RESEARCH2020-05-15 09:11:22
2020/05/15Tomatidine may be a promising drug for osteoporosis.RESEARCH2020-05-15 09:06:09
2020/05/15Chemopreventive activity of Tualang honey against oral squamous cell carcinoma-in vivo.RESEARCH2020-05-15 08:28:48
2020/05/15Propolis extract has bioactivity on the wall and cell membrane of Candida albicans.RESEARCH2020-05-15 07:07:25
2020/05/15Protective effect and mechanism of action of rosmarinic acid on radiation-induced parotid gland injury.RESEARCH2020-05-15 07:02:55
2020/05/14Topical application of wogonin provides a novel treatment of knee osteoarthritis.RESEARCH2020-05-14 20:18:31
2020/05/14Wogonin may be a promising candidate for successful clinical management of osteosarcoma.RESEARCH2020-05-14 19:55:41
2020/05/14Rosmarinic acid alleviates ethanol-induced lipid accumulation by repressing fatty acid biosynthesis.RESEARCH2020-05-14 17:41:59
2020/05/14A review of the anti-inflammatory effects of rosmarinic acid on inflammatory diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-14 17:34:36
2020/05/14Nephroprotective effect of green tea, rosmarinic acid and rosemary on N-diethylnitrosamine initiated and ferric nitrilotriacetate promoted acute renal toxicity.RESEARCH2020-05-14 17:26:25
2020/05/14Rosmarinic acid exerts a neuroprotective effect on spinal cord injury.RESEARCH2020-05-14 17:21:27
2020/05/14Carvacrol suppresses learning and memory dysfunction and hippocampal damages caused by chronic cerebral hypoperfusion.RESEARCH2020-05-14 15:21:25
2020/05/14Co-administration of curcumin or carvacrol and doxorubicin for 24 days could improve the heart function and structural changes.RESEARCH2020-05-14 15:08:09
2020/05/14Enhancement in site-specific delivery of carvacrol against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus induced skin infections.RESEARCH2020-05-14 15:05:41
2020/05/14The results indicated that carvacrol protected from learning and memory impairment and the brain tissue inflammation and oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-14 15:01:43
2020/05/14Carvacrol has significant potential as an inhibitor of memory degeneration in neurodegenerative diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:59:02
2020/05/14Carvacrol protects against diabetes-induced hypercontractility in the aorta through activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:40:52
2020/05/14Antiproliferative and anti-invasion effects of carvacrol on PC3 human prostate cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:38:34
2020/05/14Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of carvacrol in the respiratory system.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:35:28
2020/05/14Carvacrol loaded nanostructured lipid carriers as a promising parenteral formulation for leishmaniasis treatment.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:33:28
2020/05/14Carvacrol prodrugs with antimicrobial activity loaded on clay nanocomposites.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:32:23
2020/05/14Carvacrol reduces hippocampal cell death and improves learning and memory deficits following lead-induced neurotoxicity via antioxidant activity.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:27:17
2020/05/14This study provided the evidence regarding the protective effects of carvacrol and thymol against Aβ25–35-induced cytotoxicity in PC12 cells.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:25:15
2020/05/14Evaluation of the antibacterial activity and efflux pump reversal of thymol and carvacrol against Staphylococcus aureus.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:21:27
2020/05/14Carvacrol exerted an anti-hyperglycemic effect in streptozotocin-induced diabetes.RESEARCH2020-05-14 14:09:10
2020/05/14Natural compounds rosmarinic acid and carvacrol counteract aluminium-induced oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-14 13:52:07
2020/05/14Lemon balm and rosmarinic acid could improve liver damage by non-alcoholic lipid accumulation and may be promising medications to treat NASH.RESEARCH2020-05-14 13:47:20
2020/05/14Lemon balm extracts prevent breast cancer progression.RESEARCH2020-05-14 13:39:17
2020/05/14This evidence shows a promising therapeutic role for rosmarinic acid in inflammatory status.RESEARCH2020-05-14 13:32:42
2020/05/14Anti-osteoporotic effects of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge EtOH extract both in ovariectomized and naturally menopausal mouse models.RESEARCH2020-05-14 13:00:49
2020/05/14Anti-obesity effects of tanshinone I from Salvia miltiorrhiza.RESEARCH2020-05-14 12:55:46
2020/05/14Rosmarinic acid exhibits broad anti-enterovirus A71 activity.RESEARCH2020-05-14 12:49:05
2020/05/14R. canina methanolic extract consumption effectively protected against colonic histological/biochemical alterations induced by DSS intoxication.RESEARCH2020-05-14 12:06:13
2020/05/14Abietane diterpenoids with antioxidative damage activity from Rosmarinus officinalis.RESEARCH2020-05-14 11:49:51
2020/05/14Beneficial impact of epigallocatechingallate on LDL-C through PCSK9/LDLR pathway by blocking HNF1α and activating FoxO3a.RESEARCH2020-05-14 11:44:13
2020/05/14Neuroprotective effects of curcumin on IL-1β-induced neuronal apoptosis and depression-like behaviours.RESEARCH2020-05-14 10:10:52
2020/05/14Curcumin as add-on to antipsychotic treatment in patients with chronic schizophrenia.RESEARCH2020-05-14 10:07:23
2020/05/14Benefits of curcumin in brain disorders.RESEARCH2020-05-14 09:27:42
2020/05/14Curcumin for depression: a meta-analysis.RESEARCH2020-05-14 09:23:17
2020/05/14Curcumin lessens unpredictable chronic mild stress-induced depression and memory deficits by modulating oxidative stress and cholinergic activity.RESEARCH2020-05-14 09:18:55
2020/05/13Curcumin-loaded nanocapsules reverses the depressant-like behaviour and oxidative stress induced by β-amyloid.RESEARCH2020-05-13 16:38:43
2020/05/13Nano-curcumin supplementation for 8 weeks was effective in reducing depression and anxiety scores in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy.RESEARCH2020-05-13 16:00:05
2020/05/13Turmeric has the ability to reduce weight, decrease body fat percentage, lower systolic blood pressure, and relieve anxiety for young, obese and overweight females.RESEARCH2020-05-13 15:57:40
2020/05/13Curcumin amends Ca2+ dysregulation in microglia by suppressing the activation of P2X7 receptor.RESEARCH2020-05-13 15:52:15
2020/05/13Curcumin improved quality of life in liver cirrhotic patients.RESEARCH2020-05-13 13:54:34
2020/05/13An experimental comparison of the effects of propolis, curcumin, and methylprednisolone on crush injuries of the sciatic nerve.RESEARCH2020-05-13 12:30:25
2020/05/13Immunomodulatory effects of nanocurcumin in arsenic-exposed rats.RESEARCH2020-05-13 12:23:29
2020/05/13These findings offer curcumin as a new therapeutic agent with the potential of regulating astrocyte-mediated inflammatory diseases in the CNS.RESEARCH2020-05-13 12:21:20
2020/05/13Curcumin has strong antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and analgesic properties.RESEARCH2020-05-13 12:16:41
2020/05/13Curcumin loaded solid lipid nanoparticles ameliorate adjuvant-induced arthritis.RESEARCH2020-05-13 11:24:48
2020/05/13The study demonstrated that curcumin was a potent protective compound against the nicotine-induced stress.RESEARCH2020-05-13 11:23:04
2020/05/13This study suggests that 25-hydroxyvitamin D treatment may relieve the offspring’s MetS.RESEARCH2020-05-13 11:21:37
2020/05/13Effects of vitamin D supplementation on depression and some involved neurotransmitters.RESEARCH2020-05-13 11:06:00
2020/05/13Role of vitamin D in preventing and treating selected extraskeletal diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-13 09:44:46
2020/05/13Vitamin D supplementation has significant therapeutic benefits in the management of fibromyalgia syndrome.RESEARCH2020-05-13 09:37:47
2020/05/13Low levels of serum vitamin D3 are associated with fibromyalgia syndrome in pre-menopausal women.RESEARCH2020-05-13 09:29:13
2020/05/13Vitamin D supplementation can reduce negative emotions.RESEARCH2020-05-13 09:23:55
2020/05/13Vitamin D deficiency may be one of the causes of suicidal behaviour in adolescents.RESEARCH2020-05-13 09:16:08
2020/05/13The association between low vitamin D levels and suicide attempts in adolescents.RESEARCH2020-05-13 09:13:32
2020/05/13This study determines the positive efficacy of vitamin D supplementation for chronic liver disease.RESEARCH2020-05-13 09:10:34
2020/05/13Vitamin D therapy in adults with inflammatory bowel disease.RESEARCH2020-05-13 07:40:25
2020/05/13Vitamin D deficiency was associated with a smaller brain tissue volume and hippocampus volume.RESEARCH2020-05-13 07:38:03
2020/05/13Findings suggest that high magnesium intake alone may improve cognitive function in older adults.RESEARCH2020-05-13 07:16:31
2020/05/13Deficient vitamin D levels were significantly associated with the risk of suicidal ideation.RESEARCH2020-05-13 07:05:54
2020/05/13Association of 25-hydroxy vitamin D with asthma and its severity in children.RESEARCH2020-05-13 07:02:16
2020/05/13Combining vitamin D plus high-fiber intake would help reduce the prevalence of diabetes.RESEARCH2020-05-13 06:54:58
2020/05/13Vitamin D supplementation rescues aberrant NF-κB pathway activation and partially ameliorates Rett syndrome phenotypes in Mecp2 mutant mice.RESEARCH2020-05-13 06:42:03
2020/05/13Assessment of cognitive impairment and its correlation with vitamin D levels patients on maintenance hemodialysis.RESEARCH2020-05-13 06:31:36
2020/05/13Vitamin D-cathelicidin axis: at the crossroads between protective immunity and pathological inflammation during infection.RESEARCH2020-05-13 06:27:52
2020/05/13A comparative study of curcumin-loaded lipid-based nanocarriers in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.RESEARCH2020-05-13 05:05:42
2020/05/12A combination of Korean red ginseng extract and Glycyrrhiza glabra L. extract enhances their individual anti-obesity properties.RESEARCH2020-05-12 18:08:28
2020/05/12Licorice lollipops showed a promising effect in reducing caries by decreasing Streptococcus mutans counts in the saliva.RESEARCH2020-05-12 17:57:35
2020/05/12The antibacterial effect produced by ethanolic licorice root extract on S. mutans was comparable to chlorhexidine mouthwash.RESEARCH2020-05-12 17:19:49
2020/05/12Effect of hot water extract of a glycyrrhizin-deficient strain of Glycyrrhiza uralensis on contact hypersensitivity.RESEARCH2020-05-12 17:14:18
2020/05/12Paeoniflorin exerts neuroprotective effects in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease via activation of adenosine A1 receptor.RESEARCH2020-05-12 16:46:43
2020/05/12Antifungal effect of tea extracts on Candida albicans.RESEARCH2020-05-12 15:32:06
2020/05/12Jiaogulan tea potentiates the antidiabetic effect of white tea.RESEARCH2020-05-12 15:29:04
2020/05/12White tea plays important roles in ameliorating abnormal lipid metabolism in vitro.RESEARCH2020-05-12 15:15:08
2020/05/12The synergistic Antitumor effect of 5-fluorouracil combined with allicin against lung and colorectal carcinoma cells.RESEARCH2020-05-12 15:01:03
2020/05/12Arctigenin suppresses cell proliferation via autophagy inhibition in hepatocellular carcinoma cells.RESEARCH2020-05-12 14:55:01
2020/05/12Arctigenin enhances the cytotoxic effect of doxorubicin in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-05-12 14:40:41
2020/05/12Arctigenin exhibits hepatoprotective activity in Toxoplasma gondii-infected host through HMGB1/TLR4/NF-κB pathway.RESEARCH2020-05-12 14:38:07
2020/05/12Both EGCG and green tea could be used as alternatives to chlorhexidine-based mouthwashes.RESEARCH2020-05-12 14:26:14
2020/05/12Tanshinone ⅡA inhibits VSMC inflammation and proliferation in vivo and in vitro by downregulating miR-712-5p expression.RESEARCH2020-05-12 14:24:13
2020/05/12Dandelion polysaccharide is a promising anti-cancer drug candidate for treating liver cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-12 14:15:24
2020/05/12The results of present meta-analysis study support the use of green tea for the improvement of obesity indices.RESEARCH2020-05-12 13:29:19
2020/05/12Evaluation of daily Laurus nobilis tea consumption on lipid profile biomarkers in healthy volunteers.RESEARCH2020-05-12 13:15:12
2020/05/12Anti-inflammatory activity of alkali-soluble polysaccharides from Arctium lappa L. and its effect on gut microbiota of mice with inflammation.RESEARCH2020-05-12 12:41:06
2020/05/12Arctium lappa could be considered a potentially valuable medicinal food for dry age-related macular degeneration.RESEARCH2020-05-12 11:46:29
2020/05/12Anti-acne action of peptides isolated from burdock root-preliminary studies and pilot testing.RESEARCH2020-05-12 11:25:30
2020/05/12Arctium lappa root extract containing L-arginine prevents TNF-α-induced early atherosclerosis in vitro and in vivo.RESEARCH2020-05-12 11:20:10
2020/05/12The immunomodulatory potential of selected bioactive plant-based compounds in breast cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-12 11:04:12
2020/05/12Nanoencapsulation, an efficient and promising approach to maximize wound healing efficacy of curcumin.RESEARCH2020-05-12 10:44:14
2020/05/12Curcumin inhibiting Th17 cell differentiation by regulating the metabotropic glutamate receptor-4 expression on dendritic cells.RESEARCH2020-05-12 10:33:02
2020/05/12Effect of berberine on atherosclerosis and gut microbiota modulation and their correlation in high-fat diet-fed ApoE-/- mice.RESEARCH2020-05-12 10:23:43
2020/05/12Role of a berberine-based nutritional supplement in reducing diarrhea in subjects with functional gastrointestinal disorders.RESEARCH2020-05-12 10:11:31
2020/05/12Berberine protects against simulated ischemia/reperfusion injury-induced H9C2 cardiomyocytes apoptosis.RESEARCH2020-05-12 09:59:22
2020/05/12Berberine ameliorates prenatal dihydrotestosterone exposure-induced autism-like behaviour by suppression of androgen receptor.RESEARCH2020-05-12 09:54:23
2020/05/11Berberine exerted anticancer effects on human gastric cancer both in vitro and in vivo.RESEARCH2020-05-11 17:38:21
2020/05/11The effect of Berberine on weight loss in order to prevent obesity: A systematic review.RESEARCH2020-05-11 15:39:33
2020/05/11NOTICE of NON-CONSENT to say NO to the “Big Brother” bill (HR 6666) and preserve YOUR RIGHTS!RESEARCH2020-05-11 15:10:07
2020/05/11Berberine inhibits free fatty acid and LPS-induced inflammation via modulating ER stress response in macrophages and hepatocytes.RESEARCH2020-05-11 12:29:06
2020/05/11Berberine and its structural analogs have differing effects on functional profiles of individual gut microbiomes.RESEARCH2020-05-11 12:08:32
2020/05/11The results of the current study support the use of berberine supplementation for the improvement of obesity indices.RESEARCH2020-05-11 12:05:51
2020/05/11Red beetroot extract abrogates chlorpyrifos-induced cortical damage.RESEARCH2020-05-11 11:59:26
2020/05/11Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure and improves endothelial function in pregnant eNOS-/- miceRESEARCH2020-05-11 11:49:43
2020/05/11Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory effects of curcumin in ovalbumin-sensitized rat.RESEARCH2020-05-11 11:44:00
2020/05/11Betulinic acid shows anticancer activity against equine melanoma cells and permeates isolated equine skin in vitro.RESEARCH2020-05-11 11:36:41
2020/05/11The antitumor activity of betulinic acid-loaded nanoliposomes against colorectal cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-11 11:20:54
2020/05/11Betulinic acid triggers apoptosis and inhibits migration and invasion of gastric cancer cells by impairing EMT progress.RESEARCH2020-05-11 10:31:23
2020/05/11Betulinic acid-mediated tuning of PERK/CHOP signalling by Sp1 inhibition as a novel therapeutic strategy for glioblastoma.RESEARCH2020-05-11 10:25:11
2020/05/11Lonicera caerulea L. polyphenols alleviate oxidative stress-induced intestinal environment imbalance and lipopolysaccharide-induced liver injury.RESEARCH2020-05-11 10:02:21
2020/05/11The Exponential Lie of COVID Fatality Rates – A Mathematician Debunks Narrative with WHO’s Own DataRESEARCH2020-05-11 09:32:51
2020/05/10Immunomodulatory potential of nanocurcumin-based formulation.RESEARCH2020-05-10 13:13:50
2020/05/10Immunomodulatory activities of curcumin-stabilized silver nanoparticles.RESEARCH2020-05-10 13:06:06
2020/05/10Comic Relief: What It’s Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You About COVIDRESEARCH2020-05-10 11:43:17
2020/05/10Curcumin has a good regulatory effect on BMSCs and this promising CS-C biomaterial creates a pro-regenerative immune microenvironment for cutaneous wound healing.RESEARCH2020-05-10 09:13:47
2020/05/10Curcumin and biodegradable membrane promote nerve regeneration and functional recovery after sciatic nerve transection.RESEARCH2020-05-10 09:10:20
2020/05/09Pterostilbene improves cardiac function in a rat model of right heart failure.RESEARCH2020-05-09 08:08:53
2020/05/09Pterostilbene induces Nrf2/HO-1 and potentially regulates NF-κB and JNK-Akt/mTOR signaling in ischemic brain injury.RESEARCH2020-05-09 08:07:47
2020/05/09The preventive effects of pterostilbene on the exercise intolerance and circadian misalignment of mice subjected to sleep restriction.RESEARCH2020-05-09 08:05:46
2020/05/09Pterostilbene enhances cytotoxicity and chemosensitivity in human pancreatic cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-05-09 08:03:28
2020/05/09Pterostilbene prevents LPS-induced early pulmonary fibrosis by suppressing oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis in vivo.RESEARCH2020-05-09 08:01:33
2020/05/09Realizing the potential of blueberry as natural inhibitor of metastasis and powerful apoptosis inducer.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:56:38
2020/05/09This suggested that polyphenol-rich by-products might provide a similar health effect in high-fat diet individuals.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:53:47
2020/05/09Blueberry proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins improve metabolic health through a gut microbiota-dependent mechanism in diet-induced obese mice.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:48:30
2020/05/09Phytotherapy using blueberry leaf polyphenols to alleviate non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:45:54
2020/05/09Chinese wild blueberries have potential as a natural preservative to prevent and control foodborne pathogens.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:41:47
2020/05/09Consumption of 22 g freeze-dried blueberries for 8 wk may beneficially affect cardiometabolic health parameters in men with type 2 diabetes.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:37:15
2020/05/09The intake of blueberries prevented the development of bladder dysfunction secondary to bladder outlet obstruction.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:35:37
2020/05/09Lycium barbarum polysaccharide protects against ethanol-induced spermiotoxicity and testicular degeneration in Immp2l+/- mice.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:29:34
2020/05/09Effects of extraction methods on immunology activity and chemical profiles of Lycium barbarum polysaccharides.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:27:50
2020/05/09These results demonstrate the immunomodulatory effects of L. barbarium polysaccharides and its effective uptake by macrophages and intestine.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:26:29
2020/05/09Immunostimulating activity of Lycium chinense Miller root extract through enhancing cytokine and chemokine production and phagocytic capacity of macrophages.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:19:26
2020/05/09Lycium barbarum polysaccharides ameliorate intestinal barrier dysfunction and inflammation through the MLCK-MLC signaling pathway in Caco-2 cells.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:16:01
2020/05/09Lycium barbarum polysaccharides improve testicular spermatogenic function in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:06:26
2020/05/09Green tea catechins alleviate autoimmune symptoms and visual impairment in a murine model for human chronic intraocular inflammation.RESEARCH2020-05-09 07:00:12
2020/05/09Epigallocatechin-3-gallate suppresses neutrophil migration speed in a transgenic zebrafish model accompanied by reduced inflammatory mediatorsRESEARCH2020-05-09 06:54:00
2020/05/09These results provide new insight into the mechanism of EGCG-associated key pathways/genes in MDSCs in the murine breast tumor model.RESEARCH2020-05-09 06:47:09
2020/05/09Novel therapy of bicarbonate, glutathione and ascorbic acid improves cystic fibrosis mucus transport.RESEARCH2020-05-09 06:18:10
2020/05/09Vitamin C decreases VEGF expression levels via hypoxia‑inducible factor‑1α dependent and independent pathways in lens epithelial cells.RESEARCH2020-05-09 05:29:07
2020/05/09Mindfulness-based Interventions showed low but significant effects on health status related to biomarkers of low-grade inflammation.RESEARCH2020-05-09 04:51:16
2020/05/09Mindfulness-based stress reduction improves irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms via specific aspects of mindfulness.RESEARCH2020-05-09 04:47:58
2020/05/09Depression, mindfulness, and psilocybin: possible complementary effects of mindfulness meditation and psilocybin in the treatment of depression.RESEARCH2020-05-09 04:44:29
2020/05/09Mindfulness meditation activates altruism.RESEARCH2020-05-09 04:33:35
2020/05/09The Mindfulness-integrated cognitive behaviour therapy affects depression, anxiety and hope of multiple sclerosis patients.RESEARCH2020-05-09 04:27:05
2020/05/09Mindfulness versus physical exercise: effects of two recovery strategies on mental health, stress and immunoglobulin A during lunch breaks.RESEARCH2020-05-09 04:20:53
2020/05/09A mindfulness intervention for children and their parents showed partial beneficial effects in children with ADHD + ODD.RESEARCH2020-05-09 04:13:33
2020/05/09Breathing exercises may have some positive effects on quality of life, hyperventilation symptoms, and lung function.RESEARCH2020-05-09 03:59:33
2020/05/08Physical activity has a positive impact on the prevention and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.RESEARCH2020-05-08 19:07:34
2020/05/08Mindfulness with paced breathing reduces blood pressure.RESEARCH2020-05-08 19:05:00
2020/05/08Mindfulness based interventions can provide effective alternative therapies to assist in blood pressure reduction for patients with non-communicable diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-08 19:01:47
2020/05/08Mindfulness training for emotion dysregulation in multiple sclerosis.RESEARCH2020-05-08 18:35:18
2020/05/08This qualitative analysis demonstrates the multifaceted benefits of tai chi for older adults living with chronic low-back pain.RESEARCH2020-05-08 18:33:23
2020/05/08An integrative review of yoga and mindfulness-based approaches for children and adolescents with asthma.RESEARCH2020-05-08 18:23:56
2020/05/08This review suggests that yoga may play a role as an adjuvant in the management of various cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors.RESEARCH2020-05-08 18:18:05
2020/05/08Yoga and mindfulness as a tool for influencing affectivity, anxiety, mental health, and stress among healthcare workers.RESEARCH2020-05-08 17:40:02
2020/05/08Yoga in school sports improves functioning of autonomic nervous system in young adults.RESEARCH2020-05-08 16:19:39
2020/05/08Regular mindful yoga practice can be a useful complementary therapeutic option for women with polycystic ovary syndrome.RESEARCH2020-05-08 16:11:19
2020/05/08Yoga-based lifestyle treatment and composite treatment goals in Type 2 Diabetes in a rural South Indian setup- a retrospective study.RESEARCH2020-05-08 15:52:24
2020/05/08Yoga may be an effective intervention for PTSD in addition to standard treatments.RESEARCH2020-05-08 15:31:19
2020/05/08Exercises like Aerobics, Zumba dance and yoga are other interventions that can bring about a fall in hypertension.RESEARCH2020-05-08 15:09:53
2020/05/08Effects of alternate nostril breathing exercise on respiratory functions in healthy young adults leading stressful lifestyle.RESEARCH2020-05-08 14:59:52
2020/05/08Effect of yoga therapy on disease activity, inflammatory markers, and heart rate variability in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.RESEARCH2020-05-08 14:51:51
2020/05/08The effect of yoga on sleep quality and insomnia in women with sleep problems.RESEARCH2020-05-08 14:43:41
2020/05/08Results suggest yoga may be beneficial as a component of treatment for both fatigue and depression in cancer survivors.RESEARCH2020-05-08 14:35:20
2020/05/08Yoga could be an adjuvant to medical therapy that improves headache frequency, intensity, impact, and disability.RESEARCH2020-05-08 13:43:03
2020/05/08Yoga is a simple exercise for patients with multiple sclerosis that is capable of decreasing fatigue in these patients.RESEARCH2020-05-08 13:32:42
2020/05/08Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the WorldRESEARCH2020-05-08 13:12:23
2020/05/08Acute physical activity enhances executive functions in children with ADHD.RESEARCH2020-05-08 13:04:01
2020/05/08These results suggest that hesperidin can prevent exhausting exercise-induced immune alterations.RESEARCH2020-05-08 12:07:18
2020/05/08It is recommended that exercise should be as vigorously promoted as social distancing itself.RESEARCH2020-05-08 11:47:47
2020/05/08Indoor isolation, stress and physical inactivity: vicious circles accelerated by Covid-19?RESEARCH2020-05-08 11:42:28
2020/05/08Attention improves during physical exercise in individuals with ADHD.RESEARCH2020-05-08 11:40:48
2020/05/08Physical exercise in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – evidence and implications for the treatment of borderline personality disorder.RESEARCH2020-05-08 11:24:43
2020/05/08Impact of physical exercise on children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.RESEARCH2020-05-08 11:22:12
2020/05/08A systematic review of acute exercise as a coadjuvant treatment of ADHD in young people.RESEARCH2020-05-08 10:23:13
2020/05/08Physical activity, sleep and neuropsychiatric symptom severity in children with tourette syndrome.RESEARCH2020-05-08 10:21:04
2020/05/08Medicinal potential of Panax ginseng and its ginsenosides in atopic dermatitis treatment.RESEARCH2020-05-08 01:59:34
2020/05/07Curcumin chitosan nanocomposite inhibited HCV-4a entry and replication compared to curcumin alone.RESEARCH2020-05-07 20:04:37
2020/05/07Epigallocatechin gallate inhibits hepatitis B virus infection in human liver chimeric mice.RESEARCH2020-05-07 19:59:13
2020/05/07This reviewed the current evidences regarding vitamin D role in the pathogenesis and management of different autoimmune diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-07 19:57:29
2020/05/07Higher neonatal vitamin D concentration may reduce the risk of developing childhood asthma at ages 3-9 years.RESEARCH2020-05-07 19:53:10
2020/05/07Addition of selenium improves immunomodulative effects of glucan.RESEARCH2020-05-07 16:48:42
2020/05/07The effect of coenzyme Q10 supplementation on oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-07 16:46:18
2020/05/07Clinical evidence for Q10 coenzyme supplementation in heart failure.RESEARCH2020-05-07 16:44:24
2020/05/07The regulation of pathways of inflammation and resolution in immune cells and cancer stem cells by selenium.RESEARCH2020-05-07 14:30:06
2020/05/07Cyanocobalamin and cholecalciferol synergistically improve functional and histopathological nerve healing.RESEARCH2020-05-07 14:19:14
2020/05/07Vitamin D supplementation can be considered as a combination therapy in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.RESEARCH2020-05-07 12:44:33
2020/05/07Association of vitamin D deficiency with an increased risk of late-onset neonatal sepsis.RESEARCH2020-05-07 12:37:47
2020/05/07Pleiotropic effect of vitamin D in cystic fibrosis.RESEARCH2020-05-07 11:40:40
2020/05/07Low-dose calcipotriol can elicit wound closure, anti-microbial, and anti-neoplastic effects in epidermolysis bullosa keratinocytes.RESEARCH2020-05-07 10:06:20
2020/05/07Vitamin D supplementation as a control program against latent tuberculosis infection in Korean high school studentsRESEARCH2020-05-07 09:40:25
2020/05/07Selenium and selenoproteins in immune mediated thyroid disorders.RESEARCH2020-05-07 09:27:34
2020/05/07Selenium, Selenoproteins, and ImmunityRESEARCH2020-05-07 08:21:36
2020/05/07Dietary selenium supplementation alleviates immune toxicity in the hearts of chickens with lead-added drinking water.RESEARCH2020-05-07 08:15:47
2020/05/07Selenium can alleviate the toxic effects caused by lead in the peripheral blood lymphocytes.RESEARCH2020-05-07 08:01:18
2020/05/07Selenium may inhibit hepatocyte necrosis and DNA damage by inhibiting cyclophosphamide-induced oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-07 07:55:38
2020/05/07Immune function testing in sepsis patients receiving sodium selenite.RESEARCH2020-05-07 07:46:33
2020/05/07Selenium can be proposed as a treatment for oral lichen planus.RESEARCH2020-05-07 06:21:18
2020/05/07Selenium and selenoproteins in prostanoid metabolism and immunity.RESEARCH2020-05-07 06:14:10
2020/05/07Protective effect of selenium on gentamicin-induced oxidative stress and nephrotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-05-07 06:13:11
2020/05/07Melatonin attenuates gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity and oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-07 06:01:07
2020/05/07Vitamin D attenuates gentamicin-induced acute renal damage via prevention of oxidative stress and DNA damage.RESEARCH2020-05-07 05:57:18
2020/05/07Increasing serum 25-OHD to appropriate levels by activated vitamin D use may improve the eradication rate.RESEARCH2020-05-07 05:55:31
2020/05/07Cholecalciferol, Ergosterol, and Cholesterol Enhance the Antibiotic Activity of Drugs.RESEARCH2020-05-07 05:50:33
2020/05/07Serum vitamin D level may affect H. pylori infection and its eradication.RESEARCH2020-05-07 05:27:29
2020/05/07Vitamin D deficiency is a potential risk factor for lipid Amphotericin B nephrotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-05-07 05:26:00
2020/05/07Calcitriol enhances pyrazinamide treatment of murine tuberculosis.RESEARCH2020-05-07 05:06:39
2020/05/06Aerobic exercise significantly increases the chronic unpredictable mild stress-depressed mice hippocampus expression of miR-223.RESEARCH2020-05-06 13:46:47
2020/05/06Proprioceptive exercise may improve functional capacity, anxiety, and depression in diabetic neuropathy patients.RESEARCH2020-05-06 13:05:50
2020/05/06Tai Chi is effective in delaying cognitive decline in older adults with mild cognitive impairment.RESEARCH2020-05-06 10:14:23
2020/05/06Effects of Tai Chi on essential hypertension and related risk factors.RESEARCH2020-05-06 09:42:51
2020/05/06The influence of green coffee bean extract supplementation on blood glucose levels.RESEARCH2020-05-06 06:47:56
2020/05/06The efficacy of green exercise interventions for mental wellbeing.RESEARCH2020-05-06 05:54:35
2020/05/06Tai Ji Quan is a viable antihypertensive lifestyle therapy that produces clinically meaningful blood pressure reductions.RESEARCH2020-05-06 05:41:44
2020/05/06Tai Chi is an effective form of exercise to reduce markers of frailty in older age.RESEARCH2020-05-06 04:40:04
2020/05/06Exercise improves psychological well-being in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.RESEARCH2020-05-06 04:35:25
2020/05/06Relation of physical activity with the depression: A short review.RESEARCH2020-05-06 04:17:27
2020/05/06The current chapter provides a review of exercise and its outcomes, safety, and prescription in Multiple sclerosis.RESEARCH2020-05-06 04:13:15
2020/05/06Physical activity may also be useful in reducing the symptoms of comorbid mental health conditions.RESEARCH2020-05-06 03:44:39
2020/05/06Effects of exercise on memory interference in neuropsychiatric disorders.RESEARCH2020-05-06 03:43:21
2020/05/06Effects of exercise on long-term potentiation in neuropsychiatric disorders.RESEARCH2020-05-06 03:41:15
2020/05/06More frequent interruptions to sedentary time were associated with lower odds of depression/anxiety symptoms.RESEARCH2020-05-06 03:38:13
2020/05/06Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS, microwave syndrome) – Review of mechanisms.RESEARCH2020-05-06 03:30:26
2020/05/06The influence of electromagnetic radiation of cell phones on the behavior of animals.RESEARCH2020-05-06 03:14:34
2020/05/06Public exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in everyday microenvironments: An updated systematic review for Europe.RESEARCH2020-05-06 02:44:45
2020/05/06Effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure on neuronal differentiation and mitochondrial function in SH-SY5Y cells.RESEARCH2020-05-06 02:41:29
2020/05/06Mobile phone induced cognitive and neurochemical consequences.RESEARCH2020-05-06 02:26:05
2020/05/06Radiofrequency radiation from nearby mobile phone base stations-a case comparison of one low and one high exposure apartment.RESEARCH2020-05-06 02:23:10
2020/05/06A meta-analysis of in vitro exposures to weak radiofrequency radiation exposure from mobile phones (1990-2015).RESEARCH2020-05-06 01:58:56
2020/05/06Evidences of the (400 MHz – 3 GHz) radiofrequency electromagnetic field influence on brain tumor induction.RESEARCH2020-05-06 01:52:32
2020/05/06Electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile simulators with a frequency of 900 MHz can increase bacterial resistance in S. aureus, and P. aeruginosa.RESEARCH2020-05-06 01:16:46
2020/05/06Recurrent pregnancy loss and vitamin D: A review of the literature.RESEARCH2020-05-06 01:13:22
2020/05/05G. frondosa polysaccharide has antiviral activity.RESEARCH2020-05-05 08:02:45
2020/05/04Structural elucidation and immune-enhancing effects of novel polysaccharide from Grifola frondosa.RESEARCH2020-05-04 12:06:19
2020/05/04Grifola frondosa extract and ergosterol reduce allergic reactions in an allergy mouse model by suppressing the degranulation of mast cells.RESEARCH2020-05-04 12:00:14
2020/05/04The positive effects of Grifola frondosa heteropolysaccharide on NAFLD and regulation of the gut microbiota.RESEARCH2020-05-04 11:18:52
2020/05/04Synergistic immuno-modulatory activity in human macrophages of a medicinal mushroom formulation consisting of Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake.RESEARCH2020-05-04 10:16:27
2020/05/04Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activities of Grifola frondosa polysaccharides.RESEARCH2020-05-04 10:12:29
2020/05/04A polysaccharide from Grifola frondosa fruit body induces HT-29 cells apoptosis by PI3K/AKT-MAPKs and NF-κB-pathway.RESEARCH2020-05-04 09:54:54
2020/05/04Meta-analysis on effect of Grifola frondosa polysaccharide in regulating in vivo immunoregulatory function.RESEARCH2020-05-04 09:10:26
2020/05/04Host microRNAs and exosomes that modulate influenza virus infection.RESEARCH2020-05-04 05:17:18
2020/05/04Human immunodeficiency virus-associated exosomes promote Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection.RESEARCH2020-05-04 05:06:12
2020/05/04Astragaloside IV attenuates IL-1β secretion by enhancing autophagy in H1N1 infection.RESEARCH2020-05-04 04:38:03
2020/05/04Astragaloside IV effectively suppressed HCC cell proliferation, invasion and anti-apoptosis in vitro.RESEARCH2020-05-04 04:35:09
2020/05/04Astragaloside IV may be a potential candidate agent for treating glioma andother central nervous system tumors.RESEARCH2020-05-04 04:23:45
2020/05/04Astragaloside -IV prevents dopaminergic neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease.RESEARCH2020-05-04 04:00:00
2020/05/04Astragaloside IV enhances cisplatin chemosensitivity in hepatocellular carcinoma by suppressing MRP2.RESEARCH2020-05-04 03:40:49
2020/05/04Astragaloside IV attenuates chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced myocardial injury by modulating Ca2+ homeostasis.RESEARCH2020-05-04 03:37:50
2020/05/04Astragaloside IV stimulates hippocampal neurogenesis after stroke.RESEARCH2020-05-04 03:30:12
2020/05/04Astragaloside IV acts through multi-scale mechanisms to effectively reduce diabetic nephropathy.RESEARCH2020-05-04 03:18:12
2020/05/03Hepatitis A virus structural protein pX interacts with ALIX and promotes the secretion of virions and foreign proteins through exosome-like vesicles.RESEARCH2020-05-03 13:31:07
2020/05/03Serum exosomal transfer of miR-483-3p might be involved in the inflammatory pathogenesis of H5N1 influenza virus infection.RESEARCH2020-05-03 13:25:07
2020/05/03Mycobacterium tuberculosis reactivates HIV-1 via exosome-mediated resetting of cellular redox potential and bioenergetics.RESEARCH2020-05-03 13:10:59
2020/05/035G – The Global Human Experiment without Consent & Most Censored Topic of Our TimeRESEARCH2020-05-03 07:16:51
2020/05/03Chronic exposure to MP-RF-EMF radiation emitted from mobile phones may induce oxidative stress, inflammatory response, and HPA axis deregulation.RESEARCH2020-05-03 07:12:36
2020/05/03Impacts of electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and Wi-Fi on spermatogenesis.RESEARCH2020-05-03 07:03:11
2020/05/03Vitamin D attenuates human gingival fibroblast inflammatory cytokine production following advanced glycation end product interaction with receptors for AGE.RESEARCH2020-05-03 06:52:46
2020/05/03Antimicrobial and immune-modulatory effects of vitamin D provide promising antibiotics.RESEARCH2020-05-03 02:08:58
2020/05/02Vitamin D status and its influence on outcomes following major burn injury and critical illness.RESEARCH2020-05-02 23:35:14
2020/05/021,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D suppresses M1 macrophages and promotes M2 differentiation at bone injury sites.RESEARCH2020-05-02 23:25:07
2020/05/02Calcitriol increases nitric oxide production and modulates microbicidal capacity against Mycobacterium bovis in bovine macrophages.RESEARCH2020-05-02 23:09:02
2020/05/0225(OH)D3 and 1.25(OH)2D3 inhibits TNF-α expression in human monocyte derived macrophages.RESEARCH2020-05-02 23:06:32
2020/05/02The role of vitamin D in inflammatory bowel disease: mechanism to management.RESEARCH2020-05-02 22:41:26
2020/05/02Health implication of vitamin D on the cardiovascular and the renal system.RESEARCH2020-05-02 22:34:50
2020/05/02An update on vitamin D and disease activity in multiple sclerosis.RESEARCH2020-05-02 22:33:02
2020/05/02These findings suggest that vitamin D supplementation attenuates inflammatory response in adipose tissue.RESEARCH2020-05-02 22:21:07
2020/05/021,25(OH)2 D3 inhibited Th17 cells differentiation via regulating the NF-κB activity and expression of IL-17.RESEARCH2020-05-02 20:37:48
2020/05/02Vitamin D as a potential therapy for multiple sclerosis.RESEARCH2020-05-02 20:35:10
2020/05/02TAIWAN: No Lockdowns, No Closed Businesses, Non-WHO Member, and Relatively Unaffected by COVID-19RESEARCH2020-05-02 17:25:45
2020/05/02Vitamin D3 may be a modulator of immune function via CD8, CD19, and HBV DNA.RESEARCH2020-05-02 02:43:33
2020/05/02Key vitamin D target genes with functions in the immune system.RESEARCH2020-05-02 02:40:13
2020/05/02Vitamin D supplementation improves the typical symptoms of autism spectrum disorder.RESEARCH2020-05-02 02:36:24
2020/05/02Vitamin D3 attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced cognitive impairment in rats by inhibiting inflammation and oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-02 02:31:51
2020/05/02Bovine lactoferrin can decrease the in vitro biofilm production or shown synergy with antibiotics against Listeria and Escherichia coli isolates.RESEARCH2020-05-02 02:27:33
2020/05/02Lactoferrin: a critical mediator of both host immune response and antimicrobial activity in response to streptococcal infections.RESEARCH2020-05-02 02:16:31
2020/05/02Viral hepatitis and iron dysregulation: Molecular pathways and the role of lactoferrin.RESEARCH2020-05-02 02:12:48
2020/05/02Antiviral effects of bovine lactoferrin on human norovirus.RESEARCH2020-05-02 02:07:35
2020/05/02Oral administration of bovine lactoferrin accelerates the healing of fracture in ovariectomized rats.RESEARCH2020-05-02 02:02:12
2020/05/02Lactoferrin suppresses decreased locomotor activities by improving dopamine and serotonin release in the amygdala of ovariectomized rats.RESEARCH2020-05-02 01:56:20
2020/05/02Does vitamin D deficiency predispose to post stroke fatigue?RESEARCH2020-05-02 01:53:06
2020/05/02Serum vitamin D content is associated with semen parameters and serum testosterone levels in men.RESEARCH2020-05-02 01:47:33
2020/05/02The effects of vitamin D supplementation on lipid and inflammatory profile of healthy adolescent boys.RESEARCH2020-05-02 01:36:19
2020/05/02Vitamin D and immunity in infants and children.RESEARCH2020-05-02 01:13:36
2020/05/02High-dose vitamin D supplementation was found to reduce antibody titers to Hsp27.RESEARCH2020-05-02 01:01:36
2020/05/01Vitamin D: A simpler alternative to tocilizumab for trial in COVID-19?RESEARCH2020-05-01 21:34:19
2020/05/01Serum CRP, MDA, vitamin C, and trace elements in Bangladeshi patients with rheumatoid arthritis.RESEARCH2020-05-01 21:30:29
2020/05/01This suggests that zinc supplementation may reduce the overall burden due to common cold among healthy adults.RESEARCH2020-05-01 21:21:03
2020/05/01Vitamin C, curcumin and glycyrrhizic acid regulates the immune response to combat CoV infections and inhibits excessive inflammatory responses to prevent the onset of cytokine storm.RESEARCH2020-05-01 21:16:36
2020/05/01A novel kefir product (PFT) inhibits Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in mice via induction of apoptosis and immunomodulation.RESEARCH2020-05-01 21:07:44
2020/05/01The radioprotective effect of ascorbic acid and kefir against genotoxicity induced by exposure in mice blood lymphocytes.RESEARCH2020-05-01 20:52:26
2020/05/01LVFG could have the potential for alleviating physical fatigue due to its pharmacological effect of increasing serum nitric oxide content.RESEARCH2020-05-01 20:18:57
2020/05/01Modulation of gut microbiota by fucoxanthin during alleviation of obesity in high-fat diet-fed mice.RESEARCH2020-05-01 20:14:19
2020/05/01Fucoidan induces apoptosis and inhibits proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-05-01 20:10:39
2020/05/01Fucoidan induces apoptosis of HT-29 cells.RESEARCH2020-05-01 17:18:07
2020/05/01Shikonin suppresses NEAT1 and Akt signaling in treating paclitaxel-resistant non-small cell of lung cancer.RESEARCH2020-05-01 17:16:29
2020/05/01Shikonin is a promising candidate for treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis.RESEARCH2020-05-01 17:13:59
2020/05/01Shikonin could be a promising antioxidant candidate for age-associated neurodegenerative diseases.RESEARCH2020-05-01 17:03:52
2020/05/01Shikonin inhibits growth, invasion and glycolysis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells.RESEARCH2020-05-01 17:00:57
2020/05/01Shikonin attenuated a high fat diet-induced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.RESEARCH2020-05-01 16:56:03
2020/05/01Curcumin reduces lung inflammation via Wnt/β-catenin signaling in mouse model of asthma.RESEARCH2020-05-01 16:32:58
2020/05/01Curcumin alleviates macrophage activation and lung inflammation induced by influenza virus infection.RESEARCH2020-05-01 16:31:19
2020/05/01Curcumin ameliorates asthmatic airway inflammation.RESEARCH2020-05-01 16:07:11
2020/05/01Emodin alleviated LPS-induced pulmonary inflammation in rat lung tissues.RESEARCH2020-05-01 15:57:47
2020/05/01Aloe-emodin induces breast tumor cell apoptosis.RESEARCH2020-05-01 15:55:55
2020/05/01Aloe-emodin exerts cholesterol-lowering effects by inhibiting proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9.RESEARCH2020-05-01 15:50:02
2020/05/01Aloe emodin inhibits telomerase activity in breast cancer cells: transcriptional and enzymological mechanism.RESEARCH2020-05-01 15:34:26
2020/05/01Inhibition of curcumin on influenza A virus infection and influenzal pneumonia.RESEARCH2020-05-01 12:44:43
2020/05/01Curcumin ameliorates severe influenza pneumonia via attenuating lung injury and regulating macrophage cytokines production.RESEARCH2020-05-01 12:18:50
2020/05/01Anti-tumor bioactivities of curcumin on mice loaded with gastric carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-05-01 12:09:19
2020/05/01Effects of water extract of Curcuma longa roots on immunity and telomerase function.RESEARCH2020-05-01 12:07:53
2020/05/01Liposomal TriCurin is a potential onco-immunotherapeutic agent against glioblastoma tumors.RESEARCH2020-05-01 11:55:48
2020/05/01Curcuminoids from Curcuma Longa: New adjuvants for the treatment of crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis?RESEARCH2020-05-01 11:17:42
2020/05/01Selenium alleviates apoptosis induced by fluoride through improving the expression of HSP70 and reduces oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-05-01 11:12:35
2020/05/01Fish oil consumption may play an important role in modulating microglial/macrophage response and ameliorating the Alzheimer’s disease pathology.RESEARCH2020-05-01 08:59:42
2020/05/01Dendritic cells mediate the anti-inflammatory action of omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in experimental autoimmune uveitis.RESEARCH2020-05-01 08:13:58
2020/04/30Effects of fish n-3 PUFAs on intestinal microbiota and immune system.RESEARCH2020-04-30 19:25:20
2020/04/30n-3 PUFAs attenuated anti-viral CD8+ T cell responses against acute viral infection and could be used to alleviate immunopathology mediated by viral infection.RESEARCH2020-04-30 19:19:01
2020/04/30Depressed Cancer Survivors Have Increased Risk of Death, Opioid UseRESEARCH2020-04-30 18:55:16
2020/04/30Krill oil might be a new candidate for treatment of iron overload-induced toxicity.RESEARCH2020-04-30 18:16:08
2020/04/30Daily meal supplemented with astaxanthin-enriched yolk has mitigative effects against hypertension.RESEARCH2020-04-30 18:08:20
2020/04/30Astaxanthin enhances the intestinal mucosal functions in immunodeficient mice.RESEARCH2020-04-30 17:56:47
2020/04/30Astaxanthin alleviates gestational diabetes mellitus in mice through suppression of oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-04-30 17:53:14
2020/04/30Astaxanthin might be a potential effective therapeutic agent for Parkinson’s disease.RESEARCH2020-04-30 17:35:16
2020/04/30Astaxanthin attenuates d-galactose-induced brain aging in rats.RESEARCH2020-04-30 17:28:07
2020/04/30Astaxanthin reduces demyelination and oligodendrocytes death in a rat model of multiple sclerosis.RESEARCH2020-04-30 17:25:16
2020/04/30Concentrates of buttermilk and krill oil improve cognition in aged rats.RESEARCH2020-04-30 17:00:13
2020/04/30Krill oil-incorporated liposomes as an effective nanovehicle to ameliorate the inflammatory responses of DSS-induced colitis.RESEARCH2020-04-30 16:42:07
2020/04/30Depressive-like phenotype evoked by lifelong nutritional omega-3 deficiency.RESEARCH2020-04-30 16:30:26
2020/04/30Omega 3 supplementation can regulate inflammatory states in gas station workers.RESEARCH2020-04-30 16:17:22
2020/04/30Optimal nutritional status for a well-functioning immune system is an important factor to protect against viral infections.RESEARCH2020-04-30 16:08:18
2020/04/30Rapid delivery of gold nanoparticles into colon cancer HT-29 cells by electroporation: in-vitro study.RESEARCH2020-04-30 14:00:08
2020/04/30The present data indicate that ashwagandha root extract could prevent thyroid dysfunction and reduce its complications on the nervous system.RESEARCH2020-04-30 06:29:25
2020/04/30Bacteriocin-capped silver nanoparticles for enhanced antimicrobial efficacy against food pathogens.RESEARCH2020-04-30 06:21:12
2020/04/30Biogenic synthesis of silver nanoparticles: Antibacterial and cytotoxic potential.RESEARCH2020-04-30 06:16:59
2020/04/30Curcumin as a therapeutic agent in leukemia.RESEARCH2020-04-30 06:02:03
2020/04/30Curcumin and intestinal inflammatory diseases: molecular mechanisms of protection.RESEARCH2020-04-30 05:58:47
2020/04/30Antidiabetic Properties of Curcumin I: Evidence from In Vitro Studies.RESEARCH2020-04-30 05:41:22
2020/04/30Role of curcumin and its nanoformulations in neurotherapeutics: A comprehensive review.RESEARCH2020-04-30 05:22:26
2020/04/29Adaptogenic and anxiolytic effects of ashwagandha root extract in healthy adults.RESEARCH2020-04-29 11:42:57
2020/04/29Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal: A potential therapeutic adjuvant in cancer.RESEARCH2020-04-29 10:45:06
2020/04/29W. somnifera extract offers some potential advantages as a safe and effective adjunctive therapy to SSRIs in generalized anxiety disorder.RESEARCH2020-04-29 10:41:25
2020/04/29Ashwagandha supplementation might improve the VO2max in athlete and non-athlete people.RESEARCH2020-04-29 10:36:53
2020/04/29Melatonin and tumeric ameliorate aging-induced changes: implication of immunoglobulins, cytokines, DJ-1/NRF2 and apoptosis regulation.RESEARCH2020-04-29 10:06:15
2020/04/29Purple sweet potato color protects against hepatocyte apoptosis through Sirt1 activation in high-fat-diet-treated mice.RESEARCH2020-04-29 08:29:06
2020/04/29Immunomodulatory activity of curcumin-entrapped poly d,l-lactic-co-glycolic acid nanoparticles in mice.RESEARCH2020-04-29 07:19:43
2020/04/29Melatonin treatment could be a novel therapeutic strategy for diabetic retinopathy.RESEARCH2020-04-29 07:14:58
2020/04/29These effects suggest that turmeric supplementation can be used as an inexpensive intervention to prevent circadian disruption-related immunosenescence.RESEARCH2020-04-29 06:40:04
2020/04/29Molecular mechanisms of curcumin in neuroinflammatory disorders.RESEARCH2020-04-29 06:26:15
2020/04/29Mechanistic insights of hepatoprotective effects of curcumin.RESEARCH2020-04-29 06:24:07
2020/04/29Curcumin as a therapeutic candidate for multiple sclerosis: Molecular mechanisms and targets.RESEARCH2020-04-29 05:53:28
2020/04/29These findings indicate that combination therapy of ω-3 fatty acids and nano-curcumin can be considered as a promising new approach in migraine prevention.RESEARCH2020-04-29 05:18:42
2020/04/29Effects of curcumin on microglial cells.RESEARCH2020-04-29 05:15:30
2020/04/29Curcumin attenuates oxidative stress in RAW264.7 cells by increasing the activity of antioxidant enzymes and activating the Nrf2-Keap1 pathway.RESEARCH2020-04-29 05:06:42
2020/04/29Targeting regulatory T cells by curcumin: A potential for cancer immunotherapy.RESEARCH2020-04-29 05:00:23
2020/04/29The effect of oral consumption of propolis alone and in combination with silver nanoparticles on wound healing.RESEARCH2020-04-29 04:56:48
2020/04/29Biogenic silver nanoparticles: in vitro and in vivo antitumor activity in bladder cancer.RESEARCH2020-04-29 04:43:35
2020/04/29The review concludes the results of recent studies on Ashwagandha suggesting its extensive potential as neuroprotective in various brain disorders.RESEARCH2020-04-29 04:38:06
2020/04/29The β-sitosterol-mediated cardioprotective effects may involve the modulation of PPARγ/NF-κB signalling during myocardial I/R injury.