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2020/10/22Two new compounds with Nrf2 inducing activity from Glycyrrhiza uralensis.RESEARCH2020-10-22 15:54:48
2020/10/22Metabolomics study of different parts of licorice from different geographical origins and their anti-inflammatory activities.RESEARCH2020-10-22 15:48:33
2020/10/22Anti-angiogenic effect of EGHB010, a standardized herbal formula of Paeoniae radix and Glycyrrhizae radix.RESEARCH2020-10-22 15:41:53
2020/10/22Glycyrrhiza soluble polysaccharide combined with microcapsules could accelerate wound healing and promote neovascularization.RESEARCH2020-10-22 14:40:16
2020/10/22Panax ginseng and Angelica sinensis treatment attenuates cerebral injury via inhibition of NLRP3 inflammasomes activation and microglial pyroptosis after stroke.RESEARCH2020-10-22 14:25:50
2020/10/22Angelica sinensis polysaccharide attenuates CCl 4-induced liver fibrosis.RESEARCH2020-10-22 13:59:27
2020/10/22The Face and the MaskRESEARCH2020-10-22 12:17:05
2020/10/22Angelica sinensis polysaccharide prevents mitochondrial apoptosis by regulating the Treg/Th17 ratio in aplastic anemia.RESEARCH2020-10-22 10:55:32
2020/10/22The protective effects of different compatibility proportions of the couplet medicines for Astragali Radix and Angelica sinensis Radix on myocardial infarction injury.RESEARCH2020-10-22 10:43:18
2020/10/22Angelica sinensis polysaccharide has a lipid-lowering effect on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.RESEARCH2020-10-22 10:19:43
2020/10/22Serotonergically dependent antihyperalgesic and antiallodynic effects of isoliquiritin.RESEARCH2020-10-22 09:31:18
2020/10/22G. uralensis extracts can be used for the development of oral products that treat and prevent oral diseases.RESEARCH2020-10-22 08:56:34
2020/10/22Magnolol enhances the therapeutic effects of TRAIL.RESEARCH2020-10-22 08:03:46
2020/10/22Hepatoprotective effect of total flavonoids from Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch in liver injury mice.RESEARCH2020-10-22 07:45:14
2020/10/21Licorice extract suppresses adipogenesis.RESEARCH2020-10-21 13:37:03
2020/10/21Molecular docking and ADMET study of bioactive compounds of Glycyrrhiza glabra against main protease of SARS-CoV2.RESEARCH2020-10-21 13:22:26
2020/10/21Psychedelics in the treatment of PTSD.RESEARCH2020-10-21 13:05:37
2020/10/21Psilocybin as a new approach to treat depression and anxiety in the context of life-threatening diseases.RESEARCH2020-10-21 13:01:48
2020/10/21CYP3A excipient-based microemulsion prolongs the effect of magnolol on ischemia stroke rats.RESEARCH2020-10-21 12:44:22
2020/10/21Mito-magnolol is significantly more potent than the FDA-approved OXPHOS inhibitor in inhibiting proliferation of melanoma cells.RESEARCH2020-10-21 12:38:23
2020/10/21[VIDEO] Crucial Viral Update 15th Oct: Why are the Media Undermining Science and Data???RESEARCH2020-10-21 12:22:33
2020/10/21Magnolol inhibits sodium currents in freshly isolated mouse dorsal root ganglion neurons.RESEARCH2020-10-21 12:04:02
2020/10/21Polysaccharide from Pimpinella anisum seeds: Structural characterization, anti-inflammatory and laser burn wound healing.RESEARCH2020-10-21 10:32:04
2020/10/21Marsh mallow and its potency in the treatment of cough.RESEARCH2020-10-21 10:26:06
2020/10/21Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects of Phytohustil and root extract of Althaea officinalis on macrophages in vitro.RESEARCH2020-10-21 10:04:37
2020/10/21The results of this pilot study showed that the efficacy of Althaea officinalis 1% ointment in a decrease of disease severity is more than hydrocortisone.RESEARCH2020-10-21 09:34:33
2020/10/21Exosomal encapsulation of honokiol has improved antitumor efficacy resulting from improved cellular uptake.RESEARCH2020-10-21 08:01:00
2020/10/21In vitro antimicrobial and antipro-inflammation potential of honokiol and magnolol against oral pathogens and macrophages.RESEARCH2020-10-21 07:32:50
2020/10/21Induction of STK11-dependent cytoprotective autophagy in breast cancer cells upon honokiol treatment.RESEARCH2020-10-21 07:27:32
2020/10/21Antidepressant-like mechanism of honokiol in a rodent model of corticosterone-induced depression.RESEARCH2020-10-21 07:22:36
2020/10/20Protective effects of quercetin and crocin in the kidneys and liver of obese Sprague-Dawley rats with Type 2 diabetes.RESEARCH2020-10-20 15:56:37
2020/10/20Crocin has exerted neuroprotective effects in the rat model of MK-801-elicited schizophrenia.RESEARCH2020-10-20 15:54:20
2020/10/20Crocin protects against beta-amyloid peptide-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells via PI3 K pathway.RESEARCH2020-10-20 15:41:48
2020/10/20Bisphenol A exacerbates allergic inflammation.RESEARCH2020-10-20 15:27:42
2020/10/20Prenatal and postnatal bisphenol A exposure inhibits postnatal neurogenesis in the hippocampal dentate gyrus.RESEARCH2020-10-20 15:22:56
2020/10/20The current study shows the deleterious effect of BPA on diabetes and its pathophysiology.RESEARCH2020-10-20 15:18:23
2020/10/20This study suggests that BPA exposure promotes endometriosis development.RESEARCH2020-10-20 15:16:27
2020/10/20This study provides mechanisms by which BPA induced apoptosis of granulosa cells and ovarian dysfunction.RESEARCH2020-10-20 15:08:43
2020/10/20Serially assessed bisphenol A and phthalate exposure and association with kidney function in children with chronic kidney disease.RESEARCH2020-10-20 15:05:03
2020/10/20BPS at a dose relevant to human serum concentration induced oxidative stress and inflammatory response in macrophages.RESEARCH2020-10-20 14:58:59
2020/10/20Resveratrol diminishes bisphenol A-induced oxidative stress through TRPM2 channel in the mouse kidney cortical collecting duct cells.RESEARCH2020-10-20 14:55:11
2020/10/20BPA exposure during pregnancy affects language and social behavior development in infants.RESEARCH2020-10-20 14:49:21
2020/10/20Sex-specific oxidative damage effects induced by BPA and its analogs on primary hippocampal neurons attenuated by EGCG.RESEARCH2020-10-20 14:45:43
2020/10/20Bisphenol A, an endocrine-disruptor compund, that modulates the immune response to infections.RESEARCH2020-10-20 14:43:43
2020/10/20Exposure to bisphenols and asthma morbidity among low-income urban children with asthma.RESEARCH2020-10-20 14:11:45
2020/10/20This study revealed BPS might have detrimental potential in the female reproductive system.RESEARCH2020-10-20 13:53:17
2020/10/20Impacts of bisphenol A analogues on zebrafish post-embryonic brain.RESEARCH2020-10-20 13:30:09
2020/10/20This highlighted the potential role of BPA in estrogen oxidation and oxidative stress in NAFLD patients.RESEARCH2020-10-20 12:51:17
2020/10/20Endocrine disruptors from the environment affecting breast cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-20 12:41:40
2020/10/20Long-term exposure of early-transformed human mammary cells to low doses of benzo[a]pyrene and/or bisphenol A enhances their cancerous phenotype.RESEARCH2020-10-20 12:33:46
2020/10/20The complex action of DEHP/BPA mixture may disturb the thyroid hormone homeostasis.RESEARCH2020-10-20 10:43:09
2020/10/20Potential role of CFTR in bisphenol A-induced malignant transformation of prostate cells via mitochondrial apoptosis.RESEARCH2020-10-20 10:40:23
2020/10/20BPA induces physiological and functional disruption in male germ cells.RESEARCH2020-10-20 10:38:31
2020/10/20How microplastic components influence the immune system and impact on children health: Focus on cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-20 10:33:34
2020/10/20Potential mechanisms of bisphenol A contributing to human disease.RESEARCH2020-10-20 09:42:39
2020/10/20The findings in this study suggest that a higher level of bisphenol A exposure is associated with an increased risk of long-term all-cause mortality.RESEARCH2020-10-20 09:22:10
2020/10/20Long-term exposure to “low-dose” bisphenol A decreases mitochondrial DNA copy number, and accelerates telomere shortening in human CD8 + T cells.RESEARCH2020-10-20 09:18:43
2020/10/20Carcinogenic effects of bisphenol A in breast and ovarian cancers.RESEARCH2020-10-20 09:09:47
2020/10/20BPA and BPS as capable of interfering with the coagulation process.RESEARCH2020-10-20 09:05:05
2020/10/20BPA exposure may impact on the local expression of these SARS-CoV-2 infection mediators.RESEARCH2020-10-20 08:27:02
2020/10/20Bisphenol S increases the obesogenic effects of a high-glucose diet through regulating lipid metabolism in Caenorhabditis elegans.RESEARCH2020-10-20 08:06:37
2020/10/20Bisphenol AF and bisphenol F induce similar feminizing effects in chicken embryo testis as bisphenol A.RESEARCH2020-10-20 08:05:06
2020/10/20Spontaneous regression of meningiomas after interruption of nomegestrol acetate: a series of three patients.RESEARCH2020-10-20 07:28:44
2020/10/19Spontaneous tumor regression of intracranial solitary fibrous tumor originating from the medulla oblongata.RESEARCH2020-10-19 14:48:36
2020/10/19Spontaneous pathological complete regression of high-grade triple-negative breast cancer with axillary metastasis.RESEARCH2020-10-19 14:31:42
2020/10/19Complete spontaneous regression of hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma after surgical biopsy.RESEARCH2020-10-19 14:28:36
2020/10/19A case report of spontaneous regression of a clival chordoma.RESEARCH2020-10-19 14:25:32
2020/10/19Integrative analysis of spontaneous CLL regression highlights genetic and microenvironmental interdependency in CLL.RESEARCH2020-10-19 14:22:30
2020/10/19Spontaneous regression of primary gastric EBV-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.RESEARCH2020-10-19 14:19:43
2020/10/19In this case there is a temporal relation between the start of megestrol and Annona muricata and liver cancer regression.RESEARCH2020-10-19 14:17:35
2020/10/19Spontaneous regression of non-small cell lung cancer: A case report and literature review.RESEARCH2020-10-19 11:47:51
2020/10/19Spontaneous disappearance of undifferentiated pleomorphic primary mesenteric sarcoma-A case report.RESEARCH2020-10-19 11:31:19
2020/10/19Cytotoxic-mediated spontaneous regression of inflammatory cutaneous metastases of breast carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-10-19 09:08:40
2020/10/19Spontaneous regression of advanced transverse colon cancer with remaining lymph node metastasis.RESEARCH2020-10-19 08:51:16
2020/10/19Spontaneous regression of mismatch repair-deficient colorectal cancers: Case series.RESEARCH2020-10-19 08:32:53
2020/10/19Immune surveillance in clinical regression of preinvasive squamous cell lung cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-19 07:53:12
2020/10/19Spontaneous regression of liver cancer- when the immune system stands up to cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-19 07:48:41
2020/10/19Spontaneous regression of ALK fusion protein-positive non-small cell lung carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-10-19 07:38:32
2020/10/19Lycopene alleviates hepatic hypoxia/reoxygenation injury.RESEARCH2020-10-19 06:40:16
2020/10/19Lycopene ameliorates chronic stress-induced hippocampal injury and subsequent learning and memory dysfunction.RESEARCH2020-10-19 06:31:07
2020/10/17Lycopene – A pleiotropic neuroprotective nutraceutical: Deciphering its therapeutic potentials in broad spectrum neurological disorders.RESEARCH2020-10-17 08:37:54
2020/10/17Lycopene hampers lung injury due to skeletal muscle ischemia-reperfusion in rat model.RESEARCH2020-10-17 08:34:35
2020/10/17Tomato juice consumption could improve breast skin adverse effects of radiotherapy in breast cancer patients.RESEARCH2020-10-17 08:30:53
2020/10/17Increased consumption of lycopene-based products and lycopene-rich fruits and vegetables may result in a lower risk for neurodegenerative diseases.RESEARCH2020-10-17 08:27:54
2020/10/17Lycopene showed significant ameliorative effects on ovary injury caused by ischemia/reperfusion.RESEARCH2020-10-17 08:24:27
2020/10/17Lycopene prevents DEHP-induced liver lipid metabolism disorder.RESEARCH2020-10-17 08:19:54
2020/10/17Administration of lycopene appears to inhibit the initiation and progression of cancer in animal models of hepatocellular carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-10-17 08:12:58
2020/10/17Potential role of lycopene in the prevention of postmenopausal bone loss.RESEARCH2020-10-17 07:59:12
2020/10/17Anti-obesity potential of Moringa olifera seed extract and lycopene on high fat diet induced obesity.RESEARCH2020-10-17 07:56:54
2020/10/17The nephroprotective effect of lycopene on renal ischemic reperfusion injury.RESEARCH2020-10-17 07:51:42
2020/10/17Effects of lycopene on skeletal muscle fiber type and high fat diet induced oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-10-17 07:37:19
2020/10/17Lycopene combined with metformin may act synergistically in the control of postprandial glycemia, dyslipidemia and glycoxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-10-17 07:33:37
2020/10/17Ergosterol peroxide from the Egyptian red lingzhi or reishi mushroom showed preferred inhibition of MCF-7 over MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell lines.RESEARCH2020-10-17 07:28:00
2020/10/17Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide (GLP) enhances antitumor immune response by regulating differentiation and inhibition of MDSCs.RESEARCH2020-10-17 07:24:54
2020/10/17Suppression of cisplatin-induced hepatic injury in rats through alarmin high-mobility group box-1 pathway by Ganoderma lucidum.RESEARCH2020-10-17 07:19:33
2020/10/17Ganoderma lucidum fruiting body extracts inhibit colorectal cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-17 07:05:22
2020/10/16Recombinant Ganoderma lucidum immunomodulatory protein improves the treatment for chemotherapy-induced neutropenia.RESEARCH2020-10-16 20:28:07
2020/10/16Ganoderic acid A from G. lucidum has the potential to alleviate lipid metabolic disorders and ameliorate the imbalance of gut microflora in a positive way.RESEARCH2020-10-16 19:42:38
2020/10/16The effect of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil in early skin wound healing: interactions of skin microbiota and inflammation.RESEARCH2020-10-16 19:06:49
2020/10/16Ganoderma lucidum prevents cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-16 18:27:45
2020/10/16Ganoderic acid D induces synergistic autophagic cell death except for apoptosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells.RESEARCH2020-10-16 18:18:32
2020/10/16Ganoderma lucidum spore ethanol extract attenuates atherosclerosis.RESEARCH2020-10-16 18:05:15
2020/10/16A proteoglycan extract from Ganoderma Lucidum protects pancreatic beta-cells against STZ-induced apoptosis.RESEARCH2020-10-16 17:12:16
2020/10/16Ganoderma lucidum ameliorates neurobehavioral changes and oxidative stress induced by ethanol binge drinking.RESEARCH2020-10-16 16:58:53
2020/10/16Ganoderma lucidum ethanol extracts enhance re-epithelialization and prevent keratinocytes from free-radical injury.RESEARCH2020-10-16 16:42:54
2020/10/16Ganoderma Lucidum from red mushroom attenuates formaldehyde-induced liver damage.RESEARCH2020-10-16 16:20:26
2020/10/16Ganoderma lucidum put forth anti-tumor activity against PC-3 prostate cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-16 16:12:24
2020/10/16Effects of WSG, a polysaccharide from Ganoderma lucidum, on suppressing cell growth and mobility of lung cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-16 16:06:59
2020/10/16Yogurt consumption was associated with a reduced risk of proximal colon cancer with a long latency period.RESEARCH2020-10-16 15:33:27
2020/10/16Bacopa monnieri alleviates aluminium chloride-induced anxiety.RESEARCH2020-10-16 15:04:54
2020/10/16Asiatic acid inhibits OVX-induced osteoporosis and osteoclastogenesis.RESEARCH2020-10-16 14:57:56
2020/10/16Asiatic acid protects against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-16 14:54:51
2020/10/16Asiatic acid ameliorates obesity-related osteoarthritis by inhibiting myeloid differentiation protein-2.RESEARCH2020-10-16 14:48:04
2020/10/16Asiatic acid ameliorates acute hepatic injury by reducing endoplasmic reticulum stress and triggering hepatocyte autophagy.RESEARCH2020-10-16 14:41:28
2020/10/16Effect and mechanism of asiatic acid on autophagy in myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in vivo and in vitro.RESEARCH2020-10-16 14:34:11
2020/10/16Cryptotanshinone could be developed as a potential therapeutic agent for the treatment of chronic diabetic wound healing.RESEARCH2020-10-16 14:16:18
2020/10/16Overview of Salvia miltiorrhiza as a potential therapeutic agent for various diseases.RESEARCH2020-10-16 13:58:52
2020/10/16Combination of Danshen and ligustrazine has dual anti-inflammatory effect on macrophages and endothelial cells.RESEARCH2020-10-16 13:29:45
2020/10/16Danshen water extract shows potential neuroprotective effects in Caenorhabditis elegans.RESEARCH2020-10-16 13:25:17
2020/10/16Lipophilic extract and tanshinone IIA derived from Salvia miltiorrhiza attenuate uric acid nephropathy.RESEARCH2020-10-16 13:21:50
2020/10/16Natural compounds against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-16 13:17:12
2020/10/16Combination of tanshinone IIA and cisplatin inhibits esophageal cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-16 13:08:21
2020/10/16Tanshinone IIA prevents LPS-induced inflammatory responses.RESEARCH2020-10-16 13:02:18
2020/10/16Tanshinone IIA down-regulated p-Smad3 signaling to inhibit TGF-β1-mediated fibroblast proliferation.RESEARCH2020-10-16 12:55:01
2020/10/16Lycorine inhibits tumor growth of human osteosarcoma cells.RESEARCH2020-10-16 12:53:16
2020/10/16Modulatory effects of triphala and manjistha dietary supplementation on human gut microbiota.RESEARCH2020-10-16 12:11:25
2020/10/16A standardized Terminalia chebula fruit extract alters the expression of genes associated with skin architecture and barrier formation.RESEARCH2020-10-16 12:06:23
2020/10/16Potent anti-inflammatory Terminalia chebula fruit showed in vitro anticancer activity on lung and breast carcinoma cells.RESEARCH2020-10-16 11:34:21
2020/10/166-Gingerol protects cardiomyocytes against hypoxia-induced injury.RESEARCH2020-10-16 10:28:34
2020/10/1610-Gingerol improves doxorubicin anticancer activity and decreases its side effects in triple negative breast cancer models.RESEARCH2020-10-16 10:07:30
2020/10/16Pharmacoinformatics and hypothetical studies on allicin, curcumin, and gingerol as potential candidates against COVID-19-associated proteases.RESEARCH2020-10-16 09:21:49
2020/10/16Ginger relieves intestinal hypersensitivity of diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome by inhibiting proinflammatory reaction.RESEARCH2020-10-16 09:03:36
2020/10/15Anti-cancer effect of gingerol in cancer prevention and treatment.RESEARCH2020-10-15 16:34:10
2020/10/156-gingerol pre-treatment can alleviate hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced H9C2 myocardial injury.RESEARCH2020-10-15 16:27:11
2020/10/15Shikonin induces cell death by inhibiting glycolysis in human testicular cancer I-10 and seminoma TCAM-2 cells.RESEARCH2020-10-15 15:31:51
2020/10/15Citral interacts synergistically with norfloxacin against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus.RESEARCH2020-10-15 14:15:49
2020/10/15Citral attenuated intestinal inflammation induced by Cronobacter sakazakii in newborn mice.RESEARCH2020-10-15 14:13:57
2020/10/15Cytotoxicity of citral against melanoma cells.RESEARCH2020-10-15 14:08:20
2020/10/15Citral reduces breast tumor growth by inhibiting the cancer stem cell marker ALDH1A3.RESEARCH2020-10-15 14:04:55
2020/10/15In vivo anti-tumor effects of citral on 4T1 breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-15 13:41:27
2020/10/15Effect and mechanism of citral against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in vivo.RESEARCH2020-10-15 13:38:07
2020/10/15Antipyretic effects of citral and possible mechanisms of action.RESEARCH2020-10-15 13:36:16
2020/10/15The results suggest that citral could be a potential new agent which can eliminate drug-resistant breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-15 13:30:46
2020/10/15Apple polyphenol extract alleviates lipid accumulation in free-fatty-acid-exposed HepG2 cells.RESEARCH2020-10-15 12:17:32
2020/10/15Annurca apple polyphenol extract promotes mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition and inhibits migration in triple-negative breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-15 12:09:02
2020/10/15A combination of apple vinegar drink with Bacillus coagulans ameliorates high fat diet-induced body weight gain, insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis.RESEARCH2020-10-15 12:03:08
2020/10/15Apple vinegar lowers the constipation problems faced by patients with schizophrenia treated with clozapine.RESEARCH2020-10-15 11:48:56
2020/10/15Phloretin ameliorates acetic acid induced colitis.RESEARCH2020-10-15 11:19:37
2020/10/15These findings suggest that phloretin improves hepatic steatosis.RESEARCH2020-10-15 11:17:29
2020/10/15Phloretin treatment in prostate cancer cells induces cell growth inhibition and apoptosis.RESEARCH2020-10-15 11:13:51
2020/10/15Phloretin modulates human Th17/Treg cell differentiation in vitro via AMPK signalling.RESEARCH2020-10-15 11:09:29
2020/10/15In vitro anti-inflammatory potential of phloretin microemulsion as a new formulation for prospective treatment of vaginitis.RESEARCH2020-10-15 10:49:10
2020/10/15The data reveal the combination of citral and phloretin as a potent antibacterial agent to combat the virulence of S. pyogenes.RESEARCH2020-10-15 10:37:01
2020/10/15Wogonin suppresses proliferation and invasion of skin epithelioid carcinoma cells through Notch1.RESEARCH2020-10-15 10:33:34
2020/10/15Pharmaconutrition revisited for critically ill patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Does selenium have a place?RESEARCH2020-10-15 10:29:17
2020/10/15Selenium prevents interferon-gamma induced activation of TRPM2 channel and inhibits inflammation, mitochondrial oxidative stress, and apoptosis in microglia.RESEARCH2020-10-15 10:21:25
2020/10/15Progression of heart failure is attenuated by antioxidant therapy with N-acetylcysteine in myocardial infarcted female rats.RESEARCH2020-10-15 09:59:08
2020/10/15N-acetylcysteine was shown to protect zebrafish against the development of clofazimine-induced cardiac dysfunction.RESEARCH2020-10-15 09:15:09
2020/10/15NAC restores T-cell numbers in tumors and increases the ability of M30 and aOX40 to slow tumor growth in mice.RESEARCH2020-10-15 08:54:50
2020/10/156-shogaol suppresses induced human 786-O renal cell carcinoma osteoclastogenic activity and metastatic potential.RESEARCH2020-10-15 08:47:14
2020/10/14Anti-survival and pro-apoptotic effects of 6-shogaol on SW872 human liposarcoma cells.RESEARCH2020-10-14 18:02:04
2020/10/14Antifungal and anti-biofilm effects of 6-shogaol against Candida auris.RESEARCH2020-10-14 17:59:17
2020/10/14Zingiber officinale Roscoe rhizomes as a novel and interesting candidate for the management of neuropathic pain.RESEARCH2020-10-14 17:56:36
2020/10/14The effects of royal jelly and tocotrienol-rich fraction on impaired glycemic control and inflammation through irisin in obese rats.RESEARCH2020-10-14 17:45:44
2020/10/14Royal jelly as an intelligent anti-aging agent-a focus on cognitive aging and Alzheimer's disease.RESEARCH2020-10-14 17:43:06
2020/10/14Bee products as a source of promising therapeutic and chemoprophylaxis strategies against COVID-19.RESEARCH2020-10-14 17:38:21
2020/10/14Consumption of cashew nuts inhibits oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-10-14 17:34:59
2020/10/14In-depth characterization of antibacterial activity of melittin against Staphylococcus aureus.RESEARCH2020-10-14 17:29:33
2020/10/14Melittin mitigated ulcerative colitis pathogenesis and could be considered as a potent and promising therapeutic alternative treatment.RESEARCH2020-10-14 15:47:59
2020/10/14Synergistic activity of melittin with mupirocin against methicillin-resistant S. Aureus.RESEARCH2020-10-14 15:44:29
2020/10/14Melittin ameliorates inflammation in mouse acute liver failure via inhibition of PKM2-mediated Warburg effect.RESEARCH2020-10-14 15:12:28
2020/10/14Profiling anticancer and antioxidant activities of phenolic compounds present in black walnuts.RESEARCH2020-10-14 15:00:13
2020/10/14Ferulic acid influences Nrf2 activation to restore testicular tissue from cadmium-induced oxidative challenge, inflammation, and apoptosis.RESEARCH2020-10-14 14:52:39
2020/10/14Ferulic acid delayed amyloid β-induced pathological symptoms by autophagy pathway.RESEARCH2020-10-14 14:42:47
2020/10/14Quercetin, chrysin, caffeic acid and ferulic acid ameliorate cyclophosphamide-induced toxicities in SH-SY5Y cells.RESEARCH2020-10-14 14:39:45
2020/10/14Chrysin mitigates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis.RESEARCH2020-10-14 14:24:54
2020/10/14Chrysin inhibits NF-κB-dependent CCL5 transcription in the atopic dermatitis-like inflammatory microenvironment.RESEARCH2020-10-14 14:19:22
2020/10/14Chrysin reduces anxiety-like behavior through actions on GABA A receptors during metestrus-diestrus.RESEARCH2020-10-14 14:07:34
2020/10/14Chrysin-loaded PLGA attenuates OVA-induced allergic asthma by modulating TLR/NF-κB/NLRP3 axis.RESEARCH2020-10-14 13:52:18
2020/10/14Chrysin attenuates the NLRP3 inflammasome cascade to reduce synovitis and pain in knee osteoarthritis.RESEARCH2020-10-14 13:35:55
2020/10/14Chrysin iInhibits melanoma tumor metastasis.RESEARCH2020-10-14 13:25:58
2020/10/14Toxicogenetic and antiproliferative effects of chrysin in urinary bladder cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-14 13:24:14
2020/10/14Investigation of the protective role of chrysin within the framework of oxidative and inflammatory markers in experimental testicular ischaemia/reperfusion injury.RESEARCH2020-10-14 13:01:00
2020/10/13Apigenin induces apoptosis and counteracts cisplatin-induced chemoresistance via Mcl-1 in ovarian cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-13 19:51:53
2020/10/13Apigenin-7-O-glucoside had similar effect as trolox to inhibit hydrogen peroxide-induced ROS production in RAW264.7 cells.RESEARCH2020-10-13 18:29:44
2020/10/13Apigenin enhanced antitumor effect of cisplatin in lung cancer via inhibition of cancer stem cells.RESEARCH2020-10-13 18:24:09
2020/10/13Apigenin effect against Leishmania tropica amastigotes in vitro.RESEARCH2020-10-13 18:22:02
2020/10/13Apigenin promotes antibacterial activity via regulation of nitric oxide and superoxide anion production.RESEARCH2020-10-13 18:19:33
2020/10/13Antioxidant apigenin relieves age-related muscle atrophy.RESEARCH2020-10-13 18:12:21
2020/10/13Chamomile tea: Source of a glucuronoxylan with antinociceptive, sedative and anxiolytic-like effects.RESEARCH2020-10-13 17:39:06
2020/10/13Apigenin attenuates TGF-β1-stimulated cardiac fibroblast differentiation and extracellular matrix production.RESEARCH2020-10-13 15:07:40
2020/10/13Honey and chamomile activate keratinocyte antioxidative responses via the KEAP1/NRF2 system.RESEARCH2020-10-13 15:05:45
2020/10/13Chamomile gel versus urea cream to prevent acute radiation dermatitis in head and neck cancer patients.RESEARCH2020-10-13 15:03:13
2020/10/13Chamomile extract is effective in further reducing the clinical symptoms and improving the quality of life of chronic rhinosinusitis patients.RESEARCH2020-10-13 14:39:40
2020/10/13Protective effect of Matricaria chamomilla extract against 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced colorectal cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-13 14:24:34
2020/10/13Anti-inflammatory effects of Matricaria chamomilla extracts.RESEARCH2020-10-13 14:22:24
2020/10/13Together these data demonstrated chamomile oil along with in vivo-differentiated stem cell is a promising new treatment for diabetes.RESEARCH2020-10-13 14:08:27
2020/10/13M. chamomilla L. has lower antibiofilm action, but comparable anti-caries effect to those found for chlorhexidine.RESEARCH2020-10-13 14:03:18
2020/10/13Clinical and microbiological effects of 1% Matricaria chamomilla mouth rinse on chronic periodontitis.RESEARCH2020-10-13 13:50:16
2020/10/13After treatment the severity of burning mouth syndrome symptoms decreased.RESEARCH2020-10-13 13:41:31
2020/10/13Episiotomy wound healing by Commiphora myrrha and Boswellia carteri in primiparous women.RESEARCH2020-10-13 13:34:35
2020/10/13These data indicate that aqueous myrrh resin solution has a direct stimulatory effect on β-cells without compromising plasma membrane integrity.RESEARCH2020-10-13 13:11:32
2020/10/13Paeonia lactiflora improves ovarian function and oocyte quality in aged female mice.RESEARCH2020-10-13 12:16:55
2020/10/13Paeoniae radix alba polysaccharides obtained via optimized extraction treat experimental autoimmune hepatitis effectively.RESEARCH2020-10-13 12:14:30
2020/10/13Paeonia lactiflora extract suppresses cisplatin-induced muscle wasting.RESEARCH2020-10-13 11:17:41
2020/10/13Paeoniflorin attenuates dextran sulfate sodium-induced ulcerative colitis in mice by inhibiting TLR5 expression and T cell activation.RESEARCH2020-10-13 11:06:55
2020/10/13Paeoniflorin improves acute lung injury in sepsis.RESEARCH2020-10-13 11:02:36
2020/10/13Paeoniflorin modulates gut microbial production of indole-3-lactate and epithelial autophagy to alleviate colitis.RESEARCH2020-10-13 09:41:39
2020/10/13Paeoniflorin-6'-o-benzene sulfonate (CP-25) improves vasculitis.RESEARCH2020-10-13 08:35:24
2020/10/12Antidepressant effect of paeoniflorin Is through inhibiting pyroptosis CASP-11/GSDMD pathway.RESEARCH2020-10-12 16:27:10
2020/10/12Paeoniflorin affects hepatocellular carcinoma progression by inhibiting Wnt/β-catenin pathway.RESEARCH2020-10-12 16:24:43
2020/10/12Multiple functions of policosanol in elderly patients with dyslipidemia.RESEARCH2020-10-12 16:02:05
2020/10/12Nanoemulsification of rice bran wax policosanol enhances its cardio-protective effects.RESEARCH2020-10-12 15:02:44
2020/10/12Glycyrrhetinic acid ameliorates imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like skin lesions in mice.RESEARCH2020-10-12 11:31:45
2020/10/12The protective effects of 18 β-glycyrrhetinic acid on imiquimod-induced psoriasis.RESEARCH2020-10-12 11:16:57
2020/10/1218β-glycyrrhetinic acid improves cardiac diastolic function by attenuating intracellular calcium overload.RESEARCH2020-10-12 11:02:34
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizic acid exerts protective effects against hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced human coronary artery endothelial cell damage.RESEARCH2020-10-12 10:54:33
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizin could be a potential candidate for the prevention of doxorubicin induced cardiotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-12 10:06:57
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizin may reduce the severity of an infection with COVID-19 at the two stages of the COVID-19 induced disease process.RESEARCH2020-10-12 10:02:03
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizin ameliorates radiation induced enteritis.RESEARCH2020-10-12 09:59:59
2020/10/12A licorice roots extract induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest and improves metabolism via regulating MiRNAs in liver cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-12 09:58:15
2020/10/12Integrative pharmacological mechanism of vitamin C combined with glycyrrhizic acid against COVID-19.RESEARCH2020-10-12 09:55:10
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizin improves inflammation and apoptosis via suppressing HMGB1 and PI3K/mTOR pathway in lipopolysaccharide-induced acute liver injury.RESEARCH2020-10-12 09:23:23
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizic acid facilitates anti-tumor immunity by attenuating Tregs and MDSCs: An immunotherapeutic approach.RESEARCH2020-10-12 09:13:08
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizin: An old weapon against a novel coronavirus.RESEARCH2020-10-12 08:50:41
2020/10/12Effects of glycyrrhizin on multi-drug tesistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa.RESEARCH2020-10-12 08:47:22
2020/10/12Beneficial effects of glycyrrhizin in chronic periodontitis through the inhibition of inflammatory response.RESEARCH2020-10-12 08:41:02
2020/10/12The protective effect of glycyrrhizin on hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats and possible related signal pathway.RESEARCH2020-10-12 08:36:43
2020/10/12Ability of post-treatment glycyrrhizic acid to mitigate cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury.RESEARCH2020-10-12 07:13:57
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizin alleviates Con A-induced hepatitis.RESEARCH2020-10-12 05:59:01
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizin attenuates hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury.RESEARCH2020-10-12 05:53:25
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizin: An alternative drug for the treatment of COVID-19 infection and the associated respiratory syndrome?RESEARCH2020-10-12 05:14:22
2020/10/12Compound glycyrrhizin plus conventional therapy for psoriasis vulgaris.RESEARCH2020-10-12 05:12:00
2020/10/12Glycyrrhizin, a potential drug for autoimmune encephalomyelitis by inhibiting high-mobility group box 1.RESEARCH2020-10-12 05:08:38
2020/10/11Effect of rutin on diabetic auditory neuropathy in an experimental rat model.RESEARCH2020-10-11 15:41:33
2020/10/11Rutin has histoprotective ability against cisplatin-induced toxicities.RESEARCH2020-10-11 14:34:03
2020/10/11Nutritional supplementation with precursors glycine and N-acetylcysteine improves comorbidities suggestive of premature aging in patients with HIV.RESEARCH2020-10-11 13:58:18
2020/10/11N-acetylcysteine reverses antiretroviral-mediated microglial activation by attenuating autophagy-lysosomal dysfunction.RESEARCH2020-10-11 13:49:30
2020/10/11N-acetylcysteine and glycyrrhizin combination: Benefit outcome in a murine model of acetaminophen-induced liver failure.RESEARCH2020-10-11 13:18:50
2020/10/11Acetylcysteine for the treatment of suspected remdesivir-associated acute liver Failure in COVID-19.RESEARCH2020-10-11 13:13:23
2020/10/10Diosmin ameliorates inflammation, insulin resistance, and fibrosis in an experimental model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:58:41
2020/10/10Hesperetin promotes cisplatin-induced apoptosis of gastric cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:55:36
2020/10/10Origanum Syriacum essential oils have an antimicrobial activity.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:52:30
2020/10/10Origanum vulgare essential oil is an effective counteractive treatment against cypermethrin-induced damage in exposed common carp.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:49:34
2020/10/10Apigetrin from Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi inhibits neuroinflammation in BV-2 microglia.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:47:24
2020/10/10Apigetrin inhibits gastric cancer progression through inducing apoptosis and regulating ROS-modulated STAT3/JAK2 pathway.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:44:38
2020/10/10Apigetrin treatment attenuates LPS-induced acute otitis media though suppressing inflammation and oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:27:26
2020/10/10Apigetrin induces extrinsic apoptosis, autophagy and G2/M phase cell cycle arrest in AGS human gastric cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:25:43
2020/10/10Apigetrin ameliorates streptozotocin-induced pancreatic β-cell damages via attenuating endoplasmic reticulum stress.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:20:18
2020/10/10Sudachitin suppresses lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses in mouse macrophage-like RAW264 cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:16:58
2020/10/10The polymethoxy flavonoid sudachitin suppresses inflammatory bone destruction.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:15:07
2020/10/10Sudachitin, polymethoxyflavone from Citrus sudachi, enhances antigen-specific cellular and humoral immune responses in BALB/c mice.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:12:26
2020/10/10Sudachitin inhibits Matrix metalloproteinase-1 and -3 production in tumor necrosis factor-α-stimulated human oeriodontal ligament cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:10:01
2020/10/10Sudachitin induces apoptosis via the regulation of MAPK pathways in human keratinocyte HaCaT cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 14:07:38
2020/10/10O. vulgare extract improved function and structure of testis tissue against finasteride-induced testicular toxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:57:16
2020/10/10Didymin induces Fas-mediated apoptotic pathway in human non-small-cell lung cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:54:47
2020/10/10Didymin induces apoptosis by inhibiting N-Myc and upregulating RKIP in neuroblastoma.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:53:07
2020/10/10Neuroprotective effect of didymin on hydrogen peroxide-induced injury in the neuronal membrane system.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:51:08
2020/10/10Didymin reverses phthalate ester-associated breast cancer aggravation in the breast cancer tumor microenvironment.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:47:48
2020/10/10Didymin ameliorates hepatic injury through inhibition of MAPK and NF-κB pathways.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:45:03
2020/10/10Didymin alleviates hepatic fibrosis.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:23:49
2020/10/10Didymin: an orally active citrus flavonoid for targeting neuroblastoma.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:21:28
2020/10/10Didymin by suppressing NF-κB activation prevents VEGF-induced angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:18:48
2020/10/10Didymin improves UV irradiation resistance in C. elegans.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:17:35
2020/10/10Didymin exhibits anti-diabetic complications and promotes glucose uptake.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:15:54
2020/10/10Apoptosis induced by the flavonoid from lemon fruit and its metabolites in HL-60 cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:10:37
2020/10/10Lemon flavonoid, eriocitrin, suppresses exercise-induced oxidative damage in rat liver.RESEARCH2020-10-10 13:03:20
2020/10/10Eriocitrin ameliorates diet-induced hepatic steatosis with activation of mitochondrial biogenesis.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:43:34
2020/10/10Chemopreventive potential of phenolic compounds in oral carcinogenesis.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:40:56
2020/10/10Citrus flavanones prevent systemic inflammation and ameliorate oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:38:30
2020/10/10Eriocitrin from lemon suppresses the proliferation of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:35:34
2020/10/10Anti-inflammatory effects of eriocitrin against the dextran sulfate sodium-induced experimental colitis in murine model.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:30:41
2020/10/10Eriocitrin improves adiposity and related metabolic disorders in high-fat diet-induced obese mice.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:28:59
2020/10/10Antiatherosclerotic activity of eriocitrin in high-fat-diet-induced atherosclerosis model rats.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:26:01
2020/10/10Eriocitrin alleviates oxidative stress and inflammatory response in cerebral ischemia.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:22:18
2020/10/10The results propose the immunomodulatory prospective of eriocitrin against B(a) P-induced lung carcinogenesis.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:05:49
2020/10/10Sinensetin attenuates LPS-induced inflammation by regulating the protein level of IκB-α.RESEARCH2020-10-10 12:01:54
2020/10/10Flavonoids eupatorin and sinensetin present in Orthosiphon stamineus leaves inhibit inflammatory gene expression and STAT1 activation.RESEARCH2020-10-10 11:58:59
2020/10/10Sinensetin induces apoptosis and autophagy in the treatment of human T-cell lymphoma.RESEARCH2020-10-10 11:54:46
2020/10/10Enhancement of epithelial cell autophagy induced by sinensetin alleviates epithelial barrier dysfunction in colitis.RESEARCH2020-10-10 11:53:06
2020/10/10Sinensetin regulates age-related sarcopenia in cultured primary thigh and calf muscle cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 11:47:53
2020/10/10Neuroprotective effect of 3,3'-Diindolylmethane against perinatal asphyxia involves inhibition of the AhR and NMDA signaling and hypermethylation of specific genes.RESEARCH2020-10-10 11:36:11
2020/10/10Sinensetin suppresses influenza a virus-triggered inflammation.RESEARCH2020-10-10 11:13:50
2020/10/10Sinensetin flavone has the potential to be developed as a candidate treatment against gallbladder adenocarcinoma.RESEARCH2020-10-10 11:05:07
2020/10/10Sinensetin may be a potential anti-cancer agent targeting autophagic cell death in human liver cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-10 11:00:58
2020/10/10Poncirin prevents bone loss in glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis in vivo and in vitro.RESEARCH2020-10-10 09:53:38
2020/10/10These findings suggest that Poncirin has a potential anti-cancer effect.RESEARCH2020-10-10 09:31:01
2020/10/10Poncirin and its metabolite ponciretin attenuate colitis.RESEARCH2020-10-10 08:39:31
2020/10/10Poncirin inhibits osteoclast differentiation and bone loss.RESEARCH2020-10-10 08:31:04
2020/10/10Poncirin attenuates CCL4-induced liver injury through inhibition of oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokines.RESEARCH2020-10-10 08:19:00
2020/10/10Poncirin, an orally active flavonoid exerts antidiabetic complications and improves glucose uptake.RESEARCH2020-10-10 07:47:46
2020/10/10Poncirin downregulates ATP-binding cassette transporters to enhance cisplatin sensitivity in cisplatin-resistant osteosarcoma cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 07:44:18
2020/10/10Inhibition of SARS-CoV 3CL protease by flavonoids.RESEARCH2020-10-10 07:10:20
2020/10/10Rhoifolin regulates oxidative stress and proinflammatory cytokine levels in Freund's adjuvant-induced rheumatoid arthritis.RESEARCH2020-10-10 07:04:35
2020/10/10Rhoifolin alleviates Inflammation of acute inflammation animal models.RESEARCH2020-10-10 06:57:49
2020/10/10Optimization of extraction flavonoids from Exocarpium Citri Grandis and evaluation its hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activities.RESEARCH2020-10-10 06:50:12
2020/10/10Curcumin and hesperetin attenuate D-galactose-induced brain senescence in vitro and in vivoRESEARCH2020-10-10 06:25:27
2020/10/10A dihydroflavonoid naringin extends the lifespan of C. elegans and delays the progression of aging-related diseases.RESEARCH2020-10-10 06:19:45
2020/10/10Naringin and bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells repair articular cartilage defects.RESEARCH2020-10-10 05:31:21
2020/10/10Naringin combined with tunicamycin+BAY 11-7082 efficiently induced apoptotic cell death in HT29 colon cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-10 05:11:56
2020/10/09Nobiletin inhibits cell growth through restraining aerobic glycolysis via PKA-CREB pathway in oral squamous cell carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-10-09 19:29:20
2020/10/09These results suggest that nobiletin attenuates high fat diet-induced vascular and renal alterations.RESEARCH2020-10-09 19:02:10
2020/10/09A possible underlying mechanism behind the cardioprotective efficacy of tangeretin on isoproterenol triggered cardiotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-09 17:36:23
2020/10/09Prospects of Tangeretin as a modulator of cancer targets/pathways.RESEARCH2020-10-09 17:33:33
2020/10/09Rutin treats myocardial damage caused by pirarubicin.RESEARCH2020-10-09 17:23:14
2020/10/09Rutin ameliorates scopolamine-induced learning and memory impairments.RESEARCH2020-10-09 17:14:55
2020/10/09Rutin prevents cisplatin-induced ovarian damage.RESEARCH2020-10-09 17:11:42
2020/10/09Evaluation of wound healing effect of chitosan-based gel formulation containing vitexin.RESEARCH2020-10-09 16:53:07
2020/10/09Possible epigenetic role of vitexin in regulating neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's disease.RESEARCH2020-10-09 16:42:58
2020/10/09Topical use of passion fruit purple variant seeds extract improves acne vulgaris with reduction in lesion counts.RESEARCH2020-10-09 15:57:33
2020/10/09Review of the effects of vitexin in oxidative stress-related diseases.RESEARCH2020-10-09 15:52:06
2020/10/09The protective effect of vitexinin septic encephalopathy by reducing leukocyte-endothelial adhesion and inflammatory response.RESEARCH2020-10-09 15:46:35
2020/10/09Antiviral properties of flavonoids and delivery strategies.RESEARCH2020-10-09 15:43:16
2020/10/09Vitexin possesses anticonvulsant and anxiolytic-like effects in murine animal models.RESEARCH2020-10-09 15:29:11
2020/10/09Vitexin suppresses renal cell carcinoma by regulating mTOR pathways.RESEARCH2020-10-09 14:47:59
2020/10/09Vitexin restores pancreatic β-cell function and insulin signaling through Nrf2 and NF-κB signaling pathways.RESEARCH2020-10-09 14:44:28
2020/10/09The results show that vitexin acts as a neuroprotective agent.RESEARCH2020-10-09 14:08:52
2020/10/09Apigenin mitigates iintervertebral disc degeneration.RESEARCH2020-10-09 13:58:09
2020/10/09Apigenin and hesperidin downregulate DNA repair genes in MCF-7 breast cancer cells and augment doxorubicin toxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-09 13:54:10
2020/10/09Neuroprotective effect of apigenin against cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury.RESEARCH2020-10-09 13:48:12
2020/10/09Apigenin by targeting hnRNPA2 sensitizes triple-negative breast cancer spheroids to doxorubicin-induced apoptosis.RESEARCH2020-10-09 13:44:27
2020/10/09Effect of apigenin on surface-associated characteristics and adherence of Streptococcus mutans.RESEARCH2020-10-09 13:42:04
2020/10/09Niacinamide mitigates SASP-related inflammation induced by environmental stressors in human epidermal keratinocytes and skin.RESEARCH2020-10-09 13:15:31
2020/10/09Inhibitory effects of ethanolic, methanolic, and hydroalcoholic extracts of olive leaf on growth, acid production, and adhesion of Streptococcus mutans.RESEARCH2020-10-09 13:10:28
2020/10/09Olive leaf polyphenols may be an effective therapeutic approach for treating multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases.RESEARCH2020-10-09 13:08:00
2020/10/09Phytochemical profile, cytotoxic, antioxidant, and allelopathic potentials of aqueous leaf extracts of Olea europaea.RESEARCH2020-10-09 12:53:19
2020/10/09Nuciferine inhibits the progression of glioblastoma.RESEARCH2020-10-09 12:32:09
2020/10/09Extra virgin olive oil modulates vasodilator enzyme level by repairing angiogenesis function in rat model of preeclampsia.RESEARCH2020-10-09 12:19:41
2020/10/09Ameliorative effect of virgin olive oil against nephrotoxicity following sub-chronic administration of ethephon.RESEARCH2020-10-09 11:22:12
2020/10/09A review on management of cardiovascular diseases by olive polyphenols.RESEARCH2020-10-09 11:12:35
2020/10/09Quercetin and hydroxytyrosol as modulators of hepatic steatosis.RESEARCH2020-10-09 11:07:15
2020/10/09Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity of Hidroxin in rotenone-induced Parkinson's disease.RESEARCH2020-10-09 10:43:12
2020/10/09Allium cepa fraction attenuates STZ-induced dementia.RESEARCH2020-10-09 10:34:30
2020/10/09Protocatechuic acid and quercetin glucosides in onions attenuate changes induced by high fat diet.RESEARCH2020-10-09 08:45:01
2020/10/09Antioxidant and antidiabetic activities of flavonoid derivatives from the outer skins of Allium cepa.RESEARCH2020-10-09 07:30:59
2020/10/08Modulation of chronic inflammation by quercetin: The beneficial effects on obesity.RESEARCH2020-10-08 14:32:47
2020/10/08Lyophilized onion powder may be protective against hyperglycaemia and dyslipidemia arising from diabetes.RESEARCH2020-10-08 13:45:14
2020/10/08Allium flavonols: Health benefits, molecular targets, and bioavailability.RESEARCH2020-10-08 13:34:08
2020/10/08Suppressive effects of mioga ginger and ginger constituents on reactive oxygen and nitrogen species generation, and the expression of inducible pro-inflammatory genes in macrophages.RESEARCH2020-10-08 11:48:58
2020/10/08Zingiber mioga attenuates allergic asthma induced by ovalbumin challenge.RESEARCH2020-10-08 11:43:45
2020/10/08Zingiber mioga reduces weight gain, insulin resistance and hepatic gluconeogenesis in diet-induced obese mice.RESEARCH2020-10-08 11:16:38
2020/10/08Synergistic lipid-lowering effects of Zingiber mioga and Hippophae rhamnoides extracts.RESEARCH2020-10-08 11:01:25
2020/10/08Ethnomedicinal uses, phytochemistry and dermatological effects of Hippophae rhamnoides L.: A review.RESEARCH2020-10-08 10:54:22
2020/10/08Anthocyanins from Aronia melanocarpa Elliot induce apoptosis in Caco-2 cells.RESEARCH2020-10-08 10:26:10
2020/10/08Intake of chokeberry products may be effective in prevention from this xenobiotic-induced disturbance in collagen homeostasis in the liver.RESEARCH2020-10-08 10:21:33
2020/10/08Ameliorative effects of sea buckthorn oil on DNCB induced atopic dermatitis model.RESEARCH2020-10-08 10:18:06
2020/10/08Hippophae rhamnoides polysaccharide alleviated lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in IPEC-J2 cells.RESEARCH2020-10-08 10:12:55
2020/10/08Sea buckthorn and rosehip oils with chokeberry extract could be used to prevent hypercholesterolemia.RESEARCH2020-10-08 10:07:44
2020/10/08Common garlic has potent anti-bacillus anthracis activity.RESEARCH2020-10-08 10:02:41
2020/10/08T. cordifolia might be used as a nutritional supplement to combat the arsenic led toxicity among the exposed population.RESEARCH2020-10-08 09:55:51
2020/10/08Dietary intake, Mediterranean diet adherence and caloric intake in Huntington's disease.RESEARCH2020-10-08 09:42:43
2020/10/08Mediterranean diet as tool to manage obesity in menopause: A narrative review.RESEARCH2020-10-08 09:32:51
2020/10/08Omega n-3 supplementation: exploring the cardiovascular benefits beyond lipoprotein reduction.RESEARCH2020-10-08 09:31:18
2020/10/08Effect of Omega-3 supplements on quality of life among children on dialysis.RESEARCH2020-10-08 09:28:39
2020/10/08The use of omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of oral diseases.RESEARCH2020-10-08 07:07:35
2020/10/08Omega-3 fatty acid and iron supplementation lower inflammation and anemia of infection in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.RESEARCH2020-10-08 05:58:46
2020/10/07Incorporation of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) enhances nanodelivery of antiretroviral across the blood-brain barrier for treatment of HIV reservoir in brain.RESEARCH2020-10-07 16:32:26
2020/10/07Hydroxytyrosol may induce apoptosis in colorectal cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-07 15:23:28
2020/10/07Molecular action of hydroxytyrosol in wound healing.RESEARCH2020-10-07 15:06:10
2020/10/07Anticancer molecular mechanisms of oleocanthal.RESEARCH2020-10-07 14:57:05
2020/10/07Oleocanthal as a dual c-MET-COX2 inhibitor for the control of lung cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-07 14:47:24
2020/10/07The inhibitory effect of extra virgin olive oil and its active compound oleocanthal on prostaglandin-induced uterine hypercontraction and pain.RESEARCH2020-10-07 14:23:10
2020/10/07Extra virgin olive oil with a high oleocanthal concentration had beneficial effects on metabolic parameters in MetS subjects.RESEARCH2020-10-07 14:14:25
2020/10/07Fig extract and extra virgin olive oil have a powerful antioxidant and many protective effects against cardiac and renal toxicity induced by 5-FU.RESEARCH2020-10-07 13:48:10
2020/10/07Nuciferine prevents bone loss by disrupting multinucleated osteoclast formation and promoting type H vessel formation.RESEARCH2020-10-07 13:29:37
2020/10/07This study demonstrated an amelioration of the metabolic disorders following nuciferine treatment in NAFLD.RESEARCH2020-10-07 13:26:52
2020/10/07Neferine sensitized Taxol-resistant nasopharygeal carcinoma to taxol.RESEARCH2020-10-07 13:09:59
2020/10/07Neferine alleviates neuropathic pain by downregulating the expression of P2X3 receptor.RESEARCH2020-10-07 13:03:17
2020/10/07The Effect of sacred lotus and its mixtures on phenolic profiles, antioxidant activities, and inhibitions of the key enzymes relevant to Alzheimer's disease.RESEARCH2020-10-07 12:59:29
2020/10/07Nuciferine inhibits skin cutaneous melanoma cell growth by suppressing TLR4/NF-κB signalling.RESEARCH2020-10-07 12:51:18
2020/10/07A multiple-targets alkaloid nuciferine overcomes paclitaxel-induced drug resistance in vitro and in vivo.RESEARCH2020-10-07 12:03:36
2020/10/07Plumula nelumbinis: A review of traditional uses, phytochemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and safety.RESEARCH2020-10-07 12:00:17
2020/10/07Inhibition of neutrophil functions and antibacterial effects of tarragon.RESEARCH2020-10-07 11:52:32
2020/10/07Modulation of reproductive dysfunctions associated with streptozocin-induced diabetes by Artemisia judaica extract.RESEARCH2020-10-07 11:49:12
2020/10/07Apoptotic effect of jaceosidin on MCF-7 human breast cancer cells through modulation of ERK and p38 MAPK pathways.RESEARCH2020-10-07 11:46:11
2020/10/07Cytotoxic and apoptotic effects of different extracts of Artemisia turanica Krasch. on K562 and HL-60 cell linesRESEARCH2020-10-07 11:13:18
2020/10/07Artemisia turanica and Artemisia turcomanica extracts were found to potentially exert neuroprotective effect on PC12 cells.RESEARCH2020-10-07 09:53:31
2020/10/07Artemisia turanica could have a protective role in diabetes-induced complications.RESEARCH2020-10-07 09:17:22
2020/10/07Artemisia turanica extract has therapeutic effects on renal oxidative damage and lipid profile in diabetes.RESEARCH2020-10-07 09:13:09
2020/10/07Extracts of Artemisia absinthium L. suppress the growth of hepatocellular carcinoma cells through induction of apoptosis.RESEARCH2020-10-07 09:09:10
2020/10/07Development of a solid formulation containing a microemulsion of a novel Artemisia extract with nematocidal activity for oral administration.RESEARCH2020-10-07 08:28:12
2020/10/07Cytotoxic potential of Artemisia absinthium extract loaded polymeric nanoparticles against breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-07 08:24:37
2020/10/07The study suggested that novel anticancer, antibacterial and immune modulatory molecules can be developed from the leaves of Artemisia absinthium.RESEARCH2020-10-07 08:21:09
2020/10/07Significance of common mugwort in the history of medicine and its possible contemporary applications.RESEARCH2020-10-07 08:14:34
2020/10/07Artemisia annua L. as a promising medicinal plant for powerful wound healing applications.RESEARCH2020-10-07 07:52:54
2020/10/07Tussilagone inhibits Osteoclastogenesis and Periprosthetic OsteolysisRESEARCH2020-10-07 07:42:42
2020/10/07Effects of Tussilago farfara polysaccharides on the expression of PD-1 (CD279) and PD-L1 (CD274) in peripheral blood and tumor tissue lymphocytes in with Lewis lung carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-10-07 07:20:40
2020/10/07Antiplatelet activity of Tussilagone via inhibition of the GPVI downstream signaling pathway in platelets.RESEARCH2020-10-07 07:14:38
2020/10/06Success — FDA Finally Issues Amalgam WarningRESEARCH2020-10-06 17:09:07
2020/10/06Trump Still in Danger: Doctors Added Third Drug to His Reckless Experimental TreatmentRESEARCH2020-10-06 13:48:06
2020/10/06How Will Unhealthy Americans React to COVID-19 Vaccines?RESEARCH2020-10-06 12:23:30
2020/10/05Cellular target proteome in breast cancer cells of an oplopane sesquiterpenoid isolated from Tussilago farfara.RESEARCH2020-10-05 12:26:52
2020/10/05Prenylated indole alkaloids and lignans from the flower buds of Tussilago farfara.RESEARCH2020-10-05 10:48:00
2020/10/03Melatonin counteracts drought induced oxidative damage and stimulates growth, productivity and fruit quality properties of tomato plants.RESEARCH2020-10-03 04:24:32
2020/10/03The anti-aging effects of astaxanthin were shown to be due in part to the Nrf2/Keap1 and NF-κB pathway.RESEARCH2020-10-03 04:15:35
2020/10/03Absorbability of astaxanthin was much lower in obese mice than in normal mice.RESEARCH2020-10-03 04:10:25
2020/10/03Protective effect of astaxanthin against SnS 2 nanoflowers induced testes toxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-03 04:08:18
2020/10/03Protective effects of astaxanthin on nephrotoxicity in rats with induced renovascular occlusion.RESEARCH2020-10-03 04:05:36
2020/10/03Astaxanthin could be useful for treating dry skin caused by decreased AQP3.RESEARCH2020-10-03 04:03:16
2020/10/03Astaxanthin prevents lung injury due to hyperoxia and inflammation.RESEARCH2020-10-03 03:52:05
2020/10/03Kidney-targeted astaxanthin natural antioxidant nanosystem for diabetic nephropathy therapy.RESEARCH2020-10-03 03:45:12
2020/10/03This model supports the use of astaxanthin for the treatment of cognitive deficits.RESEARCH2020-10-03 03:39:14
2020/10/03These results suggest that both astaxanthin and adonixanthin have potential as treatments for glioblastoma.RESEARCH2020-10-03 03:35:18
2020/10/03Astaxanthin inhibits p70 S6 kinase 1 activity to sensitize insulin signaling.RESEARCH2020-10-03 03:30:05
2020/10/03Astragaloside IV treatment ameliorated the severity of diabetic nephropathy.RESEARCH2020-10-03 03:12:58
2020/10/03These data suggested that astragaloside Ⅳ can effectively reduce radiation-induced apoptosis of brain cells.RESEARCH2020-10-03 03:03:01
2020/10/03Astragaloside IV ameliorates preeclampsia-induced oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-10-03 02:54:39
2020/10/03Astragaloside IV-induced Nrf2 nuclear translocation ameliorates lead-related cognitive impairments in mice.RESEARCH2020-10-03 02:47:38
2020/10/02Astragaloside IV exerts renal protective effects in animals with diabetes mellitus through multiple signalling pathways.RESEARCH2020-10-02 15:51:47
2020/10/02Astragaloside IV: An effective drug for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.RESEARCH2020-10-02 15:43:59
2020/10/02Study on the anticancer effect of an astragaloside and chlorogenic acid-containing herbal medicine (RLT-03) in breast cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-02 15:28:24
2020/10/02Lonicera japonica flower bud may be useful for treating Citrobacter rodentium-induced digestive tract infection.RESEARCH2020-10-02 14:59:40
2020/10/02Protective effect of a novel polysaccharide from Lonicera japonica on cardiomyocytes of mice injured by hydrogen peroxide.RESEARCH2020-10-02 14:47:44
2020/10/02Comparative study on anti-inflammatory effect of Lonicerae Japonicae Flos and Lonicerae Flos.RESEARCH2020-10-02 14:20:32
2020/10/02Changes in chemical components and antitumor activity during the heating process of Fructus Arctii.RESEARCH2020-10-02 14:06:45
2020/10/02Arctigenin attenuates diabetic kidney disease through the activation of PP2A in podocytes.RESEARCH2020-10-02 14:01:20
2020/10/02Total lignans from Fructus arctii has a preventive and therapeutic effect on diabetic retinopathy.RESEARCH2020-10-02 13:39:04
2020/10/02Natural lignans from Arctium lappa as antiaging agents in Caenorhabditis elegans.RESEARCH2020-10-02 13:27:10
2020/10/02An integrated network pharmacology and RNA-Seq approach for exploring the preventive effect of Lonicerae japonicae flos on LPS-induced acute lung injury.RESEARCH2020-10-02 12:01:22
2020/10/02Lonicera japonica polysaccharide improved behavioral changes and neuronal loss associated with LPS-induced learning and memory impairments. RESEARCH2020-10-02 11:55:20
2020/10/02Arctigenin could be used to reduce the risk of colitis-associated cancer in patients with colitis.RESEARCH2020-10-02 11:48:28
2020/10/02Arctigenin protects against depression by inhibiting microglial activation and neuroinflammation.RESEARCH2020-10-02 11:41:59
2020/10/02Overview of the anti-inflammatory effects, pharmacokinetic properties and clinical efficacies of arctigenin and arctiin from Arctium lappa.RESEARCH2020-10-02 11:28:16
2020/10/02Arctiin prevents LPS-induced acute lung injury via inhibition of PI3K/AKT signaling pathway.RESEARCH2020-10-02 11:21:13
2020/10/02Arctiin protects rat heart against ischemia/reperfusion injury.RESEARCH2020-10-02 10:58:18
2020/10/02Arctiin attenuates high glucose-induced human retinal capillary endothelial cell proliferation.RESEARCH2020-10-02 10:48:00
2020/10/02Enhancement of the apoptotic effects of Arctii fructus extracts on cancer cells by the enzymatic bioconversion of lignans.RESEARCH2020-10-02 10:42:01
2020/10/02Antidepressive effect of arctiin by attenuating neuroinflammation.RESEARCH2020-10-02 10:23:20
2020/10/02Arctiin may serve as a novel therapeutic agent for the treatment of osteoporosis.RESEARCH2020-10-02 06:48:14
2020/10/02Structure-guided identification of black cohosh triterpenoids with in vitro activity against multiple myeloma.RESEARCH2020-10-02 06:24:54
2020/10/02Proapoptotic and antiangiogenic activities of Arctium lappa on breast cancer cell lines.RESEARCH2020-10-02 04:52:47
2020/10/02Arctium lappa L. polysaccharide can regulate lipid metabolism in type 2 diabetic rats.RESEARCH2020-10-02 04:44:41
2020/10/02Arctigenin attenuates breast cancer progression.RESEARCH2020-10-02 04:24:30
2020/10/02These findings reveal crocetin’s potential use as a calcium channel antagonist for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.RESEARCH2020-10-02 03:36:52
2020/10/02Crocetin attenuates the oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis in arsenic trioxide-induced nephrotoxic rats.RESEARCH2020-10-02 03:31:20
2020/10/02Protective effects of crocetin against radiation-induced injury in intestinal epithelial cells.RESEARCH2020-10-02 03:15:34
2020/10/02Crocetin and crocin decreased cholesterol and triglyceride content of both breast cancer tumors and cell lines.RESEARCH2020-10-02 02:51:09
2020/10/02Ameliorative effects of crocin on tartrazine dye-induced pancreatic adverse effects.RESEARCH2020-10-02 02:40:55
2020/10/01These results suggested that crocin-I effectively alleviated depression-like behavior.RESEARCH2020-10-01 16:06:20
2020/10/01Crocin treatment promotes the oxidative stress and apoptosis in human thyroid cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-10-01 15:47:26
2020/10/01Therapeutic potentials of crocin in medication of neurological disorders.RESEARCH2020-10-01 15:33:03
2020/10/01Crocin ameliorates arsenic trioxide‑induced cardiotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-01 15:23:19
2020/10/01Novel neuroprotective potential of crocin in neurodegenerative disorders.RESEARCH2020-10-01 15:16:19
2020/10/01Chemo-preventive effect of crocin against experimentally-induced hepatocarcinogenesis.RESEARCH2020-10-01 15:01:43
2020/10/01The effect of crocin supplementation on lipid concentrations and fasting blood glucose.RESEARCH2020-10-01 12:31:02
2020/10/01Crocin could attenuate hyperalgesia induced by sleep deprivation.RESEARCH2020-10-01 12:27:17
2020/10/01Crocin recovered spatial learning and memory defects induced by BPA.RESEARCH2020-10-01 12:15:47
2020/10/01Geraniol protects against cyclophosphamide-induced hepatotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-10-01 11:51:15
2020/10/01Geraniol protects against oxidative stress-induced apoptosis in hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury.RESEARCH2020-10-01 11:36:00
2020/10/01Chebulanin exerts its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects via inhibiting NF-κB and MAPK activation.RESEARCH2020-10-01 10:09:46
2020/10/01Yarrow supercritical extract ameliorates the metabolic stress in a model of obesity induced by high-fat diet.RESEARCH2020-10-01 09:48:43
2020/10/01These results suggest that Achillea millefolium could be a useful candidate for atopic dermatitis treatment.RESEARCH2020-10-01 09:34:09
2020/10/01Yarrow oil ameliorates ulcerative colitis in mice.RESEARCH2020-10-01 09:23:02
2020/10/01Study results showed that vaginal cream containing A. millefolium could reduce the complaints of vulvovaginal candidiasis.RESEARCH2020-10-01 08:52:46
2020/10/01The healing effects of St. John’s Wort on experimental alkaline corrosive eosephageal and stomach burns.RESEARCH2020-10-01 08:36:45
2020/10/01Geranium and lemon essential oils and their derivative compounds are valuable natural anti-viral agents that may contribute to the prevention of the invasion of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.RESEARCH2020-10-01 08:14:03
2020/10/01Geraniol-mediated osteoarthritis improvement by down-regulating PI3K/Akt/NF-κB and MAPK signals.RESEARCH2020-10-01 05:45:23
2020/10/01Geraniol ameliorates diabetic nephropathy.RESEARCH2020-10-01 05:33:53
2020/10/01This review discusses some of the most important uses of geraniol.RESEARCH2020-10-01 05:29:21
2020/10/01Computational evaluation of major components from plant essential oils as potent inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.RESEARCH2020-10-01 04:35:20
2020/10/01Chemical composition and immunomodulatory activity of Hypericum perforatum essential oils.RESEARCH2020-10-01 04:24:26
2020/10/01Echinacoside promotes the proliferation of human renal tubular epithelial cells by blocking the HBX/TREM2‑mediated NF‑κB signalling pathway.RESEARCH2020-10-01 03:48:04
2020/10/01Echinacoside protects dopaminergic neurons.RESEARCH2020-10-01 03:34:53
2020/10/01Post-screening characterization of an acidic polysaccharide from Echinacea purpurea with potent anti-inflammatory properties in vivo.RESEARCH2020-10-01 03:18:58
2020/10/01Medicinal herbs used in traditional management of breast cancer.RESEARCH2020-10-01 03:14:14
2020/10/01The effect of Echinacea on the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 and other respiratory tract infections in humans.RESEARCH2020-10-01 03:02:21
2020/09/30In vitro virucidal activity of Echinaforce®, an Echinacea purpurea preparation, against coronaviruses.RESEARCH2020-09-30 15:51:26
2020/09/30Sesquiterpenes from Echinacea purpurea and their anti-inflammatory activities.RESEARCH2020-09-30 15:32:06
2020/09/30Echinacea angustifolia extract is a potential candidate for breast cancer treatment.RESEARCH2020-09-30 15:30:05
2020/09/30Natural products for COVID-19 prevention and treatment regarding to previous coronavirus infections and novel studies.RESEARCH2020-09-30 14:55:01
2020/09/30Rooibos protects against nicotine induced vascular injury and oxidative stress.RESEARCH2020-09-30 10:53:02
2020/09/30Aspalathin-rich green Aspalathus linearis extract suppresses migration and invasion of human castration-resistant prostate cancer.RESEARCH2020-09-30 10:43:23
2020/09/30Fumonisin B 1-induced mitochondrial toxicity and hepatoprotective potential of rooibos.RESEARCH2020-09-30 10:33:32
2020/09/30Differential cytotoxicity of rooibos and green tea extracts against primary rat hepatocytes and human liver and colon cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-09-30 10:20:37
2020/09/30Effects of hot‑water extracts from 26 herbs on α‑glucosidase activity.RESEARCH2020-09-30 10:11:16
2020/09/30Honeybush extracts rescue mitochondrial functions and bioenergetics against oxidative injury.RESEARCH2020-09-30 09:48:51
2020/09/30Wogonin suppresses IL-10 production in B cells via STAT3 and ERK signaling pathway.RESEARCH2020-09-30 05:16:27
2020/09/30Wogonin inhibits in vitro herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 infection.RESEARCH2020-09-30 05:02:35
2020/09/30Wogonin preventive impact on hippocampal neurodegeneration, inflammation and cognitive defects in temporal lobe epilepsy.RESEARCH2020-09-30 04:54:35
2020/09/30C. genistoides enriched in xanthones and benzophenones show potential in reducing the effective dose of acarbose required to prevent postprandial hyperglycaemia.RESEARCH2020-09-30 04:42:05
2020/09/30Innovative strategies to treat skin wounds with mangiferin.RESEARCH2020-09-30 04:15:23
2020/09/29Mangiferin induces immune responses and evaluates the survival rate in WEHI-3 cell generated mouse leukemia in vivo.RESEARCH2020-09-29 08:28:56
2020/09/29Mangiferin might be a potential effective agent for the management of alcoholic liver injury.RESEARCH2020-09-29 08:12:29
2020/09/29Mangiferin offers protection against deleterious effects of pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and environmental chemicals.RESEARCH2020-09-29 08:01:20
2020/09/29A mango juice by-product reduces gastrointestinal and upper respiratory tract infection symptoms in children.RESEARCH2020-09-29 07:54:26
2020/09/29Epoxyazadiradione exhibit activities in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma by targeting multiple pathways.RESEARCH2020-09-29 06:59:47
2020/09/29Inhibitory activity of flaxseed oil against cadmium chloride induced liver and kidney damage.RESEARCH2020-09-29 05:37:09
2020/09/29Novel nanoemulsion gel containing triple natural bio-actives combination of curcumin, thymoquinone, and resveratrol improves psoriasis therapy.RESEARCH2020-09-29 05:18:54
2020/09/29High dietary oleic acid in olive oil-supplemented diet enhanced omega-3 fatty acid in blood plasma.RESEARCH2020-09-29 05:10:40
2020/09/29The use of coconut oil as a treatment strategy for xerostomia post-HNC radiation is feasible, inexpensive, and safe.RESEARCH2020-09-29 05:01:08
2020/09/29The role of coconut oil in treating patients affected by plaque-induced gingivitis.RESEARCH2020-09-29 04:56:39
2020/09/29T. officinale flower water syrup possesses beneficial properties by regulating prostanoids and antioxidant status.RESEARCH2020-09-29 04:43:51
2020/09/29Comparison of ameliorative effects of Taraxacum syriacum and N-acetylcysteine against acetaminophen-induced oxidative stress in the liver and kidney.RESEARCH2020-09-29 04:38:29
2020/09/29Regulation of glycolysis and the Warburg effect in wound healing.RESEARCH2020-09-29 04:13:56
2020/09/29Shikonin may be a novel therapeutic agent for patients with cholangiocarcinoma.RESEARCH2020-09-29 04:07:12
2020/09/29Shikonin ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.RESEARCH2020-09-29 04:00:29
2020/09/29Shikonin overcomes drug resistance and induces necroptosis by regulating the miR-92a-1-5p/MLKL axis in chronic myeloid leukemia.RESEARCH2020-09-29 03:54:25
2020/09/29The present results may facilitate the clinical application of shikonin as an anti-inflammatory agent in treating COPD.RESEARCH2020-09-29 03:32:55
2020/09/29Protective role of wogonin against cadmium induced testicular toxicity.RESEARCH2020-09-29 03:08:41
2020/09/29Wogonin induces apoptosis and reverses sunitinib resistance of renal cell carcinoma cells.RESEARCH2020-09-29 03:03:37
2020/09/29Wogonin facilitates hematoma clearance and neurobehavioral recovery by targeting PPAR-γ.RESEARCH2020-09-29 02:53:52
2020/09/28These results demonstrate that fisetin is a promising agent for protecting against sepsis-induced inflammatory response and organ injury.RESEARCH2020-09-28 13:25:36
2020/09/28Targeting SARS-CoV-2 spike protein of COVID-19 with naturally occurring phytochemicals.RESEARCH2020-09-28 13:03:03
2020/09/28Enhanced oral bioavailability and neuroprotective effect of fisetin through its SNEDDS against rotenone-induced Parkinson’s disease.RESEARCH2020-09-28 12:50:05
2020/09/28Fisetin inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor-induced angiogenesis in retinoblastoma cells.RESEARCH2020-09-28 12:26:49
2020/09/28Fisetin alleviates hepatic and adipocyte fibrosis and insulin resistance.RESEARCH2020-09-28 12:10:04
2020/09/28This study has revealed a prime mechanism involved in the cardioprotective effects of fisetin.RESEARCH2020-09-28 11:34:08
2020/09/28Effects of emulsion formulations of oleuropein isolated from ethanol extract of olive leaf in diabetic rats.RESEARCH2020-09-28 11:06:48
2020/09/28The effect of oleuropein on apoptotic pathway regulators in breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-09-28 10:00:48
2020/09/28Oleuropein improved post cerebral stroke cognitive function by promoting histone acetylation and phosphorylation of cAMP response element-binding protein.RESEARCH2020-09-28 09:40:28
2020/09/28Sayer Ji: Biopolitics, the Corona World Order, and the Human Connection Movement [LIVESTREAM]RESEARCH2020-09-28 08:34:24
2020/09/28The results revealed that oleuropein is able to significantly reduce cytotoxicity, apoptosis, genotoxic, and clastogenic effects of gamma rays.RESEARCH2020-09-28 05:49:10
2020/09/28Oleuropein might be considered as a potential antimetastatic agent for prostate cancer.RESEARCH2020-09-28 05:34:34
2020/09/28A combination of olive leaf and fruit extracts may be used efficiently and safely in reducing hypertension and MetS markers.RESEARCH2020-09-28 04:40:48
2020/09/28Antidiabetic effect of olive leaf extract on streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus.RESEARCH2020-09-28 04:24:07
2020/09/28This study suggests the ability of olive leaf extract to reduce the biofilm formation and virulence factor production of P. aeruginosa.RESEARCH2020-09-28 03:22:45
2020/09/27Identification of novel phyto-chemicals from Ocimum basilicum for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease using in silico approach.RESEARCH2020-09-27 13:08:27
2020/09/27Considering the effect of Rosa damascen essential oil on oxidative stress and COX-2 gene expression in the liver of septic rats.RESEARCH2020-09-27 12:11:00
2020/09/27Anti-inflammatory effects of deuterium-depleted water plus Rosa damascena essential oil via cyclooxygenase-2 pathway.RESEARCH2020-09-27 07:50:37
2020/09/27These results highlight the benefits of R. damascena extract to combat Parkinson’s disease at the population level.RESEARCH2020-09-27 07:34:15
2020/09/27Understanding COVID-19 in the light of epidemic disease described in Unani medicine.RESEARCH2020-09-27 07:14:43
2020/09/27Effect of a novel herbal vaginal suppository containing myrtle and oak gall in the treatment of vaginitis.RESEARCH2020-09-27 06:45:11
2020/09/27Oak Gall could be recommended for women in reproductive age who are uncomfortable with the potential side effects of synthetic drugs.RESEARCH2020-09-27 06:34:26
2020/09/27Phytochemicals and cytotoxicity of Quercus infectoria ethyl acetate extracts on human cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-09-27 06:20:50
2020/09/27The findings validate that Quercus infectoria and Phyllanthus emblica are potential antibacterial agents against antimicrobial-resistant  S. Typhi and S. Enteritidis.RESEARCH2020-09-27 05:41:55
2020/09/27Ethanolic extract of Malacca leaves has the potential to protect against liver damage in mice infected with P. berghei.RESEARCH2020-09-27 05:28:24
2020/09/27The key findings indicated the synergistic effects of DOX and T. pratense against TNBC xenografts.RESEARCH2020-09-27 05:06:49
2020/09/27Flavonoids-mediated SIRT1 signaling activation in hepatic disorders.RESEARCH2020-09-27 05:02:43
2020/09/27Xanthohumol targets the ERK1/2‑Fra1 signaling axis to reduce cyclin D1 expression and inhibit non‑small cell lung cancer.RESEARCH2020-09-27 04:55:45
2020/09/27Citrus flavonoids as promising phytochemicals targeting diabetes and related complications.RESEARCH2020-09-27 04:31:15
2020/09/27Meta-analysis of controlled trials testing horticultural therapy for the improvement of cognitive function.RESEARCH2020-09-27 04:10:51
2020/09/26Pharmacological and pharmacokinetic effect of a polyherbal combination with Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal for the management of anxiety.RESEARCH2020-09-26 16:08:38
2020/09/26Phytochemical and antioxidant profiling of Ocimum sanctum.RESEARCH2020-09-26 15:45:46
2020/09/26Ascorbate status was positively associated with cognitive function in Parkinson’s disease.RESEARCH2020-09-26 15:26:23
2020/09/26Ameliorative effect of Nigella sativa oil and vitamin C on the thyroid gland and cerebellum.RESEARCH2020-09-26 12:28:22
2020/09/26N. sativa could be a promising, safe, and easily available analgesic supplement in women suffering from primary dysmenorrhea.RESEARCH2020-09-26 12:14:08
2020/09/26Nigella sativa L as a potential phytotherapy for coronavirus disease 2019.RESEARCH2020-09-26 12:08:04
2020/09/26Thymoquinone and difluoromethylornithine (DFMO) synergistically induce apoptosis of human acute T lymphoblastic leukemiaRESEARCH2020-09-26 11:56:04
2020/09/26Thymoquinone administration ameliorates Alzheimer’s disease-like phenotype.RESEARCH2020-09-26 11:50:53
2020/09/26The effects of melatonin and thymoquinone on doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-09-26 11:44:07
2020/09/26Potential protective roles of phytochemicals on glutamate-induced neurotoxicity.RESEARCH2020-09-26 11:35:30
2020/09/26Astaxanthin suppresses lipopolysaccharide‑induced myocardial injury.RESEARCH2020-09-26 11:26:26
2020/09/26The New Global Digital Prison: The Data-ification and Financialization of All of Life – Alison McDowellRESEARCH2020-09-26 07:50:55
2020/09/22Five Natural Substances to Reduce Facial WrinklesRESEARCH2020-09-22 18:33:25
2020/09/21Antioxidative effects of ascorbic acid and astaxanthin on ARPE-19 cells in an oxidative stress model.RESEARCH2020-09-21 15:43:50
2020/09/21Pycnogenol is well-tolerated and increases the effectiveness of broad-spectrum sunscreen and the triple combination in the treatment of facial melasma in women.RESEARCH2020-09-21 15:19:00
2020/09/19Coronavirus Disinfectants May Be Extremely Hazardous to HealthRESEARCH2020-09-19 17:47:20
2020/09/18Cardioprotective effects of dietary flaxseed post-infarction are associated with changes in microRNA expression.RESEARCH2020-09-18 10:31:57
2020/09/18Flaxseed oligosaccharides alleviate DSS-induced colitis.RESEARCH2020-09-18 10:27:44
2020/09/18Human milk oligosaccharides have the capacity to modulate immune function and the gut barrier.RESEARCH2020-09-18 10:22:22
2020/09/18Ilex paraguariensis, white mulberry and chromium picolinate in patients with pre-diabetes.RESEARCH2020-09-18 10:08:11
2020/09/18Protective effects of chlorogenic acid on cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury.RESEARCH2020-09-18 10:06:22
2020/09/18In vitro and in vivo antitumor activity of Yerba Mate extract in colon cancer models.RESEARCH2020-09-18 10:03:35
2020/09/18Rosa canina distilled water could modulate tamoxifen-induced fatty liver as well as improving the sperm parameters.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:58:14
2020/09/18Characterization and anti-diabetic effects of the oligosaccharide fraction isolated from Rosa canina in STZ-Induced diabetic rats.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:54:38
2020/09/18Molecular mechanism of the anti-diabetic activity of an identified oligosaccharide from Rosa canina.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:47:26
2020/09/18Protective effect of the isolated oligosaccharide from Rosa canina in STZ-treated cells through modulation of the autophagy pathway.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:41:22
2020/09/18Rosa brunonii Lindely fruit as a new protective agent evaluated against Rif/INH induced toxicity.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:28:15
2020/09/18Low-vitamin-D diet lowers cerebral serotonin concentration in mature female mice.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:24:27
2020/09/18Higher vitamin D intake is associated with decreased risk of dementia in a multiethnic cohort.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:22:23
2020/09/18This study demonstrates an association between low levels of serum 25[OH]D and increased orthopaedic infection.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:20:45
2020/09/18Vitamin D inhibits the proliferation of oral squamous cell carcinoma.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:13:55
2020/09/18Vitamin D deficiency is common in juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:07:50
2020/09/18This study demonstrates an association between Vitamin D deficiency and the severity/mortality of COVID-19.RESEARCH2020-09-18 09:05:58
2020/09/18Meta-analysis demonstrates a clinically meaningful benefit of vitamin D supplementation on colorectal cancer survival outcomes.RESEARCH2020-09-18 08:58:00
2020/09/18Vitamin D and autoimmune thyroid disease-cause, consequence, or a vicious cycle?RESEARCH2020-09-18 08:45:33
2020/09/18Vitamin D deficiency was associated with decreased lung function in middle aged Korean men without overt medical conditions.RESEARCH2020-09-18 08:37:51
2020/09/18Association of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D deficiency with risk of incidence of disability in basic activities of daily living in adults.RESEARCH2020-09-18 08:34:19
2020/09/18Association of vitamin D gene polymorphisms in children with asthma.RESEARCH2020-09-18 08:30:14
2020/09/18Obesity, vitamin D deficiency and old age a serious combination with respect to coronavirus disease-2019 severity and outcome.RESEARCH2020-09-18 08:04:06
2020/09/18SARS-CoV-2 positivity rates associated with circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels.RESEARCH2020-09-18 08:00:40
2020/09/18Are adequate vitamin D levels helpful in fighting COVID-19? A look at the evidence.RESEARCH2020-09-18 07:55:49
2020/09/18Bergamot essential oil nanoemulsions might find use in therapeutic applications as anticarcinogenic agents.RESEARCH2020-09-18 06:43:47
2020/09/17Protective effect of bergapten in acetic acid-induced colitis.RESEARCH2020-09-17 18:14:50
2020/09/17Evaluation of lipid and cholesterol-lowering effect of bioflavonoids from bergamot extract.RESEARCH2020-09-17 18:00:15
2020/09/17Naringin modulates UVB radiation-induced DNA damage and photoaging.RESEARCH2020-09-17 16:56:29
2020/09/17Naringenin and naringin in cardiovascular disease prevention.RESEARCH2020-09-17 16:50:37
2020/09/17Lactoferrin peptides limit pro-inflammatory signaling and cytokine production by LPS-activated human macrophages.RESEARCH2020-09-17 16:46:49
2020/09/17Lactoferrin as potential preventative and adjunct treatment for COVID-19.RESEARCH2020-09-17 16:22:11
2020/09/17Targeting cancer with lactoferrin nanoparticles: recent advances.RESEARCH2020-09-17 16:06:41
2020/09/17Impact of lactoferrin on bone regenerative processes and its possible implementation in oral surgery.RESEARCH2020-09-17 15:44:35
2020/09/17Enteral lactoferrin supplementation for preventing sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants.RESEARCH2020-09-17 15:16:17
2020/09/17Lactoferrin and hematoma detoxification after intracerebral hemorrhage.RESEARCH2020-09-17 15:11:00
2020/09/17Effects of oral bovine lactoferrin on a mouse model of inflammation associated colon cancer.RESEARCH2020-09-17 15:09:02
2020/09/17Lactoferrin-derived peptides antimicrobial activity: an in vitro experiment.RESEARCH2020-09-17 15:06:55
2020/09/17Bovine lactoferrin supplementation protects against late-onset sepsis in infants.RESEARCH2020-09-17 15:03:21
2020/09/17Therapeutic effects of lactoferrin in ocular diseases: From dry eye disease to Infections.RESEARCH2020-09-17 14:53:35
2020/09/17Antiproliferative activity of green, black tea and olive leaves polyphenols subjected to biosorption and in vitro gastrointestinal digestion in Caco-2 cells.RESEARCH2020-09-17 14:08:53
2020/09/17Potential anti-influenza effective plants used in Turkish folk medicine.RESEARCH2020-09-17 13:34:28
2020/09/17In silico characterisation of olive phenolic compounds as potential cyclooxygenase modulators.RESEARCH2020-09-17 13:24:20
2020/09/17Beneficial effects of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. flower aqueous extract in pregnant rats with diabetes.RESEARCH2020-09-17 13:12:22
2020/09/17Antioxidant properties of heat-treated Hibiscus syriacus.RESEARCH2020-09-17 12:58:27
2020/09/17Efficacy and safety of 4% Hibiscus rosa-sinensis leaf extract ointment as an adjunct treatment to compression stockings on the closure of venous leg ulcers.RESEARCH2020-09-17 12:47:57
2020/09/17Hibiscus rosa sinensis flower constituents have beneficial effects toward antibiotic sensitive- and resistant-strains of Helicobacter pylori.RESEARCH2020-09-17 12:36:09
2020/09/17The extract of Hibiscus syriacus inducing apoptosis by activating p53 and AIF in human lung cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-09-17 12:17:22
2020/09/17The triterpenoids of Hibiscus syriacus induce apoptosis and inhibit cell migration in breast cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-09-17 12:08:17
2020/09/17Chemical constituents from leaves of Hibiscus syriacus and their α-glucosidase inhibitory activities.RESEARCH2020-09-17 12:03:26
2020/09/17Effect of absolute From Hibiscus syriacus L. flower on wound healing in keratinocytes.RESEARCH2020-09-17 11:59:32
2020/09/17Hibiscus syriacus extract from an established cell culture stimulates skin wound healing.RESEARCH2020-09-17 11:11:09
2020/09/17Dietary enzyme-treated Hibiscus syriacus L. protects skin against chronic UVB-induced photoaging.RESEARCH2020-09-17 11:08:38
2020/09/17Composition analysis and antioxidant activity of polysaccharide from Hibiscus syriacus.RESEARCH2020-09-17 11:06:29
2020/09/17Anthocyanins isolated from Hibiscus syriacus L. attenuate lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation and endotoxic shock.RESEARCH2020-09-17 11:02:54
2020/09/17Hibiscus represents a promising safe agent that can be repurposed for Alzheimer’s disease.RESEARCH2020-09-17 09:37:09
2020/09/17Aqueous fraction from Hibiscus sabdariffa relaxes mesenteric arteries of normotensive and hypertensive rats.RESEARCH2020-09-17 09:33:51
2020/09/17Polyphenols in the flower of H. syriacus could be a promising candidate for preventive effect of neuroinflammation.RESEARCH2020-09-17 09:29:07
2020/09/17Olive leaves and hibiscus flowers extracts-based preparation protect brain from oxidative stress-induced injury.RESEARCH2020-09-17 09:25:12
2020/09/17Effects of Hibiscus sabdariffa calyces on spatial memory and hippocampal expression of BDNF in ovariectomized rats.RESEARCH2020-09-17 09:00:23
2020/09/17Antiapoptotic and antioxidant capacity of phytochemicals from Hibiscus sabdariffa and their potential effects on monosodium glutamate-induced testicular damage.RESEARCH2020-09-17 08:14:43
2020/09/17Hibiscus sabdariffa extract protects against cadmium-induced ovarian toxicity.RESEARCH2020-09-17 08:09:12
2020/09/17Phenolic compounds in extracts of Hibiscus acetosella and their antioxidant and antibacterial properties.RESEARCH2020-09-17 08:02:31
2020/09/16Korean Red Ginseng alleviates neuroinflammation and promotes cell survival.RESEARCH2020-09-16 17:47:57
2020/09/16Korean Red Ginseng prevents posttraumatic stress disorder-triggered depression-like behaviors.RESEARCH2020-09-16 17:40:23
2020/09/16Gastroprotective effects of the nonsaponin fraction of Korean Red Ginseng through cyclooxygenase-1 upregulation.RESEARCH2020-09-16 17:24:17
2020/09/16Preventive effects of Korean red ginseng on experimentally induced colitis and colon carcinogenesis.RESEARCH2020-09-16 17:07:03
2020/09/16Red ginseng inhibits tau aggregation and promotes tau dissociation in vitro.RESEARCH2020-09-16 17:00:33
2020/09/16Immune activity of polysaccharide fractions isolated from Korean red ginseng.RESEARCH2020-09-16 16:39:02
2020/09/16Treatment of melasma: a review of less commonly used antioxidants.RESEARCH2020-09-16 16:08:54
2020/09/16An optimized omega-3 PUFAs status could be helpful to prevent infectious diseases, including Covid-19.RESEARCH2020-09-16 15:53:51
2020/09/16Intravenous omega-3 fatty acids are associated with better clinical outcome and less inflammation in patients with predicted severe acute pancreatitis.RESEARCH2020-09-16 15:45:23
2020/09/16Impact of different omega-3 fatty acid sources on lipid, hormonal, blood glucose, weight gain and histopathological damages profile in PCOS.RESEARCH2020-09-16 15:41:52
2020/09/16ω-3 and ω-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, obesity and cancer.RESEARCH2020-09-16 14:23:07
2020/09/16D-mannose appears protective for recurrent urinary tract infection.RESEARCH2020-09-16 14:15:37
2020/09/16Effectiveness of D-mannose, Hibiscus sabdariffa and Lactobacillus plantarum therapy in prevention of infectious events following urodynamic study.RESEARCH2020-09-16 14:13:46
2020/09/16Cranberry polyphenols and prevention against urinary tract infections.RESEARCH2020-09-16 14:08:50
2020/09/16Cranberry extract-based formulations for preventing bacterial biofilms.RESEARCH2020-09-16 13:54:32
2020/09/16Antimicrobial effect of natural berry juices on common oral pathogenic bacteria.RESEARCH2020-09-16 13:41:59
2020/09/16Highbush blueberry proanthocyanidins alleviate Porphyromonas gingivalis-induced deleterious effects on oral mucosal cells.RESEARCH2020-09-16 13:37:56
2020/09/16D-mannose for prevention and treatment of lower urinary tract infection.RESEARCH2020-09-16 13:22:29
2020/09/16Combination of cranberry extract and D-mannose – possible enhancer of uropathogen sensitivity to antibiotics in acute therapy of urinary tract infections.RESEARCH2020-09-16 13:12:42
2020/09/16Comparative effect of bovine buttermilk, whey, and lactoferrin on the innate immunity receptors and oxidative status of intestinal epithelial cells.RESEARCH2020-09-16 12:58:28
2020/09/16The opposite effects of Antarctic krill oil and arachidonic acid-rich oil on bone resorption in ovariectomized mice.RESEARCH2020-09-16 12:42:00
2020/09/16Krill oil perturbs proliferation and migration of mouse colon cancer cells.RESEARCH2020-09-16 10:32:05
2020/09/16The combination of omega-3 and Korean red ginseng may have beneficial effects in children with subthreshold ADHD.RESEARCH2020-09-16 10:18:18
2020/09/16Preclinical research on a mixture of red ginseng and licorice extracts in the treatment and prevention of obesity.RESEARCH2020-09-16 10:10:13
2020/09/16Diol-ginsenosides from Korean Red Ginseng delay the development of type 1 diabetes in diabetes-prone biobreeding rats.RESEARCH2020-09-16 09:55:56
2020/09/16Therapeutic effect of melittin on a rat model of chronic prostatitis induced by complete freund’s adjuvant.RESEARCH2020-09-16 09:40:50
2020/09/16Lytic cell death induced by melittin bypasses pyroptosis but induces NLRP3 inflammasome activation and IL-1β release.RESEARCH2020-09-16 09:16:17
2020/09/16The anti-hepatocellular carcinoma activity of Mel-P15 is mediated by natural killer cells.RESEARCH2020-09-16 08:23:00
2020/09/16Targeted delivery of melittin to cancer cells by AS1411 anti-nucleolin aptamerRESEARCH2020-09-16 08:15:52
2020/09/16Highly synergistic activity of melittin with imipenem and colistin in biofilm inhibition against multidrug-resistant strong biofilm producer strains of Acinetobacter baumannii.RESEARCH2020-09-16 08:13:53
2020/09/16MEL-pep, an analog of melittin, disrupts cell membranes and reverses 5-fluorouracil resistance in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells.RESEARCH2020-09-16 08:00:32
2020/09/15Effect of dimerized melittin on gastric cancer cells and antibacterial activity.RESEARCH2020-09-15 17:20:38
2020/09/15Melittin constrains the expression of identified key genes associated with bladder cancer.RESEARCH2020-09-15 17:19:13
2020/09/15Melittin induces NSCLC apoptosis via inhibition of miR-183.RESEARCH2020-09-15 17:11:40
2020/09/15Melittin-induced long non-coding RNA NONHSAT105177 inhibits proliferation and migration of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.RESEARCH2020-09-15 17:00:53
2020/09/15Synergistic effects of melittin with conventional antibiotics against multidrug-resistant isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.RESEARCH2020-09-15 16:55:06
2020/09/15Synergistic co-delivery of doxorubicin and melittin using functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for cancer treatment.RESEARCH2020-09-15 16:31:09
2020/09/15Melittin induced G1 cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in chago-K1 human bronchogenic carcinoma cells.RESEARCH2020-09-15 16:21:29
2020/09/15Melittin efficiently reduced paraquat-induced lung injuries.RESEARCH2020-09-15 16:07:30
2020/09/15This study indicates melittin may inhibit hypoxia-induced vasculogenic mimicry formation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in liver cancer.RESEARCH2020-09-15 15:49:57
2020/09/15Melittin – A bee venom component – Enhances muscle regeneration factors expression in a mouse model of skeletal muscle contusion.RESEARCH2020-09-15 15:42:07
2020/09/15Analgesic effect of melittin on oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy in rats.RESEARCH2020-09-15 15:24:37
2020/09/15Synergistic effects of melittin and plasma treatment: A promising approach for cancer therapy.RESEARCH2020-09-15 14:58:06
2020/09/15The membrane effects of melittin on gastric and colorectal cancer.RESEARCH2020-09-15 14:32:12
2020/09/15Melittin inhibits proliferation, migration and invasion of bladder cancer cells by regulating key genes based on bioinformatics and experimental assays.RESEARCH2020-09-15 14:26:14
2020/09/15Treatment with melittin induces apoptosis and autophagy of fibroblastlike synoviocytes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.RESEARCH2020-09-15 14:08:41
2020/09/15The results of this study showed that melittin has anticancer effects on 4T1 cell lines in a dose and time dependent manner.RESEARCH2020-09-15 13:59:37
2020/09/15Anti-fibrotic effect of melittin on TRIM47 expression in human embryonic lung fibroblast.RESEARCH2020-09-15 13:48:02
2020/09/15Anti-fungal properties and mechanisms of melittin.RESEARCH2020-09-15 12:53:31
2020/09/15Effect of bee venom on reproductive performance and immune response of male rabbits.RESEARCH2020-09-15 12:33:11
2020/09/15Taking Tylenol Might Make You a Risk TakerRESEARCH2020-09-15 11:52:28
2020/09/15Study Links Tylenol Consumption with Risk TakingRESEARCH2020-09-15 11:23:51
2020/09/15Melittin-encapsulating peptide hydrogels for enhanced delivery of impermeable anticancer peptides.RESEARCH2020-09-15 09:29:22
2020/09/15This study highlighted that DNase improved the antibiofilm effects of melittin.RESEARCH2020-09-15 09:25:28
2020/09/15Honeybee venom and melittin suppress growth factor receptor activation in HER2-enriched and triple-negative breast cancerRESEARCH2020-09-15 09:03:59
2020/09/15Consumption of almond could prevent/reduce the erectile dysfunction in individual with diabetes.RESEARCH2020-09-15 08:56:26
2020/09/15Synergistic antimicrobial activity of melittin with clindamycin on the expression of encoding exfoliative toxin in Staphylococcus aureus.RESEARCH2020-09-15 08:31:50
2020/09/15Royal jelly could alleviate mitochondrial-induced ovarian apoptosis caused by cisplatin.RESEARCH2020-09-15 08:29:40
2020/09/15Mānuka honey-derived methylglyoxal enhances microbial sensing by mucosal-associated invariant T cells.