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2019/12/09Burdock root attenuates preneoplastic lesion development.Research2019-12-09 01:01:14
2019/12/09Arctium lappa root extract prevents lead-induced liver injury.Research2019-12-09 00:44:14
2019/12/09Gestational exposure to paracetamol in rats induces neurofunctional alterations in the progeny.Research2019-12-09 00:00:39
2019/12/08Nobiletin attenuates acetaminophen-induced hepatorenal toxicity.Research2019-12-08 23:55:20
2019/12/08Betanin exerted a potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect against hepato-renal damage induced by paracetamol and diclofenac over consumption.Research2019-12-08 23:50:20
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA reduces subsequent apoptosis and remodelling while increasing survival proteins in H9c2 cardiomyoblasts.Research2019-12-08 21:34:41
2019/12/08Antifatigue properties of tanshinone IIA in mice subjected to the forced swimming test.Research2019-12-08 21:14:03
2019/12/08Tan IIA inhibits H1299 cell viability through the MDM4‑IAP3 signaling pathway.Research2019-12-08 20:56:10
2019/12/08Effect of tanshinone IIA on oxidative stress and apoptosis in a rat model of fatty liver.Research2019-12-08 20:51:27
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA improves hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy through TLR‑4‑mediated NF‑κB signal pathway.Research2019-12-08 20:47:32
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA attenuates paraquat‑induced acute lung injury.Research2019-12-08 20:38:59
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA pretreatment protects H9c2 cells against anoxia/reoxygenation injuryResearch2019-12-08 20:09:24
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIa protects retinal endothelial cells against mitochondrial fission induced by methylglyoxal through glyoxalase 1.Research2019-12-08 20:03:46
2019/12/08Mitigating effect of tanshinone IIA on ventricular remodeling in rats with pressure overload-induced heart failure.Research2019-12-08 19:57:42
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA reverses EGF- and TGF-β1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition in HepG2 cells.Research2019-12-08 19:48:32
2019/12/08Agastache honey has superior antifungal activity in comparison with important commercial honeys.Research2019-12-08 18:52:02
2019/12/08Tanshinone IIA ameliorates the bleomycin-induced endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition.Research2019-12-08 18:40:33
2019/12/07Five Benefits of Cardamom for the Health ConsciousResearch2019-12-07 18:20:12
2019/12/07Could Probiotics Be the Potent Antidepressant You’ve Been Looking For?Research2019-12-07 15:48:57
2019/12/07Tanshinone IIA mediates SMAD7-YAP interaction to inhibit liver cancer growth.Research2019-12-07 15:25:01
2019/12/07Tanshinone IIA ameliorates cognitive deficits by inhibiting endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis.Research2019-12-07 15:21:56
2019/12/07Tanshinone IIA reverses gefitinib-resistance in human non-small-cell lung cancer.Research2019-12-07 15:18:19
2019/12/07Manuka honey microemulsion eye cream could be used as a treatment for blepharitis.Research2019-12-07 15:06:37
2019/12/07Manuka honey-based wound dressings are a promising treatment for infected chronic wounds.Research2019-12-07 14:59:08
2019/12/07Royal jelly reduces depression-like behaviour.Research2019-12-07 14:42:29
2019/12/07Protective effect of vanillin on diabetic nephropathy by decreasing advanced glycation end products.Research2019-12-07 14:40:24
2019/12/07Nigella sativa oil mouth rinse improves chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis in patients with acute myeloid leukemia.Research2019-12-07 14:36:53
2019/12/07Garlic Effective at Lowering Blood PressureResearch2019-12-07 14:25:28
2019/12/07N. sativa extract significantly decreases the severity of acute radiation dermatitis and delays the onset of moist desquamation in breast cancer patients.Research2019-12-07 14:19:04
2019/12/07Quercetin alleviated lipopolysaccharide-stimulated injury by up-regulating miR-124.Research2019-12-07 13:26:11
2019/12/07Quercetin could be more effective in inhibiting metastasis compared to resveratrol.Research2019-12-07 13:08:00
2019/12/07Resveratrol attenuates malathion-induced liver damage by reducing oxidative stress.Research2019-12-07 05:42:55
2019/12/07Neuroprotective effects of resveratrol in Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-12-07 05:39:30
2019/12/07Resveratrol reverts streptozotocin-induced diabetic nephropathy.Research2019-12-07 05:37:23
2019/12/07Resveratrol decreases ischemia/reperfusion-induced neuronal apoptosis.Research2019-12-07 05:34:50
2019/12/07This review of studies demonstrates the consistent neuroprotective effects of resveratrol in Alzheimer’s disease models.Research2019-12-07 05:32:15
2019/12/07Resveratrol induces immunogenic cell death of human and murine ovarian carcinoma cells.Research2019-12-07 05:28:06
2019/12/07Resveratrol ameliorates high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance and fatty acid oxidation.Research2019-12-07 04:58:15
2019/12/07Effects of resveratrol on learning and memory in rats with vascular dementia.Research2019-12-07 04:56:10
2019/12/07Resveratrol induces depletion of TRAF6 and suppresses prostate cancer cell proliferation and migration.Research2019-12-07 04:54:08
2019/12/07These results suggest resveratrol has therapeutic effects in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.Research2019-12-07 04:51:28
2019/12/07Anti-breast cancer activity of resveratrol encapsulated in liposomes.Research2019-12-07 04:40:25
2019/12/07Resveratrol treatment may be a promising preventive or supplemental measure for delaying or preventing the formation of age-related cataract.Research2019-12-07 04:38:28
2019/12/07Resveratrol pretreatment alleviates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury.Research2019-12-07 04:09:25
2019/12/07Xanthohumol inhibits tau protein aggregation and protects cells against tau aggregates.Research2019-12-07 03:51:20
2019/12/07Multidrug resistance of cancer cells can be reversed by resveratrol.Research2019-12-07 03:47:06
2019/12/07Resveratrol protects the myocardium in sepsis.Research2019-12-07 03:44:47
2019/12/07Selenium deficiency induces inflammation via the iNOS/NF-κB pathway in animals.Research2019-12-07 03:37:17
2019/12/07Photobiomodulation therapy decreases free fatty acid generation and release in adipocytes to ameliorate insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes.Research2019-12-07 03:33:08
2019/12/07Cardiovascular modulating effects of magnolol and honokiol.Research2019-12-07 03:18:00
2019/12/07The results provide an evidence for the promising antifibrotic effect of honokiol.Research2019-12-07 03:13:05
2019/12/07Spontaneous remission of advanced progressive poorly differentiated non-small cell lung cancer: a case report and review of literature.Research2019-12-07 02:13:07
2019/12/07A case report of a patient with renal cell carcinoma with lung metastases treated solely with high-dose intravenous and subcutaneous Viscum album extract.Research2019-12-07 01:57:02
2019/12/07The beneficial effects of olibanum on memory deficit induced by hypothyroidism.Research2019-12-07 01:47:03
2019/12/07Boswellic acids from frankincense inhibit lipopolysaccharide functionality through direct molecular interference.Research2019-12-07 01:43:48
2019/12/07Frankincense may be feasibly applied to improve inflammation based disease of gingival as an adjunct to the conventional mechanical therapy.Research2019-12-07 01:29:35
2019/12/07Sandalwood oil appears to be effective in the painless treatment of cutaneous warts caused by human papillomavirus.Research2019-12-07 01:24:39
2019/12/07Sandalwood oil and turmeric-based cream prevents ionizing radiation-induced dermatitis in breast cancer patients.Research2019-12-07 01:17:42
2019/12/07Alpha-santalol inhibited the migration of breast cancer cells.Research2019-12-07 00:56:58
2019/12/07East Indian sandalwood oil confers neuroprotection and geroprotection.Research2019-12-07 00:54:15
2019/12/06Composition and potential anticancer activities of essential oils obtained from myrrh and frankincense.Research2019-12-06 23:29:16
2019/12/06Sandalwood essential oil may have the potential of mitigating cardiac rhythm and blood pressure indices changes induced with doxorubicin.Research2019-12-06 23:27:07
2019/12/06Differential effects of selective frankincense essential oil versus non-selective sandalwood essential oil on cultured bladder cancer cells.Research2019-12-06 23:21:32
2019/12/06Cardioprotective and antioxidant effects of oleogum resin.Research2019-12-06 23:15:33
2019/12/06Analgesic effects of crude extracts and fractions of Omani frankincense obtained from traditional medicinal plant Boswellia sacra.Research2019-12-06 23:10:01
2019/12/06Olibanum gum resin could be used as a safe anti-oxidant, anti-hyperglycemic and anti-hyperlipidemic agent for type 2 diabetic patients.Research2019-12-06 23:07:14
2019/12/06Myricetin ameliorates high glucose-induced endothelial dysfunction in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.Research2019-12-06 23:00:23
2019/12/06Myricetin inhibits migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma MHCC97H cell line by inhibiting the EMT process.Research2019-12-06 22:52:57
2019/12/06A review of anti-inflammatory terpenoids from the incense gum resins frankincense and myrrh.Research2019-12-06 22:38:00
2019/12/06Frankincense extract is able to promote sciatic nerve regeneration and improve the function of a crushed sciatic nerve.Research2019-12-06 22:33:01
2019/12/06Therapeutic effect of frankincense in a rat model of Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-12-06 22:14:33
2019/12/06The findings suggest that ayahuasca may show potential as an intervention for suicidality.Research2019-12-06 21:55:43
2019/12/06Antimicrobial activity of chamomile essential oil.Research2019-12-06 21:45:32
2019/12/06A combined water extract of frankincense and myrrh alleviates neuropathic pain.Research2019-12-06 21:35:14
2019/12/06Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activities of a triterpene β-elemonic acid in frankincense in vivo and in vitro.Research2019-12-06 21:31:32
2019/12/06Frankincense essential oil suppresses melanoma cancer through down regulation of Bcl-2/Bax cascade signaling and ameliorates heptotoxicity.Research2019-12-06 21:19:17
2019/12/064 weeks of frankincense consumption facilitates the acquisition and retention of motor memory in older men with moderate mental status.Research2019-12-06 21:09:53
2019/12/06Frankincense and myrrh have extensive and significant pharmacological effects, and their combination has synergistic effects.Research2019-12-06 21:03:08
2019/12/06These results suggest that Olibanum possibly improves memory performance.Research2019-12-06 20:16:10
2019/12/06A frankincense nutraceutical inhibited tumor growth and induced apoptosis in vivo in breast cancer xenografts.Research2019-12-06 20:09:25
2019/12/06Frankincense essential oil can counter the effects of stress by effectively relieving sleep debt and maintaining antioxidant capacity.Research2019-12-06 19:57:09
2019/12/06Pine needle could be developed into functional drink to abolish the progression of inflammatory responses in various disease condition.Research2019-12-06 19:51:27
2019/12/06A standardised frankincense extract reduces disease activity in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.Research2019-12-06 19:41:29
2019/12/06CD8+ T cells mediate the antitumor activity of frankincense and myrrh in hepatocellular carcinoma.Research2019-12-06 19:38:21
2019/12/06A frankincense extract displayed anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and hepatoprotective effects.Research2019-12-06 19:26:08
2019/12/06A phlorotannin constituent of Ecklonia cava alleviates postprandial hyperglycemia in diabetic mice.Research2019-12-06 18:56:09
2019/12/06Ameliorative effect of Ecklonia cava polyphenol extract on renal inflammation.Research2019-12-06 18:48:57
2019/12/06Crude Ecklonia cava flake extracts may be a potential treatment against exogenous pathogen-mediated inflammation.Research2019-12-06 18:36:49
2019/12/06Cardioprotective effects of a phlorotannin extract against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity.Research2019-12-06 18:28:16
2019/12/06Inhibitory activity of minor phlorotannins from Ecklonia cava on α-glucosidase.Research2019-12-06 18:19:54
2019/12/06Ecklonia cava extract containing dieckol suppresses RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis.Research2019-12-06 18:10:16
2019/12/06Therapeutic effect of Ecklonia cava extract in letrozole-induced polycystic ovary syndrome.Research2019-12-06 17:41:08
2019/12/06Anti-neuroinflammatory property of phlorotannins from Ecklonia cava on Aβ25-35-induced damage in PC12 cells.Research2019-12-06 17:04:03
2019/12/06Ecklonia cava ethanol extract has potential therapeutic effects for the alleviation of periodontal disease.Research2019-12-06 16:48:04
2019/12/06Brown seaweed extract attenuates endothelial cell dysfunction.Research2019-12-06 16:41:12
2019/12/06Neuroprotective effects of phlorotannin-rich extract from brown seaweed on neuronal PC-12 and SH-SY5Y cells.Research2019-12-06 16:12:06
2019/12/06Hepatomas are exquisitely sensitive to pharmacologic ascorbate.Research2019-12-06 15:43:36
2019/12/06The combination of turmeric and vitamin C has shown the most protective effects against lead acetate-induced hepatotoxicity.Research2019-12-06 14:52:48
2019/12/06Omega-3 fatty acids supplementation protects the retina from age-associated degeneration.Research2019-12-06 13:54:02
2019/12/06Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids reduces liver fibrosis and promotes liver regeneration.Research2019-12-06 13:03:34
2019/12/06Dietary omega-3 fatty acid dampens allergic rhinitis.Research2019-12-06 12:47:36
2019/12/06Myocardial infarction and bronchiolitis have occurred after hexavalent vaccination.Research2019-12-06 12:43:29
2019/12/06A case report of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis following TdaP-IPV booster resulting in hallucination and autonomic instability, requiring intensive care treatment.Research2019-12-06 12:35:43
2019/12/06A case report of optic neuritis following DTaP and inactivated poliovirus vaccination.Research2019-12-06 12:21:24
2019/12/06A review of the antitumor effects of quercetin in hepatocarcinoma in vitro and in vivo models.Research2019-12-06 12:20:16
2019/12/06Pertussis toxin can induce encephalopathy.Research2019-12-06 12:17:25
2019/12/06Six case reports of infants who died within 48 hours of receiving a hexavalent vaccine. Autopsies revealed brain swelling, inflammation, and necrosisResearch2019-12-06 12:10:12
2019/12/06Formaldehyde is a neurotoxin.Research2019-12-06 11:29:22
2019/12/06Enriching high fat diet with bilberry protects against intestinal inflammation and marked microbiota encroachment.Research2019-12-06 11:10:13
2019/12/06Routine vaccination of a 2 month old infant results in a formaldehyde body burden of 66 micrograms, which is 3 times the CDC limit of formaldehyde immediately dangerous to life or health.Research2019-12-06 10:30:27
2019/12/06The influence of bilberry fruit on memory and the expression of parvalbumin in the rat hippocampus.Research2019-12-06 09:18:40
2019/12/05These results suggest the potential for mixed berry preparations to improve post-prandial insulin response.Research2019-12-05 22:32:05
2019/12/05Fortified yogurts with vitamin D twice a day maintained global cognitive performance and vitamin D status in older females.Research2019-12-05 22:12:31
2019/12/05Lycopene ameliorates systemic inflammation-induced synaptic dysfunction.Research2019-12-05 22:03:43
2019/12/05These findings suggest that supplementation of lycopene could potentially reduce the incidence of pancreatic cancer.Research2019-12-05 21:46:03
2019/12/05Lycopene improves the efficiency of anti-PD-1 therapy via activating IFN signaling of lung cancer cells.Research2019-12-05 21:44:23
2019/12/05Lycopene and resveratrol ameliorate zinc oxide nanoparticles-induced oxidative stress in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus.Research2019-12-05 21:15:29
2019/12/05Lycopene protects against t-BHP-induced neuronal oxidative damage and apoptosis via activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway.Research2019-12-05 21:12:43
2019/12/05Lycopene protects myocardial ischemia injury through anti-apoptosis and anti-oxidative stress.Research2019-12-05 21:08:49
2019/12/05Lycopene ameliorated oxidative stress and inflammation in type 2 diabetes.Research2019-12-05 20:49:13
2019/12/05Lycopene restores the effect of ischemic postconditioning on myocardial ischemia‑reperfusion injury in hypercholesterolemic rats.Research2019-12-05 20:42:22
2019/12/05Lycopene supplementation attenuates western diet-induced body weight gain.Research2019-12-05 20:38:45
2019/12/05Higher intake and serum levels of most carotenoids were associated with lower odds of having NAFLD.Research2019-12-05 20:36:58
2019/12/05Lycopene protects against renal cortical damage induced by nandrolone decanoate.Research2019-12-05 20:32:00
2019/12/05The effect of lycopene supplementation on radiation-induced micronuclei in mice reticulocytes in vivo.Research2019-12-05 20:28:16
2019/12/05Lycopene inhibits smoke-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung carcinogenesis.Research2019-12-05 18:54:05
2019/12/05Human papilloma virus DNA binds to the aluminum adjuvant in the HPV vaccine.Research2019-12-05 18:45:47
2019/12/05DNA residue purification can increase the residue of short-fragment DNA in vaccines.Research2019-12-05 18:23:58
2019/12/05Testicular toxicity of gentamicin in adult rats: Ameliorative effect of lycopene.Research2019-12-05 18:10:24
2019/12/05Formaldehyde acts as a co-carcinogen in vitro.Research2019-12-05 18:05:45
2019/12/05The carcinogenic effects of long-term low-dose formaldehyde may be related to a disruption of genomic DNA methylation.Research2019-12-05 17:53:37
2019/12/05Fluted pumpkin seeds protect against busulfan-induced oxidative stress and testicular injuries.Research2019-12-05 17:51:54
2019/12/05Intramuscular polysorbate 80 can induce anaphylaxis.Research2019-12-05 17:45:43
2019/12/05Lycopene induces apoptosis by inhibiting nuclear translocation of β-catenin in gastric cancer cells.Research2019-12-05 17:43:22
2019/12/05Lycopene prevents the progression of lipotoxicity-induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis by decreasing oxidative stress.Research2019-12-05 17:41:25
2019/12/05Polysorbate 80 has depressive effects on the cardiovascular system.Research2019-12-05 17:41:17
2019/12/05Thimerosal injection increases calbindin expression in the brain.Research2019-12-05 17:25:04
2019/12/05Thimerosal had a higher affinity for the brain than mercuric chloride following subcutaneous injection in rats.Research2019-12-05 17:22:20
2019/12/05Mangosteen pericarp could be an adjunctive treatment option for mood and psychotic disorders.Research2019-12-05 17:11:38
2019/12/05These findings suggest that blackberry consumption could help prevent or reduce manic episodes.Research2019-12-05 17:06:10
2019/12/05Mangosteen vinegar rind could be a dietary aid for the prevention and management of diabetic nephropathy.Research2019-12-05 17:02:40
2019/12/05Mangosteen ethanol extract alleviated the severity of collagen-induced arthritis in rats and produced synergistic effects with methotrexate.Research2019-12-05 16:55:23
2019/12/05Mangosteen flesh supplementation attenuates biochemical and morphological changes in the liver and kidney of high fat diet-induced obesity.Research2019-12-05 16:45:46
2019/12/05Attenuating effects of Mangifera indica leaves ethanolic extract against acetamiprid induced reproductive toxicity.Research2019-12-05 16:39:04
2019/12/05Mangiferin may attenuate atherogenesis by promoting cholesterol efflux from macrophages.Research2019-12-05 16:33:27
2019/12/05Mangiferin: Possible uses in the prevention and treatment of mixed osteoarthritic pain.Research2019-12-05 16:24:11
2019/12/05Vitamin C inhibits lipid deposition through GSK-3β/mTOR signaling in the liver of zebrafish.Research2019-12-05 15:56:36
2019/12/05Deficiency of ascorbic acid decreases the contents of tetrahydrobiopterin in the liver and the brain.Research2019-12-05 15:54:19
2019/12/05Betulinic acid decreases expression of bcl-2 and cyclin D1, inhibits proliferation, migration and induces apoptosis in cancer cells.Research2019-12-05 15:43:32
2019/12/05Betulinic acid induces apoptosis in human neuroblastoma cell lines.Research2019-12-05 15:37:33
2019/12/05Betulinic acid induces apoptosis and inhibits hedgehog signalling in rhabdomyosarcoma.Research2019-12-05 15:33:24
2019/12/05Betulinic acid augments the inhibitory effects of vincristine on growth and lung metastasis of B16F10 melanoma cells.Research2019-12-05 15:08:09
2019/12/05Betulinic acid-induced apoptosis in leukemia cells.Research2019-12-05 14:34:29
2019/12/05Pomegranate’s Performance-Boosting Potential ConfirmedResearch2019-12-05 14:32:03
2019/12/05Betulinic acid sensitization of low pH adapted human melanoma cells to hyperthermia.Research2019-12-05 14:27:42
2019/12/05Betulinic acid selectively increases protein degradation and enhances prostate cancer-specific apoptosis.Research2019-12-05 14:23:22
2019/12/05Betulinic acid and betulin ameliorate acute ethanol-induced fatty liver via TLR4 and STAT3 in vivo and in vitro.Research2019-12-05 13:55:48
2019/12/05CrossFit Settles Lawsuit with HHS After Agency Releases Email Showing Continued Efforts to Conceal DonationsResearch2019-12-05 11:42:03
2019/12/04Betulinic acid alleviates non-alcoholic fatty liver.Research2019-12-04 22:55:23
2019/12/04Betulinic acid has apoptotic activity against head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.Research2019-12-04 22:35:30
2019/12/04Beneficial effect of betulinic acid on hyperglycemia via suppression of hepatic glucose production.Research2019-12-04 22:28:02
2019/12/04Betulinic acid protects against cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury.Research2019-12-04 21:51:07
2019/12/04Betulinic acid ameliorates experimental diabetic-induced renal inflammation and fibrosis.Research2019-12-04 21:37:09
2019/12/04Protective effect of betulinic acid on early atherosclerosis.Research2019-12-04 21:20:42
2019/12/04Betulinic acid and the pharmacological effects of tumor suppression.Research2019-12-04 21:07:00
2019/12/04Genetic and epigenetic alterations induced by bisphenol A exposure during different periods of spermatogenesis: from spermatozoa to the progeny.Research2019-12-04 19:52:48
2019/12/04Oral exposure to low dose bisphenol A aggravates allergic airway inflammation.Research2019-12-04 19:15:05
2019/12/04Studies on the phytomodulatory potential of fenugreek on bisphenol-A induced testicular damage.Research2019-12-04 19:11:45
2019/12/04Cytotoxic activity of caffeic acid and gallic acid against MCF-7 human breast cancer cells.Research2019-12-04 18:49:21
2019/12/04Acute caffeine supplementation is highly ergogenic for movement velocity in resistance exercise.Research2019-12-04 18:36:03
2019/12/04Caffeine enhances the anti-tumor effect of 5-fluorouracil via increasing the production of reactive oxygen species in hepatocellular carcinoma.Research2019-12-04 17:12:58
2019/12/04An association between vaccines and autoimmune diseases cannot be ruled out.Research2019-12-04 16:50:26
2019/12/04Alpha-tocopherol treatment is able to inhibit oxidative stress and anxiety-like behaviour evoked by caffeine.Research2019-12-04 16:43:22
2019/12/04The 17D yellow fever vaccine may play a role in the loss of self-tolerance and has been linked to post-vaccine Guillain-Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, autoimmune hepatitis, and Kawasaki disease.Research2019-12-04 16:42:03
2019/12/04Inhibition of biofilm formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by caffeine.Research2019-12-04 16:40:00
2019/12/04The incidence of Guillain-Barre syndrome was increased after exposure to the HPV vaccine.Research2019-12-04 16:36:07
2019/12/04Blood dopamine level enhanced by caffeine in men after treadmill running.Research2019-12-04 16:35:45
2019/12/04There is scarce data on the safety of vaccination in autoimmune patients, yet they are still routinely recommended.Research2019-12-04 16:03:02
2019/12/04There is not enough evidence to rule out causality in vaccine-associated neurological disorders.Research2019-12-04 15:55:56
2019/12/04Neurological disorders are among the most serious and life-threatening complications after vaccination.Research2019-12-04 15:50:04
2019/12/04Photobiomodulation therapy reduces oxidative stress and induces BDNF expression in the hippocampus.Research2019-12-04 15:41:45
2019/12/04The impact of photobiomodulation of major salivary glands on caries risk.Research2019-12-04 15:38:42
2019/12/04Photobiomodulation therapy compensate the impairments of diabetic bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells.Research2019-12-04 15:36:07
2019/12/04Low level laser therapy may be an appropriate modality for reducing pain after surgery.Research2019-12-04 15:17:01
2019/12/04Photobiomodulation for Alzheimer’s disease: has the light dawned?Research2019-12-04 15:13:03
2019/12/04Photobiomodulation treatment improved clinical and anatomical outcomes in subjects with earlier stages of dry age-related macular degeneration.Research2019-12-04 14:23:57
2019/12/04Photobiomodulation enhances cisplatin cytotoxicity in a culture model with oral cell lineages.Research2019-12-04 14:13:03
2019/12/04Characterization of the anti-cancer activity of the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus fermentum using 2D vs. 3D culture in colorectal cancer cells.Research2019-12-04 12:41:29
2019/12/03Gossypol Suppresses growth of temozolomide-resistant glioblastoma tumor spheres.Research2019-12-03 20:52:54
2019/12/03Ursolic and oleanolic acids induce mitophagy in A549 human lung cancer cells.Research2019-12-03 20:50:15
2019/12/03Oleanolic acid ameliorates the risk of developing pre-diabetes-related NAFLD.Research2019-12-03 20:28:03
2019/12/03Oleanolic acid can be a molecule that may be utilised in the treatment of liver cancer in the future.Research2019-12-03 20:23:59
2019/12/03Oleanolic acid exerts a neuroprotective effect against microglial cell activation by modulating cytokine release and antioxidant defense systems.Research2019-12-03 20:12:23
2019/12/03Ginkgo biloba extract alleviates methotrexate-induced renal injury.Research2019-12-03 20:03:06
2019/12/03Caffeine prevents neurodegeneration and behavioral alterations in a mice model of agitated depression.Research2019-12-03 19:54:02
2019/12/03Caffeine may abrogate lipopolysaccharide-induced oxidative stress and neuroinflammation.Research2019-12-03 19:23:40
2019/12/03Betulinic acid-induced programmed cell death in human melanoma cells involves mitogen-activated protein kinase activation.Research2019-12-03 18:49:20
2019/12/03Betulinic acid inhibits prostate cancer growth through inhibition of specificity protein transcription factors.Research2019-12-03 18:02:24
2019/12/03Betulinic acid prevents alcohol-induced liver damage by improving the antioxidant system.Research2019-12-03 17:57:59
2019/12/03The inhibitory effects of B. monniera and its constituents on pancreatic lipase activity and plasma triglyceride level are reported for the first time.Research2019-12-03 17:43:24
2019/12/03This is the first study to test the efficacy of Cognition Support Formula® on cognition in older adults with subjective cognitive impairment.Research2019-12-03 17:25:47
2019/12/03Vaccination with the MMR vaccine resulted in acute encephalopathy in 48 child, resulting in either death or severe neurological sequelae.Research2019-12-03 17:17:47
2019/12/03Merck, the manufacturer of vaccines, committed fraud in the VIGOR trial and intimidated physicians that questioned the safety of Vioxx.Research2019-12-03 17:14:54
2019/12/03The adverse side effects of the HPV vaccine need to be carefully re-evaluated.Research2019-12-03 17:02:54
2019/12/03Rats fed aluminum retain 0.01% to 0.05% of the aluminum in tissue compared to rats injected with aluminum.Research2019-12-03 16:51:10
2019/12/03Preterm infants have lower levels of albumin which is needed to bind aluminumResearch2019-12-03 16:46:50
2019/12/03Acute effects of combined Bacopa, American ginseng and whole coffee fruit on working memory and cerebral haemodynamic response of the prefrontal cortex.Research2019-12-03 16:40:33
2019/12/03Bacopa monniera extract mitigates isoproterenol-induced cardiac stress.Research2019-12-03 16:35:07
2019/12/03Apnea and bradycardia can occur after immunization of preterm infants.Research2019-12-03 16:32:30
2019/12/03Betulinic acid-induced cytotoxicity in human breast tumor cell lines MCF-7 and T47D and its modification by tocopherol.Research2019-12-03 16:25:38
2019/12/03In an observational study evaluating the safety of hexavalent vaccines (DTaP-IPV-Hib) involving 78 preterm infants, immunization triggered transient cardiorespiratory events in 47% of infants.Research2019-12-03 16:25:15
2019/12/03Betulinic acid a radiosensitizer in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell lines.Research2019-12-03 16:16:06
2019/12/03Betulinic acid suppresses STAT3 activation pathway through induction of protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1 in human multiple myeloma cells.Research2019-12-03 13:40:05
2019/12/03Betulinic acid: a natural product with anticancer activity.Research2019-12-03 13:19:39
2019/12/03Betulinic acid protects against cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury by activating the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway.Research2019-12-03 13:16:26
2019/12/03Betulinic acid Inhibits cell proliferation in human oral squamous cell carcinoma.Research2019-12-03 13:13:35
2019/12/03Betulinic acid-mediated apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells involves p53 and NF-κB pathways.Research2019-12-03 13:11:06
2019/12/03Betulinic acid promotes TRAIL function on liver cancer progression inhibition through p53/Caspase-3 signaling activation.Research2019-12-03 13:06:49
2019/12/03Removal of donor human leukocyte antigen class I proteins with papain: translation for possible whole organ practices.Research2019-12-03 12:58:55
2019/12/03Betulinic acid as apoptosis activator: Molecular mechanisms, mathematical modeling and chemical modifications.Research2019-12-03 12:54:19
2019/12/03Calcium regulates mitochondrial matrix pH.Research2019-12-03 12:54:10
2019/12/03Reduction of toxic gliadin content of wholegrain bread by the enzyme caricain.Research2019-12-03 12:50:25
2019/12/03The potential of papain and alcalase enzymes and process optimizations to reduce allergenic gliadins in wheat flour.Research2019-12-03 12:46:47
2019/12/03Antiinflammatory properties of betulinic acid and xylopic acid in the carrageenan-induced pleurisy model of lung inflammation.Research2019-12-03 12:41:31
2019/12/03Protective effect of betulinic acid against intracerebroventricular streptozotocin induced cognitive impairment and neuronal damage.Research2019-12-03 12:37:12
2019/12/03Betulinic acid exerts cytotoxic activity against multidrug-resistant tumor cells.Research2019-12-03 12:00:28
2019/12/03This article details the role of DHA in quantum neurobiology and the evolution of the human brain.Research2019-12-03 10:37:24
2019/12/02Betulinic acid induces apoptosis and inhibits metastasis of human renal carcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo.Research2019-12-02 20:40:09
2019/12/02Betulinic acid could have a role in Alzheimer’s disease through protecting microcirculation, alleviating inflammation, and up-regulating BDNF expression.Research2019-12-02 20:33:35
2019/12/02Protective effects of betulinic acid on intestinal mucosal injury induced by cyclophosphamide in mice.Research2019-12-02 20:27:21
2019/12/02Betulinic acid suppresses breast cancer aerobic glycolysis.Research2019-12-02 20:24:54
2019/12/02Betulinic acid suppresses breast cancer metastasis by targeting GRP78-mediated glycolysis and ER stress apoptotic pathway.Research2019-12-02 20:20:12
2019/12/02Anti-inflammatory effect and potential mechanism of betulinic acid on λ-carrageenan-induced paw edema in mice.Research2019-12-02 20:16:42
2019/12/02Betulinic acid attenuates T-2-toxin-induced testis oxidative damage.Research2019-12-02 20:07:50
2019/12/02A natural compound from Wasabia japonica inhibited the viability of human chronic myelogenous leukemia K562 cells.Research2019-12-02 19:53:37
2019/12/02These results support Photobiomodulation as a successful neuroprotective therapy against the inflammatory component of early Parkinson’s disease.Research2019-12-02 18:27:32
2019/12/02Transcranial photobiomodulation might be a promising therapeutic target for preventing or delaying Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-12-02 16:42:49
2019/12/02Laser can be a therapy of choice in the treatment of pressure ulcers.Research2019-12-02 16:34:00
2019/12/02Photobiomodulation has a potential role in reducing cartilage degradation and long-term central sensitization associated with chronic osteoarthritis.Research2019-12-02 16:28:47
2019/12/02Photobiomodulation therapy in knee osteoarthritis reduces oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokines.Research2019-12-02 16:25:49
2019/12/02A review of photobiomodulation therapy in bone repair.Research2019-12-02 15:53:33
2019/12/02Photobiomodulation can alter the gut microbiome in a potentially beneficial way.Research2019-12-02 15:31:07
2019/12/02Photobiomodulation has potential as therapeutic tool for reducing vascular dysfunction in neurological conditions.Research2019-12-02 15:26:56
2019/12/02Treating acute cervical radiodermatitis with photobiomodulation therapy.Research2019-12-02 15:22:36
2019/12/02Photobiomodulation has a positive effect in relieving burning mouth syndrome symptoms and in improving a patient’s overall quality of life.Research2019-12-02 15:10:19
2019/12/02Photobiomodulation is a viable therapeutic strategy with great potential value in improving cognitive ability and combatting Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-12-02 15:06:44
2019/12/02Energy-dependent effect trial of photobiomodulation on blood pressure in hypertensive rats.Research2019-12-02 15:02:11
2019/12/02Cognitive enhancement by transcranial photobiomodulation is associated with cerebrovascular oxygenation of the Prefrontal cortex.Research2019-12-02 15:00:00
2019/12/02Photobiomodulation for the management of alopecia: mechanisms of action, patient selection and perspectives.Research2019-12-02 14:57:10
2019/12/02Walking meditation promotes ankle proprioception and balance performance among elderly women.Research2019-12-02 14:49:26
2019/12/02Proton pump inhibitor-induced hypomagnesemia complicated with serious cardiac arrhythmias.Research2019-12-02 14:18:55
2019/12/02Proton pump inhibitors induce hemolytic anemia.Research2019-12-02 14:15:33
2019/12/02Long-term use of proton pump inhibitors can possibly increase the risk of gastric cancer even among patients after H. pylori eradication.Research2019-12-02 13:48:07
2019/12/02Vitamin D decreases the events related to respiratory tract infections.Research2019-12-02 09:18:27
2019/12/02Children with measles studied in this New York City outbreak had lower vitamin A levels and were more likely to have a high fever for more than 7 days, be hospitalized, have lower measles antibodies, and increased morbidity.Research2019-12-02 09:15:50
2019/12/02Infections may play a paradoxical role in cancer development with chronic infections often being tumorigenic and acute infections being antagonistic to cancer.Research2019-12-02 09:12:08
2019/12/02Asymptomatic transmission of Bordatella pertussis may explain the recent resurgence of whooping cough and neither whole-cell or acellular vaccines prevent infection and transmission.Research2019-12-02 09:11:00
2019/12/02The case reported describes a partial recurrent oculomotor palsy associated with systemic symptoms following MMR vaccination in a healthy young child.Research2019-12-02 09:07:16
2019/12/02The rotavirus vaccine sheds and can be transmitted.Research2019-12-02 09:05:40
2019/12/02Systemic low-grade inflammation after vaccination impairs emotional recognition.Research2019-12-02 09:03:15
2019/12/0292% of mumps cases in a US mumps outbreak were children who were previously vaccinated, raising questions about the effectiveness and waning immunity of the mumps vaccine.Research2019-12-02 09:00:39
2019/12/02There is little evidence to support the conclusion that aluminum adjuvants are completely safe to use without long-term downfall.Research2019-12-02 08:58:17
2019/12/02This report details a case of new onset guttate psoriasis following the H1N1 influenza vaccination.Research2019-12-02 08:54:13
2019/12/02Women who received the H1N1 vaccine in the previous had a 7.7-fold higher risk of spontaneous abortion in the 28 days following a subsequent flu vaccine.Research2019-12-02 08:52:28
2019/12/02If wild virus can be spread via individuals with subclinical infections, it is doubtful whether population immunity (herd immunity), which is necessary to eliminate the measles, mumps, and rubella, can be attained in large populations.Research2019-12-02 08:40:43
2019/12/02This study outlines vaccine failure and the epidemiological consequences of this failure. It may explain why there are still disease outbreaks even in countries with high vaccination rates.Research2019-12-02 08:21:30
2019/12/02Prior varicella infections are protective against glioma, possibly mediated by virus-specific T-cells.Research2019-12-02 08:13:53
2019/12/02Global transmission of new strains is very rapid and that the worldwide population of B. pertussis is evolving in response to vaccine introduction, potentially enabling vaccine escape.Research2019-12-02 08:11:50
2019/12/02Vaccines can have profound and long-term adverse effects that may more than offset the decline in long-term complications of Haemophilus influenzae meningitis.Research2019-12-02 07:00:54
2019/12/02Secondary measles-vaccine failures are more common than was more previously thought, particularly among individuals vaccinated in early life, long ago, and among re-vaccinees.Research2019-12-02 06:55:39
2019/12/02Children who receive an annual flu shot may be at a higher risk of developing a severe illness with a fatal outcome than those with a natural infection.Research2019-12-02 06:52:52
2019/12/02Preventing infection with seasonal influenza viruses by vaccination might prevent the induction of heterosubtypic immunity to pandemic strains, which might be a disadvantage to immunologically naive people like infants.Research2019-12-02 06:49:20
2019/12/02This case report details vaccine-induced measles.Research2019-12-02 06:27:09
2019/12/02The vitamin K shot may induce severe reactions, including death.Research2019-12-02 06:23:03
2019/12/02The hepatitis A vaccine induces the production of autoantibodies in healthy children.Research2019-12-02 06:18:54
2019/12/02The vitamin K shot can cause fatal anaphylactic shock.Research2019-12-02 06:14:27
2019/12/02This meta-analysis strongly suggested a significant association of the MTHFR C677T polymorphism with autism.Research2019-12-02 06:12:12
2019/12/02In infancy, exposures to aluminum and thimerosal binary mixtures is associated with increased risk of tics and other developmental disorders.Research2019-12-02 06:09:29
2019/12/01Proton pump inhibitors block iron absorption through direct regulation of hepcidin.Research2019-12-01 18:53:53
2019/12/01Cardiovascular risk of proton pump inhibitors.Research2019-12-01 18:43:07
2019/12/01This meta-analysesa found a dose-response between the proton pump inhibitors use and development of hypomagnesemia.Research2019-12-01 18:34:20
2019/12/01The association between proton pump inhibitors and myocardial infarction.Research2019-12-01 18:22:25
2019/12/01Use of proton pump inhibitors is associated with an increase in adverse cardiovascular events in patients with hemodialysis.Research2019-12-01 18:18:19
2019/12/01This meta-analysis supports the hypothesis that proton pump inhibitors increase the risk of dementia.Research2019-12-01 18:14:35
2019/12/01Proton-pump inhibitor use is associated with a broad spectrum of neurological adverse events including impaired hearing, vision, and memory.Research2019-12-01 18:12:46
2019/12/01The use of proton pump inhibitors was associated with a lower risk for subsequent ischemic events but a higher risk for death.Research2019-12-01 18:00:22
2019/12/01The latest clinical evidence of the anticancer effects of CBD is also outlined.Research2019-12-01 17:32:37
2019/12/01Cannabidiol may represent a potential option to protect neuronal cells from the detrimental effects of cadmium toxicity.Research2019-12-01 16:39:39
2019/12/01Cannabidiol as a potential treatment for psychosis.Research2019-12-01 16:34:15
2019/12/01Concentrations of nine bisphenol analogues in food purchased from Catalonia (Spain): Comparison of canned and non-canned foodstuffs.Research2019-12-01 16:02:30
2019/12/01Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma activation and metabolism disturbance induced by bisphenol A and bisphenol S.Research2019-12-01 15:38:44
2019/12/01Residential radon, genetic polymorphisms in DNA damage and repair-related.Research2019-12-01 15:16:05
2019/12/01Berberine alleviates rotenone-induced cytotoxicity by antioxidation and activation of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in SH-SY5Y cells.Research2019-12-01 14:30:01
2019/12/01Berberine attenuates olanzapine induced-metabolic syndrome.Research2019-12-01 14:04:58
2019/12/01Embedding existential psychology within psychedelic science: reduced death anxiety as a mediator of the therapeutic effects of psychedelics.Research2019-12-01 12:21:38
2019/12/01Berberine inhibits adipogenesis in porcine adipocytes.Research2019-12-01 12:09:59
2019/12/01Berberine could significantly improve the spatial learning and memory abilities of rats with vascular cognitive impairment.Research2019-12-01 11:49:07
2019/11/30Berberine induces apoptosis in non-small-cell lung cancer cells by upregulating miR-19a targeting tissue factor.Research2019-11-30 20:49:12
2019/11/30Berberine protects against diabetic kidney disease.Research2019-11-30 20:47:16
2019/11/30Berberine inhibits proliferation and migration of colorectal cancer cells.Research2019-11-30 20:42:34
2019/11/30Inhibitory effects of berberine on proinflammatory M1 macrophage polarization through interfering with the interaction between TLR4 and MyD88.Research2019-11-30 20:40:58
2019/11/30Berberine could inhibit renal inflammatory responses and contribute to amelioration of renal injury during systemic inflammation.Research2019-11-30 20:37:37
2019/11/30Berberine ameliorates cellular senescence and extends the lifespan of mice via regulating p16 and cyclin protein expression.Research2019-11-30 20:34:01
2019/11/30Berberine decreases insulin resistance in a polycystic ovarian syndrome model.Research2019-11-30 20:31:50
2019/11/30Berberine inhibits proliferative ability of breast cancer cells by reducing metadherin.Research2019-11-30 20:28:43
2019/11/30Berberine possesses potential lipid-regulating, antiarthritis, and synovial hyperplasia inhibition activities against rheumatoid arthritis.Research2019-11-30 20:26:35
2019/11/30Wogonin acts as an ovary cancer cell proliferation inhibiting agent through activation of apoptosis.Research2019-11-30 17:48:40
2019/11/30Cardio protective role of wogonin loaded nanoparticle against isoproterenol induced myocardial infarction.Research2019-11-30 17:45:18
2019/11/30Wogonin ameliorate complete Freund’s adjuvant induced rheumatoid arthritis.Research2019-11-30 17:42:13
2019/11/30Bitter melon has protective anti-inflammatory effects on TNBS-induced colitis.Research2019-11-30 17:22:11
2019/11/30Piperine as a neuroprotective functional component in rats with cerebral ischemic injury.Research2019-11-30 16:59:11
2019/11/30The protective effects of thymoquinone on lung damage caused by cigarette smoke.Research2019-11-30 16:55:45
2019/11/30Thymoquinone may be a promising candidate to prevent the meningeal neurogenic inflammation and consequently migraine.Research2019-11-30 16:42:19
2019/11/30Thymoquinone attenuates oxidative stress of kidney mitochondria and exerts nephroprotective effects in oxonic acid-induced hyperuricemia rats.Research2019-11-30 16:37:53
2019/11/30Thymoquinone-loaded lipid vesicles: a promising nanomedicine for psoriasis.Research2019-11-30 16:32:56
2019/11/30Crocus sativus could effectively alleviate methotrexate-induced hepatotoxicity.Research2019-11-30 16:23:52
2019/11/30Saffron supplementation could improve glycemic and antioxidant indices in overweight/obese individuals with prediabetes.Research2019-11-30 16:20:14
2019/11/30Neuroprotective effect of Crocus sativus against cerebral ischemia in rats.Research2019-11-30 16:12:29
2019/11/30Crocin can be considered for treatment of burning mouth syndrome.Research2019-11-30 16:11:13
2019/11/30Crocin, an active constituent of Crocus sativus ameliorates cerulein induced pancreatic inflammation and oxidative stress.Research2019-11-30 16:06:59
2019/11/30Effects of Astragaloside IV on treatment of breast cancer cells execute possibly through regulation of Nrf2.Research2019-11-30 16:01:56
2019/11/30Astaxanthin protects against osteoarthritis via Nrf2: a guardian of cartilage homeostasis.Research2019-11-30 15:50:50
2019/11/30Brief mindfulness meditation improves emotion processing.Research2019-11-30 15:19:47
2019/11/30Yoga may be a beneficial form of exercise in the school-based setting for improving balance and flexibility in healthy children.Research2019-11-30 15:14:12
2019/11/30Acute exercise with meditation may enhance learning and long-term memory.Research2019-11-30 14:58:53
2019/11/30This case report demonstrates that Graves’ disease can effectively be put into lasting remission without conventional medical interventions.Research2019-11-30 14:49:22
2019/11/30Kundalini yoga shows promise as an add-on option for OCD patients unresponsive to first line therapies.Research2019-11-30 14:40:42
2019/11/30Mindful yogic breathing appears to be effective in alleviating the acute negative effects of smoking abstinence and decreasing smoking behaviour.Research2019-11-30 14:23:26
2019/11/30Validity of thermography for measuring burn wound healing potential.Research2019-11-30 14:09:41
2019/11/30Physical exercise and low-level laser therapy on the nociception and leukocyte migration of Wistar rats submitted to a model of rheumatoid arthritis.Research2019-11-30 14:07:33
2019/11/30Low-level laser therapy in the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis is a promising treatment option.Research2019-11-30 13:41:48
2019/11/30Insulin resistance is improved in high-fat fed mice by photobiomodulation therapy at 630 nm.Research2019-11-30 13:34:52
2019/11/30Photobiomodulation can be considered safe, time saving, and a promising approach for the management of the oral complications due to cancer therapy.Research2019-11-30 13:04:00
2019/11/30Meta-analysis results suggest that photobiomodulation could be used to effectively treat androgenetic alopecia.Research2019-11-30 12:57:34
2019/11/30Photobiomodulation reduces cell death and cytokine production in C2C12 cells exposed to Bothrops venoms.Research2019-11-30 12:54:34
2019/11/30Acute effects of photobiomodulation therapy and magnetic field on functional mobility in stroke survivors.Research2019-11-30 12:47:51
2019/11/30Photobiomodulation therapy may be a useful adjunct treatment for chronic pain.Research2019-11-30 12:41:29
2019/11/30Transcranial photobiomodulation with near-infrared light for generalized anxiety disorder.Research2019-11-30 12:36:04
2019/11/30Low-level laser therapy improves pain in postcesarean section.Research2019-11-30 12:31:30
2019/11/30Low-level laser therapy reduces pain and disability in knee osteoarthritis.Research2019-11-30 12:27:07
2019/11/30Zerumbone suppresses the potential of growth and metastasis in hepatoma HepG2 cells via the MAPK signaling pathway.Research2019-11-30 10:47:52
2019/11/29Zerumbone inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cells properties by inhibiting the β-catenin pathway through miR-200c.Research2019-11-29 22:24:24
2019/11/29Zerumbone could be a potential protective agent for acute lung injury.Research2019-11-29 22:23:23
2019/11/29Zerumbone can inhibit the proliferation and induce apoptosis of esophageal cancer EC-109 cells.Research2019-11-29 22:14:57
2019/11/29Zerumbone-loaded nanostructured lipid carrier induces apoptosis of canine mammary adenocarcinoma cells.Research2019-11-29 22:01:32
2019/11/29Zerumbone inhibits migration in ESCC via promoting Rac1 ubiquitination.Research2019-11-29 21:56:36
2019/11/29Zerumbone suppresses human colorectal cancer invasion and metastasis.Research2019-11-29 21:49:14
2019/11/29The anti-inflammatory activity of zerumbone was so much significant that even strong oxidant zymogen was not able to produce reactive oxygen species.Research2019-11-29 21:46:37
2019/11/29The current review briefly summarizes the modes of action and therapeutic potential of zerumbone against various cancers.Research2019-11-29 21:38:49
2019/11/29Dietary zerumbone from shampoo ginger: new insights into its antioxidant and anticancer activity.Research2019-11-29 21:24:47
2019/11/29Dietary zerumbone ameliorates hepatotoxin-mediated acute and chronic liver injury.Research2019-11-29 21:19:31
2019/11/29Zerumbone protects against carbon tetrachloride-induced acute liver injury.Research2019-11-29 21:17:01
2019/11/29Zerumbone inhibits Candida albicans biofilm formation and hyphal growth.Research2019-11-29 20:54:52
2019/11/29Zerumbone induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells.Research2019-11-29 20:43:31
2019/11/29Efficacy of zerumbone against dual-species biofilms of Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus.Research2019-11-29 19:57:25
2019/11/29Zerumbone protects the neuronal injury and ameliorates the cognitive function by stimulating the proliferation of endogenous neural stem cells.Research2019-11-29 19:55:25
2019/11/29Effect of zerumbone on scopolamine-induced memory impairment and anxiety-like behaviours in rats.Research2019-11-29 19:50:04
2019/11/29Phloretin ameliorates dextran sulfate sodium-induced ulcerative colitis in mice by regulating the gut microbiota.Research2019-11-29 19:38:04
2019/11/29Synergistic inhibition of lung cancer cells by EGCG and NF-κB inhibitor BAY11-7082.Research2019-11-29 19:20:15
2019/11/29Epicatechin-3-gallate signalling and protection against cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury.Research2019-11-29 19:16:55
2019/11/29EGCG is a strong combination partner of gemcitabine reducing pancreatic cancer cell growth by suppressing glycolysis.Research2019-11-29 19:01:33
2019/11/29EGCG can attenuate high-fat-induced hypothalamic inflammation.Research2019-11-29 18:29:21
2019/11/29Two case reports of vaccine-induced immune hemolytic anemia.Research2019-11-29 18:13:55
2019/11/29Iron influences the binding of aluminum to transferrin.Research2019-11-29 18:12:27
2019/11/29Dose-dependent green tea effect on decrease of inflammation in human oral gingival epithelial keratinocytes.Research2019-11-29 18:01:07
2019/11/29Tea and its components prevent cancer: a review of the redox-related mechanism.Research2019-11-29 17:58:54
2019/11/29Increased consumption of green tea might be helpful to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer in those with an unhealthy lifestyle.Research2019-11-29 17:39:38
2019/11/29Tea drinking could be a protective factor in lung cancer.Research2019-11-29 17:35:10
2019/11/29Green tea polyphenols improve isoflurane-induced cognitive impairment via modulating oxidative stress.Research2019-11-29 17:29:25
2019/11/29Higher consumption of tea was associated with a lower risk of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke among Chinese adults.Research2019-11-29 17:21:50
2019/11/29Inflammatory cytokines upregulate transferrin synthesis, which may increase aluminum absorption by the brain after vaccination.Research2019-11-29 16:52:11
2019/11/29Fuzhuan brick tea attenuates high-fat diet-Induced obesity and associated metabolic disorders by shaping gut microbiota.Research2019-11-29 16:44:38
2019/11/29100% of injected aluminum is absorbed. 89% of aluminum is bound to transferrin which facilitates aluminum transport into the brain.Research2019-11-29 16:41:16
2019/11/29GTP achieves hepatoprotective effects by improving hepatic antioxidant status and preventing cell apoptosis.Research2019-11-29 16:37:08
2019/11/29The synergic inhibitory effects of dark tea extract and p38 inhibition on the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.Research2019-11-29 16:28:44
2019/11/29Curcuma longa normalized cimetidine-induced pituitary-testicular dysfunction: Relevance in nutraceutical therapy.Research2019-11-29 15:23:29
2019/11/29Comparison of transcriptome expression alterations by chronic exposure to low-dose bisphenol A in different subtypes of breast cancer cells.Research2019-11-29 15:09:54
2019/11/29BPA mediates nonmonotonic developmental effects on the fetal urogenital sinus.Research2019-11-29 14:21:45
2019/11/29Evaluation of curcuma and ginger mixture ability to prevent ROS production induced by bisphenol S.Research2019-11-29 14:18:39
2019/11/29Oral exposure to low-dose bisphenol A induces hyperplasia of dorsolateral prostate.Research2019-11-29 14:00:01
2019/11/29Neonates might be exposed to multiple sources of BPA and parabens in neonatal intensive care units.Research2019-11-29 13:57:58
2019/11/29The results suggest that mindfulness meditation may mildly improve some sleep parameters in patients with insomnia.Research2019-11-29 13:50:48
2019/11/29Meditation is associated with increased brain network integration.Research2019-11-29 13:42:17
2019/11/29Relaxation exercises can decrease the dyspnea, fatigue, and sleep problems seen in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Research2019-11-29 12:51:11
2019/11/29Short-term practice of relaxation therapy can improve autonomic balance and promote cardiovascular health of medical students.Research2019-11-29 12:47:25
2019/11/29Relaxation seems to be an interesting therapeutic option for reducing anxiety in people with intellectual disabilities.Research2019-11-29 12:45:08
2019/11/29Relaxation therapy can be selected as a useful intervention for reducing negative emotions in people with anxiety disorders.Research2019-11-29 12:42:44
2019/11/29GABA and l-theanine mixture decreases sleep latency and improves NREM sleep.Research2019-11-29 12:26:26
2019/11/29The short-term effects of hydrotherapy on pain and self-perceived functional status in individuals living with osteoarthritis of the knee joint.Research2019-11-29 12:24:21
2019/11/29Spa therapy has positive effects on pain, physical activity, and quality of life in patients with osteoarthritis.Research2019-11-29 11:58:14
2019/11/29This review suggests that those consuming the highest amounts of dietary fiber may benefit from a reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes.Research2019-11-29 11:37:45
2019/11/29psyllium supplementation increased stool water and this was associated with significant changes in microbiota, most marked in constipated patients.Research2019-11-29 11:11:46
2019/11/29Improvements with spa therapy for knee osteoarthritis appear to be clinically relevant until 3 to 6 months and sometimes 9 months.Research2019-11-29 10:55:12
2019/11/28Balneotherapy and spa therapy can significantly improve quality of life of patients with knee osteoarthritis.Research2019-11-28 21:42:01
2019/11/28The mud-pack therapy, balneotherapy, mud-bath therapy, and spa therapy have proved to be effective in the treatment and prevention of knee osteoarthritis.Research2019-11-28 21:35:30
2019/11/28Mud bath treatment brought about an improvement of parameters of functional health for both inflammatory rheumatic and degenerative diseases.Research2019-11-28 21:27:06
2019/11/28Genistein modulates signaling pathways and targets several epigenetic markers in HeLa cells.Research2019-11-28 21:16:22
2019/11/28Docosahexaenoic acid in the treatment of idiopathic male infertilityResearch2019-11-28 21:00:52
2019/11/28Intake of Probi Defendum® once daily for a period of 3 months was beneficial to children and reduced the severity of common colds.Research2019-11-28 19:16:26
2019/11/28Characterization of juice fermented with Lactobacillus plantarum EM and its cholesterol-lowering effects on rats fed a high-fat and high-cholesterol diet.Research2019-11-28 18:22:44
2019/11/28Lactobacillus plantarum TWK10 has the potential to be an ergogenic aid to improve aerobic endurance performance via physiological adaptation effects.Research2019-11-28 16:49:23
2019/11/28Probiotics may have efficient effects in management and treatment of Multiple sclerosis.Research2019-11-28 15:39:25
2019/11/28Combination of probiotics with different functions alleviate DSS-induced colitis.Research2019-11-28 15:17:21
2019/11/28Lactobacillus casei-YBJ02 could be used as probiotics through its lipid reduction effects.Research2019-11-28 15:10:24
2019/11/28Probiotics seem to offer some benefit in major depressive disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-11-28 14:54:30
2019/11/28Recent randomized clinical trials suggest that probiotics/synbiotics could improve transaminases, hepatic steatosis, and reduce hepatic inflammation.Research2019-11-28 14:27:23
2019/11/28Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract consumption could help maintain vascular elasticity and normal blood pressure.Research2019-11-28 13:48:03
2019/11/28Gingerol inhibits cisplatin-induced acute and delayed emesis.Research2019-11-28 13:40:43
2019/11/28Older people with vitamin D deficiency might be at risk of sarcopenia.Research2019-11-28 13:32:20
2019/11/28Fat and sugar-a dangerous duet. a comparative review on metabolic remodeling in rodent models of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.Research2019-11-28 12:39:43
2019/11/28L-theanine has the potential to promote mental health in the general population with stress-related ailments and cognitive impairments.Research2019-11-28 12:18:03
2019/11/28Supplementation of L-theanine may assist in the reduction of stress and anxiety in people exposed to stressful conditions.Research2019-11-28 11:28:09
2019/11/27Mitigation of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in high-fat-fed mice by the combination of decaffeinated green tea extract and voluntary exercise.Research2019-11-27 21:49:46
2019/11/27Drinking dark tea was associated with decreased risk of T2DM.Research2019-11-27 21:45:52
2019/11/27These results suggest that dark chocolate consumption has beneficial effects on human health by enhancing cognitive function.Research2019-11-27 21:24:12
2019/11/27Cocoa flavanols intake benefits cognitive function in type 1 diabetes.Research2019-11-27 21:18:35
2019/11/27Acute consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa beverage improves attenuated cutaneous microvascular function in healthy young African Americans.Research2019-11-27 21:13:35
2019/11/27Carnosic acid attenuates cadmium induced nephrotoxicity.Research2019-11-27 21:04:57
2019/11/27Salvia officinalis attenuates bleomycin-induced oxidative stress and lung fibrosis in rats.Research2019-11-27 20:58:29
2019/11/27Hepatoprotective activity of aqueous-methanol extract of Artemisia vulgaris.Research2019-11-27 20:33:45
2019/11/27Herbal extract of Artemisia vulgaris induces antitumor effects in HCT-15 human colon cancer cellsResearch2019-11-27 20:28:38
2019/11/27The ethanol extract from Artemisia princeps Pampanini induces p53-mediated G1 phase arrest in A172 human neuroblastoma cells.Research2019-11-27 20:17:21
2019/11/27Black Cohosh Better Than Prozac for MenopauseResearch2019-11-27 18:56:15
2019/11/27An Avocado a Day Boosts Your BrainResearch2019-11-27 17:48:22
2019/11/27This report details acute disseminated encephalomyelitis following seasonal influenza vaccination in an elderly patient.Research2019-11-27 16:56:29
2019/11/27This report describes a case of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis with severe neurological outcomes following a seasonal influenza vaccine.Research2019-11-27 16:55:05
2019/11/27Sequential systemic immune activation by immunological agents like vaccines can activate the brain immune system, leading to immunoexcitotoxicity which is exacerbated by fluoride and aluminum.Research2019-11-27 16:48:56
2019/11/27A. princeps has potential to be utilized as a source of anti-obesity compounds.Research2019-11-27 16:38:56
2019/11/27This study concludes that the measles vaccine plays a part in the development of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.Research2019-11-27 16:37:49
2019/11/27The autonomic nervous system and the immune system interface with each other.Research2019-11-27 16:33:53
2019/11/27Recent clinical trials suggest that vitamin A supplementation reduces morbidity and mortality in different infectious diseases, such as measles, diarrhoeal disease, measles-related pneumonia, human immunodeficiency virus infection and malaria.Research2019-11-27 16:26:46
2019/11/27Neuroprotective effect of caffeoylquinic acids from Artemisia princeps Pampanini against oxidative stress-induced toxicity in PC-12 cells.Research2019-11-27 16:25:52
2019/11/27Oral live polio virus can cause poliomyelitis in recipients and the attentuated poliovirus vaccine can rapidly regain virulence and cause poliomyelitis outbreaks.Research2019-11-27 16:22:36
2019/11/27Encephalitis is a side effect of the smallpox vaccine.Research2019-11-27 16:10:51
2019/11/27Artemisia princeps Pampanini cv. Sajabal induces apoptosis via mitochondrial pathway in human cervical cancer cells.Research2019-11-27 16:10:03
2019/11/27Neonates, infants, and young children produce low vaccine-specific IgG serum titers.Research2019-11-27 16:07:02
2019/11/27Artemisia leaf extract induces apoptosis in human endometriotic cells through regulation of the p38 and NFκB pathways.Research2019-11-27 15:52:32
2019/11/27The flu vaccine’s already variable effectiveness may be further blunted by repeated vaccination.Research2019-11-27 15:42:05
2019/11/27Jaceosidin induces G2/M cell cycle arrest by inactivating cdc25C-cdc2 via ATM-Chk1/2 activation.Research2019-11-27 15:28:05
2019/11/27A. princeps may be useful in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and organ transplantation rejection.Research2019-11-27 15:25:16
2019/11/27Artemisia princeps var orientalis induces apoptosis in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells.Research2019-11-27 15:17:25
2019/11/27The flavonoid jaceosidin from Artemisia princeps induces apoptotic cell death and inhibits the Akt pathway in oral cancer cells.Research2019-11-27 15:14:19
2019/11/27A. princeps extract might be developed as therapeutic potential in the treatment of inflammasome-mediated inflammatory disorders, such as gouty arthritis.Research2019-11-27 14:56:44
2019/11/27Artemisia princeps as a promising therapeutic option for the improvement of postmenopausal osteoporosis.Research2019-11-27 14:51:38
2019/11/27A. princeps may inhibit the cariogenic activity of S. mutans, and may be useful as an anticariogenic agent.Research2019-11-27 14:49:26
2019/11/27Artemisia princeps inhibits biofilm formation and virulence-factor expression of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.Research2019-11-27 14:47:37
2019/11/27Antiviral activities of Artemisia princeps var. orientalis essential oil and its α-thujone against norovirus surrogates.Research2019-11-27 14:41:49
2019/11/27Artemisia dracunculus L. (tarragon): a critical review of its traditional use, chemical composition, pharmacology, and safety.Research2019-11-27 14:24:00
2019/11/27Psyllium Seeds Fight GERDResearch2019-11-27 13:44:24
2019/11/27Artemisia dracunculus L. modulates the immune system in a multiple sclerosis mouse model.Research2019-11-27 13:17:07
2019/11/26This finding provides further evidence to support the health benefits of whole-grain consumption.Research2019-11-26 22:47:15
2019/11/26Tanshinone IIA attenuates Aβ-induced neurotoxicity.Research2019-11-26 22:43:03
2019/11/26Beneficial effects of pumpkin seed oil as a topical hair growth promoting agent in a mice model.Research2019-11-26 22:32:57
2019/11/26The cytoprotective and anti-cancer potential of bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids from Nelumbo nucifera.Research2019-11-26 21:58:48
2019/11/26The results suggest that the ginger extract can reduce morphine-induced neuroinflammation.Research2019-11-26 21:34:22
2019/11/26Adding ginger to daily diet of diabetic patients has useful effects and may ameliorate diabetes complications.Research2019-11-26 21:19:38
2019/11/26Ginger extract activates caspase independent paraptosis in cancer cells.Research2019-11-26 19:30:32
2019/11/26Ginger can have beneficial effects on health complications associated with unhealthy diet.Research2019-11-26 19:15:07
2019/11/26Too Much Screen Time Harms Brain DevelopmentResearch2019-11-26 19:02:40
2019/11/26Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane promotes aerobic glycolysis in colorectal cancer cells.Research2019-11-26 18:52:36
2019/11/26Ginger extract ameliorates bisphenol A induced disruption in thyroid hormones synthesis and metabolism.Research2019-11-26 18:17:41
2019/11/26Coix seed oil ameliorates cancer cachexia by counteracting muscle loss and fat lipolysis.Research2019-11-26 18:06:13
2019/11/26Coix seed extract could augment the efficacy of gemcitabine therapy in pancreatic cancer cells.Research2019-11-26 18:02:30
2019/11/26Adlay sprout extract induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human cervical carcinoma cells.Research2019-11-26 17:56:21
2019/11/26Effect of polysaccharides from adlay seed on anti-diabetic and gut microbiota.Research2019-11-26 17:33:07
2019/11/26Adlay bran oil displays a potential for improving hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia in diabetes.Research2019-11-26 17:23:39
2019/11/26Coix lachryma-jobi extract ameliorates inflammation and oxidative stress in a complete Freund’s adjuvant-induced rheumatoid arthritis model.Research2019-11-26 17:19:35
2019/11/26Anti-influenza virus activity of adlay tea components.Research2019-11-26 17:05:12
2019/11/26Probiotic yogurt can significantly reduce total cholesterol and LDL-c in subjects with mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia.Research2019-11-26 16:58:43
2019/11/26A review of the beneficial effects of yogurt on cardiometabolic diseases risk factors.Research2019-11-26 16:28:51
2019/11/26Higher Mediterranean diet adherence was correlated with lower depression risk.Research2019-11-26 16:09:53
2019/11/26An early Mediterranean diet-based nutritional intervention in pregnancy is associated with reductions in postpartum rates of metabolic syndrome.Research2019-11-26 16:01:47
2019/11/26A review of the metabolic and vascular effect of the Mediterranean diet.Research2019-11-26 15:02:08
2019/11/26Metabolic syndrome prevalence was 25% and was significantly associated with a pro-inflammatory diet.Research2019-11-26 14:58:58
2019/11/26The Mediterranean diet And cardioprotection: historical overview and current research.Research2019-11-26 14:37:46
2019/11/26A nutritional approach to microbiota in Parkinson’s disease.Research2019-11-26 14:16:12
2019/11/26These results suggest that direct chronic exposure to mobile phone caused severe biochemical and histopathological changes in the rat brain.Research2019-11-26 14:13:06
2019/11/26Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation increases parasympathetic nervous system activity.Research2019-11-26 14:11:24
2019/11/26Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation induces apoptosis and oxidative stress in Zebrafish embryo by a non-thermal mechanismResearch2019-11-26 14:08:19
2019/11/26In this meta-analysis, there was an observed increased risk of amytrophic lateral sclerosis in workers occupationally exposed to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields.Research2019-11-26 14:06:18
2019/11/26These results suggest that occupational exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields result in a 1.63 increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.Research2019-11-26 14:04:54
2019/11/26These results indicate that magnetosensory evoked potentials in rats are associated with increased glucose utilization in the cerebellum, thereby supporting evidence that EMF transduction occurred in the brain.Research2019-11-26 13:57:37
2019/11/26The radiofrequency of cell phone prolongs the QT interval in human beings and it interferes with voltage criteria of ECG records in male patients with myocardial ischemia.Research2019-11-26 13:55:45
2019/11/26Mobile phone radiation may alter heart rate variability during call time.Research2019-11-26 13:54:05
2019/11/26These results indicate that exposure to radiofrequency EMF may affect the neurovegetative regulation.Research2019-11-26 13:52:58
2019/11/26Aduola fuzhenglin attentuates microwave-induced heart tissue injury in vitro.Research2019-11-26 13:51:48
2019/11/26Mobile phone radiation alters heart rate variability in healthy subjects.Research2019-11-26 13:49:22
2019/11/26Adherence to the Mediterranean diet and its association with body composition and physical fitness in Spanish university students.Research2019-11-26 13:48:16
2019/11/26These results show that electroreceptors can evolve from a mechanosensory organ that nearly all mammals possess.Research2019-11-26 13:47:39
2019/11/26900 MHz electromagnetic fields reduces cell viability and proliferation.Research2019-11-26 13:45:40
2019/11/26This cohort study demonstrates a potential adverse effect of microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic fields on cognitive function that involve brain regions mostly exposed during mobile phone use.Research2019-11-26 13:41:35
2019/11/26These data strongly indicate a genotoxic potential of intermittent EMF.Research2019-11-26 13:26:38
2019/11/26Gadolinium induces DNA damage which is enhanced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields.Research2019-11-26 13:25:52
2019/11/26Co-exposure of cells to benzene or its metabolites concomitantly with extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields results in a clear genotoxic effect.Research2019-11-26 13:22:40
2019/11/26Long-term occupational exposure to ELF-EMFs is likely to cause genotoxic effects.Research2019-11-26 13:20:59
2019/11/26The beneficial effects of Mediterranean diet adherence and congestive heart failure.Research2019-11-26 13:20:29
2019/11/26This paper discusses the implications of the findings that extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields exhibit genotoxic properties.Research2019-11-26 13:17:41
2019/11/26Magnetic fields may act as a co-inductor of DNA damage.Research2019-11-26 13:15:44
2019/11/26Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields may enhance the genotoxic activity of xenobiotics.Research2019-11-26 13:14:39
2019/11/26These findings suggest that maternal supplementation with hydroxytyrosol may improve juvenile development of offspring in at-risk pregnancies.Research2019-11-26 13:14:22
2019/11/26Electromagnetic fields directly activate macrophages, stimulating elevated levels of free radical production. This may lead to downstream carcinogenic, genotoxic, and melatonin-depleting effects.Research2019-11-26 13:13:30
2019/11/26Cell phone radiated radio frequency waves were effective on increasing brain tissue temperature and this temperature increase has cumulative effect on the tissue.Research2019-11-26 13:08:57
2019/11/26The fluid aspect of the Mediterranean diet in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.Research2019-11-26 12:50:15
2019/11/26This pooled analysis found an increased risk of childhood leukemia associated with proximity to power lines.Research2019-11-26 12:48:15