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2020/10/21Woman Loses 105 Pounds and Gets Super Healthy on Plant Based Diet!TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-10-21 15:08:50
2020/10/14My Life-Saving Ayahuasca Journey: Healing the Warrior WithinTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-10-14 19:24:31
2020/10/12Dana’s Recovery from Gluten Ataxia, Eosinophilic Esophagitis and IBSTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-10-12 18:46:46
2020/10/09By Switching to a Plant-Based Diet, Eric Adams Is ‘Healthy at Last’TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-10-09 17:12:52
2020/10/08We’ve Lost 195 Pounds Combined Since Going Plant-BasedTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-10-08 19:32:13
2020/10/05Emily’s Healing Story (Type 1 Diabetes & Eczema)TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-10-05 07:00:44
2020/10/02Losing Weight And Improving Asthma On A Whole Foods Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-10-02 10:22:06
2020/10/02After 40 Years in the Pizza Business, I Went Plant-Based and Transformed My HealthTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-10-02 06:34:45
2020/09/29How I Conquered Prostate CancerTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-29 10:29:30
2020/09/25A Plant-Based Diet Cut My LDL Cholesterol in HalfTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-25 19:28:01
2020/09/23One Mother’s Journey to Healing Depression with Plant MedicinesTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-23 19:20:28
2020/09/23[#MeAgain] Escaping the Diagnosis Merry-Go-Round: How Jennifer Casstevens Got on the Right Path to Lyme RecoveryTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-23 08:58:51
2020/09/2373-Year-Old Grandma Changed Her Diet, Tracked Her Progress with an iPhone, and Shed 55 PoundsTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-23 06:43:55
2020/09/13Saray Stancic, MD on healing MS, Code Blue and What’s Missing From MedicineTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-13 10:23:14
2020/09/11At 56, I’m Fitter, Healthier, and Happier Than Ever, Thanks to a Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-11 19:27:14
2020/09/11Kylie’s Healing Story (Rheumatoid Arthritis)TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-11 11:07:11
2020/09/07AIP Stories of Recovery: Joan Claire’s Recovery from Multiple Autoimmune DiseasesTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-07 18:38:49
2020/09/03Hypertension, Ear Infections, Excess Weight—All Gone on a Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-03 19:26:48
2020/09/01I Have My Family BackTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-09-01 14:31:28
2020/08/31Este Haim Says She Was Told Her Type 1 Diabetes Would Make a Music Career ImpossibleTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-31 17:18:41
2020/08/31April Stories of Recovery: Brooke’s Recovery from Celiac Refractory DiseaseTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-31 08:36:38
2020/08/31‘I Was Given 5 Years To Live: Then A Plant-Based Diet Changed My Life’TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-31 01:34:41
2020/08/23This Chronic Life: Meet Amy B. ScherTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-23 09:58:50
2020/08/23Djokovic Feeling ‘Healthier Overall’ On Plant-Based Diet’TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-23 07:18:27
2020/08/16Elissa Goodman – 25-Year Holistic Lymphoma SurvivorTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-16 18:31:13
2020/08/16“Within one year of going keto I was prescription-free for the first time in decades!”TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-16 07:32:26
2020/08/12‘I Thought I’d Be Dead By 30’ – How A Plant-Based Diet Helped Him Shed 200lbTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-12 11:12:51
2020/08/1296-Year-Old Ditches Medications And Starts Walking After Going Plant-BasedTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-12 06:07:25
2020/08/10AIP Stories of Recovery: Jillian’s Recovery from Ulcerative Colitis and FibromyalgiaTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-10 18:38:36
2020/08/10Kelly Osbourne Loses 85lb After Switching To Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-10 07:10:04
2020/08/06My Daily Hip Pain a Thing of the Past Thanks to a Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-06 19:27:02
2020/08/04Case Report: Healing of Graves’ Disease Through Lifestyle ChangesTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-04 12:48:34
2020/08/04Family Reveals How They Lost 1000lb After Going Plant-BasedTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-04 12:07:24
2020/08/01Record-Breaking Sprinter Elijah Hall Says Veganism Has ‘Amazing’ Effect On His BodyTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-08-01 11:07:32
2020/07/31Evelyn’s Healing Story (Vitiligo & Eczema)TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-31 11:06:54
2020/07/31‘Becoming Plant-Based Has Definitely Changed My Life’ Says Ninja Warrior CompetitorTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-31 09:07:28
2020/07/29I’ve Normalized Sky-High Triglycerides and Begun Reversing Kidney Disease in Just 12 WeeksTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-29 19:26:13
2020/07/28Case Report: Successful Discontinuation of Psychotropic DrugsTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-28 12:47:51
2020/07/27Kelly’s AIP Kitchen: How She Manages Hashimoto’s in HobokenTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-27 18:38:36
2020/07/23Obese Dad Motivated To Shed More Than Half His Weight When He Required Two Seats on an Evacuation FlightTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-23 18:14:24
2020/07/23I Was Determined To Learn What True Human Health MeantTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-23 10:18:56
2020/07/20I Reversed Gestational Diabetes, Lost Weight, and Overcame Allergies on a Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-20 19:26:58
2020/07/13AIP Stories of Recovery: Carissa’s Recovery from Chronic Pain and Hashimoto’sTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-13 18:38:38
2020/07/13Cancer Survivor Discusses Role Plant-Based Diet Played In Her Long Term RecoveryTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-13 10:07:49
2020/07/09Migraines Held Me Back for Decades, Until I Went Plant-BasedTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-09 19:26:51
2020/07/04Family Collectively Loses 170lb In Six Months After Adopting Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-04 10:08:27
2020/07/03From Bedbound to Thriving with the DNRS Online program!TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-03 14:31:23
2020/07/01I’m Reversing Metabolic Syndrome on a Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-07-01 19:26:23
2020/06/30420lb Food Addict Describes How A Plant-Based Diet Saved His LifeTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-30 11:12:20
2020/06/29This Chronic Life: Meet Nicki NysvenTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-29 02:00:51
2020/06/29Autistic Child Starts to Speak After Two Days of Prescription CBD Oil TreatmentTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-29 01:31:24
2020/06/24I Cut My Weight in Half on a Whole-Food, Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-24 19:27:08
2020/06/23Functional Medicine Saved Me From MyselfTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-23 22:37:41
2020/06/22Janice’s AIP Kitchen: How She Manages Graves’ Disease in the Seattle AreaTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-22 18:38:01
2020/06/18Faced with Gastric Bypass Surgery, I Tried a Plant-Based Diet InsteadTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-18 19:26:34
2020/06/18Type 2 Diabetes Patient Loses 37kg In 6 Months On NFI ProtocolTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-18 11:45:40
2020/06/18Retired, Reborn and Pursuing My PassionTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-18 11:22:32
2020/06/14An Update on my Cancer Journey (16 Years and Counting!)TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-14 15:50:37
2020/06/14Get Inspired by Olivia GoodreauTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-14 13:33:07
2020/06/12After Decades of Failed Diets, I Went Plant-Based and Lost 140 Pounds in 2 YearsTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-12 06:05:42
2020/06/12Journey to Diagnosis of Two Parasites, SIBO, and More Plus Gut GardenTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-12 05:54:28
2020/06/10Episode #24 – Beating Cancer with Keto and Detoxification with Alison GannettTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-10 10:11:11
2020/06/08AIP Stories of Recovery: Katie’s Recovery from Five Autoimmune DiseasesTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-08 18:39:40
2020/06/05Dan’s Healing Story (Psoriatic Arthritis, Psoriasis & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-05 11:07:37
2020/06/04AIP Stories of Recovery: Phoebe’s Recovery from PoTS and Myalgic EncephalomyelitisTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-04 06:00:00
2020/06/03Identical Twins Compare Vegan And Meat Diets: Plant-Based Twin Lost More Fat, Had More EnergyTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-03 05:08:04
2020/06/02From Sedentary Asthma Sufferer to Long-Distance Runner on a Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-02 19:26:27
2020/06/02‘Ironman’ Athlete Transforms Her Physique And Health On Vegan DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-02 11:08:54
2020/06/02Patient Perspective: Gerson for Lyme DiseaseTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-02 10:27:41
2020/06/01Alicia Silverstone Credits Vegan Diet For Her Son’s Good BehaviorTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-06-01 07:07:27
2020/05/31Pro Lacrosse Player Paul Rabil Credits Plant-Based Diet For Helping His SciaticaTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-31 06:07:41
2020/05/30A Plant-Based Diet Got Me Off the Lung Transplant List and Helped Restore My EyesightTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-30 11:21:24
2020/05/29Yoga Transformed Me After a Scoliosis DiagnosisTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-29 11:23:15
2020/05/28Chef AJ Lost 160 Pounds on a Vegan DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-28 07:08:06
2020/05/27After Cardiac Arrest Nearly Killed Me, I Went VeganTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-27 19:27:06
2020/05/27Kevin Hart Tells Joe Rogan How Plant-Based Foods Are Helping Him Reach His Fitness GoalsTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-27 08:09:24
2020/05/26Blessed: Big Sean Reveals Holistic Medicine Healed Him Of Heart Disease When He Was A TeenagerTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-26 02:09:54
2020/05/25Success Story: Traveling the Cancer JourneyTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-25 19:30:22
2020/05/2374-Year-Old Vegan Credits Plant-Based Diet For Surviving CoronavirusTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-23 12:09:13
2020/05/23Simon Cowell Says He’s Lost 60lb By ‘Sticking To’ A Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-23 06:08:28
2020/05/22Top Shape Mike Tyson: Going Vegan Gave Me A New Opportunity At LifeTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-22 08:07:24
2020/05/19I Went Plant-Based to Avoid Needing Statins. The Results Have Been IncredibleTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-19 19:26:52
2020/05/18Meet the Women Who Tackled Her MS with Food and Lifestyle ChoicesTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-18 00:17:58
2020/05/15Chronically Ill Pensioner Transforms Her Health On Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-15 12:07:39
2020/05/15[#MeAgain] Making Up for Lost Time: How Nicole Miles Got Her Life Back After LymeTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-15 04:52:10
2020/05/14How one ‘unstoppable’ mother transformed the health of her family and took on big industryTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-14 00:00:00
2020/05/13Reader Success StoryTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-13 20:05:46
2020/05/13From Couch Potato to Avid Cyclist: My Plant-Based TransformationTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-13 19:27:15
2020/05/13A Gutsy Girl’s Story with Severe Ulcerative ColitisTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-13 06:32:02
2020/05/128-year-old Boy Beats Stage 4 Brain Cancer at Tennessee HospitalTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-12 20:06:07
2020/05/11AIP Stories of Recovery: Siri’s Recovery from Rheumatoid ArthritisTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-11 18:37:41
2020/05/07Adele’s 100lb Weight Loss  Rumoured To Be From Mainly Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-07 11:09:23
2020/05/07Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Goes Plant-Based – And Reduces CholesterolTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-05-07 05:07:28
2020/04/30I Fully Recovered from a Heart Attack in 3 Months of Eating PlantsTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-04-30 19:27:15
2020/04/29Doctor Goes Plant-Based, Loses 100lb, And Fixes Cholesterol LevelsTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-04-29 09:07:24
2020/04/21Recovering from Liver Disease on a Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-04-21 19:26:09
2020/04/15Emily’s Healing Story (Type 1 Diabetes & Eczema)TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-04-15 19:31:55
2020/04/07Chronic Dieter Finally Transforms Physique On High-Carb Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-04-07 22:34:17
2020/04/04Mother travels from Canada to Florida for Lyme Disease TreatmentTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-04-04 17:45:52
2020/03/31Former College Footballer Goes Plant-Based: Loses 80lb And Ditches Blood Pressure MedsTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-31 09:14:38
2020/03/30Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams adopts a plant-based diet and the results are stunning.TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-30 23:12:34
2020/03/30Success Story: Life After CravingsTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-30 11:00:23
2020/03/27Living Well, 122 Pounds Lighter on a Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-27 13:27:02
2020/03/24Scientist Loses 50lb And Controls Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms On Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-24 11:08:40
2020/03/22How Amy lost 90 pounds and got off her medsTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-22 10:22:27
2020/03/21Nicole’s case: keto solves lifelong obesity and food issuesTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-21 09:35:01
2020/03/1245-Year-Old Slashes Body Fat And Transforms Physique On 90-Day Plant-Based PlanTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-12 13:40:00
2020/03/03‘Cheese Addict’ Loses 50lb And Ditches Blood Pressure Meds On Plant-Based DietTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-03 06:01:44
2020/03/02Why I Eat Organ Meat Weekly, and You Should TooTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-03-02 11:00:27
2020/02/25Testimonial: Thanks For Helping Me and My DaughterTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-02-25 09:00:32
2020/02/04This Chronic Life Featuring: Brooke GeahanTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-02-04 01:00:12
2020/01/17Patient Perspective: Gerson Therapy for Ovarian CancerTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2020-01-17 17:31:23
2019/12/27How I Achieved a Year of Perfect Gut HealthTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2019-12-27 06:39:34
2019/11/14Patient Perspective: Gerson for MigraineTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2019-11-14 16:12:09
2019/10/22Wahls Health Professional Spotlight: Tami FraserTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2019-10-22 22:53:05
2019/10/22Letters, Fall 2019TESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2019-10-22 13:38:36
2019/09/25Type 2 Diabetic Normalizes Blood Glucose In 8 Weeks On NFI ProtocolTESTIMONIAL ARTICLES2019-09-25 08:48:01

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