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2020/08/04Cancer Survivor Story – Sarah Key-Marer | Stage 3B Breast CancerTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-08-04 11:12:35
2020/08/01How One Woman Lost 75 Pounds on the Keto Diet – Keto Diet SpecialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-08-01 12:14:57
2020/07/29Stroke – Hippocrates Health InstituteTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-29 10:40:51
2020/07/27Healing From Lyme Disease & Mold Toxicity, Tom’s Testimonial of Lyme Disease At Sponaugle WellnessTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-27 11:58:07
2020/07/27Lydia’s Journey To Healing With the HLB/HLA Gene and Mold Toxicity Treatment At Sponaugle WellnessTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-27 11:58:02
2020/07/27Black Mold Poisoning Symptoms Curable Treatment Testimonial Lucetta Sponaugle Wellness InstituteTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-27 11:57:58
2020/07/27Sylvia’ Lyme Success Story Healing From Antibiotics – Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-27 11:57:54
2020/07/27Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis Caused By Lyme Disease – Bradley’s Story of Healing from LymeTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-27 11:57:50
2020/07/27Toxic Black Mold Treatment Testimonial, Denise’s Story of Healing From Toxic Black Mold ExposureTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-27 11:57:45
2020/07/27Severe Memory Loss Due to Neurological Lyme Disease, Lewi’s Story of Healing from Chronic LymeTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-27 11:57:41
2020/07/23Food Revolution: Reversing DiabetesTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-23 10:15:33
2020/07/21Cancer Survivor Story: Rebecca | Invasive Carcinoma of The BreastTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-21 11:12:28
2020/07/15Evan Bass Weight Loss Story | The Exam Room LiveTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-15 10:15:26
2020/07/14How Food Saved His LifeTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-14 10:14:52
2020/07/09Family Lost 1,000 Pounds After Going VeganTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-09 10:15:28
2020/07/07Lisa Schroeder’s Cancer Survivor Story | Triple Negative DCIS Breast CancerTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-07 11:14:25
2020/07/05Stage 4 Cancer Success Story: You Have to See This!TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-07-05 06:00:57
2020/06/28My Vegan Body Transformation Story: Overweight to Underweight to Fit MomTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-28 10:54:13
2020/06/28My 97-Year Old Grandpa Recovers from COVID-19 ❤️ He Shares His Story…TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-28 10:45:11
2020/06/26Bob Blackburn Reversed Diabetes With DietTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-26 08:00:04
2020/06/26Susan Smith’s Cancer Survivor Story | Stage 2 Breast CancerTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-26 04:45:13
2020/06/18Health Challenge: Candida & Weight-lossTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-18 11:16:59
2020/06/18Health Challenge: FibromyalgiaTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-18 08:43:59
2020/06/17Lost 200 Pounds on a Plant-Based Diet! | Exam Room LiveTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-17 11:06:31
2020/06/14A day in the life with Dr. WahlsTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-14 22:24:54
2020/06/14Amy Myers MD talks about having Graves DiseaseTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-14 19:45:01
2020/06/09Sterling Byassee’s Prostate Cancer Survivor StoryTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-09 11:13:24
2020/06/08EP 24 – Beating Cancer with Keto and Detoxification with Alison GannettTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-08 10:07:02
2020/06/05How One Woman Lost Over 100 Pounds – Best Weight-Loss VideosTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-05 10:15:01
2020/06/04Eric Adams On Reversing His Diabetes DiagnosisTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-06-04 05:13:03
2020/05/30Eleonora’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-30 10:30:00
2020/05/28Nina and Randa Cleared Up Cystic Acne With DietTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-28 08:39:38
2020/05/25Sylvester Stallone Healing WisdomTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-25 22:44:42
2020/05/23Health Challenge: Stress & BurnoutTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-23 04:37:52
2020/05/19Russell Brand’s Story: Transformation Through Yoga – URBAN YOGIS – Deepak ChopraTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-19 22:04:54
2020/05/18Living (and Thriving!) with Crohn’s and Colitis: The Ostomy GuyTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-18 08:02:26
2020/05/16Health Challenge: Lymphoma Stage 4TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-16 09:44:05
2020/05/15Health Challenge: Liver CancerTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-15 10:19:19
2020/05/14Kelly Brogan MD went to a Naturopathic Doctor for Hashimoto’sTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-14 10:45:00
2020/05/14Hippocrates Health Institute Breast Cancer TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-14 01:02:18
2020/05/12From Meds to Marathons: Eric O’Grey’s Plant-Based StoryTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-05-12 11:42:06
2020/04/30Tasha’s Story of Healing from Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity | Lyme Disease Treatment TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-30 17:47:18
2020/04/29“My Life Was in Ruins”: How Pro Surfer Bjorn Hazelquist Fixed His BrainTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-29 09:59:38
2020/04/27Eric O’Grey | Adopting A Plant-Based Diet And A Dog Saved My LifeTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-27 19:31:42
2020/04/21Katrin’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-21 19:20:51
2020/04/11The Ruffa Family’s Cancer Survivor Story | Stage 4 RhabdomyosarcomaTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-11 22:29:16
2020/04/10Teresa’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-10 22:23:28
2020/04/08Sophia’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-08 22:23:01
2020/04/06Christine’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-06 22:23:40
2020/04/05Karine’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-05 22:23:13
2020/04/04Lydia Cronin Exit VideoTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:48:05
2020/04/04Bethany Florance Libby Intro Video 4/29/2019TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:48:01
2020/04/04Bethany Libby Exit Video 09/24/2019TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:56
2020/04/04Sylvia Noecker Intro VideoTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:53
2020/04/04Sylvia Noecker Exit VideoTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:49
2020/04/04Lewis Teffeau Intro VideoTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:44
2020/04/04Savannah Lathem Intro VideoTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:37
2020/04/04Savannah Lathem Exit VideoTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:34
2020/04/04Lucetta Zaytoun Intro VideoTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:30
2020/04/04Lucetta Zaytoun Exit VideoTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:26
2020/04/04CTV Windsor Highlights Monique at Sponaugle WellnessTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:22
2020/04/04Ben’s Story of Healing from Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity | Lyme Disease Treatment TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:14
2020/04/04Savannah’s Mold Toxicity Treatment Success Story | Sponaugle WellnessTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 17:47:10
2020/04/04Healed From Eczema With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-04 00:00:36
2020/04/03Tammy Copley’s Breast Cancer Survivor Story | 6 Years Breast Cancer-FreeTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-04-03 20:20:46
2020/03/31Natalia’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-31 22:22:38
2020/03/30James Templeton 30-Year Stage IV Melanoma SurvivorTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-30 18:36:23
2020/03/30Elissa Goodman – 25-Year Holistic Lymphoma SurvivorTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-30 18:35:43
2020/03/29Cheryl’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-29 22:26:18
2020/03/28Shehana’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-28 09:08:45
2020/03/25Kimberly’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-25 22:22:09
2020/03/23Nootsie’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-23 22:23:04
2020/03/22Michele’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-22 22:22:28
2020/03/21Pam’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-21 22:23:01
2020/03/20Catie’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-20 16:05:08
2020/03/20Ana’s Testimonial in SpanishTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-20 16:04:49
2020/03/20Rosa’s Testimonial in SpanishTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-20 14:49:37
2020/03/20Teresa’s Testimonial in SpanishTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-20 14:49:28
2020/03/20Joshua’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-20 14:49:09
2020/03/20Maria’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-20 14:49:00
2020/03/16Robert Hyde’s Cancer Survivor Story | How to Support A Cancer FighterTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-16 15:08:58
2020/03/14Gina Ruffa’s Cancer Survivor Story | Stage 3 RhabdomyosarcomaTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-14 07:00:11
2020/03/06John’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-06 21:22:29
2020/03/05Robert’s TestimonialTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-05 21:22:52
2020/03/02George Roberts’ Cancer Survivor Story | LiposarcomaTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-03-02 14:29:38
2020/02/18Organic diet gave me a new sonTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-18 12:15:29
2020/02/17Dr Terry Wahls, The Doctors, February 6, 2020 — Reclaiming My Health and Living With MSTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-17 15:01:18
2020/02/15A Plant-based Diet Helped Alison with PCOSTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-15 09:00:00
2020/02/13Conquering PCOS with a Plant-Based Diet | Alison’s StoryTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-13 08:00:07
2020/02/11Improving Hypothyroidism with a Plant-Based Diet | Michael’s StoryTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-11 08:00:02
2020/02/10From Keto To Plant-Based: ‘Watching The Game Changers Changed My Health’TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-10 11:29:16
2020/02/09Balancing Thyroid Hormones with a Plant-Based Diet | Jeanne’s StoryTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-09 11:30:03
2020/02/08Reversing Diabetes with a Plant-Based Diet | Bob’s StoryTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-08 16:00:00
2020/02/08Alleviating Hyperthyroidism with a Plant-Based Diet | Wendy’s StoryTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-08 09:00:06
2020/02/06Endometriosis and a Plant-Based Diet | Katherine’s StoryTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-06 16:11:04
2020/02/05Kathernine Was Diagnosed With EndometriosisTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-02-05 11:00:10
2020/01/24Medical Medium Healing Stories Anika & Benjamin PiestTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2020-01-24 19:30:50
2019/12/01Supporting Emotions Through Essential OilsTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-12-01 13:39:16
2019/11/22Medical Medium Healing Story Elizabeth ShafiroffTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-11-22 13:56:15
2019/11/21Medical Medium Healing Story Andrew KusatsuTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-11-21 14:33:49
2019/11/19Medical Medium Healing Stories Erinn Hudson & Elisabeth StassenTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-11-19 14:35:57
2019/11/16Medical Medium Healing Story Kristin Cassidy & Calvin StebbinsTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-11-16 14:14:00
2019/10/24Healing Lyme Disease, Transverse Myelitis & Brain FogTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-10-24 16:41:43
2019/10/07Healing Brain Fog, Panic Disorder & Numbness With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-10-07 14:09:58
2019/09/27Healing Tourette’s, Weight & Sleep ProblemsTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-09-27 10:55:06
2019/09/25Health Challenge: Brain TumorTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-09-25 14:31:22
2019/09/25Healing From Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis & FatigueTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-09-25 12:36:59
2019/09/18Healing Brain Fog, Depression & AnxietyTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-09-18 16:39:57
2019/09/17Health Testimonial: Ruby from New YorkTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-09-17 10:50:54
2019/09/06Healing Breast Plant Illness With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-09-06 11:22:14
2019/09/03Healing Eczema, Allergies, Asthma & Autoimmune DiseaseTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-09-03 11:55:16
2019/08/30Healing POTS, SIBO, Lyme disease, Colitis & Trigeminal NeuralgiaTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-08-30 11:50:08
2019/08/30Healing Esophagitis, Acid Reflux & GastritisTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-08-30 11:30:07
2019/08/20Healing From Anxiety, Twitching & Panic AttacksTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-08-20 14:45:06
2019/08/09Testimonial: Life Transformation and Health Educator Graduate: Susana from the UKTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-08-09 09:36:11
2019/08/05Healing Allergies, Migraines & ADHD With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-08-05 17:45:42
2019/08/03Healing From Migraines With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-08-03 17:11:30
2019/07/29Healing Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Brain Tumors & More With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-07-29 12:07:19
2019/07/09Health Challenge: Weight Loss & RejuvenationTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-07-09 15:26:47
2019/06/25Testimonial: Peter from SwedenTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-06-25 11:31:26
2019/06/24Healed Acne With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-06-24 03:18:55
2019/06/12Healed Depression, Endometriosis, Hot Flashes, Food Allergies, Brain Fog & Restless LegsTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-06-12 10:55:09
2019/06/07Healing Acne, UTIs, Migraines & Sinus ProblemsTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-06-07 20:31:04
2019/06/06Lost Over 200 Pounds Together With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-06-06 14:58:18
2019/06/06Healed Lifelong Eczema With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-06-06 14:57:45
2019/06/04Healed SIBO, “Leaky Gut”, Anxiety, Raynaud’s, Joint Pain, Acne & MoreTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-06-04 11:17:34
2019/06/04Healed Lyme Disease, Migraines & FatigueTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-06-04 11:17:00
2019/05/19Healing Eczema & Psoriasis With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-05-19 20:03:20
2019/05/19Hippocrates Health Institute – Shivani Gupta Testimony – Hippocrates Weight Loss AcademyTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-05-19 15:13:11
2019/05/18Healing Chronic Fatigue & Lyme DiseaseTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-05-18 16:11:32
2019/05/15Healed Eczema & Neurological Symptoms With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-05-15 11:22:43
2019/05/15Healing Eczema With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-05-15 11:22:18
2019/05/15Healed UTIs, Bladder & Kidney Infections, Interstitial Cystitis & AcneTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-05-15 11:21:31
2019/05/13Health Challenges: Inflammation, Ulcers & HypoglycemiaTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-05-13 10:17:56
2019/04/23Lost 80 Pounds With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-04-23 12:15:55
2019/04/19Health Challenge: Weight LossTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-04-19 12:11:17
2019/04/06Weight Loss With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-04-06 17:09:25
2019/04/06Healing Acne & Eczema With Medical MediumTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-04-06 17:06:00
2019/04/01Health Challenge: Weight Loss & DetoxificationTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-04-01 11:02:57
2019/03/25Health Challenge: Breast CancerTESTIMONIAL VIDEOS2019-03-25 08:43:44

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