Becoming Happier & Less Anxious

Focusing on loving kindness helped students participating in the research feel happier, more connected, empathetic and less anxious. Researchers instructed a group of students to spend 12 minutes walking around a building and silently wish happiness for the people they encountered. Results showed that extending unspoken loving-kindness promoted positive changes in the students’ mind-set independent … Read moreBecoming Happier & Less Anxious

Mobile Phones, Sleep & Productivity

Time spent on mobile phones is costing some people their sleep, affecting their productivity and threatening their safety while driving. Mobile phone use also seems to lead to more aches and pains. These findings from a recent Australian study reveal some surprising effects of widespread mobile phone use (88 percent of Australians have these phones … Read moreMobile Phones, Sleep & Productivity

Mushrooms For Memory

New research from Singapore suggests that consuming more than two portions of mushrooms weekly can cut the risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) by 52 percent, while eating one to two portions can reduce it by 43 percent. A portion was defined as 3/4 of a cup of cooked mushrooms.  These findings come from a … Read moreMushrooms For Memory

What Is The Healthiest Country?

In this year’s ranking of the world’s healthiest countries Spain came out on top, displacing Italy, which was number one in 2017, the last time the research was done. The ranking, by Bloomberg Global Health, placed Italy second and Iceland third. Japan was also in the top 10. It now has the highest life expectancy … Read moreWhat Is The Healthiest Country?