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Easy way to lower your risk of hip fractures up to 44%

(NaturalHealth365) Reducing the risk of hip fractures is easier than you might think, according to a Framingham Osteoporosis Study. You can enhance bone health by taking a vitamin you should be taking anyway: vitamin C. This finding comes out of… Continue Reading →

The powerful health benefits of avocados

(NaturalHealth365) You love avocados as a sandwich garnish or mashed in guacamole at your favorite Mexican restaurant, but this little green superfood is so much more than just a dip or a garnish. Avocados are loaded with nutrients – which… Continue Reading →

How CoQ10 can benefit patients with diabetes

(NaturalHealth365) Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a compound that helps to generate energy within the cells – which is why it’s so important to help combat heart disease, poor brain function and even cancer.  And, as if that wasn’t enough of… Continue Reading →

Physical activity in the ‘right way’ for just 10 minutes per week reduces your risk of premature death, science reveals

(NaturalHealth365) We’re all aware of the importance of regular exercise and physical activity for a healthy life. Now a collaborative study out of Shandong University in China, the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and the University of Texas Medical Branch… Continue Reading →

CoQ10 reduces headache pain, frequency and duration

(NaturalHealth365)  Conventionally speaking, the migraine headache is still a ‘mystery’ in many ways.  Doctors will tell you that the exact cause is largely unknown, and migraine pain can be difficult to treat and prevent with pharmaceutical interventions.  However, a 2018… Continue Reading →

New bill seeks to override doctors and give power to the state to decide medical exemptions for vaccines in California

(NaturalHealth365) The pharmaceutical industry – with the help of politicians – continue its quest to force the public to take vaccines despite troubling vaccine side effects.  Notorious California lawmaker Senator Richard Pan has just proposed new legislation to prevent citizens… Continue Reading →

Teen sues health department after being banned from school for refusing chickenpox vaccine

(NaturalHealth365) A Kentucky high school student has filed suit against his local health department after being prevented from participating in school activities. The ban was leveled against him because he chose not to receive the chickenpox vaccine. A chickenpox outbreak… Continue Reading →

Weed killer DANGER: Glyphosate increases cancer risk over 40%, new study says

(NaturalHealth365) There have been serious concerns about the weed killer glyphosate for many years. Now a new meta-analysis out of the University of Washington is showing that exposure to the chemical raises cancer risk by 41 percent. As background, glyphosate… Continue Reading →

Wake up call: Baby diapers contaminated with over 60 toxic chemicals including glyphosate

(NaturalHealth365) No doubt, health-conscious consumers are very concerned about glyphosate in the food supply.  And, parents are rightfully upset about the toxic chemicals in vaccines.  But, now, glyphosate and other highly toxic chemicals have been detected in baby diapers. The… Continue Reading →

Leading cancer expert suffers total organ failure and dies suddenly after getting vaccination

(NaturalHealth365) There has been yet another death associated with receiving a vaccination. This time the victim is a top UK cancer doctor and researcher who died after being administered the yellow fever vaccine. Martin Gore, 67, has been described by… Continue Reading →

Negative emotions found to increase inflammation, study reveals

(NaturalHealth365) We’ve all heard about the link between chronic stress and poor physical health.  But, now, research out of Pennsylvania State University in State College has found a direct correlation between negative emotions and increased inflammation in the body. Simply… Continue Reading →

Vaccine dangers in question: The U.S. FDA approves Vaxelis, a new ‘6-in-1 combo shot’ for infants to young children

(NaturalHealth365) In late December 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a disturbing new hexavalent vaccine called Vaxelis.  It contains a combination of antigens that supposedly address six different diseases: tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, hepatitis B and the… Continue Reading →

Arthritis pain REDUCED with a non-toxic, natural therapy

(NaturalHealth365) We all know how great massage can feel.  However, research out of Duke Health has confirmed significant benefits of regular, whole-body massages for anyone suffering from arthritis pain in their joints. Now, all we need to do is get… Continue Reading →

Breaking NEWS: Food additive shown to trigger autoimmune disease

(NaturalHealth365)  It looks like a food additive is putting the health of our society at risk.  Of course, if we were to ask most food industry experts, they would say, ‘no way.’  But, the science tells a very different (and… Continue Reading →

Study reveals: Common VIRUS harder to eliminate while taking statins

(NaturalHealth365) Conventionally speaking, statins are prescribed to lower cholesterol and help ‘protect’ heart health.  Yet, nothing could be further from the truth – when it comes to being good for our overall wellbeing. For example, these medications are now being… Continue Reading →

Infection rates from colonoscopy more than 100 times higher than expected, study reveals

  (NaturalHealth365) Conventionally speaking, most doctors urge their patients – age 50 and older – to get a colonoscopy, at least every five years.  However, getting a colonoscopy or endoscopy procedure might actually be riskier than most medical professionals realize,… Continue Reading →

Children’s brain health negatively affected by screen time on ‘smart’ devices

(NaturalHealth365) The initial results from National Institute of Health (NIH) study have shown “different patterns” in the brain scans of children who use smart devices and video games frequently.  But, the big question remains to be answered: will all of… Continue Reading →

The link between magnesium and optimal vitamin D levels in the body

(NaturalHealth365)  We know that both vitamin D and magnesium are essential for optimal health.  But, in new research out of Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, researchers reveal how magnesium plays a key role in optimizing vitamin D levels in the body. We… Continue Reading →

Sulforaphane shown to help children with autism, research reveals

  (NaturalHealth365)  Can sulforaphane – a substance found in broccoli sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables – have a positive effect on children with autism?  The quick answer is ‘yes!’ Today, we highlight the research out of Johns Hopkins University School… Continue Reading →

Breaking NEWS: Flu shot sends man to hospital partially paralyzed and not able to breathe

  (NaturalHealth365) Las Vegas resident Shane Morgan is now partially paralyzed, blind and unable to walk after receiving the flu shot. The onset of these symptoms occurred just one day after the flu vaccine was administered.  He immediately went to… Continue Reading →

Chinese scientist creates world’s first genetically edited children, dangerous clinical trial halted

  (NaturalHealth365) In late November of 2018, Chinese scientist He Jiankui revealed his involvement in the birth of the world’s first genetically edited children.  But, many scientists freaked out and said we are not ready for this gene editing technology… Continue Reading →

Breaking NEWS: Quaker Oats sued over glyphosate contamination

  (NaturalHealth365) Quaker Oats and their parent company PepsiCo have recently been sued for not disclosing that 17 of their food products are contaminated. What’s the problem?  These products contain troubling levels of glyphosate, the world’s most widely used weed… Continue Reading →

Childhood vaccine safety data results hidden by government health officials

  (NaturalHealth365) It has come to light that Public Health England (PHE), a major United Kingdom Department of Health and Social Care agency, has neglected to make public the results of three major clinical trials assessing the safety and effectiveness of… Continue Reading →

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