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Global Banks, Led by JPMorgan Chase, Invested $1.9 Trillion in Fossil Fuels Since Paris Climate Pact

By Sharon Kelly A report published Wednesday names the banks that have played the biggest recent role in funding fossil fuel projects, finding that since 2016, immediately following the Paris agreement’s adoption, 33 global banks have poured $1.9 trillion into… Continue Reading →

Oregon a Battlefield Again for Fracked Gas Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG Terminal

By Simon Davis-Cohen When the incumbent Democratic Governor Kate Brown defeated Republican Knute Buehler in a contentious race for Oregon’s governorship, many in the state’s climate movement let out a momentary sigh of relief. Brown had promised to “lead on… Continue Reading →

Fossil Fuels and Climate Denial Still Reign in Louisiana Despite Scientists’ Dire Warnings

By Julie Dermansky Louisiana is ground zero for the devastating impacts of climate change. Even though the state is already feeling the costly impacts to life and property due to extreme weather and an eroding coastline linked to a warming… Continue Reading →

Fracking in 2018: Another Year of Pretending to Make Money

This post was originally published on this site By Justin Mikulka 2018 was the year the oil and gas industry promised that its darling, the shale fracking revolution, would stop focusing on endless production and instead turn a profit for… Continue Reading →

3 Key Dangers of Solar Geoengineering and Why Some Critics Urge a Global Ban

This post was originally published on this site By Justin Mikulka A Harvard research team recently announced plans to perform early tests to shoot sunlight-reflecting particles into the high atmosphere to slow or reverse global warming. These research efforts, which… Continue Reading →

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