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Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Medical alert: Oral contraceptives cause cancer

(NaturalHealth365) Did you know that oral contraceptives were classified as carcinogenic? I knew there were many side effects from the birth control pill, but when I discovered that they were classified as a “group 1 carcinogen”, I was shocked. According… Continue Reading →

Estrogen and breast cancer: The truth exposed

(NaturalHealth365) Conventional (Western) medicine has succeeded in teaching women that their hormones, like estrogen are the cause of their breast cancer – and it has created an industry of anti-hormone suppressing drugs such as Tamoxifen and Anastrozole and countless others… Continue Reading →

How pH levels are connected to cancer risk

(NaturalHealth365) Understanding the pH levels in your body is very simple: the lower the reading, the more acidic; the higher the reading, the more alkaline. And, although pH levels will fluctuate in your body according to meals, exercise, stress, hormones,… Continue Reading →

Microwave oven ALERT: The dangers of microwaves revealed

  (NaturalHealth365) When I first thought of writing about the dangers of microwaves, especially microwave ovens, I hesitated. You see, by now, most health-conscious individuals are at least somewhat aware of the dangers of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies).  So, I thought, even… Continue Reading →

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