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How Trump Could Make the Extinction Crisis Even Worse

By Alison Cagle Despite an alarming UN report that warns one million plant and animal species face extinction due to human activity, the Trump administration is poised to hasten species on their path to extinction by eroding critical wildlife protections…. Continue Reading →

Buses Are the Electric Vehicle Everyone Should Be Talking About. Here’s Why.

By Adrian Martinez Dean Florez is preparing for what he calls “one of the biggest votes I’ve ever taken” as an air regulator at an influential agency with national clout. When he and 13 other members of the California Air… Continue Reading →

Canada as Ugly Neighbor: Mines in BC Would Devastate Alaskan Tribes

By Ramin Pejan Mining operations in Canada are threatening to destroy the way of life of Southeast Alaskan Tribes who were never consulted about the mines by the governments of Canada or British Columbia. The Tribes have depended for millennia… Continue Reading →

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