Rosemary | Benefits & How to Grow

Rosemary- The Herb of Remembrance Rosemary is a delightfully fragrant herb that stimulates the palate, the olfactory senses as well as the mind. Its’ pine-like fragrance and pungent flavor adds a savory taste to sauces, dips, dressings, soups, stews. A favorite culinary seasoning used especially during the holiday period rosemary’s wonderful smell is often used … Read moreRosemary | Benefits & How to Grow

The “Chocolate Fruit” Black Sapote

Here at Hippocrates we are blessed to have well over one hundred fruiting trees of more than thirty different varieties spread out all over our fifty acre campus. These trees combined with our many thousands of ornamental trees, bushes, plants, vegetable gardens, and herb gardens make for a beautiful tropical oasis intended to create a beautiful, … Read moreThe “Chocolate Fruit” Black Sapote