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Green Soup (Raw Vegan)

What better way to usher in the spring than with a cool, refreshing, green soup? Embrace the detoxing effects of green juice and the nourishing avocado. Ingredients: 3 C. Green Juice (we recommend a blend of sunflower sprout, pea sprout,… Continue Reading →

Grow Your Own: Okra

Okra is well known as a blood sugar balancer which makes it a very powerful tool for diabetes. Less well known are okra’s anti-cancer benefits. Studies on okra’s effect on cancer have shown that: • Okra kills 72% of human… Continue Reading →

A Tiny Powerhouse: The Avocado

Avocados are a wonderful thing to add to your diet. Native to South America, the flesh and the seed are excellent sources of soluble fiber which gets plaque out of your arteries and lowers cholesterol. This can help people reverse… Continue Reading →

Nutloaf with Red Pepper Ketchup

This favorite HHI recipe was made famous by Chef Kelly and is one of our most requested dishes at the institute! Nutloaf  Yield: 1 loaf 3 C. Pecans, Soaked 3 C. Walnuts, Soaked 2 Red Bell Peppers, Chopped 1 C…. Continue Reading →

Milk: Is it ACTUALLY good for you?

No other animal in the wild drinks the milk of another species. No other animal in the wild drinks its’ own mother’s milk past the age of weaning. There are a number of reasons why drinking cow’s milk is not… Continue Reading →

Superfoods: Moringa

Moringa is a fast growing tree well adapted to tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world such as Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, Southern China, India and here in south Florida. Its’ leaves taste like peanuts with a bitter after taste…. Continue Reading →

How to Build a Mini Greenhouse

How to Build a Mini Greenhouse for Growing Sprouts and Wheatgrass Many people are interested in growing wheatgrass and sprouts and other plants in a greenhouse at their homes. You can grow an abundance of food in a relatively small… Continue Reading →

The ABC’s of Growing the Best Wheatgrass

Kids love to see things grow. It is very therapeutic to participate in the propagation of life in the form of gardening. One of the fastest growing plants in the world is wheatgrass. This makes it the perfect plant to… Continue Reading →

Ken’s Almost Shortbread Cookies (Raw Vegan)

It’s the most wonderful time of year for many reasons, one of them being this fantastic raw vegan cookie recipe! Enjoy them under the tree or wherever your heart desires. Ingredients: 3 Cups Brazil nuts, soaked overnight and rinsed 3.75–4 Cups… Continue Reading →

The Seven Pillars Of Health And Happiness

  The Seven Pillars Of Health And Happiness by Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.   All too often health-minded living foodies become ultra-focused on diets as the be all and end all. Although nutrition is an essential and powerful ally in… Continue Reading →

Weight Loss through Lifestyle Change

Around the New Year many people make resolutions to lose weight.  But many people do not follow through with their resolutions.  When I adopted the living foods lifestyle, I was overweight.  However, over the course of a year, I started… Continue Reading →

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