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Hilda Labrada Gore

Primal Posture

From the time we are born, we are conditioned to sit, sleep, walk and stand in a certain way. We are directed to “sit up straight” and to stick our “chest out” when we slouch. These ideas are actually counterproductive… Continue Reading →

Home Birth: a Safe & Beautiful Option

Is a homebirth a viable option for mothers-to-be? Is it safe? What happens if complications arise? Katelyn Fusco answers these questions and more on today’s show. Katelyn is the host and creator of the “Happy Homebirth” podcast. She studied as… Continue Reading →

The Problem With Fluoride

For decades we’ve been told that fluoridation of water helps prevent cavities, but science doesn’t support that claim. As a matter of fact, fluoride is a waste product that is so toxic it is not allowed to be dumped in… Continue Reading →

Mimicking Ancestral Living

Sometimes we over-complicate healthy living. Today, author, coach, and nutrition & fitness expert Ben Greenfield, brings insights on how to improve our health based on ancient wisdom. While Ben is known as a “biohacker,” who uses technology and science for… Continue Reading →

What is homeopathy?

Ananda More was skeptical about homeopathy until she fell ill during a trip to India. She took the two little “sugar pills” figuring she had nothing to lose. Now, Ananda is a homeopath herself and the filmmaker behind the movie… Continue Reading →

Is Sunscreen Okay to Use?

For decades, we’ve been told to protect ourselves with sunscreen from the sun’s harmful rays or risk getting skin cancer. However, melanoma has increased, in tandem with the use of sunscreen. What’s going on? Today, clinical scientist and hormone expert… Continue Reading →

Sports Survival Guide

Why are sports injuries so common? How can we not only avoid injury, but maximize performance? Dr. Tommy John owns and runs the Dr. Tommy John Performance and Healing Center in San Diego and is the author of “Minimize Injury, Maximize… Continue Reading →

Food Lies Exposed

Chances are, your great-great-grandmother didn’t obsess over what she ate. She didn’t count calories, measure out carbs, or worry about the fat content of what was on her dinner plate. And chances are, she was healthier than you and me!… Continue Reading →

Joel Salatin Tells All

In this episode, come along with us to Joel’s beautiful Polyface farm in Virginia and hear him talk in his natural environment about his life’s journey, the ups and downs and lessons he’s learned along the way, and his view… Continue Reading →

The Oiling of America

Unfortunately, traditional fats have been replaced in many kitchens by “heart healthy” processed oils and spreads. Today, Sally Fallon Morell, the President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, explains how detrimental this is for our health. She discusses who is… Continue Reading →

Improve Eyesight Naturally

Carlos Moreno wore glasses and contacts for over 22 years; today, he is free of both. Carlos corrected his own imperfect vision which included nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (presbyopia/hypermetropia) and astigmatism through the Bates Method & Natural Vision Improvement. An instructor and… Continue Reading →

Eating Light

Human beings have been called “light-eaters.” Basically, food is light “slowed down,” so that we can ingest it and get energy from it. In today’s episode, Dewey Layman explores how the light in our food and our environment shapes our… Continue Reading →

Toxins that Assail Us

What can we do to mitigate the toxins that seem to be just about everywhere? Today, Sally Fallon Morell, the president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, reveals what’s assailing us and what we can do about it. Sally goes… Continue Reading →

Big Fat Lie

Dietary fat is our friend, not our foe. Although this may seem like a radical statement, it is true. Today, Jennifer Isenhart, journalist and documentarian, reveals the weak science behind the dietary fat dogma we’ve been fed for years. She… Continue Reading →

The Soilution

It’s one of the most important parts of the earth’s ecosystem. We get our food from it, walk on it, and even breathe it in, but many of us hardly give it a second thought! It’s the soil. The quality… Continue Reading →

5G Near Me

There is a push to roll out small cell towers in our neighborhoods and cities. The radiation from these small wireless antennas is not small at all. The installations–placed on streetlights, lampposts, trash cans, & mailboxes in our neighborhoods–emit microwave… Continue Reading →

Gut Issues

Gut issues are unfortunately far too common in this day and age—people are struggling with everything from constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, and upset stomach, to more complex conditions like celiac disease, colitis, diverticulitis, IBD, IBS, candida and Crohn’s disease. All… Continue Reading →

Million-year-old Food

We have lost the ability to think for ourselves when food is concerned. We’re the only animal on the planet that hires nutritionists and dieticians to tell us how to eat. But we’re the sickest species on the planet. Something’s… Continue Reading →

Best of 2018

Discover the benefits of eating a low-carb, high-fat diet for health and weight loss. Learn why we don’t need to wear a mental illness label for life. And find out why there’s no such thing as a “safe vaccine.” These… Continue Reading →

Health from the inside out

Do you see exercise as punishment for food you ate? Do you diet to make your body conform to someone else’s idea of what it should look like? Strength coach and nutritional therapist Steph Gaudreau used to live like that,… Continue Reading →

Say No to the Flu Shot

Are you still on the fence about the flu shot? Do you find yourself wondering if you should vaccinate your family, just to “play it safe”? Are you afraid of what people will think if you don’t vaccinate? Flu season… Continue Reading →

Too Many Meds? (fall journal highlights)

We know that pharmaceutical drugs have their place. But are we over-medicating ourselves? On this bonus podcast episode, featuring highlights from our fall Wise Traditions journal, Sally Fallon Morell, the President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, discusses the dangers… Continue Reading →

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