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Jeffrey Burns

Olive Tapenade Spaghetti Squash Pasta

Olive Tapenade is a pantry staple everyone should keep stocked in a healing kitchen. It is a delicious dip that can also be used as a spread on wraps or on toast, as a topping for protein, or as a… Continue Reading →

Simple Ways to Move More Daily

Our current culture is accustomed to sitting for hours, daily. A “typical day”consists of long work hours primarily at a desk, followed by an inactive commute home, and then an evening on the couch. Why is this not ideal? A… Continue Reading →

How to Pick the Healthiest Olive Oil

One of the main reasons that the “Mediterranean diet” leads to better health and a longer lifespan is almost certainly thanks to all the olive oil it includes. But all olive oil is not created equal! Yes, we should always… Continue Reading →

Harissa Spiced Lamb Meatballs with Fresh Herb Sauce

Harissa is a North-African spice blend that is smoky and adds a nice peppery kick without being overly spicy. It is starting to become more popular in the US, and I highly recommend adding it to your spice cabinet! It… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons To Consider Biohacking Your Brain

It’s 2:00 p.m. and you’re sitting at your work desk. That mid-day crash is hitting you HARD. You’re looking at your computer screen, trying to read the same sentence for the 15th time. Why can’t you focus? If only there… Continue Reading →

The Many Ways Bad Sleep Makes You Fat!

Good, restorative, restful sleep. It’s the cornerstone of wellness, and if you are chronically shorting yourself on this health-enhancing stuff, it’s just a matter of time before your system will breakdown in any number of subtle, or not so subtle,… Continue Reading →

The Current State of Chemicals in Our Food

As concern about toxic chemicals grows among consumers and doctors alike, major retailers are making slow but meaningful progress in improving the safety of the products and packaging they sell but nearly half of those scored have failed to make the… Continue Reading →

Power up with postbiotics

When it comes to keeping your gut healthy and immunity strong, consuming fermented foods and probiotic supplements is essential. Probiotic foods and supplements fortify the ‘good’ bacteria that live in the gut – the all-important microbiome – which in turn… Continue Reading →

Your Healthspan Matters – More Than Your Lifespan

For years now, there’s been no shortage of talk about increasing lifespan, boosting longevity, and living to a ripe old age. And that’s all well and good. But what I believe we should really be focusing on is increasing our… Continue Reading →

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