7 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Reduce your Environmental Impact

Hiya Gorgeous! Here in our wonderful online community, we chat about lots of fun and fascinating topics related to taking impeccable care of our internal environments (aka our bodies and minds, baby!). But today I want to shift our focus to the beautiful environment around us. Because guess what? Our internal environments are deeply (and … Read more7 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Reduce your Environmental Impact

Unlock Your Natural Relaxation Response

This post was originally published on this siteHiya Gorgeous! I’m here to give you a gentle nudge about managing your stress. A few months ago, you and I made a pact (a pinky swear, virtual handshake) to take our stress seriously. Remember? If not, or if you’re new to this conversation, welcome! It’s never too … Read moreUnlock Your Natural Relaxation Response

How to Make a Healthy and Festive Holiday Appetizer Board

Hiya Gorgeous! This season can feel like a minefield when you’re trying to keep up with healthy habits. Spiked ‘nog, indulgent holiday appetizers and gingerbread cookies are around every corner. Abnormal schedules take us away from our routines and out of the kitchen. And when the temps hit single digits, those hearty (perhaps not-so-healthy) comfort … Read moreHow to Make a Healthy and Festive Holiday Appetizer Board

Secrets to Cultivating a Happier Life

Hiya Gorgeous! Tis the season of gratitude and this year I’m particularly thankful for my understanding and commitment to nourishing my energy, creativity and joy. The more I get to know myself, the more I recognize what’s good for my system and what isn’t—and I don’t just mean food. When you know this about yourself, … Read moreSecrets to Cultivating a Happier Life

How to Move On (Apology or Not)

Hiya Gorgeous! Today I wanna chat with you about something that’s been on my mind. With the winter holidays in our sights and the end of the year fast approaching, this feels like the perfect time for a good old heart-to-heart. So, whaddya say—ready to open up and get a little deep? I think I … Read moreHow to Move On (Apology or Not)

The #1 Catalyst for Disease and What to do About It

Hiya Gorgeous! I can’t believe it—today is the last day of the Healing Cancer World Summit! The past week has been a beautiful, healing, heart-expanding whirlwind. I’ve loved chatting with many of you on social media, and in the comments here and over on the Summit site. Your curiosity and commitment to your health never … Read moreThe #1 Catalyst for Disease and What to do About It

Why I Created the Healing Cancer World Summit (a new personal story)

Hiya Gorgeous! There’s something personal and difficult that I’ve wanted to share with you, my beloved community, for a while now, but I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t have the words because I was still processing my feelings. Plus, I was in game plan mode and maybe even experiencing a little PTSD. In the fall … Read moreWhy I Created the Healing Cancer World Summit (a new personal story)

The Truth About Activated Charcoal

Hiya Gorgeous! If you love learning about all of the latest nutrition fads as much as I do, you’ve probably noticed an interesting trend lately. Our food and personal care products are turning black! So, what’s giving ice cream, facial cleansers and even toothpaste a dark new hue? Activated charcoal! Foods and products containing activated … Read moreThe Truth About Activated Charcoal

Bahn Mi Mason Jar Salads

Hiya Gorgeous! I know it’s not back-to-school season for all of us, but boy does this time of year get me in the mood to pack up my lunchbox and head off to class! Don’t you remember that feeling of excitement, putting on your first-day-of-school outfit, hoppin’ on the bus and heading off to begin … Read moreBahn Mi Mason Jar Salads