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Jordan Nisbet

Group in Boulder drinks their own pee for ‘health benefits’

This post was originally published on this site For millennia, people around the world have used both animal and human urine to remedy certain physical ailments. Topical application of urine is one thing, but drinking urine? The average person might… Continue Reading →

Bug repellent made from coconut oil works better than DEET, government study says

This post was originally published on this site Summer nights, sunsets, and… bug spray. Many of you can relate to the seemingly unavoidable mouthful of insect repellent on a beautiful warm evening. Fortunately, there may be a natural alternative according… Continue Reading →

10 Ways Your Body Is Telling You You’re Running Low on Key Vitamins

This post was originally published on this site When it comes to matters of health, it’s often easy to get lost or overwhelmed by what everyone else is telling you about your own body and what it needs. However, if… Continue Reading →

‘The worst they have ever seen’: Family shares shocking photo of father’s hospital bedsore

This post was originally published on this site When you have a spouse, parent or grandparent in hospital, one of the greatest concerns is for their comfort. Are they in pain? Are they comfortable? Are the medical staff doing their… Continue Reading →

60 doctors, pharmacists charged in largest US opioid prescription bust

This post was originally published on this site On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the Justice Department made public that federal prosecutors are charging 60 medical professionals for alleged health care fraud and illegally pushing opioids — in a time when… Continue Reading →

True Solidarity: Homeless Man Starts Company, Becomes Rich and Hires Only Other Homeless People

Drew Goodall hadn’t always been roughing it out on the streets. He was only in his twenties when his acting career, unfortunately, began to fail. He slowly stopped getting the roles he wanted until eventually there were none at all…. Continue Reading →

New Research: Eating Just Two Of These Nuts Could Prevent Cancer, Anxiety, Depression, Heart Attack, and More

Brazil nuts come from the Bertholletia excelsa tree, which is in the Lecythidaceae family and found in the Amazon. In Brazil, they are known as semilla de Brazil, which means Brazilian seed. Brazil nuts are often eaten raw or blanched, and… Continue Reading →

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