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Kelle Walsh

Quiet Your Mind with this Focused Attention Meditation

This post was originally published on this siteYou know when you have something you need to do but you just can’t focus? Despite your earnest intention to get the job done, any (and every) distraction pulls at your attention like… Continue Reading →

The Power of Meeting Stress with Softness

This post was originally published on this siteWhen you really pay attention to your breath, it’s astonishing how much you notice. As I follow the sensation of cool air flowing into my nose, I feel a gentle expansion, a widening… Continue Reading →

Guided practices from Mindful’s special edition: Your Guide to Difficult Emotions

1) Be an Explorer When you approach difficult feelings with curiosity, you lessen their power over you. Mental Health Tame Feelings of Shame with this 10-Minute Practice Exploring difficult emotions and experiences may be the key to loosening their hold… Continue Reading →

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