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Pitta Dosha: How to Keep This Driven, Fiery Constitution in Balance

Has anyone ever told you, “You’re so pitta?” Not sure what it means? Pitta is one of three main “doshas” in Ayurveda. In a way, it’s kind of like an ancient system of understanding (and working with) your body and… Continue Reading →

Kapha Dosha: How to Embrace Your ‘Juiciness’ and Age Well

Maybe you took your first Ayurvedic body type or “dosha” quiz and your result came back as primarily “kapha.” What does it all mean? To better understand your primary dosha type, we first must take a look at Ayurveda, which… Continue Reading →

Vata Dosha: How to Stay Balanced in a Hyper-Mobile World

Maybe you just took an Ayurvedic dosha quiz and learned you’ve got a lot of “vata” in your mind-body constitution. So what in the world does it mean to have a primary vata dosha? First, let’s cover a few basics…. Continue Reading →

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