Leyla Weighs In: Insulin vs. Glucagon: Manipulate your metabolism

This post was originally published on this siteLast week I talked about the various hormones involved in metabolism and weight loss. Let’s take a deep dive into two of those important hormones: Insulin and glucagon.  You can actually manipulate your metabolism by changing what you eat. Insulin…read more

Ask Leyla: What is the relationship between hormones and weight loss?

This post was originally published on this siteQ: One of the weight loss systems advertised on radio claims that you have to balance hormones in order to lose weight. What exactly does this mean? Which hormones are involved the most in weight loss (or gain), and how can…read more

Leyla Weighs In: Happy New Year! A great time to establish healthy new habits

This post was originally published on this siteExperts say we don’t actually break a habit. We simply replace it with a new one, a new behavior. How we eat is actually a behavior. For example, if you’re always the first one to finish your meal at the…read more