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Sleep disorders and disease risk linked to nighttime electronic usage

(NaturalHealth365)  Sleep disorders are affecting millions of people and Western medicine wants us to believe that the ‘solution’ is the need for unwanted (toxic) medications?  Well, any reasonable person can see that drugs are not the answer – as the… Continue Reading →

Blood thinners: A leading cause of death in emergency rooms

(NaturalHealth365) Anticoagulants, also known as blood thinners, have been around for many decades. During that time, these medications have been used to prevent clotting in patients who are at risk of complications of heart disease.  But, at what cost is… Continue Reading →

4 ways pomegranate fights cancer

(NaturalHealth365) Cancer, second only to heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States, kills 600,000 people a year.  And, while Western medicine attempts to treat lethal cancers with chemotherapy and radiation, these treatments feature severe side… Continue Reading →

How can Western medicine ignore this natural solution for measles, chickenpox and other viral conditons

(NaturalHealth365) With over 700 cases reported throughout the nation – and with hundreds of students and staff members currently under quarantine at two California universities – the United States is facing its worst outbreak of measles in close to 20… Continue Reading →

Discover how vitamin D can provide relief for inflammatory bowel disease, study reveals

(NaturalHealth365) Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) – a term that includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease – is characterized by chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. With symptoms of abdominal pain, cramping and altered bowel function, IBD is a potentially debilitating… Continue Reading →

Almost 50 percent of Americans have some form of heart disease

(NaturalHealth365) Heart disease still remains the number one cause of (preventable) death in the United States – claiming a shocking 840,000 lives every year.  Now, a disturbing new report from the American Heart Association (AHA) warns that the situation is… Continue Reading →

Bad news about the Impossible Burger: Ushering in a new wave of genetically engineered foods

(NaturalHealth365) The Impossible Burger, a new “plant-based burger” marketed by Impossible Foods, is now appearing on diners’ plates in selected California restaurants. And this genetically engineered food does its best to impersonate meat, reportedly sizzling, browning when cooked –even “bleeding.”… Continue Reading →

Gates Foundation quietly plans to control nutritional supplements for the ‘good of humanity’

(NaturalHealth365) For the majority of Americans, nutritional supplements are a mainstay of daily health and wellness routines.  In fact, according to the 2017 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, 76 percent of American adults – over 170 million people –… Continue Reading →

Roundup adjuvants are 9,661 times more toxic to human cells than the active ingredient glyphosate

(NaturalHealth365) It’s official – glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weed-killer Roundup, has been officially linked to cancer cell growth. Last summer, a jury awarded $289 million to a school groundskeeper for Roundup’s role in his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – and… Continue Reading →

Researcher discovers a BIG problem with aluminum in vaccines and his peer-reviewed study gets ‘withdrawn’ from a medical journal

(NaturalHealth365) Aluminum in vaccines is a growing concern – and for good reason, as you’ll soon see. Aluminum, a neurotoxic metal, is an ingredient in many vaccines used today – including the HPV vaccine manufactured by Merck.  Now, a professor… Continue Reading →

Attention diabetics: Find out how to lower blood sugar levels and prevent cardiovascular complications

(NaturalHealth365) Over 30 million Americans are currently affected by diabetes, which is strongly associated with increased risk of heart disease – and with a corresponding loss of life.  In fact, the American Heart Association recently reported that at least 68… Continue Reading →

The key nutrients needed to prevent heart attacks, strokes and heart failure

(NaturalHealth365) Statistics on heart disease – the number one killer in the nation – are truly disturbing, with the U.S. CDC reporting that the condition claims the lives of roughly 610,000 Americans every year.  In addition, a shocking 5.1 million… Continue Reading →

A safe and effective way to detox aluminum, scientist reports

(NaturalHealth365)  Truth be told, the presence of aluminum in the environment is nothing new.  This naturally-occurring metal is the third most prevalent element on the planet.  But, to be clear: aluminum has no biological value inside the human body –… Continue Reading →

Secret cause of heart attacks revealed, by European doctor

(NaturalHealth365) Over the last 100 years, cardiovascular disease has become a top cause of death in the United States (as well as many other places in the Western world), claiming millions of lives through fatal events such as a heart… Continue Reading →

Chemotherapy is killing up to 50 percent of patients within 30 days, a UK study reveals

(NaturalHealth365) According to the National Cancer Institute, over 1.7 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year alone – with over 609,000 people expected to die from the disease.  Sadly, Western medicine relies heavily… Continue Reading →

Alarming levels of heavy metals found in nearly HALF of all fruit juices tested

(NaturalHealth365) For many, cadmium, arsenic and lead might bring to mind the contents of test tubes brandished by mad scientists and comic-book villains – not the contents of a child’s sippy cup.  However, researchers at Consumer Reports say they recently… Continue Reading →

Bombshell NEWS: FDA wants to eliminate vaccine exemptions, shocking admissions from its commissioner

(NaturalHealth365) The battle between vaccine advocates and vaccine skeptics heated up further last week, with FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb warning in a CNN interview that growing nationwide resistance to vaccine mandates is “forcing the hand of the federal government” –… Continue Reading →

Blood pressure readings tied to memory loss and increased risk of dementia

(NaturalHealth365) One in three adults in the United States has high blood pressure – along with a heightened risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis and premature death.  And – with the “graying” of America – national rates of… Continue Reading →

Why vitamin B levels are crucial to LOWER cardiovascular disease risk, brain shrinkage and vision loss

(NaturalHealth365) As you probably know by now, heart disease – responsible for over 610,000 fatalities every year – is currently the leading cause of death in the United States.   Yet, it’s still rare to see a conventionally trained physician talk… Continue Reading →

Impressive RESULTS: Silymarin helps to fight cancer, liver disease plus many metabolic disorders

(NaturalHealth365) According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of cancer deaths in the United States nearly tripled between 1950 and 2011, increasing from 210,733 fatalities per year to 576,691.  Unfortunately, natural (cancer cell killing)… Continue Reading →

Cut your risk of a heart attack by 50 percent, researchers discover simple solution

(NaturalHealth365) For many people, having a sedentary lifestyle can be a dangerous thing.  In fact, did you know, the World Health Organization (WHO) lists “lack of exercise” as the fourth leading cause of death worldwide (right up there with smoking… Continue Reading →

Cherries combat cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other inflammatory diseases, research reveals

(NaturalHealth365) Cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, claims over 610,000 lives every year.  In truth, people all around the world suffer (needlessly) because they lack the knowledge (and support) needed to… Continue Reading →

World’s first WiFi homes supported by Amazon

(NaturalHealth365) 5G wireless technology is coming –ready or not – as corporate giant Amazon partners with Lennar (the nation’s largest home builder) to offer homes with WiFi, according to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design specifications. The cloud-based Home Design system… Continue Reading →

Why sugar consumption will increase your risk of osteoporosis

(NaturalHealth365) Osteoporosis – in which bones become increasingly more brittle and prone to breakage – affects 16 percent of American adults over age 65, with postmenopausal women at increased risk. According to the World Health Organization, this age-related condition poses… Continue Reading →

The dangers of formaldehyde exposure linked to dementia, diabetes and depression

(NaturalHealth365) For many adults, the word “formaldehyde” may summon up memories of a long-ago biology class – and the noxious-smelling fluid used to preserve the frogs intended for dissection. But this toxic chemical, found in a wide range of everyday… Continue Reading →

LOWER anxiety and the risk of depression by consuming curcumin, evidence reveals

(NaturalHealth365) According to recent statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “1 out of every 6 adults will have depression at some time in their life. ”  Of course, anxiety disorders are out of control, within… Continue Reading →

Modified citrus pectin helps to reduce heavy metal toxicity by 74 percent, study says

  (NaturalHealth365) As you probably know, we are surrounded by heavy metals in our environment.  They are not only in paints, personal care products, vaccines and conventional dental fillings; but also in our food, water and air.  Today, we’ll reveal… Continue Reading →

Discover how a special kind of pine bark improves heart health by reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome

  (NaturalHealth365) Metabolic syndrome – a linked cluster of undesirable health conditions that can include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess abdominal fat and elevated cholesterol – has reached pandemic status in the United States.  Yet, we know of… Continue Reading →

A silent epidemic of liver disease is affecting millions of Americans

  (NaturalHealth365) With national rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes continuing to soar, liver disease has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. And, the problem is widespread.  In fact, experts say that nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) currently… Continue Reading →

How MCT oil supports brain health and improves memory

  (NaturalHealth365) Over the years, the health benefits of MCT oil, or medium-chain triglycerides, have been well-documented. MCT oil, derived from coconut oil, is an important dietary staple for indigenous peoples in tropical climates.  And, for health enthusiasts, this wholesome… Continue Reading →

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