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Is Climate Fiction a Subset of Science Fiction—or Something Else Entirely?

This post was originally published on this site By Jeff Turrentine First off: Bangkok Wakes to Rain, the intricately wrought, elegantly crafted debut novel by the Thai-American author Pitchaya Sudbanthad, isn’t really about climate change. This tale set in the… Continue Reading →

When Your Planet Calls 911

This post was originally published on this site By Jeff Turrentine Imagine that your doctor sat you down and told you, firmly and unequivocally, that your way of life was putting you at serious risk of heart failure. The only… Continue Reading →

The So-Called Political Divide on Coal vs. Renewables Is Fake News

By Jeff Turrentine From a political standpoint, defending coal consumption is harder than ever. Coal is far and away the dirtiest fossil fuel there is in terms of carbon emissions and regular old air pollution (and its messy mining practices… Continue Reading →

Why Is HUD Ghosting America’s Hurricane-Ravaged Communities?

This post was originally published on this site By Jeff Turrentine The costliest hurricane season in our nation’s history took place two years ago, when 17 named storms—including three that went by the names of Harvey, Irma and Maria—all came… Continue Reading →

Climate Change Is Already Driving Mass Migration Around the Globe

By Jeff Turrentine Given the oversize role that migration plays in our current political discourse, you’d think there would be more emphasis on the one factor military and security experts believe will affect future migration patterns more than any other:… Continue Reading →

A Rescue Dog Is Now Helping to Save Other (Much Wilder) Dogs

By Jason Bittel Formidable predators stalk the forests between Panama and northern Argentina. They are sometimes heard but never seen. They are small but feisty and have even been documented trying to take down a tapir, which can top out… Continue Reading →

2018 Wasn’t a Completely Horrible Year for the Environment

This post was originally published on this site By Jeff Turrentine Was 2018 a tough year for the environment? Absolutely. But were there bright spots and victories among the attacks on biodiversity, climate and public health? Of course there were…. Continue Reading →

As Miami Battles Sea-Level Rise, This Artist Makes Waves With His ‘Underwater Homeowners Association’

By Patrick Rogers Miami artist Xavier Cortada lives in a house that stands at six feet above sea level. The Episcopal church down the road is 11 feet above the waterline, and the home of his neighbor, a dentist, has… Continue Reading →

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