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How To Get Started With Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been used traditionally for thousands of years as powerful healers — to boost the immune system and promote wellbeing and longevity. Still, many people tend to lump mushrooms into the “vegetable” category or the “psychedelics” category. Medicinal mushrooms,… Continue Reading →

5 Amazing Adaptogens To Help You Sleep Better

Oh, sleep — how we love and need you so! Yet, it’s just so hard to get enough of you. There are a lot of aspects of our modern way of life that can work against you getting enough good,… Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Love Your Lymphatic System — And Fight Off Cancer and Dementia

Ask most people if they’re taking care of their lymphatic system and the likely response would be, “What’s a lymphatic system?” Chances are, if you’re not involved in Western medicine or Indian Ayurveda or haven’t experienced a problem with the… Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Tune Up Your Body In Just 5 Minutes

As a mom to a 5-year-old and 2-year-old twins, who also works full time, it’s definitely hard to find time to work out. Most people — moms like myself, busy office workers, you name it — just can’t spend hours… Continue Reading →

Coconut Vanilla Bliss Smoothie Recipe

Coconut is not only delicious — it’s also healthy! The good fat in coconuts, lauric acid, is linked to improved cholesterol and heart health and is antibacterial and antiviral, and the variety of minerals also helps to lower blood pressure! But… Continue Reading →

A Step-By-Step Guide To Keeping Your Skin Moisturized And Glowing This Winter

Winter is tough for a lot of reasons: lack of sunlight, frigid temperatures, runny noses — the list goes on and on. While most of these ailments are out of our control, there is one winter problem that you actually… Continue Reading →

4 Foolproof Steps To Better Sleep

Sleep problems are ubiquitous these days — and they have a profoundly negative impact on quality of life. The good news is there are four simple changes you can make in your life to improve your sleep dramatically. Step 1:… Continue Reading →

5 Wellness Destinations To Add To Your Winter Bucket List

If you live in a colder climate, there are few things more rejuvenating than a winter getaway — especially if that place is several degrees warmer than home. And while indulging on vacation can be fun, if you can come… Continue Reading →

Warming Clam, Oyster, And Pumpkin Stew Recipe

In the throes of winter, all I want to eat is soup. All day, every day. I’m also always looking for ways to sneak more obscure seafoods into my diet. Since it’s tough to find opportunities to eat oysters and… Continue Reading →

The Link Between Vitamin D And Thyroid Health

It’s that time of year where temps plummet — and vitamin D can do the same. Safe and responsible sun exposure is the best way for the body to generate vitamin D, but many choose to supplement no matter what… Continue Reading →

5 Incredible Benefits Of Time-Restricted Eating

I always tell my patients, “What you eat matters.” You shouldn’t run a high-performance car on low-quality gasoline — and the same holds true for your body and your diet. But the car analogy only takes you so far. Increasingly,… Continue Reading →

How To Start 2019 Off Right With Body Positivity And Self-Love

In light of intention-setting and post-holiday recovery — as many of us are coming out of weeks of foods, beverages, and lifestyle habits that may be a bit more indulgent or irregular than we are used to — may I… Continue Reading →

Holiday Detox Green Smoothie Recipe

There was so much to be grateful for this holiday season! Most people tend to overeat during the holidays and perhaps you ate more than normal with all the leftovers around. Perhaps you feel unmotivated and powerless to get back… Continue Reading →

Instead Of Making New Year’s Resolutions, Pick A ‘Word Of The Year’

“Run a half marathon” was on top of my New Year’s resolutions list for probably four years before I decided that running is not the right activity for me. (I sprained my ankle trying to train and kept hurting myself!)… Continue Reading →

8 Ways To Connect With Health-Giving Natural Rhythms

Whether we realize it or not, we are all rhythmic creatures, designed to exist in sync with rhythms both internal and external — from the beating of our hearts to the patterns of night and day and the changing seasons…. Continue Reading →

How To Get Back Into Your Wellness Routine After The Holidays

As we officially wrap up the festivities of the holiday season, it’s time to turn our attention to hitting the reset button and starting again. It’s necessary to drop the ball sometimes, to throw caution to the wind, and commit… Continue Reading →

Here’s Everything You Need To Know For Thyroid Awareness Month

It’s thyroid awareness month — and the Be Well blog is full of great articles to help you learn all about yours! Why would you want to know about your thyroid? Because it’s the small butterfly-shaped gland at the front… Continue Reading →

Ancient Grain Waffles With Spiced Apple Superfood Compote

While I usually tend to bake grain-free, or at least gluten-free, when I do use wheat, I like to use an ancient grain called einkorn flour. It has such a delicious flavor, and is made from real whole grain wheat… Continue Reading →

5 Amazing Adaptogens To Help You Sleep Better

Oh, sleep — how we love and need you so! Yet, it’s just so hard to get enough of you. There are a lot of aspects of our modern way of life that can work against you getting enough good,… Continue Reading →

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