The Tree of 40 Fruit is indeed a coat of many colors

This post was originally published on this site A modern-day Dr. Seuss Artist Sam Van Aken is pushing the boundaries of traditional modes of art. He is a contemporary artist who interweaves genres of art, botany, agriculture, climatology and fine-tunes them with technology to create wonders. His latest being the Tree of 40 Fruit [1].  […]

Here’s Why We Should Ditch Throwing New Moms Baby Showers For Postpartum Parties

This post was originally published on this site The term ‘postpartum’ doesn’t always spark feelings of merriment or good tidings, in fact, it sounds downright depressing which is how many women feel soon after childbirth. The lack of support for new parents is a sad situation. Most employers are not required to provide paid parental […]

Parents are Imperfect, Flawed Human Beings, Just Like Everyone Else

This post was originally published on this site All parents make mistakes in upbringing. There’s no perfect parent. However, when the mistakes recur frequently, especially abusive behavior, it may lead to a toxic environment that causes emotional damage to the children. As they become adults, some may minimize parents’ flaws on the basis of not […]

This Mobile Home Comes With Its Own Mobile Porch And Greenhouse

This post was originally published on this site In an age with a growing awareness of the dangers of overpopulation, the tiny living movement is showing some promise. Well, this charming tiny house that comes with its very own greenhouse and porch is sure to help promote the minimalist lifestyle. Most people like their homes […]

Man Is Left Blind After He Had A Shower With His Contact Lenses In

This post was originally published on this site Have you ever put your contact lenses in and forgotten about them altogether as you go about your business for a couple of days? Well, it’s time to stop doing that as contacts can be as dangerous as they are useful. Did you know that the design […]

Genius Invention: A Rocking Chair With An Attached Bassinet

This post was originally published on this site We see great designs of common household furniture all the time, some are quite useful while others less so. Every once in awhile, you get to see a piece of furniture that doesn’t just look good, but also begs to be a part of your home. Designers […]

Road Trials of Electrified Vehicles Equipped with High-Efficiency Solar Batteries to Begin

This post was originally published on this site Toyota, Sharp, and NEDO to begin public road trials of electrified vehicles equipped with high-efficiency solar batteries Toyota has announced today that it will begin to test electrified vehicles fitted with new high-efficiency solar batteries from late July 2019. The vehicles are equipped with solar cells that […]

David Gilmour Sells His Guitars For A Record-Breaking $21.5 million For Climate Change

This post was originally published on this siteRocker David Gilmour, a member of Pink Floyd, one of the most commercially successful and influential groups in popular music history, recently auctioned 120 guitars from his massive collection for over $21 million and donated it all to fighting global warming. Few musicians can boast of a more […]

103-Year-Old Runner Nicknamed “Hurricane” Wins Yet Another Gold in 100-Meter Dash

This post was originally published on this siteThere is a common saying that goes: “age is just a number.” This seems to hold true in the case of this Louisiana-based centenarian who has spent what was supposed to be her retirement years breaking and setting world records. Julia Hawkins, nicknamed the “hurricane”, has proven time […]

Dear Entitled Adults, Your Parents Don’t Owe You Anything

This post was originally published on this siteWhether responsibly or not, parents make the decision to bring children into the world who are dependent on them for many years. All parents want to provide for their children. They long to give them a stable environment, educational opportunities, and nourishing meals. But sometimes this well-intentioned desire […]

Woman Whose Hair Turned Gray at 21 Says She Feels Sexier Than Ever At 43

This post was originally published on this siteSara was left shocked when she noticed that her hair had suddenly started to turn gray when she was 21. She was forced to dye her hair for many years but decided to embrace her natural silver hairdo. Sara Eisenman, a resident of Sedona, Arizona, USA, was left […]

Here’s Why Growing Up With Cousins Is So Awesome

This post was originally published on this siteCousins are amazing people to have. They are the closest thing to siblings without actually being so and our relationship with them doesn’t end just because they or we move to another city.  Throughout our lives, our cousins play different special roles. From our toddler days to our […]

Kale Named One Of The Most Pesticide-contaminated Veggies You Can Buy In America

This post was originally published on this site The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released its 2019 ‘Dirty Dozen’ report and Kale has ranked third only behind strawberries and spinach when it comes to pesticide contamination [1]. Each year, the EWG analyzes Department of Agriculture test data to identify which supermarket produce are most contaminated […]

8 Powerful Life Lessons Every Woman Should Remember

This post was originally published on this site Women are forces of nature in their own right, and when they set their minds fully on something, they are usually forces to be reckoned with. Despite being in the 21st century, one could still consider it to be ‘a man’s world.’ Women are becoming CEOs, Presidents, […]

20 Things to Know About People Dealing With ‘High-Functioning’ Depression

This post was originally published on this site High-functioning depression (often called dysthymia) is not common, not because it doesn’t exist, but because we often don’t see it. It’s difficult to identify this problem because of the disposition of the people who are dealing with it. They are usually hardworking, high-functioning people who, from the […]

The Deadly Kiss: Toddler Hospitalized After His Face Was Ravaged By Herpes

This post was originally published on this site 27-year-old full-time mom, Lorna Hoy has been spreading awareness on social media to let other parents know that even a harmless kiss can be detrimental to their child. Her two-year-old son, Kalo Hoy was hospitalized for four days after his face, arms and legs were ravaged by […]

Transparent Solar Panels Will Turn Windows Into Green Energy Collectors

This post was originally published on this site Since William Adams and Richard Day first harnessed solar power in 1876, it’s been regarded as a major scientific breakthrough ever since. The first material that produced usable electricity from solar power was the metalloid compound selenium. It converted energy from the sun to electricity at about […]

Finally, It Is Legal To Breastfeed In Public In *ALL* 50 States

This post was originally published on this site ‘Couldn’t she find somewhere more private to do that?’ or ‘ Is she really going to feed that baby out here in the open?’ are two out of the derogatory questions people murmur under their breaths when a nursing mother feeds her child in a public setting. […]

Hydrogen Peroxide Can Help Clear Ear Wax, but what about Ear Infections?

This post was originally published on this site Hydrogen peroxide is a common disinfectant in the household first-aid kits. It’s widely used in homes to clean floors, toilets, sinks, wash-hand basins and door handles. Mild, 3% concentrations of it can be used to clean cuts and wounds. Due to its powerful antimicrobial properties, hydrogen peroxide […]

Here’s your 2019 fitness inspiration: She’s 95 and is doing the splits

This post was originally published on this site If you make fitness a habit, it becomes a character. Phyllis Sues didn’t just make it a habit, she built a career out of it. The 95-year-old Los Angeles fitness enthusiast had been dancing since she was 14. After her first ballet lesson, she already knew what […]

People Are Going Crazy for Kerrygold Butter

This post was originally published on this site Kerrygold butter has been around for over five decades, and recently, more people in the U.S. are starting to choose it over other brands. The buzz over Kerrygold is quite frantic. The butter is made in Ireland, and that’s where all the major ingredients are purchased from. […]