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Shocking NEW research exposes the truth about ‘moderate’ alcohol consumption and your risk of a stroke

This post was originally published on this site (NaturalHealth365) Alcohol consumption studies have been touting the benefits of moderate consumption (such as red wine for heart health) for quite a while. One of these purported ‘benefits’ involved the reduction of… Continue Reading →

Gum disease linked to dementia: New study sounds the alarm for millions of people

(NaturalHealth365) It is no secret that gum disease can lead to an array of health problems, but not many have considered the relationship between oral health and dementia. However, a recent study by researchers from Seoul National University is adding… Continue Reading →

The alarmingly toxic state of drinking water in the United States today

(NaturalHealth365) While the planet’s surface is over 70 percent water, only 2.5 percent of that water is considered ‘fresh”, making potable H2O one of the most prized resources on earth. However, according to recent studies concerning the quality of the… Continue Reading →

Recall ALERT: Golean Detox capsules recalled due to the presence of unlisted contaminants

This post was originally published on this site (NaturalHealth365) The popular dietary supplement Golean Detox has issued a voluntary recall of a large batch of their product labeled Golean Detox capsules.  Specifically, the official recall alert effects consumers nationwide and… Continue Reading →

Natural anxiety relief: Scientific study reveals how ashwagandha root can help

This post was originally published on this site (NaturalHealth365) Ashwagandha root holds a prominent place in Ayurvedic medicine and has slowly been gaining support from conventionally-trained healthcare providers as research continues to support its successful use for herbal healing.  For example,… Continue Reading →

Electromagnetic frequencies blamed for MASSIVE decline in health globally, stunning research reveals

This post was originally published on this site (NaturalHealth365) If you are paying attention to those around you, it may have become noticeable that a good number of individuals are suffering from an exponentially growing number of inexplicable health issues. … Continue Reading →

Organic diet NEWS: How to dramatically REDUCE pesticides in the body – in just one week

(NaturalHealth365) Previous studies have supported that an organic diet has the potential to reduce pesticides in the body through evaluating urinary pesticide metabolite excretion. Until recently, such research has predominantly focused on organophosphate pesticides. However, a new study published in… Continue Reading →

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