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Hot Arctic and a Chill in the Northeast: What’s Behind the Gloomy Spring Weather?

By Brenda Ekwurzel When temperatures hit the 80s Fahrenheit in May above latitude 40, sun-seekers hit the parks, lakes, and beaches, and thoughts turn to summer. By contrast, when temperatures lurk in the drizzly 40s and 50s well into flower… Continue Reading →

Top Clean Cars for 2019 and 2020

By Josh Goldman Looking to clean up your commute? Choosing a less polluting vehicle is one of the biggest things you can do to combat climate change and fortunately for you, I just got back from the DC and NY… Continue Reading →

Healthy Soil, Coming to a Theater Near You: 5 Lessons From ‘The Biggest Little Farm’

By Karen Perry Stillerman An email in my inbox last month caught my attention. It was from author, environmental advocate, and Academy Award-winning film producer Laurie David (An Inconvenient Truth), and it offered a preview of The Biggest Little Farm,… Continue Reading →

The Miraculous Hope of Climate Realists

By Erika Spanger-Siegfried We’re stepping into a new year in the climate fight. The turning of the year is a milestone both for stoking our resolve, and for noting how deep we now are into climate overtime. In 2018 there… Continue Reading →

9 Renewable Energy Highlights of 2018

By Jeff Deyette Despite the Trump administration’s ongoing attempts to prop up coal and undermine renewables—at FERC, EPA and through tariffs and the budget process—2018 should instead be remembered for the surge in momentum toward a clean energy economy. Here… Continue Reading →

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