Practical Healthy Foods

On your way to take a trip to the grocery store? Need some suggestions to inspire which produce to select? Here are a few Hippocrates recommendations! Avocado – contains a high amount of fruit oil. Fruit oil is a rare element giving high food energy value. Contains no starch, little sugar and very few carbohydrates, … Read morePractical Healthy Foods

The Lost Ritual of Mealtimes

Eating is a primal nourishing act that connects us to the world around us. By the very process of taking in food, we transform the external environment into our internal environment. Meals are a celebration of our interdependence with nature. Yet in these modern, frenetic, convenience-ridden times, that sense of celebration has been banished from … Read moreThe Lost Ritual of Mealtimes

Our Psychological Environment

There are some psychologists who adhere to the Systems approach to mental health. The central idea here is that each individual lives and functions within a larger psychological system, like the family unit, a peer group, etc., and that within that system, our sense of self and well-being are derived and nurtured, this, of course, … Read moreOur Psychological Environment

Clinical Research Studies

(1) Effect of wheat grass juice in supportive care of terminally ill cancer patients—A tertiary cancer centre experience from India. Dey S., Sarkar R., Ghosh P, et al. 2006 J. Clin. Onc. 24:18;2006:8634 Background: Researchers have previously shown that when animals with abnormally low levels of red blood cells and low hemoglobin (anemia) are given … Read moreClinical Research Studies

The Right Emphasis

Several years ago I changed the title of our food classes from “Live Recipes” to “Kitchen Techniques” because it is very simple to dole out pages of recipes, or even demonstrate some dishes, however, without the basic fundamentals of food prep techniques, all the recipes in the world are useless. In the spirit of this newsletter … Read moreThe Right Emphasis

Cooked Food What’s In It?

Well, after years of being a pyrofoodiac, I discovered raw food; (no, I’m not talking raw meat or even sushi) but rather fruits, veggies and their juices and raw nuts S1 seeds. In their natural, unadulterated, untouched by man, UNcooked and certainly UN- burned state,  these foods really can heal all that ails you. It … Read moreCooked Food What’s In It?

4 Self-Reliant Ways to Relieve Anxiety Now

Many people look forward to the holidays and celebrating festivities with family and friends … but not everyone. For some, it is a time of year where the pressures of forced social interaction can seem too overwhelming to manage. Often times people who suffer with social anxiety deeply want to connect with others, but struggle in reality to do … Read more4 Self-Reliant Ways to Relieve Anxiety Now