We all optimal health.

This site is dedicated to all the people on a health journey...

who take two steps forward, but then five steps backward.

who ride the roller coaster with all of its ups and downs.

who try everything and anything without desired results.

who cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel.

who will change tomorrow...Monday...next month...the beginning of the year...etc...etc.

who watch others easily modify their habits and cannot understand why it's so difficult for themselves.

who are exhausted. disappointed and discouraged.

who are fearful, hopeless and stressed out.


searching for answers, striving for change and believing in a different chapter to their story.

My Grandpa, Wally, 57

Pancreatic Cancer

My Aunt, Vonni, 57

Lung Cancer

My Godfather, Bob, 75

Dementia, Bipolar Disorder

My Cousin, Dale, 46

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

My Grandpa, Norman,

Lung Cancer

My Aunt, Lynda, 53

Ovarian Cancer

This site is thankful to all...

the websites, organizations and institutes

the practitioners, advocates and activists

the current and former patients occupying this website

who provide information, resources and options

who provide inspiration, hope and community

with courage, honesty and integrity.


I designed this website for myself.  I felt I needed a health and wellness community to surround myself with online because I didn’t feel I had the support offline.  This is where I go to empower myself with the knowledge to change my health status, which will simultaneously change my life.

I am so grateful to all the websites, practitioners, advocates, former patients, organizations and institutes that fill A Patient Exchange.  These people provide me with the hope, inspiration and community I need to modify anything in my life.

Furthermore, I hope that you or someone you love can find value in all the health and wellness resources and information displayed throughout this website.  Enjoy!